Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Paper Tigers & Dicking Dragons 5: Don Roley... Trying to Change the Narrative

So I get an invite to a Facebook group called the Koga Ryu Vetting group or some BS. I figured it would be some BS of "Bujinkan cultists" trying to claim to the only source of the truth or a bunch of teenagers trying to live out a ninja fantasy... which doesn't exclude the first option. What I found was basically a person with genuine self-respect and a perchance for, perhaps, buttering people up to get them to open up... Melvin Williams (sorry to put you on the spot like this...) who I was basically pretty open with & would have gotten all the information he wanted just by acting with civility and a few (unneeded) compliments.

Then up comes Don Roley who starts demanding I answer his questions. First off, to Don Roley you are a liar and a coward, do not ever try to contact me again directly or indirectly to others. You are a liar and, have spread the same lies as Barron Shepherd when I put up my court documents...
Lets be 100% clear here... Anyone who is guilty of sexual crime is scum. Anyone who spends their time behind a keyboard making up lies about a person and slandering their name to falsely claim they are guilty of such a crime is less then scum... After all how pathetic and weak does that make you to lie about one of the most horrible crimes a person can commit. You are a liar and your credibility as any kind of source of who is authentic is basically resigned to the fact that when I called Barron Shepherd as a liar... I proved you just a bad for spreading those same lies.
Tell me Don, have any proof of this beyond Barron Shpeherd and the pack of lying teenagers and internet tough guys trying to impress those teenagers at BSMA or the other little facebook groups you guys start? Seriously, what does that make you when you have to lie about someone else..? What does that say about your fraud busting..? If you are the "creditable source" and get caught lying about someone well Don Roley that makes you a liar and how can anyone believe you... Yes that is a challenge for you to pay $3,000 for a transcript of the court hearing or offer any proof that is as you are claiming?

Do not stalk me online, don't invite to your little groups and say what you want... I don't have to obey "your rules" which means I can and will disrespect your pathetic lying ass all I want. But, it is just better to point out thats exactly what you are doing. Because the simple fact is Don Roley, once you get caught lying about others it makes your credibility, seems well... worthless. But, Don Roley is trying to take attention away from the March 4th Cage fight... That Barron isn't going to show up for.

Don Roley is trying make this a historical argument or a lineage argument because the simple fact is... I already proven Barron shepherd and Don Roley were (I will use Don Roley's own wording here) conspiring to spread lies about me online.
1. I already proved Barron Shepherd lied and you are just repeating the same lies. 
2. I proved Barron Shepherd was lying that I never served an Hand-to-Hand Combatives Instructor in the Army.

Since I called out Barron Shepherd for trying to get me to come to Florida for an Unsanctioned fight via his third party troll account Mraymond Locktools. If he wants me to fight him in Florida, just set up  something with a fight promoter for an MMA bout. The more you cowards lie and bigger you make the lie and the more your bubble busts when the truth comes out...

Lets just call it like it is... You are trying to distract from the fact, that you trying to sell your "ninja fantasy" and don't want anyone else selling theirs. The thing is Donny... I used what I know, people can buy a copy of Black Dragon Ninjitsu or Never Back Down and see where I actually used what I know...

All you do is talk about how you can read Japanese and quote history books (aside from stalking and harassing people online), pretending to be a pseudo-intellectual. If it wasn't for the Bujinkan and pushing what Takamatsu made up and taught as ninjutsu in the 60s, you wouldn't matter. You base your whole existence off of pretending to be an authority, one who relies on the ignorance on the ignorance of Japanese history by Americans.

Now for anyone who cares to discuss my past training and such, by all means contact me. I even offered this to Melvin Williams though my Android didn't relay what I thought I typed intelligently, you get the picture...

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