Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Question of Faith

Its now 5:17am, I woke up too early my alarm is set for 6am and I'm listening to a preacher on TV talk about faith & performing God's will. How people suffer certain things for God's will, the preacher is talking about Paul and going to prison. I'm thinking of me & everything I ever went through. I'll end up going to bed in a few minutes and not finish this until later but I have address the time and what is happening because this has set my mind to working and contemplating my life and my faith.

I suppose I am blessed to be different from others because my faith is based on facts and not just what I choose to believe. I am not merely survivalist but a survivor, a survivor is someone who faces adversity and comes away stronger because they overcame said adversity. Adversity for each of us is different sometimes this is being bullied, some of us have to deal with being poor, sometimes we have to deal with missing or absent parents, we family problems like substance abuse and sometimes we have to deal with illness. Some people have comfortable lives and never face any adversity at all, they have everything given to them and these people are cursed when adversity finds them.

You see it is those who face adversity who are blessed, they are blessed with hardship and the strength that comes from it. Not the strength of muscles and physical ability but of the inner strength to stand while other would kneel, to speak the truth when others would keep silent and strength to accept suffering for what is right while others seek comfort of what is wrong. Blessed are the those strong enough to bear suffering and not be crippled by it, for everyone breaks under their suffering but not everyone remains broken. It is in picking up the pieces that we are strengthened, it is hard to heal the broken pieces but it is harder still to be strong enough to heal the broken pieces ad to never do so.

We all experience loss, I often don't talk about what I suffer as wrong as done to me because I refuse to give power those who think they can hurt you. What is funny is how little anyone can hurt you when you've experienced greater injury. Life will send things your way that break you down & many people in a need to escape pain and suffering do not realize that each challenge, hardship and conflict is there t make us stronger. I do not believe in the Rapture, I'm in a minority of Protestants (Southern Baptists to be specific) who do not believe the Rapture. I took it upon myself to write a book dealing with this very fact Living Without Rapture...
I am no scholar and I don't have a degree in any biblical academic courses. What I have is faith, faith that my life and my experiences, false arrests, persecution and harassment has give me a unique look at the world and changes of the world that are coming. I wrote this book on the faith that I am right. There are preachers and scholars who have written books on the subject of the Rapture both for and against. What people don't see is books on survival preparedness that address the subject. Nor did I desire to simply parrot (pirate) the academics, so I chose to use the bible itself and my own understanding of scripture as written to address the subject with some basic preparedness concepts.

While I talk about faith, remember I chose to act in my own faith based on my own life. It takes a lot to leap of that proverbial cliff with only faith in hand. For me something had to push me and, I didn't just rise to occasion. I leaped based on experience, the experience of overcoming challenges to suffering injury (physical, emotional & social) to myself. Knowing I overcame obstacles in the past has helped me to overcome obstacles in the present. It will allow me to overcome obstacles in the future. All it takes is a leap of faith, in God (or the higher power of you choosing) and in yourself.

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