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The Lies of Phil Failmore

Well a lot has been said about me & I address some of this in the Defining another's Character blog. The fact that I've called out Phil Elmore for lying about me in various forums and Facebook groups is a matter of record. I've always been asked what did he lie about and I've fallen silent, mainly because I don't always know where to start. So I decided to start by breaking it all down in this blog.
From Phil's first article on me...

First the link cited by Phil does not exist, and as per the Wikipedia page cited below closed in 2009. Phil's original article as per the Way Back Machine's dating was 2011. So how did Phil get information from a dead link, that hasn't existed since 2009 in 2011? The answer is he didn't... Phil Elmore made it up but, why? To create proof that I went back change my story about my ranking and training back ground...

Hell Phil, even harassed my site manager into shutting down my site, then made references to the missing site to push these falsehoods. Yet could offer no proof of his claim of back tracking except to his own words. Oh he might reference Barron Shepard who refused to get his facts straight or Don Roley both of which are Bujinkan members & notable trolls and liars.

More so, Phil Elmore asserts I have no creditable training in martial arts, combatives, firearms and so... Yet I was awarded for being a Soldier in the US Army (11Bravo), Team Leader and (yes) Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor. Giving me far more creditability then Phil Elmore on such topics, at least in my humble opinion. Add to that my time spent in Jail, which Phil Elmore loves to address and, I've spent more time dealing with dangerous criminals then Phil Elmore himself.

The fact is I'm always training in different styles & with different people. Rank isn't important to me. Nor do I live in perpetual fear of the homeless. You see Phil is sad creature stuffing his face with Kristy Kreams, to eat away is sadness. Phil is an internet tough guy who pushes his own paranoid fears victimization (and thus his interest in self-defense) into his theories on martial arts & self-defense. Lets just look at his FAQ from
Here Phil Elmore argues a society full of predators, yet I know people who haven't been in a fight since high school and some people who have never been in a fight much less people robbed, murdered & raped. Further down Phil argues with himself that "Rather, we state quite plainly that among the handful, dozens, or scores of people whose paths you cross on any given day as you go through your life could be individuals who represent a threat – and you won't know ahead of time who they are.  As a result you must maintain a perceivable level of alertness when you are out and about. " I can only laugh at this... and then cringe at those who follow this type of thinking.
Never mind that  people with more experience & recognized sources in the Reality Based Self-Defense industry advocate Educated Awareness (my term) as do I. Its not hard to recognize a potential threat, it only takes education (and/or experience) and awareness. In fact, Marc MacYoung addresses this freely on his own site and goes into great detail about recognizing a criminal threat. Jim Wagner the father of Reality Based Personal Protection calls this Threat Recognition.

Quite honestly, this is only one of many errors of rational thinking that defines the Martialist Philosophy of Phil Elmore. He actually says you are always in danger & well read for yourself;
 " You're not in constant danger, no – but the fact that danger exists is a constant one.  Societal predators adhere to no fixed schedules and recognize no restrictions on their depredations beyond those imposed by force or its threat." and goes on to add "I hope you never have to fight anyone for any reason.  But if you must defend yourself – if you find yourself faced with force that cannot or should not be avoided and you choose to preserve your well-being or the well-being of others –  I hope every such fight is unfair.  I hope you are so prepared that there is no question who will win and who will lose if you must use force against an aggressive foe.  That is what it means to "fight unfairly," to "cheat" when engaged in the gamble that is life."

Thus, Phil I advocating a paranoid fear of being under constant threat & advocates being so prepared that there is no question as to who is will win and who will lose. That's childish and stupid, criminals (I should know according to Phil I am one) do exactly that, they cheat & they cheat better than you do. So why would Phil lie? Because lying & cheating is what he advocates. Winning at all cost.

The problem is no one wins a self-defense encounter, you survive it. That's why I break the two forms of violence (social & asocial) into three categories of encounters. Not every criminal encounter will require potentially fatal uses of force. And lets be honest I have my critics. Following their logic I'm less then nothing, yet these "15 Dan masters" and such waste their time trying to discredit & attack me.

My personal opinion is thus, Phil Elmore is a internet tough guy & paranoid narcissist who bullies the homeless online (because they can't read his internet postings) and poses with weapons and dreams of the day he will be attacked and rise to occasion. His philosophy of  preparation to cheat is exactly the same thing done by criminals. Hell Phil Elmore states "Yes, how dare I have an opinion?  Lots of people think you've got to have an impressive resume to have an opinion.  Still more think you've got to be a member of some select club – say, the club of instructors, or the club of military veterans, or the club of law enforcement officers. "

Sure Phil has an opinion but, here he expresses that one doesn't need to be in the "club of military veterans" (which I am) to have an opinion about the things I write about. God forbid, someone use logical thinking and Phil would agree "I say that anyone can express a logical opinion and substantiate it using reason.  Every argument can stand or fall on its own merits.  Every concerned citizen has a right to his opinions and may express them as he or she sees fit."

