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Rats on a Sinking Ship are Smarter then "Internet Ninjas."

Screenshots under 17 U.S.C. § 107 for Fair Use evaluation:
Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

So for the last few days I have been playing with Roley. Cat and mouse verbally. Don has been proving my basically right because he is open denial of material facts... He bases his entire attempt at discrediting on a News Paper article but fails to address other pieces of evidence like the West Virginia State Codes (state laws) that make the report valid and the report itself which shows Donald James Roley is a liar and not a very good researcher, as you will see in the screenshots below.

He literally and intentionally, ignores information not to his liking and makes up excuses for bypassing such information to push his own agenda... Don Roley doesn't do research he preaches propaganda. If I am wrong well, that's how he presents himself.

From the Comments from Roley Can't Prove Himself, I will call him Reek:
Now the above image is interesting because after I called out Don Roley for his lies. He of course has to show to my blog saying it isn't so... But, Reek fell into my trap like Ramsey Bolton playing his cat and mouse games with  Theon Bolton. (In a metaphoric sense)
So if we read below we can see that Don Roley has lied in the past and continues to lie now. You will also see my responses...
As you can see I have pointed out that Don Roley, has repeatedly lied about me in his blog.
 A continuation of me requesting that Don prove his accusations that I am a sex offender. I mean if you want to know just check the WV Sex Offender registry here. If I was on it, I wouldn't tell you to find my name.
 And here, this starts Don's excuses but no proof...

 Here Don, wants me to know he has such a great life, after telling me if I die no obe would care... I read that to the friends I spent Christmas with and well had a good laugh. Regardless, I point for the 2nd time Don hasn't proven his claims.
Here is the point I told Don I would file the law suit between 1st of January and the 28th.
 Here is the 3rd time I mentioned to Don he can't prove his lies. I also asked if the "No One would care if I died" line was the same line he gave to Dan Harmon, that harassed Fan to the point of taking his own life.
This is gonna be important because, I told Don that certain mannerisms and his mentality reminded me of certain child predators I had been locked up with. I also accused Don of hiding behind his family. He didn't respond to this, he didn't deny it...
In fact, not only had Don not denied it he went off about my "Mental illness" as if I hit on something here and he was trying to discredit me. But, this him talking about his only evidence against me.
Here is where I told Don if I am mentally ill then he has a record of harassing mentally ill people, Dan Harmon and myself. So me being crazy doesn't help him look like any better of a person.

I also explained to Don, why the article was of no use.
 Here I challenged Don to prove his claims about me and a 13 year old girl (4th Time btw). Don Roley again points to the news paper article ignoring my statement that Raleigh County Prosecutor Kristen Keller lied and didn't provide Dr. Miller with the proper evidence.
And again, Don Roley turns to the news article. Which is fine with me because, it sets the stage to discuss the facts I just addressed. Now here is the thing, what do you trust more the article or the actual doctors report because citing the article Roley ignores the actual doctors report... Lets examine it further.
Here I point out that if Roley is right and I am mentally disabled, he arguing with a crazy person, on Christmas no less... More so, I start correcting his claims. He says "experts" when in fact there was only one Dr. Miller and I ask Don to Prove his claims my Terrorist Threats case was dismissed because of Dr. Miller's report.
 Again, I ask Don to prove that I am sex offender... Don has made public statements I am a pedophile so lets see him prove it. For the fifth time.
I even gave him the web address for the WV Sex Offender Registry:

Did he go to the Sex Offender Registry and prove it? (Yes, its that easy) No... He just kept saying I did things a 13 year old girl and didn't once go there and prove I was a pedophile.
Here Don mentions some criminal offense under Colorado law about criminal defamation. This is from another series of comments and makes no sense if you are reading this series of comments.
Here I again address Don Roley's lack of proving his accusations. And point for the second time that if he is correct and I am crazy. He is harassing a crazy person on Christmas.
 Don again, continues to claim I am mentally ill... To which I again remind him je is arguing with what he claims is a crazy person over the internet, as opposed to anything else... On Christmas which makes his claim that I know nothing of the law and am mentally ill seem quite false. He also claims I will not sue him.
Again for the seventh time, I ask Don Roley to prove I was involved in any sexual misconduct with a 13 year old girl. That I went to prison (which would make me a felon) for trying to rape a 13 year old girl.
Here Don tries to dissuade me from filing a law suit because, "he can surprise me with sources and such like" but as the person bringing the suit I "can't surprise" him. This is Bull shit if you understand the law or at a minimum Rules of Discovery.
Oh and he suggested he might try to hide or conceal evidence.

