Thursday, January 15, 2015

Defining another's character... I'm not who you want me to be.

I'm writing this in response to inquiries about someone posting on under the name Toda Shinryuken who is being credited with being my troll account. Or at least 2 different people have asked me about in only 2 days. I don't need a troll account to say what I said on my Youtube account & in this blog. More so, its something that Roger Conant addressed in his article, though nowhere near as bluntly as I have...

This of course leaves two possible directions for this;
Direction One: (that which I doubt) is that someone is my fan & is pushing the Bujinkan cult trolls buttons...
Direction Two: (what I believe is happening) is that my Bujinkan-cult trolls are attacking themselves, using things I've said publicly to blame the trolling on me. This allows them to use Barron Shepard's address of my arrest record (complete with an arrest that isn't my own) and Fat Failure Phil's claims that I am a convicted sex offender to slander my name on Bullshido. Lets deal with 2 things first...

Barron Shepard is a narcissistic punk who refuses to deal in facts & look at evidence by his own admission in postings on this blog, he won't address my criminal record. More specifically he won't address facts associated with my criminal record.

And Barron was even offered copies of my legal paper's to create a more accurate depiction of my alleged criminal record. Its alleged because Barron doesn't have facts just names, including a Ronald Lee Collins who is in fact a black man. Nor does Barron even know why I was in a Kentucky jail, he just knows I had a picture taken there.

Like Barron, Phil is not concerned with the truth. Phil has admitted he wants everyone to see me as the psychopath he's always known me to be. In other words, he doesn't like me & since I have a pair he's scared. Phil has decided to claim that I am a registered sex offender, all sex offenders in West Virginia are registered as per WV Code 15-12-2 (b). But lets us look on the West Virginia Sex Offender Registry at (I'll post screen shots at the end of the blog)

And of Course we know that Sam Browning is bias having thrown his hat in with Blunt Phil. They need some reason to keep talking because I refuse to listen. Quite honestly, the Bujin-cult trolls don't matter & as someone who is such a waste why do they need to stalk, hound and harass me? To me its simple, I am better then them. Always was and they know it... You see they need me to be the bad guy, justify their own actions, stalking, harassing, threatening & driving others to end their lives. This comes as a response to my blog about Dan Harmon's death. I've always contended that held to the same standard Takamatsu's lineage is fraudulent and I don't (didn't) need a troll account to say it.

Now to the Sex Offender Registry:

As you can tell my names not on it... Phil Elmore lied.

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