Monday, July 10, 2017

The Epic Internet Dick Tuck of Donald James Roley...

I guess we could call this watching Don Roley fail part 6... A couple days ago I posted this video giving Don Roley a solid location for my whereabouts at Chambers and 38th Street in Aurora Colorado.
And 2 hours later I posted this video calling it on the whole Don Roley challenge fight. I actually waited 4 hours after in case Don Roley wanted to show up and claim I ducked him...
Now this suddenly sparked Don to respond via Proxies, on the forum covering this. This ended with a deadline post from Don to meet him at the Denver Public Liberary to square up...

However, I was only informed of this by Flatface777 via, Facebook messenger at 11:11am with an 11:30 am deadline. And, while Don Roley's ninja-cult of Japanese wonnabe white folks are claiming I ducked Don...
1. Where is Don's video showing he was at the Liberary?
This screenshot was taken at 2:42 pm and Don has no video proving he was at the liberary... I am calling his stunt a bluff, a lie to try to claim I ducked him just like Barron used in Florida.

Poor Don, caught running from "a fraud" & lying about being somewhere.

2. Don only ended his silence, after I posted those two videoes. And, mainly to whine like a little bitch about me. He didn't want to look like he backed down or didn't show but,  he could have and would have been better off remaining silent and claiming ignorance after the fact. But, Don is so concerned that he will appear weak, he had to respond and dig himself a hole.

3. If Lexington wasn't a trap to have me arrested he wouldn't have to defend my backing out of the fight... If Don wanted to face me he would have made sure I was well aware of the Challenge at the Denver Liberary wel a head of time... If Don was secure in his victory he wouldn't have to lie for Frank Dux and defend his victory.

This is the last effort of a internet tough guy trying to defend their show victory and not step into a cage or a just throw down in public... The failed attempt of a coward trying to act tough & make empty gestures. Me... Well I drove across the country to face Don Roley and even ended having to accept a Train Ticket home from an "enemy" after the transmission on my car went out.

Funny thing... An enemy treated me better then my so-called former friend Frank Dux.


  1. Think you accomplished something, Ron? Think you demonstrated some Ninjer Mastery Mind-Fuckery slight of hand? You're a clown, Ron...and you know what happens to clowns on the streets these days...

    1. Yeah, nobody does shit... But, talk shit online and try to act tough...

      First Barry caught a bunch of times ticking dick and now Don Roley. Ain't no, Ninja Mind Control involved, simple truth is Don Roley can't abide by letting me make any forward movement without trying to stop me. He made the claim to being in Denver... He made the claim to wanting to fight me and as soon as I said I am on the way, Don Roley runs away, wanting me to fall for the same trap in Maryland.

      Yeah ok...

  2. You're a lying cocksucker, Ron, and a coward. Everyone knows it, and everyone sees it (because they can read and they can tell time). You didn't follow through on your big threat. You never went to Don's house, but instead played games to collect more bullshit to play more bullshit games. You whined and cried for months about not wanting to be caught in a legal trap (while insisting Don meet you at a heavily monitored train station where jail time was gauranteed), and insisting on neutral ground...only to disappear and make lame excuses when the guys on that forum moved heaven and Earth to make it happen and meet all conditions.

    Good for you, but if you were looking to convince anyone of anything or to win anyone over to your side, you utterly failed and are being hailed as the biggest liar and coward they have ever seen on that forum. I guess that's an accomplishment...sort of. You say something interesting here tho...about people trying to stop you from "moving forward." There is some truth there...but it's appropriate because legitimate martial artists have an obligation to self-monitor and self-regulate and do what they can to hinder the efforts of frauds and incompetents like you. You're a piece of shit, Ron, and you're dangerous, incompetent, dishonest, a fraud, a liar, and a coward. You are all the things a martial artist should NOT be. You haven't earned the right to "move forward." You never put in the time and you do what you do for the wrong aggrandize yourself and feed your ego. You are a broken little man, and you can't understand why you aren't held in esteem. It's simple. There is a standard, and you've never even tried to reach that standard. You haven't earned the right to be held in esteem. You lied and took shortcuts and substituted sucking Ashida Kim's cock for training, and now you wonder why there seems to be some sort of conspiracy seeking to hold you down. Well, there ARE serious people who feel people like you should be exposed and ridiculed...and that's why you attract detractors like Don and Phil and Barron and dozens of other people who have paid their dues and know what they are talking about...who think it's worth their time to throw obstacles in your way. Because you are a danger to other people, a rapist and a user, and you leave a shit stain wherever you go.