 This and previous images between this statement and my last, all deal with me explaining that Don can't use a Mattock style "Surprise Evidence" defense.
You can also see I explained to him that public statements that je might try to conceal evidence are in fact, destructive to his defense. Additionally, I stated I can prove his claims about me false.
 Here I explain to Don that when pressed he can't prove anything he claims and I can prove my own claims about him. I asked him to prove for the eighth time that I was involved in Sexual Misconduct; he has claimed found naked with a 13 year old girl.
Here I point out Senior Grandmaster "Douche bag" responsible for the BDFS and my own appearance at Don Roley's seminar in Lexington. Is Key to crippling Don Roley's prepared legal defense, that "I intended to intimidate him at his seminar."
 In fact, here I explain to Don that without my testimony he can do nothing against the BDFS and that the BDFS could sue Grandmaster "Douche bag" for using the name to take action as was seen in Lexington.

I then went on to explain to Don his only defense lies in claiming I am mentally ill. Its all he has to excuse his public proclamations which are defamatory and used to harm my business of teaching martial arts and writing about martial arts.
Here I ask Don why the video on Why I am Happy with my Jacked Up Life. Has Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp saying there was no 2nd Search Warrant & why the Arrest Warrant says there was a 2nd Search Warrant?

See for yourself...

Arrest Warrant for Child Porn (not case was dismissed without going to trial December 3rd 2013):
See I will let you look at the evidence and decide what the facts are... If the prosecutor lied about the 2nd Search Warrant on the Arrest Warrant then why? Is doesn't that mean the cops messed up claiming the second search warrant on the arrest warrant?
Here I ask Don to explain why the psychological evaluation (of which his news article is based)  is in violation of West Virginia Code 27-6A-2 subsection (b) items 1, 2 & 4. With said report lacking the mandatory Information related to case 13F-1026, the case number for the Terrorist Threats case.
Here Don, tells me "no one believes" me that I was set up. And as I begin to explain to Don it doesn't matter that he "believes"  or what other "people believe." It matters that "I am showing established facts  and legal codes of law which were not followed."
Here I state the simplest truth, that what he (or anyone else, for that matter) "chooses to believe" doesn't change those facts.

Here I ask Don what supports his claims otherwise? What supports his claims I went to prison for trying to rape a 13 year old girl? (9th time) What supports his claims I am a pedophile? (I will still count this as the ninth time).
Here I point out that Don Roley has brought forward no evidence except a news article. And is ignoring the psychological evaluation (that they never had) that their article was based on. And I copy and paste WV Code 27-6A-2 subsection (b) for Roley...

Compare the text of my comment to the text of the West Virginia State Code website

Screen shots of the code are below...
This part contains subsection (a) & (b) but shows the code as 27-6A-2.
Here we see subsection (b) & the relevant area of code in which the person requesting the evaluation must therefore supply evidence to the evaluating forensic evaluator. Item 1 is a copy of the Warrant or Indictment, item 2 is all evidence pertaining to the alleged crime and item 4 is a copy of the defendant's criminal record (which might have been included but not fully so). This extends below.

Here I mentioned the case number for Terrorist Threats was 13F-1026 and how the court order for the evaluation is 13F-1026 but that the arrest warrant doesn't show. In fact, the officer's name and date of offense as understood by Dr. Miller does match the unsubmitted warrant either.

The rest below is me explaining the "vast conspiracy" (as Don calls it) is simply multiple smaller criminal conspiracies coming together to conceal said smaller criminal conspiracies.

Here I accuse Don of being in a criminal conspiracy with Phil Elmore and Barron Shepherd to defame me.
Here I touch on the Bujinkan as cult seeking to claim they are the only true source of ninjutsu on the planet. Now that will be the focus of Ninjas are Bull Shit 3.
Here I tell Roley he doesn't do Legitimate research, certainly not into other people's backgrounds and definitely not into historical claims... Such as Fujita Seiko's belief that Okinawan Karate and Kobudo was superior to Japanese martial arts. That he had a connection to Shito Ryu Karate (trained its first two Soke, who were both Okinawan) and is also claimed to have taught them Ninjutsu.

That information alone throws into contention that that all "legitimate ninjutsu" should look like the Bujinkan or that people like Ashida Kim & Frank Dux are frauds because their Ninjutsu resembles Karate. And I used an image for a Karate blog that has existed for 6 years... If Don Roley was invested in doing honest research into Fujita Seiko, I would think he would have looked into Shito Ryu's connection to Fujita and Fujita's extensive connection to Okinawan Karate and Kobudo.

