Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Survivalism & Chrstian Beliefs

I'm not a perfect Christian, hell I'm not a very good one. I lie, cheat, dink, cuss and fight. I'm not charitable or kind and, I don't often forgive well or often. I'm a work in progress but, that's not to point. I certainly don't lack confidence in myself, often its the confidence to try and fail. Pride another vice of mine but I put my faith in myself and in God. I'm no preacher, priest, prophet or saint, but I don' have o be perfect. God doesn't ask that I be perfect he asks that I try... perhaps I'm so much a sinner many ill think I shouldn't talk about God and Christian faith. I, however, think I'm the perfect person to discuss God's grace. Jesus did not come to gather the saints but to teach sinners like me.

I have faith in myself & when that fails I have faith in God to carry me the rest of the way. John Hagee today said that "Storms prove whether a tree is alive with strong roots or dead with weak roots to be uprooted." He named all these passages from the bible where prophets where tested. I do no believe in the Rapture, I believe that we Christians will go through the Tribulation and be tested to be examples of God's word and will to a sinful world. This is a fundamental Christian teaching I was raised with and the core of the old Survivalist movement I grew up in and around. As the old survivalist movement was deeply rooted in Christian values before it became more open and term adapted by other groups, before the final change of becoming the more Politically Correct term of Prepper and Doomsday Prepper. The distrust of the government based in the old survivalist movement was based on the idea of a one world tyrannical government under the anti-Christ and a war on Christians.

I'm not expertly qualified to or have the time to outline this for you in this blog, so please accept this reference to third parties;
The Rapture: A Popular but False Doctrine by Cecil Maranville of World News & Prophecy.
The Rapture Theory from
This bible study from Living Church of God by John H. Ogwyn titled The Secret Rapture- False hope for End Time Christians
How about Morgan Lee from in her article No, Christians Should Not Believe in 'Left Behind's' Rapture Theory, says Prominent Christian Philosopher

Survivalist philosophy, is much like the Boy Scout philosophy "Hope for the best an Prepare for the Worst." When the survivalist movement and its cousin the militia movement became influenced by non-Christians and 'summer time Christians' the focus changed. Events like 9-11 and Katrina, have only brought in the newbies, were as the Stock Market Crash and Great Depression in the 1930s taught my grandparents to be preppers, only they didn't call it prepping or survivalism, it was called living. The 1960s saw the rise of the survivalist movement due to the threat of nuclear war and Cold War. This only increased through he media and books during the 70s and 80s. The movement took  hit with Waco and Ruby Ridge but stayed in existence. However the Y2K scare, really brought in several non-Christians and other ideologies.

The Marxists and pseudo-revolutionaries of the liberal ideologies, who also stock food, medical supplies and weapons, have used the "survivalist" and "prepper" title to push their own agendas. Books like Che Guevara's Guerrilla Warfare, Mao's On Guerrilla Warfare & the Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla by Carlos Marighella have been circulated throughout the Prepper world as "tactical manuals".

Without that Christian philosophy (many Christians rejecting the Christ's warnings in Mathew chapters 24 & 25 because of the "rapture") the survivalist community has been divided. Regardless a storm is coming, the U.S. has experienced riots, localized social unrest in relation to the deaths of Eric Garner and many others by the police and the NYPD choosing to not do their jobs to teach the mayor a lesson for his "disrespect" o the badge. We are watching the system fracture and break at various points. What will happen during further economic distress?

Police are told survivalists, preppers and constitutionalists are a threat and the enemy. Yet, Marxists ideologies are pushing people to attack the failing system, to see the wealthy & educated as tyrants and the poor as a oppressed people. This is simply basic Marxist  Revolutionary Theory, all the while directing the state against those of opposing ideas. The system will be stressed further as the economy shifts closer to the tipping point, tempers and desperation flare.

As a Christian Survivalist I don't just put faith in myself but in God. I look not to avoid the storm but, experience it. To be tested and strengthened by it. I pray for strong roots and a willing heart. I can look back on my life, see everything I've faced, what I've fought for and know I can stand the next test. If I'm wrong about the Rapture then I lose nothing but, if I'm right and don't prepare I've only myself to blame. Looking at the world and all that's happening around us, we can see the storm clouds on the horizon, we can see what is happening to our nation & the rest of the world. Your faith has to be strong not only in your preparations and your abilities but in something greater then yourself.

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