Saturday, November 5, 2016

Don Roley Character Assassin for Hatsumi/Takamatsu-den Cult Monoply

This blog is going to deal with the how Troll Bridges and backly the Racketeering behind the actions of certain online trolls and haters.

Lets start with Don Roley "King Troll" for the Bujinkan. Me and Don got our start online at about the same time. Me with Ashida Kim's Dojo Press and Don Roley publishing his Koga Ryu is Dead article. At the time Don Roley did this he made several claims about the Bujinkan and the Takamatsu-den lineage as well as, several historical text such as the Bansenshukai and similar documents trying to prove Takamatsu authentic.

Now Don is fluid in modern Japanese, lived in Japan for 15 years and used modern Japanese translations of the historical ttext in his arguments online. However, its been all shot down before... By me on Ashida Kim's old message board.

Two being an easy means of disproving the whole thing...
1. The terms Iga and Koga Ryu are historical terms for the origin of various schools. There were several schools of fighting methods, tactics and military strategy in the Iga and Koga provinces. They were all Iga or Koga Ryus. Just any martial arts school in Los Angelos or even Beckley, West Virginia is a Los Angelos school or a Beckley school of martial arts.

Citing Seiko Fujita (Americanized pronunciation) as Roley does, Fujita says ninjutsu was a family tradition. Meaning that if one studied the Hidden Leaf School of Martial Arts, one might implicate one's own life or occupation into your own tactics.

In modern Comparision so its easier to grasp, John is a Locksmith. John is drafted into service by an a local militia to protect Johns town from invaders. John learns Militia X-rays methods of warfare. John uses his Lock Smithing knowledge to stealthly pick a lock on a building the gang is using as a base and slip inside to look at the gangs plans of attack and listen to their talk about the plan.

John is a spy by modern thinking and as a spy John used his available spycraft skills of picking a lock. Johns son who is also being taught to perform the family trade of lock smithing is also taught the family spycraft of picking locks. Bill by contrast repairs electronics and Bill's spycraft is built arounding building listening devices to hear what others are saying or radio jammers to cut off communications during raids.

Militia X-ray has a set of skills and an SOP related to scouting and patrols. Both Bill and John have their own individual methods of using what they call spycraft. David is a Captain in the militia and has a Phd in Psychology so his spycraft is built around manipulation. David has an SOP for the militias Special Operations Group & suggests the SOG members learn the ways of lower ranked people.

Now replace the term spy with ninja and spycraft with ninjutsu and you get the odea behind "family styles of ninjitsu."

2. Ryu didn't codify "ninjutsu" into their schools until the Tokugawa era. This was the era of peace following the warring states period of Sengoku era. Togakure Ryu claims it was codified 400 years before said era of peace.

Once we get past that, we come to the fact that during the earily years of the Meiji era. Samurai used "ninjutsu" like methods during the Saga Rebellion. These were Kishu Ryu methods if any...

This means that Ninjutsu existed as part of most Koryu Schools at some point and that ninjutsu was not specifically limited to schools of martial arts. Nor is it as special as many seek to believe. Ot was something done in secret and a bit taboo to Japanese cultural ideas of the noble samurai.

More so, it becomes even more ridiculous when you think about a codified school of martial arts claiming to be the root of all ninjutsu, when those Koryu Schools who did codify it only did so to preserve it the skills and methods for future generations is not, as Hatsumi claims, a secret ninja martial art built around Shinto rituals and the worship of Takamatsu as a deity.

Now this brings us to a singular problem, what I just said... You can examine a free breakdown of the Bansenshukai amd read my earilier blogs on the Bujinkan cult is you so choose, for reference.

Additionally, you have to understand the nature of the word Soke and why not all Japanese Koryu arts use the title. In short it is a feudal term used by various trade guilds in Japan during the Tokugawa period upto the later Meiji era.

Ninjutsu isn't the big deal in Japan it is in America. Even then the Japanese image of the ninja is more of a warrior magician then the Western version of a spy-assassin. Though the historical reality of a soldier-spy is closer to the American image.

Now, I am sure you are going to say what does that have to do with anything. Well I have been the poster boy online for pointing out those holes in the argument by Roley. Antony Cummins (whom Don and others in the Bujin-con Cult have tried to discredit) seeking academic credibility translated the historical documents proving what ninjutsu was historically, has produced works which will substantiate these facts for many non-Japanese.

Now remember when I said about Don Roley getting his start online? That would be in 1999, same time as me and the same time he was doing everything to get the other Bujin-con cultists online attacking people for being frauds.
However this isn't new for the Bujin-con. The date for the post by Don Roley is pretty, significant since it shows he was in Japan all that time. And, I could argue that Roley's actions were permissible by the Hombu Dojo and perhaps Hatsumi himself.

