Saturday, February 28, 2015

Return of Phil Failmore

The failure once again is stalking me through cyber space. The internet is where cowards and the weak minded come to spin tales of their greatness. It is were forums host a number of experts and people who can shoot at 1,000 meters with rifles the US Military declare the maximum effective range at only 800+ meters, without extensive marksmanship training. Basically the internet is full of bull shit, in truth much of our culture is full of bullshit the internet is simply the largest point were it collects. It is the sewer of our society because certain critters can't face physical consequences for what they say... or do. Its even been made fun in various media like Brad Paisley's Online.
What does this have to do with the fat one, well lets look at it shall we. Today I set up a twitter account as bait to draw out the Fat Phil Failmore (my pet name for Phil Elmore). And like an incompetent psychopath, Phil Elmore took the bait, posting on the Twitter account in reference to Never Back Down coming out in March. So at the mere mention of a book showing the factual material evidence involved in my court case & the falsified "evidence" by my martial arts competitors Phil Shows up to call it a lie...
Why does Phil fear proof that he's lied and sander my name being presented in the book? What about now? You can read all about his appearance yesterday (2/27/2015) in blog post The Lies, Stalking & Harassment by Phil Failmore today he used his Wester Easterman troll account to join the Shadow Warrior Publishing forum where he was automatically reported and banned. So why is Phil stalking me across the internet, why does he feel the need to be recognized?

Lets be clear Phil Elmore is a fraud and chump, oh sure he has his black sash in Lew's Slong Kung-fu (yes I know I misspelled the name, it was done on purpose) but this is only to try to justify his previous "teachings" in his first book Shorthand Empty Hand were he didn't even bother to correct his mistakes...

Mantis Hook:
Now I'm no Kung-fu man but from pictures on the net and online resources the Mantis Hook taught by Phil seems, improper even unmanly inspiring this meme.
Compared to this collaboration of actual mantis stylists Phil Elmore is wrong. More so does Liu Seong have mantis stances and techniques? If not how is this guy suddenly a creditable source of mantis techniques or a black sash in Liu Seong Kuntao. And you can all see its wrong compared actual mantis stylists.
Notice the difference?

Tiger Claw:
Sorry I couldn't help but present another Meme. Seem familiar? You bet here is more of Phil Elmore's half ass and unintelligent kung foolishness. He even has the "Crazy Eyes."

Asserting his manhood?
Phil the failure has a long history of trying to express his manliness, which only makes him look like a pathetic wimp who uses the internet to present what he doesn't have skill, knowledge & a reputation. Phil has plastered his vestige across the internet posing with weapons in an attempt to appear to be a tough guy.
 Phil Elmore's impersonation of Dirty Harry, course Harry wasn't real...
 Who wears a tactical vest to a gun range? If you look he is wearing a bandanna because that's tacticool and armed with a second gun in the tac-vest. And fat boy is too big for the tactical vest, literally busting at t seems making it more of a tacticool girdle.
What is the point? Crazy person with a knife? Who I'm posing with knives...

Oh but Phil isn't just wearing a bandanna he's also spotted in a Beret, in the picture that conjures up images of a Communist hero Che Guevara. I suspect, it is only my opinion but... I suspect before converting Aye Rand's Objectivist stupidity he was the typical college liberal... I could be wrong but still posing with his "AK47" I present Phil Elmore meme #3...
Ah but why throw fuel on the fire, because as much as like razzing Elmore when he raises his head it is done in response to his own unwanted contact with me. Why follow someone around the net stalking them and attempting to harass them? Because even if I am the total fraud Phil claims I am, I have not been found guilty of the crimes by which Phil suggests and outright has claimed online, thus I have to defend my good name such as it were. Phil attempted to involve himself in my Terrorist Threats case yet I was not convicted and neither was I convicted in the child porn case and Phil Elmore is seeking to change history. To slander my name and somehow claim he is acting morally and objectively. When all he is doing is holding onto old grudges and that of putting him into his place numerous times in the past.

Subjectively, Phil Elmore is just some pathetic wannabe tough guy who "is so much cooler online" or tries to be. Objectively, Phil is just a pathetic and sad man boy, wannabe tough guy and fraud.

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