Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Came Early; My Stalkers proved me right... Again.

I am extemely tired of the internet tough guy game... Its funny watching a bunch of cowards and idiots trying to act tough but backing out of an honest attempt to get them to act like the "Men" they claim to be, see boys pretend to be men thats how they learn to be men... You know like when a child picks up tools and pretends to help daddy fix the car? Granted I am not a father and didn't have one in my life like "normal people" but I did have "step dads" and other men who mentored me. I've mentored other kids and watched them play at being an adult, little girls have kitchen play sets and play house while little boys play cops and robbers or Army.

These children have grown past that phase and are still playing at being Men but behave like boys.

These man-children are Patrick Ferrari & Don Roley. Don Roley is going make excuses and here is what it comes down to. Don says he wasn't trying to set me up in Lexington but when I explained to him he has only one choice to not risk going to jail, beat my ass and prove he will meet me on neutral ground... Don falls back on the same excuses.

Read for yourself...
And here is all it comes down to... Exactly like what I said before on When You Know Your Winning...  " You say you "wanted to beat my ass" and you say you "weren't trying to set me up." You also say "you don't want to risk jail." Well Pussy bitch boy that leaves a cage... And you seem to be avoiding that? Why is that cup cake?"

What is even funnier is Don's attempts to save face... Its pathetic, he has resided himself to challenging himself to make up his own rules as the challenged... Reeks of Fear and failure.
See Don its not about whether or not I will fight you... It is whether it is in my best interest to do so. It was in my best interest to not fall for trap in Lexington Kentucky. Just as it is in your best interest come here and defend yourself against my accusations that Lexington was a set up. Problem is the more you fight it, the more it looks that way... The more it looks like you aren't going to step into a cage and the more it looks like you desperately need to stop this law suit by having me arrested... Since I have fallen for none of your traps.

You however, have fallen for mine...

Now nothing is left but for you to cower in fear for the law suit we know is going to end you... Tick tock, tick tock.


  1. I keep hearing about this lawsuit and nothing has yet manifested.

    1. And when exactly is this going to unfold? Do you even have a lawyer?

    2. I told Reek, after the holidays... As for a lawyer, I don't much need one its that easy a case to win. Ok lets put out the things that need to be addressed.
      1. I am suing Roley, Barron, Elmore and Ferrari over lying about me being a pedophile and sex offender. I covered this here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/01/barron-shepard-proven-liar-and-slanderer.html?m=1

      And here when Barron Started making up claims I never taught combatives in the US Army. Here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/01/when-you-are-proven-liar.html?m=1

      Don, has told the same lies and well. Even posted a blog on me with the same lies, Phil has gone stalking me over the net and when I have tried to address facts court documents etc. They refused...

      So well, the challenge thing with Barron was based off the idea that when Barron was made to look like he was scared, easily done between Ruckus in the Cage and him backing out of coming to Lexington after we suggested we fight there. Especially, when I proved Barron and Mraymond Locktools tried to set me up by getting me to come to Florida...

      Now the think this even goes back to Phil Elmore and as I mentioned here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2015/01/the-lies-of-phil-failmore.html?m=1

      "Ultimately, Phil's claims lack proof & as already addressed his claims to me being a sex offenders was a lie. Phil had actually involved himself in the Terrorist threats case, and supplied screen shots from Ashida Kim's old forum as evidence against me. What Phil failed to realize is that my every action was part of a plan. A plan that involved manipulating him (again) into harming himself, after the April Fools day prank from 2011 where I tricked Phil into committing a felony. Which goes into him further digging his hole with the article he did on me, now achieved in the Way Back Machine. Phil thought to escape a law suit by removing the article and seeing me locked up on terrorism charges. Yet here I am, free & Phil now seeks to hide his own criminality."

      But, the state dropped the charges and well they are doing everything they can to discredit me with their lies... The fact remains all this challenge non-sense is born out of their fear of them being sued.

      I had everything set to sue Phil but I had issues stemming from people in the real world. So it got derailed because I have real enemies that lil internet pussies.

      But the threat of a lawsuit has always been hanging in the picture. I just got them to drop their guard and be more direct by saying I would rather fight them then sue.

      But going back to the Barron Proven a Liar blog I did say "Lets be clear Barron I may well sue you for slander and defamation of character. I might drive down to your house Winter Haven and challenge you to a fight."

      Hell here is what Barron Shepherd calls me threatening him. Its where I suggested a MMA match the first time, only in passing... Barron focused on the "fighting challenge" as a threat and tried to set me up with Mraymond Locktools. Which lead to Ruckus in the Cage, him backing out of Lexington and Don trying to set me up when Barron did so. And all this theatrics.

    3. So you are telling that you were never charged with any sex offenses and that you taught combatives in the Army?


    4. I didn't say I was never charged with any sexual offences. I was charged with possession of child pornography and that charge was dropped... After I recorded the Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp lying in court concerning the arrest warrant...

      Video is on Youtube and my blog here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/12/motivation-why-i-am-happy-with-jacked.html?m=1

      There is more evidence but, under West Virginia law they have to try you in the same term they indict you, I waved indictment so they should have tried me in a 3 month period and never did because the police never supplied evidence and the state never gave me discovery. In fact, the state wouldn't let me even have a copy of the arrest warrant, I had my mother buy the copy used in the image from the clerks office the day I was arrested.

      Since I was charged but never tried, never given discovery and the arrest warrant claims they had the evidence I will leave you to believe what you will in that regard. I don't much care my point with Roley and rest is that no where does the court documents say I was ever charged with rape, found with a drugged and naked teenage girl or anything else they are making up... I certainly was never convicted of any sex offenses.

      As for teaching combatives in the Army I did and was awarded for it. The Award is visible on my blog and here: http://shadowwarriorpress.com/about
      As was also a teamleader and won competitions in hand to hand combatives and force on force but, at the times they were purely ground grappling.

      And while Barron and the rest claim it is a forgery. Another lie they must prove in a defamation suit, it is not here is the original and the award. The line you in the image is where the form which explains why I was given my award and what for was folded in the middle (hence the line) and is placed behind the award certificate visible here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/11/world-war-ii-course-offered-at-shadow.html?m=1

      I also explain what I taught and how I came to teach combatives in the U.S. Army. Keep in my this was my own system in addition to the Generation 1 Modern Army Combatives Program training. The additions that were made for Generation 2 MACP were similar to what I was teaching but, I claim no hand in spurring them into the system.

      So there you are...

    5. So aside from the child porn charge, there were never any other sexual offenses leveled against you?

      Are you willing to post a copy of your DD214?

