Monday, July 17, 2017

Supporting ALL US Veterans

Many of my regular blog readers have seen me switch from events in my personal life, to self-defense and Survivalism. I have even interviewed Col Hunt of the California state Militia... And it is in that regard I am bringing you this message from Col. Hunt.

Most people do not know that non-US citizens serve in our nation's military. They do so deserving of greater respect then US Citizens born here, who never serve to defend their country or contribute to our nation, shedding their blood along side US citizens. Well, at least, that is my opinion as a US Army Veteran who served along such men in the Infantry.

With that in mind I bring you this message from Col. Hunt to President Trump:

Mr President ,

Col Bryan Hunt here a no name State Commander 31st FF 
Under the Obama years the above linking news stories which have been out a number of years. US MILITARY veterans have been deported after serving their new country with promises of citizenship, some of these vets go back to the Vietnam war.

Others served in Iraq And Afghanistan.  Can you write an executive order to bring these soldiers home. This is very important many of these vets cant get access to the VA which they earned because they have been deported some are very sick some starving and some are victimized by Mexican Government officials as well as the cartels some are being pressed into servitude with cartels against their will please help Mr President .

Col B Hunt Calif Militia System
31sT FIELd FORCES Brigade hq ​

Please spread this as Far and Wide as you can and lets support all Veterans who have supported and defended this nation.

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