    You're probably jerking yourself off in glee right now...but this is going to fade quickly as the story gets out. No one will believe your version, your spin, your lies (everyone knows you're lying about the timeline, it's there in glorious text on the forum for everyone to ducked just like predicted, even down to claiming phone troubles).

    Somehow I think Don isn't too concerned, and I suspect he may "change the narrative" (your term) when he get's out to Maryland by not waiting for you to dick tuck again over the seminar. Don's a grown up, with intelligence and resources you'll never have...I'm sure he could come up with something better.

    Or maybe, after all this, someone will decide to take one for the team and show up on YOUR doorstep, so to speak, and challenge you in the streets of Buckley.

    Given your local reputation and status as a "character" who has threatened law enforcement, somehow I doubt anyone will come running to help you...

    1. And... I think someone is butt hurt huh Don... Go diddle your daughter while pretending your anything but, a keyboard coward with fantasies of being a samurai...

      What a joke.

  3. Your a coward Ron. You could have fought Don but you chose to run away...again. Then to hide behind your mother as the reason...your scum, there doesnt come any lower form than you Ron. Your so called proof, and all your circular logic is only in your head. ALL the guys on MMA underground find you nothing but a scared little boy and nothing else. Then you threaten Dons kids again...your fucked up. Your Radford, I hope you know that.

    1. Haha... I am Radford? Don Roley bought his kids into this remember... Why should I care about them when he doesn't?

  4. No matter how many times you say it, doesn't make it true. The record clearly shows that Don left way before you said you were allegedly on your way, once you knew full well he was already gone, as you were online.

    Like someone else said, unlike you, some of us can read and tell time.

    You are as much a liar as you are a coward, that is to say: an infinite amount.

    Also, your inability to spell "library" is deliciously ironic.

  5. Hey Phil, know what that record doesn't show that Don was ever in Denver at all to fight me... lol

    Don claimed to be in Denver and then run home to try to get me to get me to come to his next set up in Maryland... lol

  6. Ron, prove he wasnt in Denver. Can you do that you dick tucking coward? Ron, you will never fight anyone. Why? Thats easy, you cant fight, never been in a fight, never trained. You are a laughing stock. And about your mother, please you dont take care of her, she takes care of you loser.

    1. Ah... Wait... Wait... Don has made many arguments as to why frauds tell him to prove something didn't happen. But, lets see I proved Frank Dux sent people to Don's event in Lexington, Kentucky...

      I proved I was in Colorado and when. I shot video of my location seen above and Don has no proof he was in Denver. He claims he was there but, he has no proof... So, as far as I am concerned he wasn't there and you are trying to protect his epic online dick-tucking.

  7. Hey dick-tuck...shouldn't you be home by now? We're all frozen in anticipation of your next blog posting where you attempt to spin everything that happened to create the appearance of a win for you. friends in WV to give you a ride to mom's house? Maybe somebody else on the BSMA site will throw you cab fare...You better husstle home've got a skirt to hide behind, dick-tuck.

    1. Its better then hiding behind a lie... I went to Florida to face Barron and he lied about a challenge I never made to claim I ducked him.

      Don Roley, hasn't proven he was in Denver at the Denver Library as he claims. He lied and did so with the intent to make me miss my train and then hide behind his wife and kids like he always does... lol

      Oh, I have plenty of friends to give me a ride home... What about Don, he doesn't have any more excuses that's what makes this so funny. Here is what makes it even funnier... All your attempts to cover for Don is just pathetic.

    2. Its better then hiding behind a lie... I went to Florida to face Barron and he lied about a challenge I never made to claim I ducked him.