    6. Yeah but why..? It will show the award but not why I got it. The form in the image does show it. And, the Level 1 Counter Terrorism course doesn't show up as a school because anyone in the Army can take course over AKO Army Knowledge Online and print off the form. Its power point taught over a video. Anyone enlisted in the Army with an AKO account could get the same course completion certificate. They teach MOUT in basic and you practice it as training for your job if you were infantry.

      Anyway, yeah if you want... Oh no other charges just unsubstantiated claims.

    7. Well, if you are willing to post it then I should like to see it.

    8. Ok... How do want it? Would you like to see it on my blog?

    9. Sure, that would be acceptable

    10. In relation to what has previously been posted in this dialogue,there are two things I hope you can clarify:

      1. Is it true that you were once arrested and charged with doping and then trying to have sex with a minor?

      2. Is it true that you were once declared unfit to stand trial and were confined and placed under psychiatric observation?

    11. 1. It is not true that was ever arrested and charged with doping and then trying to have sex with a minor. I was arrested for deliquency to a minor, but not for drugging and trying to have sex with a minor.

      2. That's true but misleading... Since the prosecutor violated the law to have me found incompetent by falsifying evidence or more correctly not supplying the proper evidence mandated by WV Code 27-6A-2 Subsection (b) items 1 through 5. There is a pending suit against the state for that... So I won't get too into the legal matters but here is the Code from the State Website:

      "(b) The court shall require the party making the motion for the evaluation, and other parties as the court considers appropriate, to provide to the qualified forensic evaluator appointed under subsection (a) of this section any information relevant to the evaluations within ten business days of its evaluation order. The information shall include, but not be limited to:
      (1) A copy of the warrant or indictment;
      (2) Information pertaining to the alleged crime, including statements by the defendant made to the police, investigative reports and transcripts of preliminary hearings, if any;
      (3) Any available psychiatric, psychological, medical or social records that are considered relevant;
      (4) A copy of the defendant's criminal record; and
      (5) If the evaluations are to include a diminished capacity assessment, the nature of any lesser included criminal offenses."

      You can look at the information page of the psychological exam here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-58blJxacrTY/Vp0pAfyeujI/AAAAAAAABSU/dAshugTeQJk/s1600/Psych%2BExam2.png

      Three things to notice is the Court Order has a case number of 13F-1026, as per 27-6A-2 (b) the list says (1) A copy of the warrant or indictment;
      (2) Information pertaining to the alleged crime, including statements by the defendant made to the police, investigative reports and transcripts of preliminary hearings, if any;
      (4) A copy of the defendant's criminal record;

      Now that means there should be an Arrest Warrant with the same case number... No appears and you can view the arrest warrant here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-2kC4yPSFGqM/Vp0tCUU8CWI/AAAAAAAABSw/WwVroSE3zdc/s1600/Arrest%2BWarrant.png

      to see it has the 13F-1026 case number. Thus Dr. Miller didn't have the correct information to begin with. The attesting officers are not the same and the neither are offense dates.

      As for the time I spent being chemically tortured at Sharpes, that falls under subsection "(f) If at any point in the proceedings the defendant is found not competent to stand trial and is found substantially likely to attain competency, the court of record shall in the same order, upon the evidence, make further findings as to whether the defendant requires, in order to attain competency, inpatient management in a mental health facility. If inpatient management is required, the court shall order the defendant be committed to an inpatient mental health facility designated by the department to attain competency to stand trial and for a competency evaluation. The term of this commitment may not exceed three months from the time of entry into the facility. However, upon request by the chief medical officer of the mental health facility and based on the requirement for additional management to attain competency to stand trial, the court of record may, prior to the termination of the three-month period, extend the period up to nine months from entry into the facility. A forensic evaluation of competency to stand trial shall be conducted by a qualified forensic evaluator and a report rendered to the court, in like manner as subsections (a) and (c), section two of this article, every three months until the court determines the defendant is not competent to stand trial and is not substantially likely to attain competency."

      Of WVC 27-6A-3. Also on the same link.

    12. Ok, gotcha. Was the charge for contributing to the delinquency of a minor falsified in a similar manner? Was it even legit?

    13. That's the train wreck that started all this... It was a set up to get me under thumb. I need to explain this from the get go...

      Back i. 96 to 99 I trained with a family friend who had a sandan in Shotokan, Judo and Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu. I joined the USMC and left the day I graduated High school (literally). I intentionally failed USMC boot because my Dad wanted to be apart of my life at that point and I wanted to know my dad. In 2001 I joined the Army before 9-11 because the USMC recruiters weren't in their office... Anyway I ETS'd in 2005... Which is where I taught hand-to-hand, etc. Now coming home in April 2005 etc. I was looking for a job and landed this part time job at the mail doing Airbrush Tattoos, and selling jewelry etc. Anyway that's when I met the girls who the deliquency charges were about.

      Anyway the "victims" father's were associated with both the Avengers MC (considered organized crime by the state and the FBI). My former Karate instructor was an Avenger and had introduced me as to some senior members to try to Wine and Dine me into joining. When I didn't the deliquency cases dropped.

      Now there were 2 alleged victims Leah and Ashley. When I refused to plea to Leah at a pretrial motions hearing I was assaulted by Greg Duckworth. Now... They brought Ashley's case there after but, there was a bunch of BS charges from Duckworth between then. One is that I supposedly told an FBI agent over the phone I was going to kill Greg. Basically just a way to charge me and make me pay bond and then drop the charges...

      Anyway, the big issue is over Ashley's testimony. Because during the deliquency trial she said she thought I was going to rape her. When asked if she always felt this way, she said "No... Not until the prosecutor, her mother and the cop made her."

      And a lot has gone into concealing this transcript. Duckworth is married to Ashley's father's cousin. Ashley's father is tied to Darrell Lilly former head of the Avengers MC who is son-in-law of former Magistrate Mary Jennings (the trial Magistrate after Greg assaulted me to get it moved out of Magistrate Humphreys docket and the Prosecutor Chris Leflier filed the motion to have it moved to Jennings.

      And it all cascaded from there. Mainly because before she turned 18 Ashley got hold of a friend of mine to get in contact with me. Otherwise, its just been that Brotherhood of blue cop bullshit where if you don't bow down to the all mighty badge the rest want to harass you.

    14. So you never contributed to the delinquency of a minor. You were set up because you wouldn't join that Avengers group. Wasn't there any way to prove that?

