Sunday, August 13, 2017

Upcoming Ninja Basic Training Camp

Alright... Fall In!

Around the 2nd weekend of September (8th to 10th) we are going to be holding a Ninja Boot Camp, this camp will teach basic survival skills, a generic Martial Arts System that will involve stand up striking, joint-locks, throws and, takedowns. Some basic ground fighting will be included...
Day 0: Meet up & Set up camp... Philosophical Discussions.
Day 1: Basic Self-Defense Unarmed Fighting Techniques. Stick and Staff Work and Various Solo Drills.
Day 2: Stealth and camouflage, obstacle course, Sentry Removal and Ambush tactics. Dismissal... If permitting we may also do some marksmanship training on paper targets with an AR15.

Meet up Location: McDonalds on Prince Street across from Greyhound Station. From here you will sign waivers and be transported or follow transport to the prepared camp site...

What to bring:
Back pack,
A water bottle 1liter or better
Any hygiene items you need...
Baby Whipes
Poncho or 2
2 lighters or 2 books of matches
Cord or Twine 100ft or more
Folding or Fixed Blade Knife 4 to 6 inches long.

You will be spending 3 days and 2 nights "roughing it" in the woods. Snakes shouldn't be an issue but, bear with young, coyotes and bobcats can be dangerous. It also will get cold at night, so dress in layers.

Books and other materials will be available as well... For purchase.
Cost: $25 for the Camp itself...

While the basic idea of charging more seems a bit taxing and, the idea of giving this training away for free, is also worrisome because, people seldom value things they are given freely.

So we are asking for a Donation of $25.


  1. No...what's "worrisome" is paying more for something than it's worth. Given the credentials of the instructor, $25 is way too much...
    Seriously, tho...this is ridiculous...what sort of experience can you actually hope to provide people for 25 bucks? I can't wait to see the videos.

  2. Its a introductory course... It won't make you a Ninja but, it will introduce someone to the basic concepts.