Here I tell Don, he will either have to face the lies he has told on me here or in court. I've already covered those lies before this with nothing to show for it...
Here I tell Don Roley the outcome of the suit will destroy his business. This wasn't a threat to destroy his business but an observation of facts and a prediction based on them.

If I prove Don Roley defamed my name and ignored material facts to attempt to cover up his own misconduct. And, because my case is so easy to prove it opens the flood gates for others to also file suit. And of course nothing could be more creditable to Don Roley helping to make my accusations look creditable then him coming here to challenge them.
Here Don says I am not important enough for a gang of criminals to try to entrap me. He is kind of right, except my "recruiter" introduced me to many of the local key players. Knowing who does what means you can, can dig deeper...

Someone like me who at the time was associated with known "big wigs" in the martial arts industry (yes, Ashida Kim love or hate him would count) as well as the many instructors under him in the Friendship Dojo and BDFS would have had an excuse to travel out of state purchase drugs for the gang (under the radar) and come back to West Virginia to sell them for a higher price. Course the gang does the selling and I get maybe 10% to 15% of sells.

Meaning if I brought in $3,000 of cocaine from Florida and the gang stepped on it and made double or triple their money $6,000 to $9,000 I would get $600 to $900 for myself. More then likely, I would get $300.

Now are you willing to risk Federal Prison for $300? Cause I ain't. However, the fear of what I might know and not what I actually knew drove all this home. This is clearly a more criminal case of the FBI warning that extremists might try to target military veterans for recruitment. And while I am not saying the Avengers MC is a terrorist organization, there have been reports of criminal gangs in the Military for sometime now. I don't see why my life should be any some how unique to these problems.
Here I tell Don that it doesn't matter that he or other people believe me about orgaized crime connection. It matters that... (Full list below)
1. How does Don Roley explain the arrest warrant mentioning a 2nd search warrant and a video of Pat Lamp denying the second search warrant is on the Arrest Warrant?

BTW, at my initial appearance I had my mother to get a copy of the Arrest Warrant because the state wouldn't give it to me. They said I would get it in discovery and they never turned over discovery...

2. I asked if it struck him as odd?
3. I asked Don if he was ignoring facts to push his own agenda?

Now these are, self-incriminating questions. Questions Don Roley will have to answer if he takes the stand in his own defense. He cannot claim his 5th Amendment rights. However, I have accused him of this as previously shown and it was my intent to demonstrate Don Roley's lack of research. As well as Don Roley's intent to push an agenda?

4. I ask Don to explain why the psychological evaluation doesn't match WV Code 27-6A-2 subsection (b)?

This has a clear intent to get Roley to make an admission of material facts. As a) if Don were to do so he would it would mean he was either using false information to knowing libel and slander me name or b) was unknowingly doing so. Thus establishing proof of intent...

And I am allowing Don to have an "out" as to lack of intent.
Here Don Roley defends the evidence his claims are based on bad or false information. Don does so with of course lies and slander... Proving intent to conceal facts not to his liking (obviously destructive to his credibility as a researcher), which is a key point in proving his intent to harm my business.

Here I asked to same 4 questions with the same intent... Giving Don a second chance at salvation and to come clean.
Again Don Roley goes into lies and defamation to create a defense for his lies and defamation. I ask him to prove his claim that material facts are lies or misrepresented?
I confront Don with the two Blogs containing evidence.
Barron Shepherd proven a liar & Motivation: Why I am Happy.
Here I confront Don Roley with the evidence directly... A page from the psychological evaluation that contains information submitted to Dr. Miller and the Terrorist Threats arrest warrant. Again, I ask Don why the Case Number on the Court is 13F-1026 and why the arrest warrant have a case number of 13F-1026. But the arrest warrant doesn't show up as per West Virginia Code 27-6A-2 (b) item 1?
Here I tell Don he will have to answer questions about the evidence and prove his claims I am lying or crazy. And for the 10th time I ask Don to prove his claims I am a child predator and was found with a naked 13 year old girl.
Here is Don insulting me, calling me stupid and attacking me personally, because Don Roley can't prove his slanderous claims.
Again here I stand showing Don Roley didn't know his law and that West Virginia Code proves his claim that I the Terrorist Threats case was dismissed because I was found unfit to stand trial. Again I post the link to the West Virginia codes online.
 This first image only goes so far as to the title code 27-6A-3 but you need to look at subsection (f).
Here is subsection (f) pretaining to those found incompetent but with the likelihood of regaining competency. This is important as it was stated Dr. Miller believed I could regain competency. Also when addressed to Don he claims the code doesn't say what I say it does... Even though I just copy and pasted the information from the state's own site.