    15. There isn't anything in writing where you have "minutes of the Avengers" nor is it simply limited to the Avengers. They are a small part and not the whole... We are talking about families like Lillys... Darrell Lilly was President of the Avengers who have a hand in drugs, guns and typical criminal activity. Even the human trafficking of minors in some cases... So Darrell has the Avengers and family in the Sheriffs department, city police, state police etc. The Avengers commit crimes and Darrell's cop cousins cover for them. Now at the time, he stepped down as president because he Married Mitchell Jennings, Mary Jennings daughter but, he was still using his family ties to the police to cover for the Avengers. Some family members go to college and get into various fraternities to develop social and business contacts and appear as "up standing citizens."

      Can it be proven, you bet... But, who is going to investigate their family? Friends of their family? Their fellow officers?

      Hell Senior FBI agent Michael Hayden is related to Trooper Hayden. Trooper Hayden is buddies with Greg Duckworth.

      See almost everyone is tied together based on knowing and taking part in everyone else's dirty little secrets. And me I am basically a threat because I don't have too many things they can use against me... By contrast I know a lot, can prove some and know how to prove. Ashley's testimony about being cohersed and the evidence I have on the harassment is enough to get things rolling.

      Course if you were a police captain would want people knowing your department had cops tied to drugs, illegal gun trades and other crimes? If you were the prosecutor would you want people knowing your office was on record for cohersing witnesses? Or that judges, magistrates and court clerks were involved in criminal activity? Or associated with criminal activity and elements?

      The further you get into digging the stranger things get.

    16. So was it this prior harassment that was used against you in order to get you detained at Sharples? You said they chemically tortured you...were they forcibly medicating you?!

    17. No, it was Kristen Keller falsifying evidence that got me sent to Sharpes. She had me to take a psychological evaluation, then failed to provide the court records required by law.

      Specifically 27-6A-2 subsection (b) provides a list of things the person asking for the evaluation has to provide. Number one is a copy of the Warrant or Indictment. The case number on the Warrant was 13F-1026 & the court order has the same case number. The court order with the case number is mentioned in the report, however the warrant with the case number is not.

    18. And yes, forced medication to make me more compliant and repeatedly suggesting I intended to threaten to kill Duckworth is the extent of it.

      See I intended to make a hypothetical legal argument with some graphic example to get them to arrest me. Then use the discrepancies with the Child Porn warrant to prove misconduct at trial. They dismissed the Child Porn charges but, since I addressed it in my hypothetical legal argument it was still relevant to be addressed.

      After I was arrested for malicious wounding for defending myself in my home from someone breaking in and a few attempts by people who were police informants to set me up. I figured I was not safe after the delinquency case and started digging into things for more information.

      That kinda made me a target for more harassment but, I was already a target. Now I have proof of such criminal activity and I am going to to pursue it in court.

      The fucktards online are just a step along the way.

  2. Hey Ron, now that you have challenged me, I accepted and you have committed to coming out to Colorado to face me I need to tell you how we both will avoid severe legal troubles.
    Everything must be in the open. By coming here you admit that it is a consensual fight, by setting things up in the park, I also acknowledge that it is a fight of my own free will. Before we get to grips, we each must make a recording on multiple devices that we both are doing this willingly and we know that we risk grave injury and/or death, not holding the other responsible. We say that we know the rules that it will be just the two of us with no weapons and that the fight will stop when it looks like someone will be seriously injured or they capitulate. (That means give up.)
    The event will be on Sunday, May 21st in Robert F. Clement Park in Columbine, Colorado. If you have trouble finding it, look for the infamous Columbine High School and find the park with a lake right next to it. We will probably meet on the East side, but if there is another event we will have to change.
    This gives you about five months to get yourself in shape by putting down all those cupcakes you must be eating. When you were last arrested, your booking record said you were 170. For someone as short as you, that is still too much but I honestly think you must have doubled your weight by now. But you have time to diet between now and the fight.

  3. Thanks Don the gifts just keep coming with you don't they? When did I say I accepted your conditions or that I would commit to coming to Colorado? No... Don I specifically said in When You know Your Winning link here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/12/when-you-know-you-are-winning.html?showComment=1482268983406&m=1#c5657102580507859187

    I said " No Don, I am not challenging you just pointing out you playing fucktard internet tough guy games... I don't give a fly fuck about May 21st. I haven't agreed to meet you and I never outright challenged you and Columbine, Colorado means nothing because now just like Barron "Bitch Titties" Shepherd you are demanding I show up when you say and if I don't you going to cry about how you beat me...

    1. Donald I am not coming to your seminar... I said as much.
    2. I pointed out you won't commit to an MMA match... I said so and your commitment (if thats what this is) only comes after I point out you're bitching out pussy boy...
    3. You said "You are challenging me, so I get to set where, when and how. And I am doing it in a way that won't get us in trouble with the law."

    How do you get this after I said "Wrong... I simple put out that if you want to fight me you will step into a cage... I offered the cage as proof to your claim that you wanted to fight me. I will NOT come to your place of business, your seminar or your home. I will fight you on neutral grounds and since you say you don't want to risk going to jail, you have only the cage cupcake..."

    In fact Don, I said above "See Don its not about whether or not I will fight you... It is whether it is in my best interest to do so. It was in my best interest to not fall for trap in Lexington Kentucky. Just as it is in your best interest come here and defend yourself against my accusations that Lexington was a set up. Problem is the more you fight it, the more it looks that way... The more it looks like you aren't going to step into a cage and the more it looks like you desperately need to stop this law suit by having me arrested... Since I have fallen for none of your traps.

    You however, have fallen for mine..."

    See Don, I walked away from you in Lexington because it was a set up. I gave you steps to take to schedule an MMA event. Which you aren't its some set up in the park, that I never agreed to.

    I even pointed out how you were repeatedly in the past and now avoiding a cage fight multiple times above when I said "Don says he wasn't trying to set me up in Lexington but when I explained to him he has only one choice to not risk going to jail, beat my ass and prove he will meet me on neutral ground... Don falls back on the same excuses."

    In fact Don I foresaw this very thing when I said "What is even funnier is Don's attempts to save face... Its pathetic, he has resided himself to challenging himself to make up his own rules as the challenged... Reeks of Fear and failure."

    Reeks of fear and failure. I'm gonna call Reek (Game of thrones reference), he doesn't have any balls either. No Don, the internet BS is over Winter in Coming and so the law suit for defamation... lol

  4. Oh, I forgot. Since you have committed to come out and face me there is one more thing you need to do during the video taping of our statements. In Jefferson County (Where Columbine is) the standard practice of the police is to not take in anyone if the other person in the fight will not press charges. So we both need to say that we promise to not press charges against the other as long as the rules about no weapons, etc are followed.
    And of course we will be taping the video to release to the internet afterward. So it will show that there is no breaking of rules, just me beating you up. So we will be covered and neither you nor I will face legal trouble of a serious sort. That is, if you keep to the rules.

