Friday, December 23, 2016

Don Roley Can't Prove Himself, I will Call you Reek...

So Don Roley, in a fit of online dementia went into fit of trying to get me to show up for a Challenge in Colorado... Only thing was Don Roley, had to challenge himself in my name to, trying to bully me into showing up for the fight. It was by far very entertaining.

You can read for yourself here, as all this transpired on the comments of Christmas Came Early blog... Don keeps repeating the same lines like it proves any credibility but, we can all see Don is desperate to prove Lexington wasn't a set up, by creating another set up...

Funny thing is Don, who I now call Reek because I don't think Don has any Balls either (Game of Thrones reference), has seemed to hit a wall... I asked him to prove his claims and he couldn't...

See for yourself, below.

See Don Roley just gave me everything I needed to show he was guilty of Defamation. Notice he can't show any proof, any evidence of his claims & even offers ke some double speak, in trying to conceal his lies. A law suit for defamation per se would be very easy to win and you can read the definition in the images above.

See Reek needs to prove himself, he needs to prove Lexington wasn't a set up. But, Reek claims he isn't allowed to issue a challenge and, if I don't challenge him, all he can do is run to the end of self-imposed chain and bark... This is evident in Reek's attempts to challenge himself and make the rules as "the challenged party." Its all he can do to try to save face.

And watching this little puppy pretend to be a big bad wolf, all the while chasing his tail, was entertaining... Reek seems to not realize that he, is breaking the law and has just been proven to be a slandering liar by his own hands... Or perhaps he does and doesn't care as it would mean losing everything once he is exposed as a liar during a defamation lawsuit.

Course it's all distraction to hide Reek's lies... Or more correctly, hide from facing Reek's lies. I asked Reek to prove his lies and he just couldn't do it... And, to not post that proof publicly makes Reek like a liar... A fraud and a pathetic cretin who must use the sexual abuse of children to push own agenda and goals. Quite sad actually, I don't see much difference between people lying about the abuse of children and, those doing the abuse... As both are gaining some benefit from the sexual exploitation of children or teens. I personally don't find Reek or his fellow conspirators to be much better then such.

Oh this didn't stop... I just stopped letting Reek have a voice when he no longer served my purposes of exposing himself. See the image below...
In the end, Reek is left to examine his own failure and his failure is very simple... He can't stop a lawsuit from behind a keyboard, that means he has to either get me to divert resources (money, time, attention and focus) on something else or somehow cause someone here to Physically effect me or do so himself. I on the other hand know that Reek must save face and therefore needs me to direct my focus onto his self- imposed challenge. Course that means this in effect becomes a "business negotiation" Reek needs something from me and must therefore pay my price. His BS about how as the challenged he gets to set rules, is laughable... He has "no currency" there challenging himself. So all he can do is "run to the end of chain and bark..."

In business terms I am the "Boss." (May be I should capitalize "The" you know, I am "The Boss." What you think?) See ever watch the show Shark Tank? If you are the person giving someone money (any kind of "capital" really) you get to make a lot of the rules, if not all the rules. Anyone can go back read the screen shots on Christmas Came Early This Year and before that on the Motivation blog and see where Reek and Phil Failmore's cohort on rent to Reek failed...

They failed in that they need something from me... Reek needs to get me to direct my focus onto his internet challenge game, invest money, time and attention to his attempts at proving Lexington wasn't a swt up. Reek needs me to focus on coming to him. Course, without me Reek has nothing evident with him chasing his tail and challenging himself in my name, trying to bully me into agreeing to his terms.

Reek did this in Lexington or tried to lure me into a set up... Actually it was a double bind, if I fought Reek on his terms I would have committed Felony Assault in Kentucky and I backed out I'd have looked like a pussy. Too Bad, Senior Grandmaster "Dumb Dick" fell for it (I think intentionally) and I had to ride along to save the Black Dragon Fighting Society from some legal hassles. Course, Senior Grandmaster "Dildo" is a egotistical moron who will try to sabotage the BDFS before they leak certain information about him, information I am party to BTW... (Ask Barron Shepherd or William Aguiar III, I had a minor role in that otherwise epic law suit for Trademark on the BDFS. I can prove and know a lot more then people think. If you don't believe me. I think he did that, so that "Douchebag" sorry Grandmaster "Douchebag" can claim the information about him is false. It is in his best interest to cause as collapse from within to cover things up... Ooh I know I got a whole lot of people's attention with that.

