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Paper Tiger's & Ducking Dragons 4: The Trap is Sprung & I Lied

So here is the fun part, for all those who have followed the Paper Tiger & Ducking Dragons blogs, you already know I challenged Barron Shepherd to fight me in a Cage, at Ruckus in the Cage (a strictly amateur MMA event) in Charleston West Virginia on March 4th. Now Barron has basically painted himself into a corner...

According to Barron himself and not his "go between" Mraymond Locktools, Barron did register online for Ruckus in the Cage... Now lets get something clear, nothing is "set" until we show up and register at the fight. This means we show up, pay a fee to the West Virginia Boxing Commission to register as Amateur MMA fighters. Chris Smith won't set anything up until we show up, this is because the last fight he had 4 new fighters and 3 no shows, with the fourth guy showing but almost leaving the event.

By Barron Shepherd's own admission he signed up to fight me on the 4th of March 2016, in Charleston WV. This means unless Barron lacks the nuts to show up, THE FIGHT IS ON!!! And after all the BS from Mraymond Locktoolz (I swear that seems like Phil Elmore's boy band at work) trying to get me to fight Barron in an Unsanctioned Fight in Florida, so that I could be charged with assault win or lose.

Now if you look at Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons, you will comments by Barron Shepherd that I never contacted Chris Smith of Ruckus in the Cage.
Now this prompted Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 2, where I did prove I contacted Chris Smith and had a 4 minute conversations with him. Showing the record screen and the Phone History on my Android. His number is the 1-304-610-2881 number...
Yet Barron had Dustin Hatfield or, perhaps Dustin himself, lied about me never contacting Chris Smith of Ruchus in the Cage.
And we know from the images above that Dustin was full of shit...
How we can see where Mraymond Locktools contacted me about fighting Barron and were he claims Barron agreed to a cage fight.

Now lets look at when Mraymond Locktools, first of we see what I wanted, a standard MMA match. I really don't want to deal with any stupid internet secret "Death Matches" or "Samurai Swords at High Noon" fantasy BS.
But then, Mraymond Locktools and not Barron Shepherd agreed to a cage fight on Barron's behalf... I was skeptical but, if it meant fighting Barron I was down. Then I began in inquire who organized the fight?
Now here is were things get shady... In order to fight in almost every state you have to registered with the State Boxing Commission or similar athletic body. Local governments get to insure proper safety procedures exist for fighters and spectators. This includes fighters being in a good physical condition to fight. So upon hearing "Thats only if your a licenced fighter in your home state." I went from skeptical to concerned. So I continued to address state licensing requirements.
And you can see the continued dialog and the statement about Florida doesn't require Fighters to register with the Boxing Commission. This is a lie... Much like my own state you take (are given) a pre-fight physical, weigh-in and pay a registration fee with the Boxing Commission.

And here is where I first addressed Ruckus in the Cage & Chris Smith. When I addressed having checked the rules with the Florida Boxing Commission. This is when Mraymond Locktools mentions the Florida Boxing Commission and says "It will have to be an unsanctioned event." This was a Major RED FLAG for me. Taking me from Skeptical, to Concerned, Cautious & assuming Mraymond Locktools was full of shit.

I even called him on his Bull Shit which lead to basically me demanding proof and getting none, before finally Banning Locktools.

And not only did I ask for Barron to agree to a MMA fight like Claimed above, delievered later and after much prodding but, I also showed Mraymond Locktools how to  take a screen shot and continued to ask for proof concerning him speaking to a Florida fight promoter... However not before Barron Shepherd posted this in Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 3.

And Mraymond Locktools little spat of Dialog below... Followed by Barron's claim that he did register online.

Now we have to ask... Did Barron just claim to come after me but not in an MMA event and did he just say right after he registered online. Meaning he just needs to show up pass a physical, get weighed in and pay the WV Boxing Commission to get in the Cage with me... And I have to do the same. So were exactly is the issue and why was Mraymond Locktools trying to get me to fight Barron in Florida in an Unsanctioned Fight? Whats more is Mraymond Locktools never once answered my questions about the Florida fight promoter or offer any proof that he contacted Chris Smith of Ruckus in the Cage, yet I did... So we are left to only examine the facts as they are presented.