  5. Jeez Reek, you are trying to set me up again with lame excuses...

    From: http://www.colo-lawyers.com/Practice-Areas/Criminal-Defense/Battery.aspx
    "A battery offense is considered a very serious charge under Colorado law. Battery charges entail that an individual has used violent physical force against the body of another person. Battery charges differ from assault charges in that they have escalated to the point of inflicting intentional physical harm. The two charges are often filed together. The consequences of a battery conviction can be severe and lifelong depending on the specifics of the circumstances of your charge."

    Site also said "There are a wide number of battery charges that can be leveled against you. Many times these charges are much more severe than the actual events that transpired. Your battery charge can be elevated to a federal offense in some specific cases, such as when the crime involved a deadly weapon, occurred on federal property, or was committed against a child and included crossing state lines, a federal law enforcement officer or other government official."

    So you want me to commit a possible federal crime by coming to Colorado to fight you in an unlicensed event, by fighting and filming my intent to fight you? That's an even worse attempt at a set then you pulled in Lexington... It reeks of failure and desperately seeking to prove yourself. Don you seem to not understand my point being that IF YOU wanted to fight me you would arrange an MMA fight... But you aren't are you? You are trying for another pathetic set up to stop getting sued and you are a worthless pathetic creature who is desperate to look tough and act like want to fight when you are too scared to really step up. God Reek, you reek of even more failure.

  6. Ah, but Ron your knowledge of the law is deeply flawed. Battery and such are when one person attacks another, not when both people agree to it. And really, wouldn't I be facing the same charges since I will be doing most of the damage.
    So I will see you in May!

  7. Reek you are so desperate to have a win that you are now openly lying... Aside from the challenge I never laid you are making up the law to claim there is no legal liability but you seem otherwise proven to know less about the law then me.

    From: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/assault-battery-aggravated-assault-33775.html

    "The crimes of assault, assault and battery, and aggravated assault all involve intentional harm inflicted on one person by another. Any crime involving a physical attack (or even the threat of an attack) is usually classified as an assault, a battery, or both. Depending on the seriousness of the attack (or the dangerousness of the weapon used), these acts can rise to the level of aggravated assault. And more than one-sided attacks can constitute assault. Fighting can lead to an assault charge, even when two people have mutually agreed to fight."

    Notice the words at the end Don, FIGHTING CAN LEAD TO AN ASSAULT CHARGE, EVEN WHEN TWO PEOPLE HAVE MUTUALLY AGREED TO FIGHT... Put those in all caps because I don't have a bold function here.

    It means your set up is exposed and a failure... So if you know a fight promoter, I might take you seriously. For now you just seem mentally deranged and ever so pathetic...

    Sorry Reek, but you look even more desperate and foolish now. Jeez, Reek we are online I can post links to the legal resources that prove you are an idiot trying to set me up cause you're too big a pussy to fight...

    Its all you got Reek, you're lonely, pathetic attempts to seem creditable.

  8. How much fun to contrast what you are saying now with what you wrote in your blog on October 11th, just after Barron Sheppard set up the first MMA match you demanded. Here is what you wrote,

    "To Barron Shepherd,
    You win I am not going to fight you in an MMA match in Florida. We will both be in Lexington Kentucky this weekend. So step up! See I will attend my event and you will attend yours. Who cares there is plenty of open, neutral ground. So all you gotta do is man up. Meet me, call me out or just walk up and hit me. Either way, it removes your claim of self-defense. Hell come within 10 feet of me and I am going to assume its is done with the intent to fight. And there are plenty of places we can bump into each other outside these two events of ours.
    This creates a perfect opportunity for an unsanctioned and anything goes match. Thats what you wanted,right... But, it won't be in Florida and you've already proven you want to fight me...
    So here you go, this weekend in Kentucky a street fight, no rules and anything goes. So all you have to do is show some mutual attempt to openly engage in a fight with me amd the worse we will face is 90 days in jail. That ain't nothing you will be fine, and oh yeah a fine. Best case scenario is a fine for assault and disturbing the peace. Course thats pleading guilty at the initial appearance, if you plead not guilty its going to take a while to fight it in court. Screw it I will risk jail time for this..."

    So Ron, either your willingness to go to jail was false and you would have hid in the hotel all weekend and/or if Barron had ever managed to find you then you would have tried to run and get him arrested (which would explain all the projection you do onto others when you talk about you getting arrested) or you have exactly five months to get ready for the same exact situation you said you wanted to do in Lexington.
    Except of course I have outlined a perfect method that neither of us would go to jail and you are still making excuses.
    Five months, that is what you have to prepare.

  9. Haha... Reek you are reaching. Barron tried to set me up once remember..? Here is the link and I didn't fall for it: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/02/paper-tigers-ducking-dragons2-return-of.html?m=1

    I didn't show up to that either... But, lets look at what made Lexington Kentucky different...
    1. Barron had already stated his intent to fight me.
    2. Barron was there for an unrelated event, your seminar Reek and, I was there for the Black Dragon Fighting Society's 50th Anniversary. Quite different then to cross state lines to engage in an unlicensed street brawl.
    3. If Barron or I happened to post something along the lines of "Hey come fight me..." it still won't have been a couple out of staters crossing state lines to knowing violate the law. Ot would have been two people who have a disagreement settling things in a fight. Two people there for another reason then to commit a crime, thus not federal and certainly not criminal intent or premeditation as your conditions suggest... Nothing more to risk, then a misdemeanor if that...
    4. You are challenging yourself to claim I challenged you. And while I did in the past, I have allowed it to drop except to point out that you say Lexington was a victory for you and that you beat my ass etc. Problem is it looks like, Lexington was a set up and it looks like you are challenging yourself in my name to try to effect another set up...
    5. Challenging yourself in my name to set your own rules just looks stupid, Reek. It Reeks of failure and a need to call me out to prove you will fight but, Oh wait some imaginary martial arts organization in Japan says you can't challenge people... So now, you are challenging yourself in my name and it looks sad and pathetic.

    So Don, if I coming to Colorado to fight you, its either in a cage in a licensed event or Its no rules except my own (which means I can do anything I want, use whatever I want and not have to care about pride or ego) fortunately for you I have resolved myself to filing a law suit...

    Merry Christmas Reek, I hope Santa brings you some balls for Christmas.