This and the other 2 screenshots above it deal with the rest of the Code mentioned above.
Again when confronted by facts, Don Roley ignores them?
Here I state plainly Don pointing to one piece of evidence and claiming it is proof doesn't help his case, except fpr those who already support him and organization he represents. The Bujinkan...
Here Don chooses to take the article as evidence, second hand knowledge and not the first hand evidence of the codes of law that make the evaluation relevant and evaluation on which the Article he clings to like a life preserver are based.

Here is when I confronted Don, with his article and the law. Don says that when I pointed out that he was committing a crime under Colorado law by slandering others, I threatened him. Whatever... It is his only defense against being faced with facts he cannot disprove or explain and he fears to opnely lie about... Except his previous lies that is.

Here I tell Don Roley that whole blog is a testament to his lies  and failure? See Don Roley has been publicly exposed by me concerning his lies and inability to prove his claims.

Don fails to grasp the reality of the situation... He challenged me to come to his seminar, an attempt to defend Barron Shepherd who backed out of coming to Ruckus in the Cage and who backed out of showing up in Lexington to Don Roley's seminar after I called Barron out.

Remember Barron tried to set me up in Florida & Don in my opinion and based on facts I stated before hand I predicted Don Roley was trying to do the same in Lexington.

This certainly shows Barron and Don working to support each other & protecting each other. Well actually it shows Don Roley seeking to protect Barron Shepherd. Barron has actually pulled away and left Don Roley hanging now that I have used Don Roley as a platform for exposing the lies...
Here (above) is what a google search for Ron Collins Koga Ryu Ninjutsu blog turned up...
Click on the Link for RON COLLINS FAKE NINJA MORE LIES & Barron seems to have taken everything down.
 Another blog about me above taken down. which mirrors the Koga Ryu blog lies. Seen above from google search...
 And the Koga Ryu blog is mirrors...
 Are both missing...
Course Barron isn't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. He left up the Combative Edge blog slandering my name. Know what makes it worse...

Barron proves me right by doing things which seem like the very Racketeering & Unfair business practices claim I have leveled against you all. Barron did this by attempting to copy my World War 2 combatives course and The Shadow Warrior edition of Get Tough.
My Question Don, is how does it feel to see your friends abandon you and leave you holding the bag?

Barron can copy my products it is not a big deal, especially something like Get Tough, which has already fallen into domain, the only difference is that I added my own insights as someone trained in Modern Army Combatives (Generation One) for the Shadow Warrior edition. By competing with me, even copying me but not so much, Barron enters into criminal grounds by Slandering my name, while doing so.

And this was the person you want to protect? Even Rats are smart enough to abandon a sinking ship...


  1. You know what would be embarrassing? If you tried to do a gofundme account and nobody donated anything for months, not a single dime. Meanwhile, the people you hate have enough friends to raise thousands of dollars. Wouldn't that suck? Wouldn't it mean you have no real friends?

  2. Ron, do you mean this article by Barron?
    Looks like you shown your incompetence yet again.

  3. As the year comes to an end, let me give you a gift of insight. Ron, I am not afraid of your threats of a legal battle. First of all, you just proved you can’t do a simple web search, let alone pull off a lawsuit. But more than that, I know you need to use the threat of a lawsuit to protect your ego.
    Unless it is part of negotiations, threats are stupid. If someone says they are going to go to court if someone doesn’t stop using their copyrighted material, then that threat serves a purpose and might get them to stop. But if you really were going to sue me, posting blog after blog talking about it only warns me.
    Rather than serve a purpose like getting me to stop, your blogs are meant to try to intimidate me. You do pretty well scaring 13 year old girls, but you fold every time you face an adult. I fear people that suddenly strike without giving warning, not tiny dogs that yap a lot.
    The biggest reason you need to talk about suing me is to save face. You ran away from me in Lexington, and you are scared shitless of the idea of getting into a cage with Barron. You need the excuse of a lawsuit to explain why you won’t take a beating from either of us, and the entire world can see it.

