Monday, November 28, 2016

World War II Course Offered at Shadow Warrior Press

The World War II Combatives Course at Shadow Warrior Press is a first of its kind course. World War II Combatives is the root of the Modern Combatives movement created by Major W. E. Fairbairn as a "field stripped" version of his Defendo. Now this course is unique in that it is not a continuation or separation from the original material. It is, in point of fact, the original material produced by Major W. E. Fairbairn.

The Shadow Warrior Edition of Get Tough, this is W. E. Fairbairn's original work, with added insights by myself (Ron Collins), who was a Hand-to-Hand Combatives Instructor in the U.S. Army for 1/503d Air Assault infantry out of Camp Casey Korea. These insights include a bit of history on the Get Tough material as well as my own "home boot camp" training formula for the individual to learn the material through self-teaching.

The actual award with the paperwork (above) presented behind it (with explains the "fold" which was used by that fraud Barron Shepherd to claim it was fake. One more in an attempt to ruin my business. However, despite his lies & what the Bujin-cult chooses to believe... Yes, I was a teamleader, hand-to-hand combat instructor and did serve as such in the US Army.
This course is unique in that this course relays the original material, from original sources including my own suggested training tables, observations and thoughts as a former hand-to-hand combatives instructor. Now for those not familiar with the story of how I became a hand to hand instructor; in 2002 when the Modern Army Combative Program was in Generation One (Generation 2 came about after I left the US Army in 2005) it was basically reliant on the Gracie Combatives program. During a Combatives competition during Sergeant's Time, I tapped a fellow soldier with a flying armbar. This resulted in a discussion on my previous martial arts training and as Private First Class (PFC) I was permitted to teach Hand-to-Hand Combatives by my Platoon Sergeant. My additions, maintained the Gracie Combatives groundfighting methods but added Vital Point & Karate Open Hand strikes, Boxing Combinations & Muay Thai style knees, elbows & clinch work. My Company Commander took notice and decided it resembled the Kosho Ryu Kenpo Jujitsu he studied in Hawaii and I was soon teaching my own form of Hand-to-Hand Combatives at the Company level. This is very much similar to the techniques I teach Street Focus Jujitsu.

While I am not certified in Defendo or World War II Combatives I do find it a remarkable system and an excellent place to start. Sadly, many people don't view these historical systems as worth while and other put too much hype into selling the material. So I put together this historical package from material which is pretty much free, adding only my insights and innovations to the Get Tough book. The certificate is only a Certificate of Completion, offered as a gift with the package. It does not grant lineage to Fairbairn, rank in his system or allow one to claim to be an instructor. It is simply an honorary certificate saying you received the material and completed your own training in said material.

I hope people enjoy this little piece of history.

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