  10. Ah Ron, since you have committed to coming to Colorado to face me, I get to choose where and when as well as the rules. That is the way things work. You said you were willing to risk jail time in Lexington, and if that wasn't a lie and trap, then you have no reason to not show up at a neutral site like the park for something even less risky than what you proposed.
    So I will see you May 21st.

  11. You know Reek... Thank you for proving my point... When you quoted me from October 11th 2016, thats when Barron backed out of your event 6 hours later... Guess he didn't want to really fight me? He said he'd show up in Charleston for Ruckus in the Cage and never did, months before that... Seems he wanted me to Jump up for an MMA event as soon as possible...

    Then you had to pull your stunt in Lexington Kentucky. Know what I find ever so funny, I can call up Ernesto Berto anytime and say "Ok, I am ready can we set a date..." Barron backs out he looks like a bitch but, at this point I wouldn't even hold it against him... He tried to man up, even though I am sure he wouldn't have shown up if I came down to Florida, he might have surprised me and I can somewhat give him props for that... It was like pulling teeth to get him to set something up in Florida with a legitimate fight promoter and all that.

    You, you just make excuses for the same tired internet tough guy I get to make the rules bull shit. You're proving that Lexington was a set up... That is great for me Reek, it makes every attempt you make to seem like I am the one backing down from you... Entertaining and proving the type of coward you are...

    You lose Don and you can't regain some semblance of a stalemate (muchless a victory) until contact a fight promoter in Colorado. Thing is Don, fighting you in Colorado isn't in my interest to waste those resources and you need to make Lexington not look like a trap, especially after your bad legal advice for the trap you created to by challenging yourself in my name. So Reek, I am thinking you won't contact a fight promoter... And even if you do, its because I got on here and pointed out how weak and pathetic and scared you look...

  12. From today, you have exactly five months to prepare. After all the times you pulled out of an established match, no one believes you would show up to another one. So if you don't show up as you committed to, we still get to do something productive. No one is better a coward and pedophile like you would ever get in any situation where he would have his ass beat in public.

  13. Reek, I never challenged you and what said to Barron doesn't apply to you... Allow me to explain.

    You failed to entrap me in Lexington and you proved it in the screen shots above. You are so desperate to look like you want to fight, he have become delusional... Challenging yourself in my name to prove, how willing you are to fight me. Here is the problem Reek... I played you. I manipulated you into looking weak and pathetic, into setting up another fight...

    You can't challenge me, said so yourself and you won't step into a cage where a legitimate fight would mean both your willingness and ability...

    See Reek, I will fight you in cage. But, you want something where I will go to jail. It gets even better Reek because, you aren't doing anything but chasing your tail...

    See you can't challenge me and you admitted above to trying to set me up... That means Reek, you have no way to prove you will fight me... Except to challenge me. Which means you will have to step into a cage with me. But, you won't, coz you're scared to.

    It gets better because, without actually fighting me you look like your scared. And, you are now in that psychological corner where you have to do something...

    See little puppet, once again I am pulling your strings and watching you jump. Dance lil puppet, dance for me. Because, I am pulling your strings now... See Reek, I don't care about your self issued challenge and I already explained the conditions that made in my interest to risk jail in Lexington to fight Barron...

    You want to mimic those conditions well... You can't and all you have is dance lil puppet jig while I pull your strings lil puppet. You lost because you just aren't that good. Thanks for the laughs Reek, and don't stop dancing... LMFAO...

  14. When you say you will fight me in a cage, you say the same thing you said to Barron. And how many times have you reversed yourself on that?
    I will see you in the park in May.

  15. Still trying to prove yourself but, Barron didn't show in Charleston...

    After Morning Weigh ins and Barron didn't show...

    After the pre-fight wiegh ins and Barron didn't show...

    I keep saying I never agreed to meet you in Colorado and you are too big a pussy to contact a fight promoter...

    And Barron said he would fight me at Ruckus in the Cage. He had to contact Ernesto Berto and Florida and try to rush me into coming there because he didn't show in Charleston... Then he backed out of coming to Lexington and you had to try to set me up.

    Now to prove it wasn't a set up & that you do want to fight me you have to challenge yourself in my name, so you can set the rules (which I won't show up for) so you can save face and look like you want to fight... Only problem Reek is that you Reek of failure. That the only way you can prove yourself is to invent a challenge to make yourself look like you are willing to fight but, all this talk of fights is a distraction from the lawsuit that we all knew was coming... See I played you to get Barron to back out of a challenge after he tried to set me up & all you have is a sad little pathetic stunt... Problem is Reek, I told you I would see you in court October 20th right here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/10/its-all-about-spin.html?m=1

    "To Don Roley... See you in court cupcake... I still gotta deal with Barron. I'm not disrupting his seminar and it will be perfectly legal to kick his ass... I am also taking bets... 2 to 1 odds he drops out and/or sends in a ringer. Who wants in? (Of course we can't actually bet money as that would be illegal... ;) )

    To Barron, we will have to push the cage fight/MMA match back to December. Sorry, I know you were looking forward to it but the VA couldn't get me in until the first week of December and have to be in court over a speeding ticket on my way to Kentucky on November 15th. You can see why I don't want to agree to an event until I know for a fact I will be there now right?"

    I told you I will see you in court, now lets see of you can win that battle and if you still want to fight, well I will still be here. You are going to have to deal with the law suit... Nothing will change that, nothing will distract me and you are just gonna have to deal with Reek...

  16. The thing is Ron, when you talked with Edson, the fight promoter Barron set things up with, you revealed that you had never had the physicals needed to fight ever done. So we know you never were going to get in the cage with Barron. Oops.
    Barron never said he would be in the cage, exact quotation is important.
    As it is, May in Colorado will be perfectly safe (legally) for both of us. So I will see you then. I am setting up exactly what you said you would do in Lexington, but with more legal safeguards for both of us. So you have no reason not to show up after committing to it.

  17. Reek... Now you are stretching again. Florida law, Rule 61K1-4.008, Florida Administrative Code...
    "Physicians are required to certify in writing the amateur’s physical condition and a professional assessment as to whether the amateur may engage in a match.
    Amateurs must provide the ASOs with an eye exam, negative Hepatitis B & C test and negative HIV test. The test results are good for one year. Please note that there is a typo in the rule that says two years. The Attorney General’s office is working on correcting the typo.
    Female participants must provide negative pregnancy tests.
    Over 40 fighters must submit additional tests results: a normal EKG, a normal MRI a physical exam from stating that the fighter is physically fit to compete."

