Thursday, July 13, 2017

So Now What..? Another Domino falls.

So I have exposed Barron as a liar and whether he fights me or not... Win or lose, this will happen because I drove to Fort Myers in Florida and met Edson Berto in person and told him... I was down for the fight, showed him I was down for the fight & for all of Barron's bluster he proved he was a liar and a coward. He and his blogs credibility is worthless... I proved Don Roley couldn't prove his claims about me and even doesn't know what he claims about Fujita Seiko. That Fujita Seiko had a huge connection to Okinawan Karate and Kobudo.

Now I don't think there will be an MMA match between Barron Shepherd and I. I think Barron will bluster online but I am waiting on Edson to send me the paper work and get into the VA to get my physical. I think Barron wants to get to say its gonna happen and pretend everything is set... So he can claim I backed out...

Now we already know Frank Dux was behind Lexington Kentucky incident at Don Roley's Seminar. This means Don Roley's show victory is all he has to stand. And much like pointed out and shared with Phil Elmore's philosophy addressed in Shorthand Empty Hand of baiting people in to challenging him. Then being the challenged party claim he sets the rules...

No one has to play by your rules and no one will. There are no rules... I played Dux when he got in my way, to get to the truth, same as I have been playing you losers. If I am as unskilled and knowledgeable as you say how come I been playing you all, all this time?

Well now how do the keyboard karateka look when someone doesn't play by their rules? The troll gang slandering my name online have been beaten into silence and hiding behind troll accounts... All they got is trying to have me arrested and calling me names... I need a safe place (joke)!

We have a word for this, its called being a pussy...

( link 1)What happens when a 6 year old blog about Fujita Seiko's connection to Shito Ryu Karate and Okinawan Karate and Kobudo, by a creditable researcher and practicer of Karate is exposed to Don Roley? (link 2) Don Roley suggests I am a racist and ignores the research. Course, if you consider that Fujita Seiko favored Okinawan arts over over Japanese arts you have a basic argument supporting Ashida Kim's Karate based teachings and Ashida Kim's story of having learned Ninjitsu from his Shotokan teacher in Hawaii. It also challenges Hatsumi's claim to Karate being ineffective and much of the argument presented to the Bujinkan in their Cult Handbook Mind of the Ninja.

So what now..? Well my law suit against the state is under way and that's one battle to fight, now comes another domino... My Dojo will be open to the public once again very soon. I think I may have me safe place...

Sooner then you think...

I am back and I will make this easy, you want to fight? Welcome to my parlor says the spider to the fly... You will know where I will be at very soon and your welcome to step on my mats any time but, my house... My rules.

Hell even when I come to your house, I play by my rules. I mean seriously Barron, did you think lying about a challenge to youself and taking a picture at Edson's gym was going to what make me think it was a set up? Make me rethink talking to Edson about arranging the MMA event? Edson never sent me any paperwork for the event...

Nothing has been sent to me as far as paperwork and Edson explained it was going to take some time... You made a fool of yourself trying to make a fool of me. So if nothing comes to me before June... Well you will just have to come to me to prove yourself...

Guess I got a bit more out of Dux interfering with my plans then I would have otherwise, still I was calculating this right in your face, 5 moves ahead on the fly... Yes, I am that bleeping good.

Still Don Roley, using my own methods on Dux is a great advertisement for Black Dragon Ninjitsu. Thanks Don...

Guess the locals who want to talk shit will have to come do it themselves... Yeah this is more for them then for you. See you can't run behind the corrupt legal system and the dirty cops if you come into my house and I am more then justified not holding back.

Oh and you trolls can get the raw facts and proof of this little plan of mine in Never Back Down. That is why I initially refused to allow Phil Elmore to buy a copy of the book, I didn't want him interfering with my plans. In trying to defend proof of your lies and attempts to help set me up & yeah I beat you their when I beat the state, all those other times. I have been controlling and using you all as soapboxes and controlled opposition from the get go... Without your knowledge or awareness.

Thanks for the laughs but, if this thing with Barron and Edson doesn't work out, I am basically done with you. See you don't get it, I am not angry at you and I don't hate you. Oh I did and I was... You have collectively tried to destroy my life. But, guess what you did instead? You made me stronger and I thank you for that but, don't think forgiveness means forgetfulness. That law suit is still coming and if it doesn't just ask Barron or Don Roley, I might show up in your back yard unexpectedly.

You hung on to your lies and actively spread them even further and exaggerated your delusions... You destroyed yourselves and I am cool with that. You fell one by one and systematically as I fought the state on my own. And if I can do it, I am gonna teach others to do it... I have all the proof of my actions recorded on this blog...

See at the end of the day, the people who caught up with me and examined the facts. Know the truth and no matter what you do to better yourselves, the stronger you become the stronger it makes me appear because, for all your opposition you lied a lot to oppose me... So the better you do for yourselves the more important I become, simply by your own opposition.

So you basically poisoned your own wells there. And, I still taught Hand-to-Hand Combatives in the US Army (based off my own knowledge and training), I was still an E4 teamleader and consistantly won force on force and hand-to-hand combat competitions and I still took on a local corrupt legal system & dirty ass cops. No... I didn't prove myself in a cage but, the MMA and BJJ crowd is right, pressure testing and ability is what counts.

