Friday, February 27, 2015

The Lies, Stalking & Harassment by Phil Failmore

Once again the Paladin Press mouth piece for so called legitimate martial artists Phil Elmore ha reared his ugly little head. No doubt a response to my Blog post which was in itself a response to Phil Elmore following me around the internet and posting his article full of lies.
The Lies of Phil Failmore
Defining Another's Character... I'm not who you want me to be

And of course I addressed the so called experts online who are either connected to Paladin Press or the Bujinkan (remember Phil is associated with Paladin) attacking me. Though I don't remember ever mentioning his name in the article.
The Absurdity of Martial Arts on the Internet

He yet again makes an appearance on the Shadow Warrior Publishing facebook page. Where his post was deleted and he was banned. Have no fear, it was saved for evidence of a history is harassment by the double talking troll.
Ultimately it comes down to this, come March Phil Elmore will be addressed in the up and coming book Never Back Down: The True Story Behind Ron Collins & no doubt is afraid of the truth. Phil Elmore is coward who hides behind his computer. The image above is another of Phil Elmore's lies here he quotes me & then uses images of the my many previous arrests not for that which is quoted and a picture from a news article all to suggest my stated quote is somehow false or to mislead the viewer into believing all arrests where related to said quote. That is not true...

The fact is Phil Elmore is a coward behind a computer screen where no one can bitch slap him back into his place, he looks for reasons outside himself; martial arts, military service (which he has none) & tactical training (yeah...). He threaten Dan Bowen into backing don from a challenge by threatening him with CPS, he provided one sided evidence (which I posted as bait for him) to Trooper Duckworth in my own state when I as arrested for making Terrorist Threats but not convicted of it... Hell I even caught the Prosecutor lying and fabricating evidence.

Yet again all Phil Elmore can do is bring up the past and twist facts to suggest, imply or outright lie about situation. I am among other things the student of Danny Ray Massey, himself a student of Tracy Cook. Danny was a member of the Avengers MC considered organized crime by the FBI & the state of West Virginia. The Avengers are directly connected to Kirks, Reddens, Lillys, former Magistrate Maryanne Jennings and (yes) Trooper Gregory Duckworth. My charges are directly related to these people and to my refusal the join the Avengers MC.

Read the whole story, with evidence presented in the book: Never Back Down: The True Story Behind Ron Collins at Shadow Warrior Publishing

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