    My physical from December 6th is good for a year to fight in Florida.

    West Virginia code 29-5A-18 Examination of contestants by physician; presence at contest; report to commission.
    In any boxing or exhibition match, each contestant must be examined by a qualified physician prior to entering the ring. The physician shall certify in writing over his signature, as to contestant's physical condition to engage in such contest. Qualified technicians may assist the physician in the examinations, and a physician shall be in attendance during any boxing bouts prepared to deal with any emergency which may arise. But in the event that said physician is convinced of the unfitness of either of the contestants to enter the contest, he shall at once certify such opinion to the club, corporation, association or individual under whose management the contest is conducted, and it shall thereupon be unlawful for said club, corporation, association or individual to proceed with such. Whenever a participant, in the opinion of the physician, is unable to continue in a boxing match, the physician may stop the bout.

    So you can't apply Florida law to Colorado nor can you apply West Virginia law to Colorado. Barron showing up in Charleston was irrelevant he didn't show up in Lexington. And, you don't even have the testicles to do anything except carry on with your own imaginary challenge. Reek... You look sad and pathetic because I never committed to anything...

    It is another one of your sad attempts at a set up and can be nothing more because you fight me in cage... But, you know this is all you have to escape the law suit amd being proven a liar... You are even lying to yourself... Keep dancing little puppet.

  18. As for Barron he said right in the comments on Ducking Dragons 3 here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/02/paper-tigers-ducking-dragons-3-still.html?m=1

    "Just to end any confusion I did accept Ron's challenge I did register online after Ron clearly stated that he set the fight up with the promoter. This however was not the case Chris Smith the fight promoter of the event who can be contacted at csmith@ruckusinthecage.com said it was NOT SET UP and that it wont happen. However, Ron is still LYING and saying it has been set up."

    Which is funny because if He registered online by WV law he would have to show up and pay $10 to the Boxing Commission to fight... "In fact, I caught Barron lying about signing which lead to Ducking Dragons 4, " By Barron Shepherd's own admission he signed up to fight me on the 4th of March 2016, in Charleston WV. This means unless Barron lacks the nuts to show up, THE FIGHT IS ON!!! And after all the BS from Mraymond Locktoolz (I swear that seems like Phil Elmore's boy band at work) trying to get me to fight Barron in an Unsanctioned Fight in Florida, so that I could be charged with assault win or lose."

    As you point put out, I spoke to Chris Smith for 4 minutes... Course it was another troll Dustin Hatfield, who claimed I never spoke to Chris Smith in defending Barron's bitching out... So I showed the 4 minute conversation I had with Smith...
    Blog with screenshots here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/02/paper-tigers-ducking-dragons2-return-of.html?m=1

    And here you trying to justify Barron, which Ruckus in the Cage isn't as important or relevant as him backing out of your seminar in Lexington. Running away after trying to set me up, just like you tried in Lexington and are trying now...

    See Reek, I remember hearing about you challenging Dan Harmon to come out and face you in a park... So you can make challenges you are just too big a pussy to do so when ot means a cage and nothing to set someone up...

    I pointed this out in Ducking Dragons 6 right here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/02/paper-tigers-ducking-dragons-6-internet.html?m=1

    When I said "Once again it is just more stirring the pot to avoid the fact, nothing is set Barron Shepherd & I's little MMA match until we both show up and register as Amatuer MMA fighters with the West Virginia Boxing Commission... Unless Baron wants to arrange an event in Florida? I'd be happy to come to Florida Barron? Oh and Don, you say a person who issues a challenge should come to the challenged, whats the MMA venues like in Colorado? Oh thats not a challenge by the way, that is just me saying if you want to make it a real sanctioned event amd issue a challenge (Like you did with Dan Harmon) I will come to you..."

    See I gave you my conditions well before Lexington. Because I knew Barron would back out and he did 6 hours later. Yet, here you are keep trying to set me up.

    1. So let's the past entirely in the past and just look at the present and the future. Will you meet Don in this challenge or not?

      If not,why not?

    2. What Challenge? Reek wants to challenge himself so he can make up the rules... When Edson contacted me and told there would be nothing going on MMA wise after December I told not to worry about it... All but, I can call Edson up after say "New Years" to set up a fight.

      Honestly, Barron only went running to Edson after I embarrassed him with Ruckus in the Cage and backing out of Lexington. He had to set something up for a cage, to save face... And it means he is already committed to such a match, so after the suit it might be all he has left.

      Reek, after it appears he admitted to setting me up and then makes all these claims about how willing he is to fight me. When I point out Reek, backed out of a Cage fight when I challenged in after Lexington, he starts crying "I challenged him and he gets to make up the rules." See I didn't challenge Reek this time, he backed out of a challenge in the past to prove he wanted to fight me and, Reek says he can't challenge anyone so he is in effect challenging himself. He can fight himself for all I care. My focus is and was the lawsuit, I only referenced challenging Barron to a fight to get these online tough guys to distract themselves for me and give me more time to get things in order.

      If Reek, actually set up a Cage fight and didn't give me excuses about how he gets to make the rules because he challenged himself... Eh... I might give it some credibility but, my focus is on and has always been the law suit.

      They just proved they are all still invested into reinforcing each others lies, defamation and harassment. Reek is just covering for Barron and beating them in a cage or ring means nothing compared to beating then court but, I would show up for a sanctioned event if I could make it... If not we'd have a promoter who could be contacted to reschedule at a later date, just like Edson Berto...

      I honestly don't think Reek would put himself in that position. Course, he has to prove Lexington wasn't a set up and that he will fight me after backing out of a suggested MMA match. He can't do that unless he challenges me because I am not going to let him make up his own rules to create another set up.

  19. You do realize the quote by Barron says you never set things up, which is the truth. You can contact the person by means of the email he gives (and you quote) to confirm that Ron Collins never set up anything at Ruckus in the Cage.
    It is all just another failed attempt by Ron to cover over the fact he knows he would be destroyed by Barron and even Pee Wee Herman if he ever got into a cage. Hence why the fight in May isn't bothering to set it up. If Ron follows through with his promise to show up, great. But if he does as he has always done and make excuses to weasel out, then we haven't gone to any extra time or expense and can continue with the seminar.

  20. Yes and Barron also claims he spoke to Chris Smith, which was a lie. Dustin Hatfield, one of your proxies used to harass Dan Harmon also claimed I never talked to Chris Smith.
    Screen shot is here: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-93PaOXTcUss/Vr5cpxMdG_I/AAAAAAAABhY/PQRDl2EI2s0/s1600/Dustin%2BPost1.png

    Second screen shot: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-5bUenq6X58g/VrUvszYc6_I/AAAAAAAABaw/swEgaexxfFg/s1600/Dustin%2BPost2.png

    So Reek, was Dustin Hatfield acting on your behalf with those lies or just taking it upon himself to help Barron save face?

