Thursday, March 3, 2016

Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 7: Ruckus in the Cage Tomorrow Will Barron show or No?

Well we've had a small blizzard, snow storm nothing major, and Ruckus in the Cage in Charleston WV is tomorrow... And well I am too fat and lazy, not ready to get into the cage. So I am going to Charleston and watch the fights... Unless Barron Shows up, I ain't going to fight. I ain't ready to get in there with those boys. Barron I just want fuck him up, I'll risk it for the shot. Course Bannon has already said he won't fight me in the cage.
 Here Barron bitch titties blusters about come and seeing me but not at an MMA event. In another words, the little bitch is barking but has no teeth (just talk shit online). Then claims he signed up, after I called him out for being a bitch and trying to duck out the fight by blustering that he wouldn't fight me.

Course I know Barron ain't gonna show up but hey... What is better then having someone bitch out like a punk in black and white online. And tomorrow I am going to rub salt into the wound, I am going to post small update videos to YouTube throughout the day. I am going to remind Barron about the day I played him like a fiddle.

A Little Secret: We all know my story and the stories about me... I have laid out an open offer to present all the evidence & paperwork to Barron. To be honest anyone who wanted it had to do but ask and even then I have posted paper work online multiple times:

Ok so I have issues with the state representatives, I've proven where Kristen Keller lied and were Barron lied in the same shot. I've proven issues about evidence that never gets brought up. These were the possession of child pornography charges which were dropped. We know about the Terrorist Threats charges were I allegedly threatened to kill a cop and, got away with it. All that police misconduct and questionable acts, friendly associations and criminal connections tied together through me. I even wrote a pretty scandalous book on the matter;

And the more lying little punk like this keep talking smack online, they more people look at the evidence and more people get to see the facts. This makes any actions taken against me by the courts here questionable and drags anyone involved into the spectral that is my life. Not every cop is a corrupt asshole and not everyone will risk getting tied in with that bunch of corrupt assholes, some are  like Troopers Duckworth and Palmateer tied to the murder of Theresa Bowling. Others, just want to help people and it is a chore to try figure out which within a few seconds. Some cops are good guys and understand dealing with me is an issue for them. But, you have to understand there is a difference. So there is the other possibility but that is the legal argument they tried to suppress Bad Elk v US and Mapp v Ohio. So while I have been charged with the crimes their is proof I was maliciously charged and so any feelings of self defense is understandable.

When people forget the facts, I could get disappeared but when these idiots keep stirring the pot they keep making themselves look petty and most of all go back to them being proven liars from their own words online. And the more they keep the idea fresh in everyone's minds, the more it makes it harder for me to disappeared. Why will they keep digging their own graves of credibility? Because they can't stand being played.

So I will Keep you all posted about Barron's Bitching out... Unless he shows... he won't show will he..? Guess all he would have to do is come to WV and post a picture of tomorrow's news paper to she he was here and prove me a liar, could do it at the state capital with tomorrows paper to prove he came to Charleston, WV. Could step into the cage with me and prove it too.. but he won't?

Update Videos Coming Tomorrow:
11:30 AM On the Way to Charleston

Stopped on the way... Pretty spot beside. About 12:15-ish AM

I'm in Charleston 12:37AM

12:43 AM I'm early...

5:07 PM Wiegh ins and Barry is a No Show...

Barry Never Showed...

Then I saw this posted at about... Shadow Warrior's Facebook Page it says 6 hours and at the 10:42PM that would put about 4:45-ish Before the Weigh-in video.

So either Barron is trying to set me up through another "third party" a Raymond Locktoolz 2.0 (what I am thinking) or devert attention from the fact I made Barron look like a lying bitch who is scared of me. I mean this came about for all the BS games that started the Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons series of blog posts dedicated to making Barron Shepherd look like a bitch.
First it was the attempt to get me to go to Florida for an Unsanctioned event, then it was claiming I never spoke to Christopher Smith promoter for Ruckus in the Cage until I showed we had a 6 minute conversation, then Barron said he signed up to fight online and all he had to do was show up and weigh-in. But he didn't wiegh-in. So now its go to Kentucky in October for Don Roley's event to face Barron there...

So its one of two things, either Barron & Don Roley are conspiring to set me up or Don Roley wants to see Barron get his ass kicked... I have heard nothing from Barron Shepherd... yet.

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