So Barron Shepherd wants to call me a liar... Cool, "I lied when I said all you have to do is sign up." Actually, I didn't (exactly)... See all you had to do is sign up online, that creates a paper trail of expected fighters to compare to fighters who showed up. Your claim to having signed up online is enough because now everyone knows you are expected, whether you show up or not is a different matter entirely. So if my goal was to get you into a cage... I did it. By your own admission you registered to fight. Which means if you back out, don't show up or what have you... YOU LOOK LIKE A BITCH!

Now in Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons I showed how Barron Shepherd was crying I threatened him. Which I didn't... In Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 2 I proved Barron had lied about me never contacted Chris Smith & how Mraymond Locktoola tried to get me to agree to an unsanctioned fight in Florida, which I thought was a set up. In Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 3. I got Barron Shepherd to admit/claim he registered with Chris Smith, the fight promoter for Ruckus in the Cage online. Online registration is required but, basically proves nothing, because a Fighter has to show up and register with the West Virginia Boxing Commission as an Amateur MMA fighter, the registration is done at the weigh-ins with the pre-fight physicals. Now... Lets look at Mraymond Locktools statements concerning his speaking for Barron Shepherd.

Offered nothing to believe he was a real person, offered no proof that Barron was in contact with him, offered no proof he contacted any fight promoters, claims Barron Shepherd's crying online that "I threatened him" was acceptance of the fight and so much more... Only after I stated for Barron to contact me via my blog did he do so, however he never stated he would fight me in the Cage he merely launched out with a pointless internet threat about "coming after me."
Lets be real... That is kinda like saying "YOU! Yes, you... I coming for you. I don't know were you live or anything else but I am going to come see you." Bitch Please... This is the kind of internet drama that punks who hide behind computer screens use to look tough. Its the Paper Tiger mentality of I am a "Black Belt so fear my Deadly Skillz" (yes I intended to use a z there as a reflection of the childishness of the mentality and the statement). It is the Ducking Dragon philosophy of "I won't fight you in a cage but, we can face each others as warriors with Katana at high noon like true Samurai Warriors."

Lets be real for a minute, if its going to be a street fight it will be anything goes and we will both be injured or arrested. I can live with a injury from getting my ass kicked in the cage. I can live with the indignity of getting beaten by Barron Shepherd. I am not going to risk jail or wasting money on bond while trying to build my business.

What we see is that there was in fact some collaboration between them. That Barron Shepherd has not shown any proof he spoke with Chris Smith nor that his "Buddy" Mraymond Locktools even spoke to a any Fighter Promoter either in Florida as claimed or Chris Smith in West Virginia. Hell Barron who claims this can post a image of his phone to prove he talked to Chris Smith. I did... Why can I do it and be called a liar but they want everyone to take there word for it and be called truthful? Especially when I've proven Barron Shepherd was a liar; Barron Shepherd Proven a Liar and Slander and When YOU ARE Proven a Liar... And in Scared Lil Internet Trolls & Why Martial Arts Suck I addressed his ducking out of a challenge he issued in 2009 but seems he is doing so again now (Remember he is coming after me but not in a Cage). In Ducking Dragons 2 I proved he relied on other liars to validate his lies.

Now let's be clear about my intentions; I want to embarrass Barron. I've already proven him a liar concerning my court cases, a liar that I never contacted Chris Smith and now I will prove him a liar about signing up for Ruckus in the Cage. After all nothing is official until you step into the Cage or we both sign a contract. And while I am pushing the issue to make Barron Shepherd look like a bitch, at the end of the day... I just want to beat his ass.

As for what happens if I get my ass kicked? It is the risk you take when you fight, either in the Cage or in the street, it happens. The only question is, is he going to step up or back down. You can't "win" if you aren't willing to lose... So I am going to make Barron Shepherd lose face until he decides to step up.

Oh yeah, Barry... We could always fight in Florida. I would love to get away from the snow. Just give me the name of a MMA promoter and we can make arrangements.

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