Sunday, April 10, 2016

Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 8: When you Bitch Out and Everyone Knows It...

So yesterday was a fun day in the fantasy land of Social Media. Trition D. Smith made an appearance on my Facebook page to try to defend Barron Shepherd. Its pretty easy to tell as such since he was trying to post Barron "Bitch Titties" Shepherd lies and ignore the fact already proved Barron a liar and his online girl friend Don Roley, as well.
Did this with my Blog: Barron Shepherd proven a Liar and a Slanderer and again with When YOU ARE Proven a Liar, and yet again with... Scared Little Internet Trolls when I posted screenshots of comments made by Barron Shepherd in 2013 regarding him not posting all the information or accurate information about my past and arrest record. Those comments Barron later deleted in an attempt to hide the fact that he has an agenda to slander me.

So to answer Triton's question about why I deleted Barron's blog link he posted on my Facebook profile... I will not give credence to the lies and slander of people with agenda's to lie and slander, more.

Now those three Blog posts above show the foundation for Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 8, which are reading now... You can follow along right here and see the whole thing for yourself...
Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons: Barron's Bitching out from stepping into a Cage with me
Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 2: Return of the Internet Bitches Spin
Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 3: Still Playing Games but no one is stepping up
Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 4: The Trap is Sprung & I lied
Actually, I lied about lying... You'll have to read it to understand... Basically, I Barron says I lied because I said "all he'd have to do is sign up online" well sign up and show up... Barry never showed, check Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 7. And by now we've seen Barry lie about how I was never a Hand-to-Hand combat instructor, about how he signed up for Ruckus in the Cage & never showed, used third parties to lie on his behalf to back up his claims... basically he's proven himself a liar. But lets continue our trip down memory lane shall we...
Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 5: Don Roley... Trying to Change the Narrative
Here is Barry's online girl trying to change the story and offer Barry some support... and spreading the same lies as Barron. Now this wholly removes any credibility as a fraud buster and makes Don Roley look like a fraud but, it also does something else here,it shows that those with an agenda saying selling you on Takamatsu's made up lineage and Hatsumi's Martial Arts Franchise. 
Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 6: Internet Trolls & BSMA
Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 7: Ruckus in the Cage Tomorrow Will Barron Show or No?
Let me ruin the surprise he didn't show... He talked shit online, got proven a liar online, tried to set me up and never showed up for a fight... He said he signed up for.

So now, Barry is depending on the other internet trolls to justify himself. The thing is... That is how Triton D. Smith becomes involved, he popped up on my Facebook page saying Dux was a liar and started off defending Barron Shepherd, for backing out like bitch. Whats even more amusing is that Mr. Smith appears to be a former student of Hanshi Frank Dux but, claims Dux is a fraud and a cheat... he has never cheated me so I don't know but, I did inquire about Mr. Smith's experience and all he claimed to share was what everyone else had to say. Nothing unique to his experiences just what the other trolls claim...

Seen here is T. D. Smith... who posted in response to Trolls & Haters are once again at it... And showing how little they know. Now if you follow my conversation with Ben Embrerley, who relayed an invite to Don Roley's tantojutsu seminar to meet Barron Shepherd. I think its a set up, an attempt at some getting somewhere where Barry can act all tough and demand I swing first... High school bull shit, were I'd be in legal trouble in another state and wouldn't be able to work. Or where most likely Barron can beat his chest and call me a pussy for not hitting him. After I expressed this to Ben and banned a troll account spreading lies and posting those images... I decided to respond to them. The fact is, it took me 4 days because I don't spend my life behind a computers screen to respond to trolls. Me and Mr. Embrerley's brief conversation can be seen below in it's entirety.

However, as soon as I start pointing out how little these experts claim to know and why... With supporting references, I get Mr. Smith's responses and it ultimately ends with him trying to insinuate that my conditions for a legitimate MMA fight in a cage between myself & Barron is something new and him not producing any of the evidence he claimed to have had. I will let you view this conversation as well...

So where is this proof that Barron Shepherd challenged Frank Dux? Screw that, where was Barron on March 4th 2016? Why all the excuses and games when all it takes is a single phone call to a fight promoter in Florida to have a Amateur MMA event set up? I mean I did it in less then a day... I have the feeling T. D. Smith was trying to bait me into challenging him and so what get someone else from the troll brigade to challenge me to cover for Barron Shepherd being a bitch...? <--- Gets my Vote

So ultimately, I am bored with the troll games... If anyone has proof that Frank Dux backed out of a fight with Barron or backed out a challenge with Frank Dux. I will post it here if you can supply these mysterious screenshots...

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