    Barron also said Chris told him he would need to pay for his own physical and that he would need an EKG... On facebook, thing is Barron never talked to Chris Smith but claims he did; screen shot: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-blUu5hgfOEg/VrUtGU2evvI/AAAAAAAABac/CEHZgG_8lXg/s1600/Barron%2BLies%2Babout%2BRuckus.png

    Problem os Reek, just as I told Barron that was what he needed because ot matched Florida MMA laws but not WV's. But here is the thing Reek, even if Barron didn't agree to meet me at Ruckus in the Cage he and Mraymond Locktools tried to get me to come to Florida for an unsanctioned fight to set me up, screen shot on the blog here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/02/paper-tigers-ducking-dragons-4-trap-is.html?m=1

    When I offered to meet Barron in Lexington Kentucky. Barron backed out of a coming to your event... Screen shot here: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-OJ0fcpG3ZvY/V_7Ah_m4SWI/AAAAAAAACGI/9lo22YGxMwUdG9l1QDyBHqjMirulFc6mACLcB/s1600/Barry13.jpg

    When I suggested Lexington, which you even admitted Barron backed out 6 hours later. His backing out is above and my reference to Lexington is here:https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ibmbX4w5Yt4/V_69y08fl9I/AAAAAAAACGA/5GTJeY1YdyoF-9J_t58mtO694bDDl-GHwCLcB/s1600/Me1.png

    No Reek, Barron ran away like a little puddy tat... Lets make this even better. While I been playing with you to show he you running in circles making excuses here is a screenshot from Barron's own blog saying he had to get an EKG and such which was all BS from me to prove he lied about talking to Chris Smith...

    Sorry Reek, you been chasing your tail and Now I have proof. Thanks...

  21. Oh, and how did Barron find out what he did without talking to Chris? There was no intention by you to ever meet Barron in the cage, because he would destroy you. But you will get a chance to prove yourself with me in May.

  22. Because Barron lied... He said on his own blog Chris told him je needed an EKG... Screen shot here Reek: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-uyvgf-tylSw/VxPsN_XPJSI/AAAAAAAABz0/MGWDueIeI8YRNLuU_eteCUkLJaJSACFBQCLcB/s1600/Barron%2BBlog%2Bclaim1.png

    All anyone has to do is copy and paste it into their Address bar and Barron says He signed up and Chris said he needed an EKG.

    West Virginia code 29-5A-18 Examination of contestants by physician; presence at contest; report to commission says
    "In any boxing or exhibition match, each contestant must be examined by a qualified physician prior to entering the ring. The physician shall certify in writing over his signature, as to contestant's physical condition to engage in such contest. Qualified technicians may assist the physician in the examinations, and a physician shall be in attendance during any boxing bouts prepared to deal with any emergency which may arise. But in the event that said physician is convinced of the unfitness of either of the contestants to enter the contest, he shall at once certify such opinion to the club, corporation, association or individual under whose management the contest is conducted, and it shall thereupon be unlawful for said club, corporation, association or individual to proceed with such."

    Google it Bitch or copy and past this into the address bar: http://www.legis.state.wv.us/wvcode/ChapterEntire.cfm?chap=29&art=5A

    Barron tried to set me up in Florida, lied about being at Ruckus in the Cage and backed out your Lexington seminar 6 hours I suggested we fight there. He isn't your "safety net" for bitching out he is the weight pulling you down.

    Because even if you intended to fight me and not set me up, everything online sure as fuck looked that way. Looks that way now, challenging yourself in my name to make stupid rules to lure me into another set up... No Don, I didn't challenge you this time, you don't get to make the rules... Barron lied about signing up for Ruckus in the cage, he backed out of coming to Lexington & I didn't show up at your seminar for anyother reason then to protect the BDFS from Senior Grandmaster "Dumbshit's" ego.

    I will deal with him in my own way at a later date... However, lets stay focused here Reek. You jumped up defending Barron's lies and as much as I hate you, I had nothing to sue you over except that whole claiming I am a pedophile BS.

    Reek West Virginia Sex Offender registery is here: https://apps.wv.gov/StatePolice/SexOffender/Disclaimer

    I am going to sue for claiming I am a sex offender. You posted a blog saying I was found with a drugged and naked 13 year old girl here: http://www.coloradospringsninjutsu.com/Blog/Entries/2012/4/24_Frauds_in_the_Martial_Arts_and_their_Young_Victims.html

    In fact your blog seems suggestive that people who care about children should attack and slander me. There are others but, its fine dor what it is... Its proof you are a liar and you offered the perfect platform to prove that Barron lied as well... How did you put it above?

    "Oh, and how did Barron find out what he did without talking to Chris?"

    But, Hatsumi tells me "you like lil boys and wakashudo." How would I know this without talking to Hatsumi about you? Oh yeah... I made it up to illustrate the point Barron lied about talking to Chris Smith. He lied about coming to Charleston and he lied everything else. If you want to fight me, you have only one place... A cage and that means talking to a fight promoter just like Barry had to do to save face.

  23. Course all this is a distraction for what I said in Open Letter to Barron Shepherd here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/10/open-letter-to-barron-shepherd-whole.html?m=1

    "So lets save me some money and spare the red tape right? If you get beat by me, not only have I proven you a lair publicly a liar online with the Open Letter to Barron Shepherd blog but well I beat your ass in public and most likely filmed online. Adding to the law suit I would get to destroy you twice and yes... I can live with a bit or jail time or an ass kicking to get the shot..."

    Now what was that reference about a law suit? Right, cause Barron playing with him online and watching him run away and make excuses just added salt into the wound of filling a law suit and proving him & you Reek, a liar and a slander. You've already demonstrated conspiracy and defamation...

    I won't show up in May but, you might not either... You're going to be real busy with this law suit.

    See now I have been entertaining your bull shit because you won't have a comment show up on this blog until you prove your claims Reek...

    1. Proof I was found with a naked 13 year old drugged girl?

    2. Proof I am a sex offender in any way?

    Cause now... Reek, I also posted evidence that are a lying sack of shit just like Barron. Come on buttercup back up your mouth.

