Saturday, July 1, 2017

Watching Don Roley Fail, Part 5

Don calls me a Pedophile & Mentally Ill but, uses his family as a possession, an excuse and something to cower behind. I have posted a blog and a video stating that only a sick human being, a Pedophile would brag about their children to someone they are acusing of being a Pedophile... It is a way of bragging about molesting your own kids, like the way Meth cooks brag about not having to buy meth because they can make their own.

Video of Don Roley Family Man:
I am sorry Don Roley was crying like a little bitch over this Video, so... he had it taken off youtube... But if you follow the link, you can watch it here.

So let me ask you, if someone you claimed threatened your family, called your wife a whore and, acused you of molesting your own children then gave you 3 days to meet them in your home town... Why wouldn't you show up and kick there ass? Better question, what happens when you think he is in West Virginia, talking smack behind a computer and you are safe across the country & he shows up at your front door.

Here is the deal Don, you challenge yourself in my name to make the rules because your a pussy without back up from the Bujinkan cult. Without inane rules you make up, yourself and, the other Bujin-cowards backing you. You are a weak willed coward, hiding behind Barron, because he hid behind you & you both are hiding behind Frank Dux.

See none of this matters because of what this is all about us... You don't give a damn about my charges & you don't give a damn about your wife or kids... I proved that in the Don Roley Family Man video and, its why you had it taken down... The video talking about Chess and Go just shows your own need to be seen as "an intellectual" but also your complete lack of understanding... Go and Chess are games, comparing them to the Art of Strategy is like Comparing Call of Duty to actually Enlisting in the Army or Marine Corps.

Lets keep this clear, you can't time travel to the future to when I planned to challenge you in August & then set terms now... Best of all Don, you can't time travel to when I do show up at your house to Bitch Slap the shit out of you there...

Anyway, here is a Video Log of my travels all "Unlisted" on YouTube as I am Uploading them. What didn't think I would do it?

6/24/2017: Kentucky
6/24/17: Indiana Secret Ninja Rest Stop:
6/25/17: Illinois Cornfields & West...
6/25/17:Illinois More Cornfields & West...
6/25/17: Saint Louis 
6/25/17: I-70 Secret Ninja Rest Area
6/25/17: Car Trouble

6/26/17: Kansas City (Made it to Kanas City on 6/25/17 uploaded video the next day)
6/26/17: Fat Boy Num Num (This was right after Mid-Night Technically 6/26/17 in KC)
6/26/17: Topeka
6/26/17: Winery (I bought some Jalapeno Wine, this shit would awesome with Tacos)

6/26/17: Why is There so Much Corn being Grown in America
6/26/17: About Being a Bad Ass
6/26/17: Thinking of Super Mario Brothers
6/26/17: Racing the Sunset: Why I am Doing This
6/26/17: Welcome to Colorado (When your enemy Thinks you are Far be Near, when your enemy thinks you are near be far. -Sun Tzu)
6/27/17: Pondering in Colorado
Note: I am being sarcastic when I say "secret ninja rest"
And as I am lost in the Colorado mists waiting, what am I waiting for? This... Someone has taken notice... The BJJ & MMA crowd, no doubt curious of the spectical of Cage Fighting Ninjas (which you didn't do because you are a bitch) has taken to discussing the Don Roley challenge... Ninja Street Fight. At have taken to Discussing the fight... I almost crossed a continent to face off with Don Roley... And I had a lpt of time to think, about who I am and how I want to be known. So I got some surprises for everyone.

This shit will be televised on Youtube there will be a recorder to do it, a small thin female maybe so as not to scare Don Roley.

Special thanks to Frank Dux, when you tried to throw me under the bus I prepared that little truth bomb in my mind ahead of time and put you on blast knowing it was gonna get the MMA crowds attention. What were saying about me being a pawn...? Bitch I done moved across the board and became royalty and used you as my disposal peon, I mean pawn.

Lets look at the rest of that conversation we been having.... Huh Blinky? The inplied threat to slander my name and real threat to use the members of the BDFS against me...

Oh and I was shooting these little videos of secret ninja rest stops and, progress along my trip when you were telling me you knew where I was... Really, I bet you didn't...

You should quit while your behind... And now you have been put on blast for defending the same people who want to call you a fraud. What's even better is that we have a proven history of lying for each other... Ducking fights and punk ass excuses, attempted set ups...

This whole thing started over online crying by Barron Shepherd, "I was threatening him." Which turned into a 3rd Person "Raymond Locktoolz" trying to set up an MMA match in Florida. Which Barron was too old and sick to fight in so it had to be set up as a "Secret Kumite Deathmatch" and Barron was still claiming. I "threatened him." So I tried to have a MMA match set up in West Virginia, with Ruckus in the Cage. Which Barron claimed he signed up online. We were never scheduled as first time fighters and would have been last minute exhibition fighters.

Barron Never Showed... So to reclaim his lost "honor" Barron tried to push me into agreeing to a date for an MMA event in Florida. I had a lot of stuff going on and so after Barron was unable to get me to agree to a date... So he could say I didn't show up, I didn't. I eventually, Just told Barron's promoter I would do it after I dealt with the law suits. Barron took this as a bragging opportunity about me ducking him... But, Lexington Kentucky had two events the Black Dragon Fighting Society Annual Gathering and Don Roley's Tantojutsu Seminar where Barron was attending and already paid for, where Roley suggested we fight at his event. I said I wouldn't fight at the event but, was down for a fight on neutral ground... Barron suddenly backed out the Seminar in Lexington Kentucky.