  4. When you escaped prison by being found incompetent to stand trial, the doctor said that in addition to your bipolar condition, you had malignant narcissism. That says a lot. It means that you have to think of yourself as somehow being better than others. But you are fat, ugly and so stupid that you put up a scan of an arrest report on your blog three weeks ago that had your social security number, your date of birth and your driver’s license number all up in the left corner. The cyber criminals in Russia must be having a field day with that info by now.
    (And really, don't try to argue the ugly part. You are so short, round and trying to compensate for your male patter baldness with that unkempt beard that at first I thought you were an ewok.)
    Despite all this, you have to think that you are more capable than the average person. So you have to make excuses as to why you are where you are, and people like me are where I am. I have a family, respect from good people, skills, etc. Meanwhile, you are in your late 30s and have no one to share your life with, you can’t rely on the people you call friends, you can’t even hold down a job and live off of handouts from the government and you don’t even own your own car. That is a pretty good list of things that prove you are a complete failure.
    But you can’t accept that it is because of you that you failed so miserably in life. Your mental illness won’t let you accept that where you are is a result of your actions. So, you blame others like me for ruining your life. You create conspiracies for you going to jail.

  5. For years you claimed I was a coward for not listing where i teach in public and thus avoiding you showing up to challenge me. You kept your world view safe with that delusion that I was scared of you. Well, I went to Kentucky and gave you a chance to challenge me as you yapped on about. You turned and ran. You could not keep up the illusion in your mind that I was avoiding you for fear. Now you are coming up with more delusions to explain away the reality that you know you have no skill and no training and would lose badly if you ever faced Barron or I. So we are seeing all these blogs by you week after week. No one is buying it, but you will not accept even that.
    I say this harshly, but I am being truthful when I point out that until you take responsibility for your life instead of blaming others like me you will never have a real life. If I weren’t around, you would be blaming the local police for your lack of a girlfriend and everything else. You can’t keep blaming others for your failures. You have to own that shit and find a way out based on what you do. You can start taking your medication and reach out to mental health groups for a start. But as long as you deny responsibility for the mess of your life, you will always be a prisoner of it just as firmly as all those times you were behind bars.
    I expect you to keep blogging, which is more proof that you are no threat at all to me. Yapping dogs aren’t dangerous and the dangerous ones go silent just before striking.
    Happy New Years Ron, make an effort to stop screwing up your life in 2017.

  6. Know what Don, I am gonna post a new blog just for you... Start 2017 off right since we are now within my window of the 1st to 28th... Duh duhn ta Duha...

    Gotta have ominous theme music for my "threats" like some old gothic drama soap opera like Dark Shadows or something... After all it was about great uncle Barnabus Collins. And I gotta joke about all this. And I can joke about all this because I am gonna drop a surprise on you...

    I am gonna edit out the name but the screenshot of a conversation on messenger will prove the existence of BDFS senior grandmaster "Douche nuzzle."

    Which is going to prove that I was at your event for the reasons I said I was there. I am going to demonstrate how I played you and Barron and Phil like my own personal puppets.

    I am going to start with this last post... See you said "I expect you to keep blogging, which is more proof that you are no threat at all to me. Yapping dogs aren’t dangerous and the dangerous ones go silent just before striking.
    Happy New Years Ron, make an effort to stop screwing up your life in 2017."

    A yapping dog is no threat... But, that's my point you are yapping. Trying to disprove me but, even if you all "reaffirmed for alliance" or "conspiracy" if you will and those blogs come back up. Barron taking them down stands as evidence of Barron knowing he waa doing something wrong. Least it looka that way.

    Showing you, Phil and even trying to get Barron to use real evidence is enough to make my point. You are knowingly deny material evidence expressed to you in a public social media format. Regardless you have denied facts. It makes you look like a liar to anyone who honestly views those blogs and facts. More so, it established a pattern of behavior and shows you lying or denying material evidence. If that is any indication of your ability to research, it reinforces my initial claims about the Fujita Seiko photo & Shito Ryu research that you neglect simply to push the Koga Ryu is dead claims.

    When I offered material facts, just like with my court evidence, you seek to conceal it. Just like with the 2nd Search Warrant & Pat Lamp. When something you don't like shows up you ignore it... If you lie amd ignore facts that you don't like, on video or in offical court records that are in English as evidence that everyone can see... How can be trusted with Japanese that not everyone can read?

    Now I am going present proof of the BDFS Senior Grandmaster who sent people to your seminar. Then we are going to be in this place where you could have tried to set me up or I was scared of you (except for the screenshots present proof otherwise) and tried to intimidate you but ran away. Or perhaps some people will think uo some 3rd blurted version of events.

    Either way your word in court or the net is being called into question. See you don't get it do Don, this isn't me threatening you. This is me being Narcissistic, I am going to break you all down step by step and day by day. I am going to tell you how things are and what will happen (I remember predicting this very thing with one of your cohorts pulling away) and this isn't a threat. Its me telling you, you can't stop me. There is no one who will or can save you. I made it too costly to the social structure of local elites to be drug into needless conflicts with me. And you aren't going to fight me, thats why you won't step into a cage.