Sunday, February 15, 2015

Potential for a Power Grid Collapse, The Economy & Self-Defense

Prepper fFortress posted a article on the weakness of the power grid. The fact is the US Power grid is stronger then most other nations and quite honestly its still pretty vulnerable. This article is going to address the value of primitive survival skills and older methods of providing basic needs. Another article by Prepper Fortress talks about America's unhealthy love affair with electricity.

James Wesley Rawles author of Patriots talks about martial law and the potential for a power grid collapse in the US, collapse of the dollar and more.
You might think this kind of Survivalist end of the World talk is a paranoid world view. Lets for get about "conspiracy theory" & "the illuminati" for a minute and talk ISIS. The US economy has yet to have recovered fully from the "great recession" & the world economy is still no better, Italy is still in chaos, Germany's GDP is still slipping, Russia & Brazil's economies are stagnate at best. ISIS is holding their own against coalition forces in the middle east. America's withdraw from Yemen is compared with its withdraw from Viet Nam & seen as a victory by the various Terrorist groups at war with us.

Perhaps I am trying to scare you, to convince you to build up your preps or start preparing for a rocky future now. The reality is these terrorists are killers, not strategists. If they were to attack the US power grid they would inflict greater damage to the US then just headlines with more then photos of dead Christians & Jews. The Wind store that struck the east coast of the US and caused the massive power blackout of 2014 highlighted this. The burglaries, home invasions and assaults that followed showed why guns are important to home defense.

More articles and sites dedicated to the topic of power grid weakness exist above, it doesn't matter if you live in a area prone to winter storms that knock power and block roads for days (I do) or if you live in a tornado prone area that gets knocked around. Eventually the power will go out, and what happens if the power is out for weeks? Sure, looting, robbery, burglary & similar in some areas. How well prepared are you to defend yourself?

Not just self-defense techniques or owning a gun but knowing primitive survival skills like herbal medicine or how to make/find shelter? How will you deal with multiple assailants or organize your neighbors to keep watch? What about people who don't live on your street?

This is why I wrote the Anti-Terrorist Handbook TM 725-15 & why Black Dragon Ninjitsu stands alone as a combat-strategy-survival art.

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