Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Election of Donald Trump: What it says about America & Martial arts in America

So Donald Trump is our president elect and we see rumblings pf race wars, protests and riots. There was a peace rally in Beckley today because people are scared of "race war.

If you Don't Understand why Trump One

In the link above you get an idea of the opinion of the "common man." The idea of making America be more American. Now many don't like what American means, they think American means White, Christian and Conservative. But, that's not true... Being American being citizen of this nation and accepting the ideas of what this nation stands for.

Whether Trump keeps his promises or not is yet to be seen, but President Obama is still in office. While Obama is in office his & Hillary Clinton's supporters are rioting in the streets and attacking there fellow Americans. These are some who are claiming to be Trump supporters openly being racist ass holes and carrying out violence against their fellow Americans as well...

I am not making excuses for either side but, lets be real and see this for what it is. Liberal or Conservative, Gay, Straight, Bi, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Black, White, Asian, Latino or Native. We are all Americans we need to examine the events and ideologies at play here.

1. George Soros the Billionaire Jewish Nazi-Sympathizer (yeah) is funding these Anti-Trump riots and the destruction of property on a national scale.

Soros has funded such political violence and revolutions in other countries and now we are watching him do so now, in our nation. He funded Ferguson Protests in hopes of sparking a civil action. Soros has funded Revolutions in the Ukraine and other countries, including the "Bull Dozer Revolution" in Serbia & unrest in Egypt. Soros is not the first person, nor will he be the last to try to tear Americans apart based on income, sexual orientation and ethnic background (what most call race). If we understand that there is a "puppet master" we also understand that this is "puppet show."

2. America has a long history of being influenced by Socialist ideologies. Even as far back as the 1800s, the 19th Century did Socialist philosophies come from Europe to America. In these communities, socialism was practiced as a community social-economic platform. Most of these communities fell apart within a matter of year. Socialism also had a huge impact on my home state of West Virginia where Coal Miners wanting to unionize staged the second largest rebellion on U.S. Soil since the Civil War, known as the Battle for Blair Mountain. The "Red Neck Army" comprised of Miners who were red bandanas around their necks and were both white & black men fighting for mutual dignity as laborers.

Socialism and its variation Communism, became the seen as the enemy ideology of the United States of America. In part due to socialists attempting to keep the US out of World War I and for interfering with conscription (draft) laws and using labor parties to disrupt labor which was supported our soldiers deployed overseas. This included Sabotage and Espionage linked to the support for the Central Power (Germany, Austria-Hungry, Bulgaria & the Ottoman Empire) against the Allied Forces of France, Britain, Russian Empire, Italy, Japan, Greece and the United States, as well as others... mainly by German Immigrants seeking

During World War II and afterward, Socialists rallied against the unfair practices of sending the poor to war for the rich, as is a common complaint even now against Capitalism. A well as the Jewish holocaust by the Socialist German Workers Party, also known as the Nazi Party. After World War II, the US took to watching being weary of the Soviets (also Socialists), the number of socialist revolutions funded and supplied by the Soviets (Apparently, killing innocent people to spread capitalism and democracy is wrong but, to spread the fairness of socialism) caused a great deal of concern in the US. And Socialism has been seen as an Un-American idea.

Regardless of the History lesson, one need only look at Karl Marx who said “there is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror.” (Yes, Marx was a terrorist),Vladimir Lenin or other socialists/communists to see that Socialism requires a violent overthrow of the government or by the government to occur.

During World War II the Japanese attempted to cause division among whites and blacks, the Japanese also use Islamic terrorist groups in South East Asia as proxy forces against Allied forces and other nations. This isn't say one side is or was the "bad guys" but that America has endured a short history of conflict and internal strife. Much of this is our own doing as a nation and, it is only egged on my outside forces (some internal) each seeking to divide Americans even more and reshape this nation to something that will grant them some form of political power to control the lives of others.

3. We are Americans... We are Americans regardless of what box or label others wish to impose on us, are country men and women. Fighting amongst ourselves is pointless... We have a Soros funded Black Lives Matters attacking people for being white. We have the KKK attacking people for not being white, also receiving funding from other assholes like George Soros. These aren't right-wing or left-wing groups they are left-wing socialists fighting other left-wing socialists to see who gets to control America. All the while blaming right-wing conservatives...

America is a nation of many people, ethnic colors, cultures and religions. But, regardless we all have a shared history... sure its not a glorified history some of you have ancestors who were conquered, some brought over as slaves and none were perfect. I can't undo something I didn't do and I can't turn back time. I can say be proud that you came from people who had the strength to survive, when so many did not. Be proud that you have forebears who suffered for their fellow man and so the their children and grand children would enjoy the freedoms many do today.

We all want to make America better, we have different ideas. Instead of being the puppets to rich men who throw money at us and watch us jump like dogs seeking a treat. Let us stand as Americans and help out fellow Americans. For America this says that all Americans have a need to feel safe and be able to defend themselves and that perhaps it is not the Asian Culture steeped martial arts of Japan or China but, American martial arts drawn from those far away places, carried here by immigrants like Bruce Lee, James Mitose and Tsutomu Ohshima all spread their martial arts to America where they become in so many ways American Martial Arts.

Debates over style and lineage, are in effect matters of race. What is the superior race? For they would have developed the superior martial art... Yet, in truth there only one superior race, the race of mankind. And it has the greatest martial art of all, the art of compromise, understanding and self-discipline.

Donald Trump was elected for the reason as Obama in his first term... We hoped for change and no longer be the tools of the wealthy and well connected. Yet, they are funding civil unrest and hatred to hold onto their power and keep us divided. Trump won't make America better, Obama couldn't make America better because, we as Americans have to make America better by being better... Better Americans and better people. Then we won't need martial arts to defend ourselves from our fellow men.


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