      Don Roley, hasn't proven he was in Denver at the Denver Library as he claims. He lied and did so with the intent to make me miss my train and then hide behind his wife and kids like he always does... lol

      Oh, I have plenty of friends to give me a ride home... What about Don, he doesn't have any more excuses that's what makes this so funny. Here is what makes it even funnier... All your attempts to cover for Don is just pathetic.

  8. Ron, your WHOLE LIFE is a lie. From the first moment you started crafting your online Ninjer LARPer personae online almost two decades ago, all you have done is lie about who you are and what you've done and what you can do. Over and over and over again, people who have actually done the things you claim have called you out and exposed your

    One of the long-time posters on the MMA board verified Don was at the library. What more can you ask for? Everyone MUST take Ron Collins at his word, but all other humans must back up everything they say and do with video evidence and certified legal documents? if you can prove that any of your so-called evidence is truthful or accurate. You're already changing the timeline and exagerating your previous claims...because you know you can get away with it, because people are stupid and they don't check to see what you really said and did. I get's the oldest trick in the pathological liar's handbook.

    But it -- what Don did or didn't do -- didn't matter anyway. All that mattered was what YOU did or didn't do...that YOU never responded, that YOU never showed up. You started this clown show, so the onus was always on YOU...and if you hadn't quit early, if you had responded to all the efforts to get you into a car and to a neutral location -- as you have been demanding since Kentucky -- and then Don hadn't showed up, you would be golden.

    But that's NOT what you did. What YOU did is YOU hid until Don and your ride got tired of waiting for you and got on with their lives...their real lives involving people and things that matter as opposed to your life of living on the streets and blowing truckers for pocket change at the nearest rest stop.

    You took the coward's path, and you did it in the manner EVERYONE predicted you would, all the way down to claiming phone trouble an hour after the deadline to respond had passed while you lurked on the internet. You didn't fool anyone, and I know eight year old girls who are smarter than you about this stuff.

    Don stepped up...TWICE...while, as predicted, you hid behind your phone and excuses and finally, when every conceivable condition you might have was met -- a location at an MMA gym, neutral refs to keep you from getting killed, a fucking ride for your sorry ass, and Don in a holding pattern, ready to drive there at a moment's hid behind your mother.

    There even was no risk of missing your train, because Flatface made sure you could go THE NEXT DAY if you wanted. You are simply a lying cocksucker.

    But here's the thing...

    Ultimately, none of it matters to me. You are little more than entertainment to me. Fucking with you and riding you on all your lies online is merely sport. Go to the BSMA site. They are having a fucking PARTY at your expense. Same thing at the MMA site. They are tearing you apart, mocking you with photos and video clips, and psychoanalyzing everything you do down to the molecular level to squeeze every laugh possible out of you and what you do and say. Links to the latest Ron Collins humiliation are traveling far and wide. If your little niche -- Ninjer LARPer Fraud and pedophile -- wasn't so small, and if you didn't live in a backwater shithole, you wouldn't be able to leave your mom's house without fear of being mocked and ridiculed on the street. Don now even wears a t-shirt of you hiding behind your BDFS shower budies as he stares the FIVE of you down and you grow a piss-soaked vagina big enough to crawl into out of fear. You're a fucking meme for cowardice now, Ron. And the best part is that no matter how many blogs you write to try and "change the narrative," all that shit will be out there for as long as there is an internet.

    If my life was as pathetic as yours, I would probably just get it over with and kill myself, Ron.

    Somehow, Ron, I think the days of this shit are over and the fight is about to come to you. I wish I could be there...

    1. Ultimately, Don this matters a whole lot to you... It matters because I am showing, you liars and frauds up... I have exposed your lies about me online and now I have actually travelled out to face you all, Barron in Florida and Don in Colorado.

      I had the Blog on Barron's lying about a challenge I never made, already in the works because when I met Edson the next day... All I did was a few touch ups and took a piss and hit publish from my phone and boom it was online before Barron even knew it...

      The same is true of Don when he didn't show up at 38th and Chambers... He would have been better off, remaining silent but Don Roley the infamous Bujinkan online bully is crying about Ron Collins the infamous Koga Fake Ninja and Ashida Kim supporter, bullying him... Barron isn't a bright guy which isn't saying much... But, right now he seems a shit site smarter than Don when he told Don to "just ignore me."

