Sunday, January 18, 2015

Paris, ISIL & the New State of Terrorism

With the sudden explosion of terrorism, the front line movement of ISIS into ISIL, the Paris attacks and the new state of terrorism as warring factions united in the middle east. We are starting to see the formation of a new wave of terrorist threats. A wave of terrorism predicted my me in TM 725-15 The American Homguard Anti-Terrorist Handbook, reprinted in a 2nd Edition in 2012.
Countries like Israel and, in particular Israel, have dealt with terrorism for decades. As such they have faced many different threats from many different sources united against the Jewish nation-state. Americans now stand at the threshold of needing such similar defense. I am against militarizing the police but, I am also leaving Americans unprotected. Hence I wrote the Paramilitary manual based on my training & experience in the US Army as a team leader, hand-to-hand combat instructor and soldier.
What I will propose in this blog is going to anger, offend & discourage many of my fellow Americans. The best way to defend our country is to arm our fellow Americans, to encourage firearm ownership & to offer paramilitary or military training to employ those weapons. The easiest way to do this is through the draft, but that would mean expanding the military at a time when president is more concerned with an appearance of improving services to Americans then protecting them.

The draft can be cross referenced with Terrorist Watch lists to prevent possible threats from gaining a foothold on military training & gaining important first hand knowledge of our military. I have no power to do this, so I took the American Homeguard concept (not my idea) and provided the Anti-Terrorist Handbook. Paramilitary combat training isn't the focus, identifying and avoiding terrorism is. But, it provides basic paramilitary training to ensure that if no outside help arrives the individual can fall back on training to adapt and survive.

This also means the militarized police are less a threat & less likely to be seen as a threat because many more Americans will have military training to help protect the country. In fact, the only way the American people can be protected against terrorism is to be armed, trained & prepared to react to such threats. I am a supporter of S.L.A. Marshall's belief (in Men Against Fire) that we are making weaker men in the US by are culture of entitlement & excuses then Grossman's theory (in On Killing) of video games raising a generation of child killers.

Making matters worse is the "war on police" that is striking out across America. People distrust, dislike and are plainly fearful of the police in America. While I won't paint every cop with a broad stroke as being corrupt or bullies. I will point out that the NYPD have proven that the police had without services to effect policy. In essence, holding our civil government captive because they have the guns in society. This has only divided the police force further from the American people. Who are unfortunately tasked with defending us. More so, the labeling of Constitutionalists as the enemy;
And as much as I admit I do not like Bill Maher, he addresses the issue well. Though I would argue he attacks the conservatives by saying they are not alarmed ad against the police militarization movement.
Finally, in the end the only defense you as an individual have, is in defending yourself. This occurs first in recognizing the threat, avoiding the danger and reporting the incident. If that fails then a basic knowledge of paramilitary tactics, self-defense and survival techniques allows one a chance to survive. Against a paramilitary police force actions geared toward gathering information/evidence of wrong doing and a law suit is the only prescribed defense.

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