 Logic therefore stands to reason that someone who feels a need to harass someone via the internet & goes out his way, even lying, to make this person into a liar and discredit him is in fact hiding something himself. That a person who believes his opinion is valid without the "military" or "law enforcement" experience or that he understands criminality without the "criminal" experience. I'll give Phil credit, he has a right to have an opinion. Whether to say his opinion matters is debatable.

Ultimately, Phil's claims lack proof & as already addressed his claims to me being a sex offenders was a lie. Phil had actually involved himself in the Terrorist threats case, and supplied screen shots from Ashida Kim's old forum as evidence against me. What Phil failed to realize is that my every action was part of a plan. A plan that involved manipulating him (again) into harming himself, after the April Fools day prank from 2011 where I tricked Phil into committing a felony. Which goes into him further digging his hole with the article he did on me, now achieved in the Way Back Machine. Phil thought to escape a law suit by removing the article and seeing me locked up on terrorism charges. Yet here I am, free & Phil now seeks to hide his own criminality.

It is my unprofessional & personal opinion that Phil Elmore suffers from undiagnosed mental health issues, and personality disorders: Paranoid Personality Disorder, Anti-Social Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive (Anankastic) Personality Disorder are my guesses. As Phil seems to be fearful and obsessed with the poor coming to take his stuff, sees all altercations as a "life or death" extreme and has been known to harass those who disagree with "logical" and "rational" (therefore in his own mind "correct") opinions. Yet I am not the first or only person to make these assessments of Phil Elmore.
Phil's appearance on the cover of the fictional Paranoid White Guy Magazine from 2004, & his own trading card from The internet bullies Phil now tries to fit in with, kind of reminds of the loser kid who attacks other loser kids in high school to fit in with the loser kids who pick on him in high school.
And lets not forget his own Phil's own comic strip Fantasy Warrior...

Following Phil's logic, I am a petty criminal with no training. Despite the fact I was in the U.S. Army as an Infantryman (11 Bravo), a team leader (normally a sergeants position) at Specialist/Corporal, and hand-to-hand combat instructor. Phil need not have my experience to have an opinion but seeks to prove he is superior in his opinion by falsifying evidence of my "lies." By Phil's logic I must be a combat hardened special forces commando to have an opinion of equal or greater substance to his own.
In essence, Phil demands the bar be set so high demanding proof of others while in fact establishing that he can have his own unsupported opinions. Phil's logic is that I am the common criminal, if I am the common criminal (my pride assumes I am an uncommon criminal, despite Phil's claims) then how prepared is Phil's "Everyman" to deal with me. The fact is Phil likes to tout my criminal record to declare I am petty criminal, is a way defuse the fact that Phil wishes the truth, needs and demands the truth be otherwise.

Phil Elmore who defines himself as " I'm an everyman – a doughy white guy of average intelligence and above-average writing ability with about a decade and a half of short-attention-span-theater martial arts cross-training to my credit."
Goes to explain his lethality for killing and maiming techniques like the palm heel strike. Phil needs in his mind to regulate me to his fantasy definition of the common criminal. He must (like Barron Shepard & Don Roley, friends of Elmore) declare me guilty of every crime of which I have been accused. This is to protect his fantasy of being a lethal, combat effective "everyman." To protect a fragile ego that cannot accept that dispite my many flaws, I do have training & experiences to give me a greater knowledge of certain things then Phil Elmore.
Phil can't accept this. His original article never noted my awards paperwork and the article he published in retraction never once noted it as well. Because, I feel Phil Elmore needs to conceal all traces of creditability & accomplishment from me to conceal his lies, and attempted manipulations of events. Phil chooses to believe that those with a criminal record are so deeply flawed as to be below the average person, so much so that he is some how superior. Yet here I stand (sit while typing this) proving that Phil Elmore lied. I suppose he might sue me for defamation or threaten to do so. I say by all means please do... because you'll have to prove I defamed your character & I (we, don't worry who else) have ever Youtube video & lie you've ever published on the net. It would only save the money of filing my own suit by filing to counter sue.

This only scratches the surface of Phil Elmore's lies about me. There is lie, that I am some how fixated on him, yet Phil Elmore cyber stalks me across the internet. Trying to discredit me and turn other against me. Silence me, not for my criminal record but, for my declaration of the truth that Phil Elmore is a liar & stalker online.

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