      As for the guy on the forum who said Don was there... I called him a liar. ANYONE who studied my posting pattern knows I posted early of a morning and later in the afternoon or at night and spent my days doing things in the Real World with real people. So Don posted when he knew I wouldn't likely see it and the person saying Don was there is just a name on a computer screen... The MMA forums are full of people making claims and not backing them up. JUST LIKE ICY MIKE WHO WANTED TO FIGHT ME ON STREET BEEFS IN RICHMOND VA BUT, never contacted me... So prove to me that account was someone who doesn't side with the Bujin-cult or that is wasn't another long term "spy account" like PhilB's long time lurker account?

      You can slander me all you want Don Roley but, you forget two things...
      1) I am using you, just like, I used you all that time I was fighting the state...
      2) Don you are the laughing stock of the Bujinkan... You were before but, now you are more so, knocked down a peg or two by on of Ashida Kim's "disciples."
      3) Once this law suit is dealt with Ibam coming for you in court and I will prove you lied, prove Barron lied and prove Phil Elmore lied. You be more then a little happy to leave you penniless, in the gutter and watch CPS take your kids away as your wife slowly rots away with cancer and chemotherapy.
      4. You are right, my whole life is a lie... Not about what I know or what I have done. I have a paper trail through court proving that was falsely arrested and how I manipulated the state into proving it (even have a blog where I have a Prosecutor lying to a judge about something on a court document ), screenshots and video of me going to Colorado, being in Colorado and in Florida. I proved Frank Dux sent people to your seminar and that Don Roley will never face me outside of an ambush or set up at his event...
      5. Make all the excuses you like & try to spread it as far as possible. All you are doing with your pathetic "bragging" is showing how scared you are and how scared you want me to be. Problem is... I see through the BS and I have something more important to deal with then just your online BS...

    2. ..... These 5 points, not two.
      Here's two points...
      You need to work on your grammar and math.

    3. That is 5 points not 2, here is Two points
      You need lessons in
      Grammar and numerical subjects

  9. No…not Don. But I think you know that. Contrary to what you claim, Don doesn’t use proxies. When he wants to climb up your ass, he does it himself. There are just a lot of folks who see you the same way Don does who are willing to do same.

    Ron, your mental illness clearly allows you to convince yourself that the alternate reality you are constantly spinning is real. Anyone who has followed yours and Barron’s posts and videos can see the sequence of events clearly. You are simply a coward and a liar. The strategy you are trying to use to twist and spin what happened into a “win” for you simply doesn’t work on intelligent people, Ron. Just because you say or write it, doesn’t make it true. You leave too many bits of evidence behind you, you slip up too much, and there are too many witnesses to what really happened. You made threats, you challenged Barron, you tried to be cute, and Barron showed up and blew up your plan in your stupid face while you tried not to shit your pants in fear. There are witnesses, Ron…witnesses who have WAY more credibility than you.

    This whole Colorado fiasco is just another example of the strategy you tried with Barron. But again, this was your puppet show, so the onus was on you to take action and follow through on your threats and promises. As predicted, you played shell games, hid behind a troll account or two, and conveniently disappeared when it looked like the guys on that board might actually pull things together. All your actions contradicted months of whining, crying, and demands on your part…and in the end, when the guys on the MMA forum met ALL the requirements you have been insisting on for months and finally found a gym on neutral ground, people to ensure things didn’t go too far, secured transportation for you, Don agreed to meet you there and waited in a holding to pattern to meet you at the gym, and Flatface assured you that your train ticket would still be waiting for you even if you had to leave a day later (but the fight would have been over WELL BEFORE your boarding time)…but instead of manning up, you hid behind your mother’s skirt. There’s simply no other way to interpret it. All you have to do is read the thread. You never once kept you word, and you created a situation where there was never a serious chance – and you never had the slightest intention -- of following through, and then you tucked dick and ran…all as predicted.

