Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Scared Lil Internet Trolls & Why Martial Arts suck...

So I been busy for the last couple of days and what do I see attached to Blog where I call out Barron Shepherd for backing out of an online challenge he launched years ago... He sends me a message via this very blog.

Once again Barron Shepherd is too big a chicken to actually come out and challenge me. Instead he thinly veils his challenge as an offer to get free "judo lessons."This is an attempt to elicit an emotional response where I would no doubt challenge him more directly perhaps even threaten him. The thing is, why challenge him over the net? Why waste time talking trashing behind a computer screen? Why bother to issue a childish threat from miles away?

You see Barron Shepherd has directly engaged in trying to undermine my business and slander my name. He has bought the web domain www.blackdragonninjitsu.com and linked to his blog full of lies and even refused to examine the court paper that prove the State of West Virginia, since that is who the corrupt judges and cops here represent or claim to represent to get their authority. No Barron is looking to get me to lose my temper so that he call the police and have me arrested. He is a pussy hiding behind someone else's badge. Perhaps he wants to have me SWATed...

You see Barron is an example of what is wrong with Martial arts online... Liars and frauds, while I admit I have lied in the past when it entertained me to do so. I have lied about myself rather then slander others. Barron has claimed to be engaged in telling the truth but, well ultimately failed to actually engage in truth telling. You see it is one thing to show people new clips and claim someone was arrested for something, it is totally another to present all the facts when someone offers them to you. Which Barron Shepherd has done; repeatedly.

You see Barron Shepherd is a coward who is too big of puddy tat to come on out and directly issue a challenge, hell he ran from the one he issued in 2009. Martial arts have always been regarded with a certain amount of disdain and even as far back as the 1960s when the Black Dragon Fighting Society was formed by John Keehan, even when he was selling black belts by mail order, there was a certain understanding of martial arts and what it required to be an effective martial artist. The same things are wrong with martial arts today...

 It is easy to tell here that Keehan was a fan of cross training in many different arts, he encouraged training in multiple martial arts styles and gaining real world experience. Not only limiting his stance on what is best to striking or grappling but training in both. Nor, was Keehan limited by calling only Asian martial arts, martial arts. He included Western arts like Savate, boxing and wrestling. He also encouraged "guts fighting" and even said plainly at the end of page 12 (above) "Remember, the only test of a fighting man is what he can do and no more. Form practice, sparring, self-defense practice and brick breaking are meanlingless if the man cannot withstand the burden of the "real thing." Because of how many "paper tigers" existed in martial arts back then.
It is pretty easy to tell that Keehan was serious about making martial arts effective and wasn't basing his methods on one style alone. In fact, Keehan owned a chain of Karate, and Judo schools and encouraged cross training between styles. When we examine what Keehan wrote about the Shortcomings of Present-Day Defense Systems, we see 16 points of reference between boxing, karate, kung-fu, judo, aikido and wrestling. Compare this to the attitudes of purists? Arguments over lineage, slandering others to try build themselves up, tough talk online (I'm guilty of this one as well, because I can't afford to travel) and everything but actually fighting... Even then people want to fight you on their terms, making veiled attempts to answer being called out for ducking a challenge or pretending to respond to a challenge without actually saying "Ok."

I'm sure I could ask some members of the BDFS who deal with MMA events to schedule something. But hey, what do I care its the internet right? If martial artists wish to be taken seriously they need to stop acting like a bunch of whiners and pissy lil children. Generally speaking most martial artists just get a piece of paper, and hang up a sign declaring themselves "grand pubha guru" and riding on the mythology of ancient warriors, exaggerated histories or complete bull shit all to sell people on anything but actual ability to defend themselves and actual skills at fighting. We have too many "Paper Tigers and Ducking Dragons" in martial arts now...


  1. Make good on your threat Ron. come on down. You made the threat so now own up to your word.

  2. quit talking and make good on your threat.

  3. Oh boy... Barron, I never threatened you and the only reason you are even claiming that is because you are trying to hide behind legalities. I stated above we could have those who deal with MMA set something up...

    The fact, is you are dodging me again. Claiming I "threatened you." To avoid the simplest terms, an exhibition MMA match. You say I have no martial arts training and you say you have a black belt in Kenpo and Judo. So... Why not kick my ass in a cage? Unless you're scared.

    I mean, let's see here... You keep hiding behind legalities and veiled challenges, now the false claim to "threats." So it's seems to me your are bitching out and exemplifying everything I stated about you... In essence Barry I'm calling you a bitch ass pussy whose only tough behind a computer screen.

    So here is what I'm gonna tell you, meet me half way between West Virginia and Florida say North Carolina or South Carolina, for a licensed MMA match.

    I know you won't do it cause your a weak ass lil bitch, hiding behind the internet and legalities. Course Barron you do realize that when I said I'd rather beat your ads then sue you, that wasn't a threat it was a challenge. A challenge you answered with a veiled response of free "Judo lessons" and, when I pointed out you were seeking a legal loop hole to set me up and suggested an MMA event above. You started crying I "threatened" you. By challenging me "to make good on [my] threat" all you've done is instigate conflict and remove any protection from Florida's stand your ground laws. Look it up...

    Regardless as I stated above, we can step into a cage or ring as a licensed MMA match. So what you say? No more ducking and dodging, yes or no. Man up or bitch out?

    I'm sure a third party will be willing to set us up and it will be nice and legal.

    So someone like yourself who claims a Black Belt in Kenpo and Judo should be able beat me, right?