Monday, February 9, 2015

The Absurdity of Martial Arts on the Internet

I can't help but laugh that my biggest critics bring me the most supporters online. I'm not much of a history buff and I have my own motivations for wanting to learn martial arts, for training in survival techniques and for studying military strategy. Yet, martial arts and self-defense discussions on the internet break down to one absurd truth; egos and a safety.

Only on the people launch personal attacks that would get their asses kicked in public. I mean some of the stuff said about me online isn't even whispered near me because I will pull someone's punk card quick. Yet online children posing as adults lie and try to refute every thing said to slander a person's name and claim some authority or "merit badge" of superiority. In truth its a very big joke.

In 2002 Paladin Press tried to get me to sign with them and leave Dojo Press, the Paladin contract for authors includes the signing over of your royalties to other people whom Paladin assigns for whatever reason. At the time I was stationed in Korea and said not just no but hell no. I have since produced my own label publishing company Shadow Warrior Publishing in the manner of Uncle Fester Books, I even picked up a few other writers along the way from an older project Witch Hunter Publishing.

I had a lawyer review the sample contract the sent me and all this came from his professional examination of the contract. Sure this means I would not have the large publishing house contracting their other writers to support me. More so, I found certain people connected either to Paladin or the Bujinkan trying to discredit me. And I've said some questionable things and done some questionable things because I really don't take internet as seriously as others. Some people are so tied to the "respect" of the "peers" on internet forums and chat rooms, people following their blogs and professing then creditable on the internet they don't realize the real world counts.

These people spend more time watching my online antics, thinking they can effect the real world through their cyber shield of internet posting. They post blogs to refute arguments I never made and make slanderous claims knowing I don't even an address to contact them to file suit, if  so chose. Course if I were the violent psychopath they claim I might "mug them" in their homes. Good thing I'm not... ;)

Here in the real world I have students, many coming back after my hiatus in lock up. I launched Shadow Warrior Publishing and have recruited local talent address little known aspects of life experience. Criminals teaching people to defend themselves against criminals. Despite what is claimed and said online, I have a reputation based on my exploits and actions by people who know me. Its the real world that defines us and sets the standard. In the end, the internet is full of self-proclaimed experts and lies. The internet is the biggest source of false information, disinformation, lies, propaganda and myths.

A bunch of people, all invested in the same business (say a franchise martial arts school trying to claim a monopoly on the "truth") can all support each others lies and disinformation. They can slander and attack others, push their own fraudulent lineage. However, I spend most of my time in the real world. Dealing with my problems in the real world and find my successes in the real world. Ultimately, its the real world were people and internet is just some absurdity for those with ego and little to no real world accomplishments.

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