    Ron, it’s not slander if it’s true. And it is true that you are a low-life, petty criminal, a fraud, guilty of stolen valor, a deviant, a child predator, and a liar of epic proportions. Oh…and you are the proud owner of the largest vagina in the history of pussy cowards ever recorded.

    There will never be a lawsuit, and even if there was, you would be laughed out of court, or end up back in the nut house. There are literally tens of thousands of words – your own words – implicating you in lies, schemes, conspiracies, and making threats, not to mention hundreds of hours of videos – your own -- that clearly demonstrate your behavior and contradict all your efforts to twist and spin “the narrative.” I’m sure the people you mention would actually love to meet you in court, not that you have the resources to make it happen in the first place. Even for a barely literate, wanna-be jailhouse lawyer, you are a joke of epic proportions.

    Your blogs – opinions – are not facts. You are too deep in your own psychosis to see where you contradict yourself and the facts over and over again. None of it stands up to serious scrutiny – because you possess an inferior intellect and you are mentally unstable and trapped in multiple layers of circular reasoning and logical fallacies -- and in the end it will all lead to your undoing.

    No one is afraid of you, Ron, and that’s not bragging. It’s simply a fact.

    Hey Ron…you need to go to the BSMA site. Looks like some new photos of you have surfaced…and they are hilarious!

    1. That's right... Barron did show up to face me a day after he claimed I ducked him... Even Edson was surprised at Barron's behavior... That was proven here, screen shots and everything:

      Don was never in Denver and you keep talking about my "psychosis" but I proved the prosecutor lied right here in the latest blog...

      Just like I proved Dux was the one who sent people to Don Roley's event, here:

      All that makes it better, is the above link also shows Don defending Dux, to maintain his show victory over me... Don has a history of relying on Proxies like he did before Lexington all broadcast right here: and acted just as I predicted here:

      See at the end of the day. BSMA is facebook group ran by internet bitches and online whores trying to double down on the loes you frauds tell. Once my name is cleared in court I am gonna tear your lives apart, same way you tried to do to me...

      Only thing is, there is nothing any of you can do to stop me. That's the point, fuck the Bujin-cult, fuck Dux and fuck the MMA crowd...

      All of you were pieces in my game, only one smart enough to know to stop playing was Barron. Course that was only after he lied about a challenge I never made to claim I ducked him. Now he admits to meeting me at Edson's gym with makes his facebook claim to me ducking him a lie... Oh dear.

      See I can lie and scheme, its called perjury but, when the State's assistant prosecutor and prosecutor is caught falsifying evidence my perjury is simply a matter of survival. The violation of my rights, the rules of court, evidence and the law. Those elected and appointed officals who turned a blind eye gets dragged into it... And in trying to defend your lies and their lies you all get dragged in as well...

      Laugh at me now, laugh all you want... Because its not who is laughing now, its who is laughing last.The Bujinkan and Hatsumi will be dragged in to explain Don's behavior.

      You say they are coming to my home... I say come and get it. I had no guarantee and I even told Flatface777 that I wouldn't wait around 2 days a hwad of time. Meaning I can prove Don's claim was a set up a fraud carried out to keep me stuck in Colorado or, to cover for Don's lies about a challenge. Shall I post screenshots on this blog or make a new one?

  10. Anything that begins with "" is not objective "proof." It is merely your psychosis run amuck in text form on the internet. Do you even know what circular logic is, Ron? Pradoxical thinking? A logical falicy? These are all symptoms of your mental illness. Whenever you think you are "proving" one of your "oh poor me, the world is out to fuck me" theories, THAT'S what you are doing...exhibiting these symptoms. You are sick, Ron. If you weren't such a vile little fucktard, I would feel pity for you.

    Yeah..prove it. Write me a 10,000 word blog, complete with screen shots about how it was all a scheme to trap you in Colorado. Listen, you retarded, pedophile one wanted you in Colorado. You stranded yourself playing your stupid games. While I want to ask you what swallowing a week's worth of trucker jizz to eat is like, I'll instead point out that Flatface could have canceled that ticket any time (and was encouraged to), but he didn't. Unlike you, and in spite of the fact that he hates your guts, he kept his word. Actually, everyone BUT you involved in this Ron Collins Ninjer Mind-Fuck Puppet Show kept their words...EXCEPT YOU.