What have you done collected rank and "bad ass certificates" to try to measure up to me? Made up lie after lie trying to justify the lies you done told on me, ducked out of fights and tried to have me arrested because you can't beat me? Never could... Never will... And will never step up to prove it...

See here is what I am telling you... You can't stop me and never could, though I give this credit not to myself but to God in Heaven, you are just something that exists for me to overcome. See even if there is no divine intervention, I am still what God made me and everything I know is a tool God gave me to use. And you are just minor obstacles overcome... To allow me to build confidence in those tools.

See I have out researched Don Roley and Barron has spent more time ducking me then trying to make a fight happen. And Phil Elmore has basically resided himself to hiding behind Patrick Ferrari and various troll accounts. See for all your bluster you have nothing to hide behind and not a testicle between you to come to me.

Yeah, I have been charged with Child Pornography but, for over a year... While criminals controlled the, police and courts, it never went to court and dismissed due to lack of evidence. Here is a video secretly recorded by me showing that the State's Prosecutor Patlamp lied to Judge Kirkpatrick sitting on the bench,  during court in session. Pat Lamp lied about the mention, of "a second search warrant" & that the state police had not turned over evidence promptly. How do you lie to a judge in court about something on an Arrest Warrant..?

Call it conspiracy theory of you like but, the proofs in the pudding and you have helped me to get a spot light on the evidence of your own lies and the structure of a corrupt legal system.

An Examination of the Kangaroo Courts of Raleigh County:
The Child Porn Arrest:
Search Warrants must be signed by a magistrate, much like an arrest warrant, & based on probable cause (a reason) sworn to by a witness or officer. This means a clerical error is out the window as the officer's testimony on the arrest warrant cites a 2nd Search Warrant, on the arrest warrant (for which he is giving sworn testimony as shown above). Sworn testimony which Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp is recorded denying above... That means they were caught red handed.

I can also prove the prosecutor falsified evidence in the Terrorist Threats Case (in fact I already did when I proved Barron Shepherd was a liar):

Here is a copy of the WV Code sent to me by my lawyer Robert Dunlap, while I was in jail awaiting a trial that never came:

What we are looking at is WV Code 27-6A-2 subsection (b) where it lists 5 things which have to be in the psychological evaluation. Number 1. Is a copy of the Warrant or Indictment. And number 2. Is information pertaining to the alleged crime.

Here is the warrant case number 13F-1026, for the dates of 16th to 26th August 2013 abd the arresting officer is Trooper Hayes.

And here is that Psychological Evaluation you are so keen to ignore and rely on citing a news report based on false information...

If we examine the cover page of Dr. Miller's report we see the offense date is listed as February 25th 2011? But the arrest warrant above says 16th to 26th 2013... And there is no Case Number for 13F-1026 listed in cases given to Dr. Miller to evaluate.

Lets continue to look shall we...
Here is the evidence for Dr. Miller to evaluate & he doesn't have a warrant or indictment for case number 13-F-1026 he has a court order for re-evaluation under that case number (item 3.) but no warrant or indictment. He lists my offense date as February 25th 22011,arresting officer as Trooper Efrid and lists four case numbers but nothing for 13F-1026.

See Don beating you is the best part, you exposed yourself in Kentucky and always hide behind seminars... Like some punk who needs his crew but, alone you ain't shit... Without a computer to hide behind, you ain't shit and without a certificate or a ninja cult of wannabe Japanese white guys to impress you ain't shit.

That's a nice Domino falling because, when it drops, it will be recorded on Youtube for the whole world to see. And upping the childishness simply drove all this to the point it got this level of attention. And, Don... Make all the threats you want about coming to West Virginia, be my guest... I know a few places that will let us use their gyms and "The Pit" is always open. Come on out but, remember I don't run with "legitimate martial artists" who wave their rank around and, I don't care about any of your BS rules of engagment or archiac codes of conduct. It will be a street fight.

So, cry all you want Donny boy, you ain't got the nuts to come here and if you do I doubt you'll stay... See the next Domino was in watching you flutter about making excuses, while you tried to act tough and claim you was in Denver and had to run back home... All you did was expose your lies and the lies of the state before the law suit against the state came into play full swing. So Don, talk all you like the noise just spreads the word... The next domino i falling on the State of West Virginia.

For the MMA crowd at and I am sure others are watching as well. I didn't come this far to just not step up to your door and say "Hi..." But, since my car broke down in Aurora and I didn't get to visit you and you wouldn't come to Union Station toert me or 38th and Chambers in Aurora to face me. Claiming you were at the Denver library with no proof when I wouldn't see it and claiming to have ran back Home to Colorado Springs...  I have to come this far to not say "Hi.""

Icy Mike at the OG on said he would fight me in Richmond VA on Street Beefs. He has yet to contact me about setting anything up so what the hell? I guess there are BSers on the MMA forums too... Or he can e-mail at omotoryuha@ and prove this Street Beefs claim is legitimate and square up with me... Sucks to be a MMA forum guy and get called out by an "online ninja" and not show... Just saying.


  1. Nah, Ron...I think people are done catering to your psychosis. I think the next time you see any of these guys, it will be a fraction of a second before you find yourself on your knees, staring at a mouthful of bloody teeth lying on the floor in front of you...but hey, having no teeth will actually be good for you day job of blowing truckers for pocket change.

  2. More threats from people who have a proven record of ducking out of fighting me... Haha good one Phil you pathetic coward too chicken shit to use your real name.