Friday, August 4, 2017

August 26th 2017, Icy Mike Vs Ninja Ron Collins

Ninja Ron:
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 174lbs
Fighting Style:  Street Fighter, Black Dragon Ninjitsu & whatever works at the time...
Fight Record: None Offical but has competed as a kid and been in a few fights in the street. Has US Army Awards paperwork mentioning teaching hand-to-hand combat & competing in Hand-to-hand combat in the Army (gen 1 MACP). 3-0 in jail house brawls & 1-0 against State Troopers; Greg Duckworth of Taylor Made fame, 1-0 against Lt England & his fellow VAMC police officer, 1-0 against the former chief of the VAMC Police and taking his 1st fight against the Chief and Lt. England. Counting being handcuffed and beaten by Troopers Moore & Palmateer as a 1-2 against the State Police for total record of Jail House & Fighting with Police Record of 6-2
I went into the mountains to train, not for any mystical ninja training of becoming one with the universe or nature but, because it would free of distractions... I can do push-up & drills anywhere. Doing this simply freed from the distraction of the internet and other things to allow me to focus on training...

Instead I saw a bear while hiking, it ran from me when I clicked on my flashlight but, I didn't trust it to stay away when I was asleep so I camped out on the side of a very steep hill side, under a ridge. I saw the bear the next morning with it cub, somewhere between an adult & baby... I decided to call it quits about that time. So I am back in the "civilized world..." of Beckley, West Virginia.

Icy Mike:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 150lbs
Fighting Style: Kickboxing (Muay Thai & American) & BJJ (White Belt)
Fight Record:  
3-1 IKF/PKB (point kickboxing)
0-1 Muay Thai
1-1 bjj as a white belt.
2-0 Otherground Rap Battles

Thinks all ninjas are bull shit and all ninjutsu is bullshit. Wants to kick my ass and prove the validity of actual MMA training and lore me away from the Dark side of Ninjutsu and Ninja bull shit drama...

This of course, comes to a very simple outcome... Icy Mike will face me in a Secret Kumite Deathmatch in undisclosed location... This death match will be held in Secret by the Kokuryukai and... No wait that was Blood Sport. And, it was something Frank Dux made up.

So as per Icy Mike's suggestion we will fight on Street Beefs, in Virginia and, no one is getting killed. Since, this is both covered on the Other Ground forums and this blog... The idea that I will fight someone, is going to destroy the lie that I won't fight anyone... Fighting a competent fighter is going to make waves, good or bad for me will be determined by time and perception.

However, even Dux has been keeping taps on discussion thread and, the trolls, the cyber stalking trolls like Phil Elmore, LordusSapiens and others have been on the forum making themselves look like idiots &, trying to convince MMA fighters who don't care about our drama, that I am crazy... Hello, ninja over here! The MMA fighters already think I am crazy, all you are doing is trying convince them that someone they already think is crazy, is lying about you all being cyber stalkers (by stalking me to an MMA site) and, about legal facts they don't care to know...Trying derail any coverage of the upcoming fight between me and, Icy Mike by having the same arguements no one wants to hear or see... Dux is too big a puddy tat, I sorry I mean bitch to make public comments on the forum and keeps e-mailing me insults... 

 I love this because Dux, like his fellow mental patients Phil Elmore, Barron Shepherd and Don Roley, claims I have no concept of reality... He insists I am jealous of him & then says I am calling him a Child Molester because his wife is young...
Funny I didn't say anything about that in the previous e-mail... I asked him about howcome he never won any events outside the Secret Kumite...
As you can see underlined in Red, I asked Dux why didn't ever compete in anything outside the Kumite? Oh and I did say, "As for Street Beefs, if you feeling froggie... jump. We can set something up for us."
And Dux, avoided all those to say I was calling him a child molester, may be his lies about me and an 11 year old girl isn't slander, its projection...

So again, I accuse Dux of avoiding the questions... The first question being the most important, Do you want to fight? Icy Mike wants to fight, I want to fight & we are gonna fight... I asked Dux if he wants to fight? Crickets... 
And those four questions Dux doesn't want to see asked...
  1. How come you never won any competitions outside of the mystical kumite?
  2. How come you never competed outside the Kumite?
  3. Do you want me to set something up for us to fight on Street Beefs?

And here is Dux response...
Excuses... deflecting it to Barron & Roley... Well Dux won't fight me, so check it out... For those who interpret all Ninjitsu to mean Bull Shit; what yu have is Frank Dux; a Senior Grandmaster in the International Fighting Arts Association/Black Dragon Fighting Society, scared of someone who isn't in the BDFS and a fake ninja standing at 5'4" while Dux a fake ninja stands at 6'4"..? 

So its official, Dux won't fight me & will only challenge to an online shit talking via e-mail Keyboard Kumite...
And here was my response to Dux, not accepting my challenge... The situation is very simple, either step or shut up & so far Dux has shut up... And only a few minutes ago, did I make my last statement to Dux... I am saying Dux, is scared of me... Fuck'em.

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