    You had ONE THING to do when you were up at Don's house. AND YOU DIDN'T DO IT. How long does it take t get the 75 miles from where you claimed to be to where Don lives? A few hours if you hitched? Hell, there's a shuttle that runs from the Denver airport to Colorado Springs. You simply never intended to follow through with your threat. You had plenty of time and nothing to do. But instead of being a man, you holed up somewhere and played your games.

    All I can see that you accomplished was to become a laughing stock to an even wider audience. Congratulations, Ron. Again, and as always, you are the last winner.

    1. Wait are we using the old Elmore lines of "Objectivity" or wait what is it you used Paradoxical Thinking? lol jeez you are a worthless cretin aren't you?

      Tell what is the "Objectivity" of spreading lies by online piss ants who know they are lies? I have cited legal codes proving none of you know what you are talking about, I have posted evidence proving none of you know what you are talking about & I have offered you court documents that prove my sode of events. You are Objective either, you are parasites trying to destroy me because I have proven you are all liars and creating false images of yourselves online...

      I took Don Roley's Koga Ryu is Dead essay apart at 19, I proved the logical fallacy of Phil Elmore's claim that because old ladies are old he has an excuse to be fat and out of shape for self-defense, my jail house lawyering might have been thrown out when I wrote as a friend of the court for Ashida Kim during the Aguiar suit but my same points were re-worded and re-used by Ashida Kim's lawyer costing him nothing but, Barron paid a lot and still thinks black belts grant him the respecthe would be given if he quit demanding respect, I punked out Barron Shepherd in Florida and Don punked himself in Colorado.

      No, I am not Objective... I am Subjective, I state my personal feelings, experiences and opinions. I don't need to claim to be unbiased. As for those cowardly online snake oil salesman like Don Roley, Phil Elmore and Barron Shepherd we all know that any claim to being objective is a lie. They all have long standing grudges against me and they are all full of shit.

      Oh and the correct term is circular thinking, not circular logic. Read a book... See one lies and others exaggerate the claim making the lie bigger abd bigger until it gets so big they all look like total losers.

      You are worthless human debis, not even worth the time I spend mocking you... And what makes all this more creditable is that you are wasting your time trying to leave comments to convince people otherwise... You are leading credibility to my argument by simply trying so hard to oppose it... lol

  11. Yeah, Ron...keep trying to use big words like the smart kids do. Too bad you can't spell, use a comma properly, or construct a coherent sentence to save your life…or is this all just another example of the cognitive difficulties you have due to your mental illness?

    Read a book? Get a real education, Ron. I have one, and you’re nothing more than another poorly educated redneck with a diagnosed mental illness and illusions of being a pseudo-intellect. If the world of intellectual discourse was prison as described in the movie “Roadhouse,” guys like me would rape guys like you for fun.

    Spin me some more, Ron…spin me a riddle…spin me this: why didn’t you go to Don’s house? You had all the time in the world, but utterly failed to complete your number-one, oft-stated objective. But why, Ron, why? That’s the question, isn’t it? So tell me a big fat whopper of a lie about it. Everyone would love to hear it, tear it apart, mock it, make memes and cute little pictures featuring your ridiculous bald head about it.

    You know what your biggest problem is, Ron? Besides being a petty criminal, a child predator, a martial arts fraud, a pathological liar, jerking off to kiddie porn, being a fat, balding dwarf, having no prospects, and being a rat fuck coward?

    You’re just not much of a man.

    I'd say fuck you, Ron...but your mouth is probably already full...of something...someone...

  12. Being a "pseudo-intellect" or do you mean pseudo-intellectual? Your objectiveness is a lie, I beat you all as a lying punk kid... My martial arts fraud was so good, I was able to beat multiple people in force on force, pugil stick and hand-to-hand competition in the US Army and developed my own H2H system to fill in the stand up gaps in Gen 1 MAC in the Army. I survived false imprisonment and beat the shit out of multiple cops, armed opponents and in many cases multiple opponents. I survived thibgs and people none of you faggots could and all you have for beating me is "intellectual discourse" you mean trying to talk shit...

