Friday, April 8, 2016

Trolls & Haters are once again at it... And showing how little they know.

So who then are the trolls and haters once again, attacking me and the Black Dragon Ninjitsu course? Well its all quite funny, you see now using still images from the promotional video the trolls and haters are trying to declare Black Dragon Ninjitsu ineffective... What they are doing is revealing their own lack of knowledge, but what do expect from people like this?
 Not trained in 5 animals kung-fu or tiger claw kung-fu at the time Phil Failure put out Shorthand Empty Hand. Or trained in Mantis Kung-fu (claims the root of whats below) but looks nothing like the Mantis art he is claiming to copy...
Or people who claim to have signed up for a fight & never showed... I spoke with Hanshi Frank Dux and it turns out Barron Shepherd is a schizophrenic, never challenged him & oh yeah... ran from me like a little bitch... After trying to set me up. (two different links with proof there btw). What is even funnier is that Barron's little cohort Don Roley is even trying to help him by luring me into another possible set up. As I have stated before if Barron Shepherd really wanted to fight me, he could just arrange something with a Florida fight promoter and I would come to him. But, after him trying to set me up I want to speak to any fight promoter and check them out as legitimate. Never the less, the trolls are using still images from my promotional videos on youtube and taking it out of context... I mean if you aren't even able to hear the instruction what can you claim to learn?

So lets look at what the trolls are say?
 Um... No. If you'll note I am outside the Uke's lead shoulder. Now this is ultimately pretty funny because this is not much different then the BJJ concept of taking the back. In fact, it is the very same concept. The lesson of which on a fragment was demonstrated for the video, was to use both the leverage of the forearm to break the hold and to step forward, to the outside of the Uke's shoulder to get behind him. The use of movement and positioning along with the basic application of a wrist escape. It is impossible for the Uke to strike the Tori (me) with the reverse hand. More so, if you look my elbow is being used to push the Uke's arm against his body (setting up for a back fist from my now free hand and a reverse punch). Either way, escaping a wrist grab and moving to position were the opponent is at a disadvantage to respond is the point of this level of instruction.
However, I guess it might seem odd to someone who deals only in theoretical kata (none resistant drills training). To consider taking an opponent's back to be a bad idea...

Funny because here a quick search of youtube revealed this video... below. See a similar stance? Sure you do because the trolls don't train they just get online and try to limit the competition for the companies they sell for.

Aside from the joke of a comment on the wide stance...  Why is a having my chin tucked a bad thing? has a nice blog and video on keeping your chin tucked while sparring. It is to protect your face, throat and chin. 
Here is Hatsumi with a wide stance, someone better tell him his groin is open! As always the trolls will sell the same mistakes they are claiming to fix or not have. They make claims they simple don't know anything about to fool those with too little knowledge into buying their products. They do this because their products (literally the art they are trying to sell you, sucks).

Haha... This is golden. So the uke throws a jab and tori (again me) steps inside his guard this requires acting in timing with Sen the second before the Uke decides to act, so you are moving based off reading an opponent's body language and stepping in the an uppercut or chiten tsuki (earth to heaven thrust) and an overhand right which also doubles as a block. And this isn't even the full execution of the technique combination.

So if you actually studied martial arts or boxing, you no doubt would notice the uppercut would a) raise the eye level and b) would snap the head back causing the base of the skull to snap back on the spinal cord, possibly producing a knockout.

Even if you don't produce a knockout. That's a 1-2 to the face inside an opponent's guard. The first strike is also gonna impact the head balance control point so the uppercut can easily be turned into a block but the arm and shoulder are acting as a shield. So let's be practical, even if I were to get hit, it probably won't be a vital area and it will lack power because my opponent is off balance.  The uppercut could easily be turned into a judan uke to protect my temple which could knock me out of my opponent is lucky enough to hit it without seeing it to be able to aim his punch... All what if, here... but based on practical experience.

Here is a funny one as well... Based on the image we can guess our trolls have not training in Judo or its misguided step-child Brazilian Jiu-jutsu... This "bizarre, ineffective choke" above is also known as a Hadaki Shime or Naked Choke in Judo & Japanese Jujitsu. It is so named because it is executed without use of the sleeve or collar. In fact, anyone who has done a web search with come acorss and an article from The Judo Choke by Neil Ohlenkamp which features a Judoka performing this same choke. Remember the this is a bizarre & ineffective choke, despite Mr. Ohlenkamp warning of it's potential for injury in one's training partners.

So what is the concern? The concern is that ninjutsu and self-defense arts have been hijacked by fat, lazy and stupid people who don't train to hit or get hit. Who spend more time learning to write & speak in Japanese and Japanese history then actually being able to fight. They live in a fantasy land were criminals are stupid and untrained lacking anything that compares to their fantasy of self-defense.

However, I love in world were bullies from abusive homes learn martial arts techniques from YouTube and test them on other kids, grow into troubled teens fighting with other teens in the course to establish social violence and become violent adults. Were terrorists gain paramilitary training and seek to do me harm. Where I train to face someone bigger, stronger and more skilled. I train like this not because I am smaller, weaker and untrained but because I want to be able to defend myself against an unknown threat. Because, to declare myself superior in my mind means I have underestimated my opponent.

Sure more often then I fight less able and less skilled opponents but, lower my standard because their standard is low doesn't make me better. These trolls and haters aren't trying to raise the bar, they want me to lower mine.

I will even wager that these same haters couldn't pass the simple PFT to earn a white belt in Black Dragon Ninjitsu, 25 push-ups, 25 crunch/sit ups, 3 pull ups and run in place for 2 minutes... I would wager they teach kamae and techniques but don't spar and don't develop themselves as physically able. Bet they know a lot of Japanese history and get off thinking themselves "intellectuals" above the common "competition fighter" who can't even

Ah yes, the too deadly to spars who treat every hit you take as a life threatening injury because they refuse to get uncomfortable with limited competition. Guess what? In a fight, against a mugger or other criminal you may get hit. You may be get blind sided and have to fight from the receiving end of a good pounding. Jujitsu/Ninjitsu is a primarily grappling art and that means getting in close. You might get hit... Suck it up cup cake!

Because it's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep pushing forward. That means developing a attitude of mental toughness and not being afraid to get some lumps. No criminal or terrorist is gonna make it a fair fight. Just because you are "cheating" doesn't mean everyone else is "playing by the rules." What f---ing rules?

We fight the way we train and we train in a fantasy world, we die in the real world. Buy my DVD course, don't buy my DVD course, I don't care... But, if you listen to fools you will become one. And who made some Jack off, behind a computer screen an expert?

I just proved these same trolls incompetent and without knowledge, as well as liars and cowards in the past.

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