I have stated many, many, times before that Don Roley's "fraud busting" was directly tied to making money but, perhaps uts not making Roley money except that he is making Hatsumi money.

How many people over the years have been harassed and stalked by Don Roley online because they were "frauds?" What is seriously funny is the "pot calling the kettle black" mentality of Don Roley's loes and personal attacks. I have mentioned Don many times in the past, showcased his unstable cult-like devotion to the Bujinkan Takamatsu cult.

I know there are 9 schools, that's 6 from a man no one can prove existed. 5 of which has a kind of incestuous link to them Togakure Ryu Ninpo is a form of Koshijutsu, is the oldest of the Nine schools and is linked to Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu (using the same Koshijutsu methods) yet Gyokko was started in Japan in 1156 to 1159 and claims to extend back to the Tang Dynasty in China in which ended in 907. Togakure Ryu was founded in in 1161. So why is there a Soke in both lineages who was only 18th Generation in Gyokko Ryu and 24th Generation in Togakure Ryu? This gets even more alarming when looking at Koto Ryu which was begin by Toda Sakyo Isshinai during the Temon Era 1532 to 1150 who was a student of the Soke Gyokko Ryu and inherited the art from him. Gyokko being a close range style and Koto Ryu being a long range style compliment each other. But, keep them separate for so long? Why one Soke of two very different styles?

Now Togakure Ryu was founded in 1161 by Daisuke Nishian who changed his name to Daisuke Togakure. Kumogakure is supposed to be an Togakure Ryu founded in 1532 to 1550 of the. Teman Era by Iga Hainaizen Ienaga.

Gyokushin Ryu another Ninpo school has no date for when ot was founded but has something in common to all four other schools. They were all passed to Toda Seiryu Nobutsuna in from 1624 to 1644. Koto Ryu which has had the same Soke since the founding of Koto Ryu with Gyokko Ryu, though Gyokko Ryu claims further or is said to, is 9 generations removed. More so why are they so different if Koto Ryu draws from Gyokko Ryu?

On seperate but also conflicting nature, Koto Ryu became the basis for Togakure Ryu Taijutsu. This could not have happened until 1624 to 1644 when Toda Seiryu inherited the five schools. Yet, why did Togakure Ryu merge part of the teachings for Koto Ryu, taught along side Gyokko Ryu to the shared Soke of both Ryu and not the other schools? Having learned Gyokushin Ryu Ninpo from a third line of transmission(?).

Now Takamatsu did have legitimate claims to teach Shinden Ryu and Takagi Yoshin Ryu. Gikan Ryu is debatable since he didn't start claiming to know it until the Ninpo/Ninjutsu claims popped up. Takamatsu then copied the Kukishin Ryu denshi and presented his imbellished copies to the Kuki family before making up a story about the Kuki shrine being burned by US firebombing flights and proclaiming himself Soke of Kukishinden Ryu a sibling art to the Kuki families Kukishin Ryu.

Takamatsu was a licensed teacher of Kukishin Ryu and Takagi Yoshin Ryu arts.

Regardless Takamatsu was an established fraud having stolen the Kuki family legacy to enhance his status by naming himself Soke of Kukishinden Ryu, saying he was chosen to replace the offical Soke inheritor because they thought he was dead and using the copies of the Kuki family scrolls as evidence of his status of Soke of the Kuki family's traditions and teachings. Before inventing the Ninja Lineage with Hatsumi and using modern translations of historical documents (many made available by Fujita Seiko's 1930s research) to claim to have authentic ninjutsu in the 1960s.

So it is very easy to see where the Bujinkan motivations are at, make money selling people on the idea of a long lost ninja legacy and all the fraud busting is just hiding their own lies and fraudulent claims. Six supposedly, Koryu traditions with Densho written by Takamatsu and five with  list of shared Soke before coming to Toda Shinryuken who picks up a sixth art in Shinden Fudo Ryu. Shinden Fudo Ryu being a form of Jujutsu with a long and strong lineage but sharing no connection to the Shinden Fudo Ryu claimed by the Bujinkan except to say that they are the same as Izumo Kanja Yoshiteru founded both schools. However this does not stack up to independent research.

Nor do Hatsummi's Densho match the Densho published by the "other" Shinden Fudo Ryu. Thus making it appear that Takamatsu used the name of an art already in existence with a strong lineage to try to justify the five incestuous Ryu. A basic claim by the Bujin-con cultists is, to claim that because Shinden Fudo Ryu can be proven a real and established ryu (in someone else's lineage) it is a legitimate school and offers proof that Toda Shinryuken was a real person and that other five ryu are legitimate schools.