    Tell me fat faggot Phil Elmore, how does it feel to be too much of a coward to come on here and post directly as yourself? Because then it adds credence and evidence to my already existent remarks about you trying to sabotage my business... The claims of criminal conspiracy between your boy band of Dave Pearson, Patrick Ferrari and yourself with Don Roley and Barron Shepherd?

    Too scared of a law suit... Or are you worried I will be coming to New York next? You talk about fighting unfairly but, you live in fear of the homeless... You write books about the military and martial arts and you are the laughing stock of the martial arts world... Haunting MMA forums and Bullshido, attacking Ashida Kim and Frank Dux to fit in with those cruel MMA jocks who make fun of your pathetic Self-Defense claims of "too deadly to spar," & "I don't need to be physically fit to defend myself," & (my personal favorite) "I fight unfairly," excuses...

    You are a military fanboy abd I actually served... You are an idiot who claims to you will strike vital points (which I also believe in) but, forget you need the power to inflict injury to the vital area, the speed to deliver the strike before it can be blocked or dodged and the precision or accuracy to hit a often small, guarded moving target.

  13. I gave myself a couple days to acclimatize to the thinner Colorado air and the heat. Then my car broke down and I decided not to go to Colorado Springs because getting there with no readily available exit strategy was getting cornered and trapped... Oh, sure that's what you all were looking at but, as I told flatface "I saw no point in delaying my exit from Colorado."

    See you forgot something fat ass, that wasn't my number one oft-stated objective going to Don Roley's house and I can show up whenever I feel it is convenient for me... Just like I can show up at your home or David's house (but he hasn't given me much trouble so I might overlook him) or Patrick's house. And, well you just don't know when I might pop up, right?

    See it's cute you want to talk about intellectual discourse and then throw insults like a common "poorly educated redneck" but, all that intellectualism is just making up for being a fat, lazy, who never achieved his goal of fitting in with the mean Jocks and Bad Boys who picked on him in highschool and college... You're always looking for something outside yourself to make you into something better then yourself. What you don't realize is there is no secret or magic thing that makes you great or,even just better, there is trying hard and working hard and not giving up...

    Fine I associated with "frauds" and got ranks from belt mills. I lied so what? Everyone does and you have a lot so, pot calling the kettle black..?

    There are parts of my life and my past I will lie to conceal but, I grew up in the gutter and I fought my way up and out. I don't need to sell myself or, betray people who helped me like Ashida Kim... And, I am lore then willing to burn bridges over the betrayal and exploitation of people like Frank Dux... What we all know and see is that if you look at the evidence, we all know you faggots have lied about me. We all know, that the state falsely accused me and falsified evidence in my trials.

    There are a lot of people who have sent me e-mails and messages over messenger encouraging me to keep up the fight online. There are people in Beckley who see me as a "hero" and a "leader." I have people who are students of mine with the "Water Protectors" and even have cops who support me because they don't like the corruption in the system...

    I have done the very things you write stories about with little to no support while you talk about things and make up lies online...

    Instead you talk trash while you live with a fat wife in a loveless marriage, both of you stuffing your faces with food while you try to fill that hole inside you where self-respect and loving yourself as a person should be... But, in stead you sold yourself on a lie for what the "American dream" was supposed to be, while compromising yourself to be "normal" and "fit in." I tell you to go fuck yourself, but you already did. Haha...

  14. Nobody anywhere sees you as anything more than a joke Ron. You have no students, why would anyone want to study with a dick tucker? And NO cops would ever side with you, a scum bag of the highest proportions. You wont do anything but talk, and dick tuck, thats all you ever do.

    1. Oh yes... Its all I ever do.
      I didn't set up a fight with me and Barron in Charleston...

      I didn't go to Florida, where Barron lied about me ducking a challenge I never got nor gave...

      I didn't drive to Colorado see Don at his own house and all thise times you all said I wasn't there...

      Tell me, how scared is Don that I have a reason to come back to Colorado? How scared was he that I was in Colorado? Don can shoot a video about him being in Denver but, nit one while he was in Denver..? Rather suspect...