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Stalking & Harassment 2: The Pattern of Behavior expanded

This is a Continuation of Stalking & Harassment: A Pattern of Behavior examined where I showed the intent of the "Internet Trolls" like Phil Elmore, Don Roley & Barron Shepherd to harass and stalk me. Some may not know this but these same clowns even tried to become involved in my legal cases, of which I had all charges dropped. While Phil has been careful to not go out of his way to exaggerate claims into the grounds of slander, Barron and Don Roley have not...

Regardless of me and my own agitations, it doesn't take a lot to see a pattern develop. When I first started "fighting back" online and even now people told me I was being too negative. Perhaps, but you fight back, you don't back down... Bullies are the same regardless. After Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 8, I received a message across facebook. Now Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 8 showed Trition D. Smith using the image of a former Dux Ryu student, trained under Sky Benson, defending Barron Shepherd backing out of a challenge to me. Stalking & Harassment showed how Barron was dead set on trying to entangle me in legal troubles, rather then face me directly. Quite simply put these "people" exist only to harass and defame other martial artists to push their products.

Here is one example;

This is only one example of the Harassment that someone faced, harassment they chose to protect their students from. I am in some ways lucky, part of what is claimed about me is true. I have been arrested a lot but, all but five charges were dismissed by the state without a battle in court, many times the charges were to push threats and intimidation by police officer who were themselves corrupt and criminal. So what? Some online ass clown talks trash and tries to ruin my business? Perhaps they seek to harass me into committing suicide like Dan Harmon?

Now Dan Harmon is an example of a person who was mentally ill. Dan lied and made up stories because he wanted be more then just who he was... He wanted to be respect, admired and loved. He made the mistake of thinking he needed some external source for this... He didn't.

He didn't have a teacher or the money to get a lot of training in "ninjutsu." What he developed on his own, was his own concoction from many different sources, he told stories and such. Cool... I really don't see a problem with developing your own style. The reality is it doesn't matter if you learn martial arts off YouTube or in a Dojo, it is what you do with the information that matters. Do you think a mugger cares if you stop with a self-defense technique you learn from online, a book or in school with a proven line to some ancient master?

Does it matter if the guy or gal who kicks your ass trained in his garage or in dojo? Do you know how many legitimate Karate black belts with lineage going back to Funakoshi himself, who have told me stories about fighting in Karate in Japan and they have never been out of the country? Too many... I know qualified and legitimate martial artists with made up stories of secret kumite and claims of being street fighters with no proof & just weren't the type. The type of person who is a Street Fighter is either crazy or near suicidal by the way.

I remember a story Where at a Tai Kai Event Hatsumi called a man in stage to help him demonstrate a technique and the man stated his rank was "Soke" and Hatsumi addressed him with the respect of calling him "Soke." I remember watching Ashida Kim dealing with other self-proclaimed masters who he addressed then with the same respect and often "traded ninja secrets" with them, often helping them to develop better techniques and skills. Many times looking back, I often wonder to myself if he ever did this with me... Playing the role of the "secret teacher." Dan Harmon would have no doubt fallen into this category with me and many, many others over the years. Karl Jung would have referred to this as the Wise Old Man & in some ways the Trickster. Regardless, Ashida Kim did show me a different way of looking the phrase "When the student is ready the master will appear." Masters appear to us in all ways of life and we often never know it.

Being blunt, terms like Shihan, Hanshi, Sensei and so on all sound awesome Master, Grandmaster & Teacher sounds authoritative but what do they mean? No not the dictionary meaning but context. They are ranks right? Sergeant sounds impressive but what does it mean, it is a rank right? So colored belts show rank and have titles to go along with them that context. I person ranked as a black belt in BJJ shouldn't have to prove himself or herself by breaking bricks like a Karate or Tae Kwon Do belt. Two different systems with two different ranks, its not about rank it is about the knowledge. Rank is dependent on the system involved and nothing more. So Dan Harmon invented a history and invented a rank to rank himself... Did that mean that he was to be harassed, threatened and mentally abused to the point of ending his own life?

This is an ongoing pattern of abuse, threats and intimidation designed to do one thing and one thing only... Harass people into dropping the term "Ninjutsu" so that the Bujinkan is free to sell their products alone. Dan Harmon didn't sell books or Home Study Courses like I do... He doesn't run a company like Shadow Warrior Publishing, like I do. No what Dan Harmon did was more painful to the Bujinkan bottom line... He put out free information online, he made commercials for non-existent course he was in the process of making and they looked pretty good given the low quality but still it looks remarkably like the other non-contact, non-sparring instructional videos produced by the Bujinkan.

My concern isn't what the Bujinkan is doing, I don't like what they do... So what, I don't have to. My concern wasn't that Dan Harmon had a mental illness or lied about is past. My concern is that psychological abuse in the name of a bottom line against a person with mental illnesses is akin to beating up a man in a wheelchair or (sorry for my blatant masculine bias but) beating women.

Unlike my cited friend above, I am lucky in that I don't have a school or students to protect and don't have to "nut ride" or attack others to sell products. In fact, I am simple... I hate bullies. Anyone who knew me in grade school will tell you I was often fighting bigger kids, not to protect myself but to protect other kids. Someone, who said many of my posts seem negative dealing with this drama and BS asked me how I would convince parents that I was qualified to teach their kids to warriors and, I will end this blog with that answer...

I don't want to teach anyone's kids, my own if I had any, to be warriors. Teaching children to be warriors is akin to raising child soldiers. I will teach kids to be fighters but not warriors. Being a warrior is not about how brave you are or how strong you are. Its not about your tradition or system. Being a warrior is about one thing, the belief that you have to stand up for those who can't. Sure this crap is negative and it is something I rather not be typing about or people I don't want to deal with... However, I'm taking it upon myself to do so. Not because of being a warrior or any martial arts stuff I learned, not because I am defending my business. I'm dealing with this because I am worried about the next person driven to suicide by mental illness and the harassment of so called Martial Arts Instructors.

What happens when the next person to be driven to that point is a teenage kid with ninja fantasies to escape abuse and violence at him? Rather then having someone ease them into real world and helping them to better themselves they just get pushed further by so called fraud busters online. So if being a Warrior means, standing up for those who cannot themselves stand up... I guess I'm warrior but like many things in my life, I'm not the best man for the job, I'm the guy who showed up cause their was no one else... I'm not a warrior, I am just that guy.

Update: 4/18/2016

After speaking with someone about what happened to Don Harmon, I decided to "go back in time" to an earlier blog about this same issue... Fake Koga Ryu Ninjutsu & The Events Leading to Dan Harmon's Death. In that blog I posted three images, two dealing with the statement's of another martial arts group on facebook talking about those who harassed Dan Harmon and pushed him too far.

It is plain to see that these alleged instructors and martial artists are nothing more then corrupt businessmen. Frauds and cowards devoted to harassing anyone who might be competition for them, even if they are fakes and frauds... Even now I have gotten several anonymous text message from 1-916-216-9579, each message contains insults, threats and in some cases images trying to insult me or make me feel bad about myself... May be they just want to make me mad, sitting behind their computer screens laughing at how they've "pissed me off."

I've fought through more then cowards like you all could ever deal with and I doubt any of you are strong enough to face the same challenges I have overcome. Its very sad and pathetic, this is the very best in mental abuse these cowards can offer...
Really all you did is a get chuckle out of me,.. LMFAO WTF are you trying to do..?

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