No, it really doesn't. First you have to prove that the Shin Fudo Ryu you are claiming has a real lineage and ties to the Shinden Fudo Ryu that is proven prior to Takamatsu or Toda Shinryuken. Then you must prove that Toda Shinryuken existed to proven it was even passed down to Takamatsu. No such evidence exists... Its a bit like printing off a certificate that says you graduated BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolitions/SEAL School), we all know BUD/S is real and that it is a proven historical school for elite navy operators. You just can't prove its connected to you outside of the certificate you printed up... Same issue but, I digress.

Once you understand the issues the Bujinkan is trying to hide you understand the financial gain of people like Don Roley in trying to silence me. And you see Don usually makes a good show of issuing online challenges and spinning however he wants to make people look bad and harass them into silence. So Roley will never come at me in dark alley and he wouldn't even meet me on neutral ground. And Roley doesn't publish were he teaches at for fear that someone might come to his school and well, without cameras it would be fun. I don't know where Don Roley teaches at; I know where he lives, Don Roley's middle name is James and he is 49. And, little image above about Don Roley saying he was in Japan when he started his whole fraud busting game back in 1999 basically comes down to this. We can assume that Hatsumi is involved or was aware of and that Don Roley is carrying out his activities in an illegal attempt to define Hatsumi as a true Soke.

A Soke is the head of a trade guild in pre Meiji Japan, under the Soke or Iemoto system a family functioned like a corporate entity. The Family trade was licensed and no one could practice the family trade; poetry, blacksmithing, pottery or whatever... without licensing from the family who dominated the trade. After the Sengoku era, the Tokugawa era of peace, brought with it many new schools of martial arts and many martial arts, due to the castes becoming locked, having been used by various Samurai families in certain areas adopted the Iemoto or Soke system. Meaning only the Soke or head of the family would have full transmission. Under the Iemoto system, one could not practice pottery or blacksmithing without paying the family who has Soke dominance over a particular trade.

So it is quite clear that the Bujinkan cultists are seeking to use the internet fraud busting to create a ninja monopoly. This is especially interesting because as I pointed out, Hatsumi is a fraud who draws his lineage from a well known fraud and who's only attempt at any true status of being a Soke is to implement the Iemoto system under the guise of claiming legitimate authority through fraudulent means...
I mean doesn't the Bujinkan claim that only the Takamatsu-den lineage is real? Don't they attack even Kawakami's claims to Koga Ban Ryu Ninjutsu? Don't they tell you to be a legitimate ninjutsu practice you have to study Bujinkan arts? Wasn't the Historical fact of the ninjutsu recently revealed closer to the fantasy of ninjutsu taught by so called frauds like Ashida Kim, Frank Dux and myself?
Ever wonder why my Ninjutsu taught making smoke bombs and herbal medicine, even when it was a small red pamphlet named Black Dragon Ninjitsu? Ever wonder why Ashida Kim split many of his books into categories like Kata Dante, Submission Holds and Ninjitsu or why Ashida Kim spoke of Espionage as a Weapon, yet was dismissed as being unhistorical? Compared to Hatsumi's claim that Ninjutsu evolved from the mystic practices of the Yamabushi called Shugendo (The Path to Achieving Spiritual Power) and claims of esoteric secrets of the universe? Ever think this copyright on the secrets of the universe is cult-like in its devotion and principles?

Simply read Mind of the Ninja and you will see the cult-like religious worship of Takamatsu and Hatsumi in the belief of magical powers.
Don't worry I will review this book soon, I just have to buy a new copy because it is complete Bull Shit where I am concerned.


  1. Hey, I like this book. Lol. Has some nice photos. There is one chapter where it is so obvious he is talking about Ashida Kim, and how violent his methods are. Esp his books Ninja Hands of Death and Secrets of the Ninja. He really tried to make an effort to discredit his knowledge of Ninjitsu. I remember as a teen thinking it was the coolest books and in the back of my mind I would be thinking " Why don't any of Stephen K. Hayes book talk about stuff like sentry removal & assassination techniques ? " He described a little of the stealthy walking techniques taught in Togakure Ryu but never in the detail that Kim did. He filled in a lot of areas that were missing in my search for information of Ninjutsu, esp the climbing aspects.

    1. Well everyone made Ashida Kim's Hands of Death about the Kata Dante but, but the section on Ninjitsu actually was the first book to discuss strategy and tactics in Espionage for Ninjitsu. Personally, I always laughed when people reference "that fake guy" Ashida Kim to explain the stuff the Bujinkan won't teach them.