  24. Actually, if you contact the fight promoter you can confirm what Barron said. Because of his age and condition, there was no way he could get in, which you obviously knew.
    And now that he has found a place that will wave those conditions you are making excuses.
    As for the proof, it is a fact that you went to jail for what is called "contributing to the delinquency of a minor." It involved some vodka, some red pills and a 13 year old girl. That is established fact, your account of the event is not.

  25. I did remember 4 minute conversation, Barron never contacted Chris Smith... Chris told me that himself and Barron has offered no proof he contacted Smith... So that's a lie...

    Don, that has nothing to do with being a sex offender... It is also proven by court record that charges were dismissed on appeal. No where does the court papers say I was found with a drugged and naked 13 year old girl... So you are lying , you lied on your blog and have publicly admitted to it here, unless you can prove your claim...

    So from the top, and your opinion doesn't count...
    1. Proof I was found with a naked 13 year old drugged girl?

    2. Proof I am a sex offender in any way?

    Come on, prove your lies...

  26. Ron, people contacting the promoter himself can find out there was no match set up.

  27. And actually Ron, I am more enraged by the fact that you raped a girl. My source is you. You said you were accused of it, but that the legal system never managed to get you in court. That is what I really dislike about a pedophile like you.

  28. Don, you're reaching and more point of fact... I was never charged with rape, why I? Is there a case number, if so what is it and where did I make such a statement?

    Post links now... Come on Reek, quit trying to make excuses for Barron, there wasn't a match because he never contacted Chris Smith, he just said he did I already proved that a lie...

    See Reek, you said above "As for the proof, it is a fact that you went to jail for what is called "contributing to the delinquency of a minor." It involved some vodka, some red pills and a 13 year old girl. That is established fact, your account of the event is not."

    Now if I was charged with delinquency but not rape and my account has me charged with rape, why do you trust my account to justify your accusations? More importantly Reek, from your blog you said "We tossed Ron Collins when we heard about his first conviction of fooling around with a minor, but he had stopped posting there after his bizarre martial arts claims had been questioned years prior to it."

    Now Reek, you say I was convicted for fooling around with a minor. Your challenge video and the raw footage of the Lexington thing show similar claims... And above you said "And actually Ron, I am more enraged by the fact that you raped a girl. My source is you. You said you were accused of it, but that the legal system never managed to get you in court."

    So how was I convicted if it never made it court?

    This is not an admission but a recounting of what you just said... If I were convicted I would show up on the WV Sex Offender Registery here: https://apps.wv.gov/StatePolice/SexOffender/Disclaimer

    So take a minute to get your story straight and from the top...
    So from the top, and your opinion doesn't count...
    1. Proof I was found with a naked 13 year old drugged girl?

    2. Proof I am a sex offender in any way?

  29. "Don, you're reaching and more point of fact... I was never charged with rape, why I?"
    Ron, there are many reasons why someone would not be charged. The mere fact that you bragged about being accused but never facing the legal system is all I need to know.

  30. Let me help you understand the situation here Don...
    Link: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/28/4101
    28 U.S. Code § 4101 - Definitions
    The term “defamation” means any action or other proceeding for defamation, libel, slander, or similar claim alleging that forms of speech are false, have caused damage to reputation or emotional distress, have presented any person in a false light, or have resulted in criticism, dishonor, or condemnation of any person.

    So now since you made the claims claims I have argued against using the court documents multiple times on this blog... You have to prove the truthfulness of those claims...

    In fact, Don you are in a state that makes such criminally liable under Colorado Revised Statutes, § 18-13-105

    Here is a link: http://kellywarnerlaw.com/colorado-defamation-laws/ So you are and could face jail time if I filed in Colorado state court. Plus the civil suit...

    Course you are hit... I can file suit and you are stuck. Exposed for being a slanderer, a liar and a fraud. Just you are here...

    See Reek, you can't prove your claims because they are false and once a federal court makes their ruling you are hit... However, the only difficult part is proving the RICO claims, which ties each of you into this little game. Course even without it, all I have to do is go after you individually... I still win.

    Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...

  31. Oh brother, you really don't know how things work, do you? I am in no fear of any lawsuit from you. Actually, I know your talk of one is merely your attempt to explain why you won't get in the ring with Barron.

  32. Well then prove it Reek...

    I told you to prove your claims and opinion doesn't count...
    1. Proof I was found with a naked 13 year old drugged girl?

    2. Proof I am a sex offender in any way?

    And, you have dodged not having proof of those claims... Why is that?
    That is Defamation Per Se definition here: http://injury.findlaw.com/torts-and-personal-injuries/what-is-defamation-per-se-.html

    "Traditionally, there have been four general categories of untrue statements presumed to be harmful to one's reputation and therefore defamatory per se. Typically, if the statements do not fall into one of these categories the plaintiff is required to prove his damages. If it does fall into one of these categories, damages are usually presumed. The four general categories are:

    *Indications that a person was involved in criminal activity
    *Indications that a person had a "loathsome," contagious or infectious disease
    *Indications that a person was unchaste or engaged in sexual misconduct
    *Indications that a person was involved in behavior incompatible with the proper conduct of his business, trade or profession

    For example, in an Alaska case a woman accused a man of assault, battery, and false imprisonment, and he brought a claim against her for defamation. The court explained that because the statements were slander per se (since they imputed a serious crime), the man was not required to prove the damage to his reputation and emotional distress. As a result, his award was affirmed.

    In a Texas case, one doctor sued another for a letter he circulated that stated that the doctor had a reputation for being untruthful. The court determined that this was not defamation per se since it didn't injure the doctor in his profession, and that, accordingly, the doctor had to prove that he had suffered mental anguish and loss of reputation."

  33. Let me explain the situation to you Reek... You slandered my name on budoseek as well as other places, aided by Barron Shepherd and Phil's Martialist group of overwieght self-proclaimed self defense experts.

    Now you want to prove Lexington wasn't a set up but you can't I won't challenge you, so you have to challenge yourself in my name... You look pathetic btw. Barron tried to set me up in Florida, said he was gonna fight me at Ruckus in the Cage but, je never signed up. No matter just saying he did was enough to be publicly humiliated. Then you came to rescue trying to help him save face but well, that didn't help... I have screen shots of me and Senior Grandmaster "Douche Nozzle" having a conversation about that btw... Those will show up on this blog later and that just reinforces my stance that Lexington was a trap... Now you want to fight me, ots going to be on my terms. Only way to prove you really want to fight me and you are the one who needs to prove something not me.

    So keep talking about Barron and some stupid cage fight that means nothing to me... Because I am coming, boy... Put your big boy pants on and put your money where your mouth is...

    After new years cup cake, enjoy Christmas with the family you might not have another one for a while...