Don Roley, however invited me to his event and challenged me to Challenge him. A common ploy by online tough-guy trolls who hide behind insane or illegal rules. So Don Roley, set rules for this challenge that made the only way to win to knowingly cause an injury that would put, one of us into the hospital.

Meaning under Kentucky Revised Code 508.020 a Felony Assault. Broken arms happen in Competitions and are not considered 2nd Degree Assault, because of the lack of intent to severely injure someone. "Winning" the fight would mean a felony and I have done enough time for shit I didn't do, walking into a set up to get arrested in Kentucky was not on my plans. I didn't even know of the Video Challenge until it came up over lunch.

I watched as Dux, fired up Stephen Day with lies and half truths. Steven is a stand up man, he tells you what he thinks, honest, works hard and will fight to protect his own. The whole Day family are some amazingly good people. Grandmaster Lawrence Day is his uncle and Steven views the minor verbal attack on the BDFS as a verbal attack on his family. I don't fault Steven for standing up and defending his family... I fault Dux for manipulating that, to send in someone to do what should have.

I went so that the BDFS would not he liable as to disrupting Don Roley's seminar, as I was invited. What happened after the first few moments is visible on the RAW FOOTAGE video here.

I withdrew from Don Roley trying to force a challenge out of me so that je could male such ridiculous and stupid rules. Now, after months of denial and conflicting statements Frank Dux, has Changed his story once again admitting to sending BDFS members to Don Roley's Seminar but, now claims it was in support of me.

If this was the case then where was this statement 9 months ago? The simple fact that Dux is defending a person who has viciously attacked him online. That Don Roley has denied Dux's involvement (as had Dux, until I broke him down in the last blog. That Barron openly and foolishly, lied about a challenge I never leveled, to claim I ducked a fight I never had to make me look bad, as well as make himself look good. That Barron and Don Roley have conspired to support each other in their lies. That both jave Defended Dux, before his retraction, which doesn't offer proof or propaganda to explain away the proof of Screen shots that also disprove his half-assed attempts to place blame on me and avoid responsibility. Have all created quite the spectacle of the Online Ninjutsu Community. As well as the Online Martial Arts Community.

With only one question left? What have I been doing in Colorado all this time, while Don Roley has been denying I am here?


  1. silly little man. You've just been out-ninjer-mind-fucked. Everyone knew you are such a narcisist that if we kept the pressure on you'd jump in your little white trash mobile and drive to Colorado. Mission accomplished. Ron took the bait, hook, line, and what are you going to do, pedo-boy? Can't puss-out now...

    1. I didn't take the bait... I threw it when I first mentioned coming to Don Roley's house...

      Your challenges and "pressure" were the noise needed for others to get attention. And now everyone is watching... Everyone was talking about how I wasn't in Colorado and now, they know I been here and am waiting on what's going to happen...

      I tied all this up in a nice neat package. Dux was the issue being BDFS I had no desire to put him on Stage like that, but when he did what he did and how he reacted afterward... Dux was,the huge drawing force in getting the attention of the MMA crowd. Who don't like ninjas or ninjitsu anyway... And might be more honest about the evidence repeatedly presented and ignored and lied on by the Bujin-cult.

      The MMA crowd is also more acceptable of my philosophy of adapting, adopting and apply anything that works. Of sparring and sparring drills many which are variations of similar drills. For one thing they will love is I don't dot the long arm stances

  2. crack me up. Everyone mocks you, and you think they're serious and start pontificating as if you're some sort of "authority" to be revered and reckoned with. The MMA crowd thinks you're an idiot. The eclectic/freestyle (i.e. made-up bullshit) martial arts community thinks you're an idiot. The legitimate martial arts community thinks you are an idiot. The ninjer LARPer community thinks you are an idiot. If what you wrote here is any indication, you are deep, deep, DEEP into your psychosis. If you actually show up at Don's, this ends up one of three ways: you go to jail, you go to the hospital, you go take a dirt nap. Answer me the morning, when you wake up from your samurai showdown dream you think you're living in, are you going to start you day (after masturbating to kiddie porn...what is it, 11 year old Korean girls now?) with some deep meditation and then writing you death poem? I mean, if you're going to do should do it right.

    1. 11 year olds are Dux's fetish...

      Actually, all this was layed out in Never Back Down ( and no... It won't happen but in ONE WAY, the way I designed it...

      Only thing Don can do now is run away, go on vacation or find anyother excuse not to be where he is supposed to be. Of course, Don isn't a coward or anything is he..?

      Don would have been cleaner without Dux's interruption but in the end it comes down to this... Is Don Roley gonna make up a lie like Barron Shepherd was caught in? Is Don Roley going to keep hiding behind his rules where he expects me to run into an obvious intentional legal and perhaps physical trap of being isolated and outnumbered and having to commit a felony in another state?

      What if I do go to Don's, is Don gonna fight me or hide behind his family? Is Don gonna call the cops & prove that Lexington was an attempt to get me arrested or that Maryland isn't one as well...

      No the MMA guys were right it will never happen because Don Roley is a pussy ass bitch hiding behind his family, the law and the internet...

  3. Hey Mr Collins, someone is on a forum with the name of Jabba, they are mimicking your blog writing style to obviously set you up as the instigating factor in a feud between an on going saga.

    1. There is not much of an instigating factor there... I have visited the forum.