So once we understand why I was there and the gravity of the situation. We get to why I took the hit, sometimes you can't avoid the lose, so you just have to minimize it. Hell... You can look on the Motivation blog were I told Patrick Ferrari what he wanted to hear that "I was a fraud with no rank and made it all up." and look on the Raw Footage Video on Youtube where I said Reek punked me into backing down.

I am not worried about your perception of me... I don't care if you think I backed down from Barron or Reek Roley or not. I am worried about other people who choose to use lies to color that perception. Thats what all this is about, proving that these people are all equally tied together and share in spreading lies. Especially, such vicious lies as I just tricked Reek into disproving himself.

Now Reek has publicly said I was charged with rape, spent time in prison for it... Yet when pressed to prove it, he offered no such proof. Reek has claimed I was found with a naked 13 year old girl who was drugged but, when pressed he couldn't prove it.

Reek is hard pressed to prove Lexington wasn't a set up... He desperately needs a "win" and has no challenge from me to claim to set up his own set of Rules. So I have the capital and Reek needs the capital, that means Reek is trying to negotiate for that capital... He keeps trying to use what Barron has said but, no one cares.

"The world" is  more interested in Aleppo, Trump as President, ISIS and the Suix Water Protectors at Standing Rock then a couple of Ninja Nerds talking trash online. Reek is worried about how "the world" sees him as not wanting to fight me and trying to set me up. Reek must arrange another fight to justify has actions and try to disprove my accusations against him but, Reek won't (and claims he "can't") challenge me to a fight. Reek won't step into a cage because, well I beat Barron by him claiming he signed up for Ruckus in the Cage and when he backed out of showing up to Lexington. I stopped one attemped set by Roley and Barron and intentionally fell for another by Roley to protect the BDFS.

The reality is Reek needs something from me, my participation in his whole delusional scheme to save face. Because I am outright stating this Reek is left with nothing but to sit and wait for the law suit. For his public humiliation and my amusement I will challenge Don Roley but, he gets no say... He has nothing I want that I cannot take from him another way.

I will give Don Roley his second chance to prove himself and, I will let him have some say as to when... However, since Don needs my willful participation to give him that second chance. I will state were and how... There is no negotiation, take it or leave it but he will get only one second chance.

So Reek,

If you win, I don't care... If you lose, I don't care... If you accept on my terms, I don't care... If you don't accept, I don't care... You gave up all your power and you have nothing but to watch yourself fall. You want your second chance you get it on my terms, don't want it on my terms, I don't care... I gain more in a courtroom then I get in a cage.

You've been caught lying in the screenshots above and, you need to prove yourself. You get this as your one and only second chance, take it or don't... I don't care. You do though and you proved it here... While you attack me you seem to be struggling with the issue of having been proven a liar (in the screenshots above), trying to attack me and excuse yourself in the same line of thought...

Let me answer your philosophical thinking from, Are We Really Good?

No, we are not good. If we lie was are liars, steal we as thieves, murder we are murderers... Good deeds do not earse the bad, there is no scale of Karma where we can weigh good deeds against the bad, say we did more good then bad and call ourselves good people. I don't think myself a good person, I know what I have done and what I haven't and, I know I am no pedophile. So now you will have to live with your own lies and try to justify them when I sue you... I told you ot was coming after the holidays so just be patient, I move in my own time, not yours.

See you in court Reek...


  1. This is what is amusing to me in dealing with you Ron. I can be completely open and you still do as I expect. I don't need any deception or anything like that. When I tell you the truth, you dismiss it.
    And as I thought, you didn't post what I sent here about Colorado revised statute 18-13-105 being repealed or anything else in regards to the mythical lawsuit you are bringing against me. I know you all so well.

  2. Well Reek, I didn't post your reply because you failed to provide proof of your claims... Oh, I get it you call me a "pedophile" thinking you will cause me to get angry and its humorous to me...

    See you never proved your allegations Reek. I don't want to send you to jail, give you the credibility of having to exist and face dangerous criminals locked up with them day after day... No I just to see if you could research the law. If you can (and did), then its easy for you to have a look at law and know you committed a violation of the law and have become civilly liable...

    In fact, Reek... You might consider that you wrote about me here:

    Well Colorado has a 1 year statute of limitations. And that's what you are banking on but lets not dor get videos you've posted online, and your other blogs showing a ongoing and malicious intent to carry out defamation for sone form of gain...

    Got any proof I said I was a Special Forces Combat Vet on the stand there Reek?

    That was 2015 how about, this one from 2014... content:

    Or how about this one 2015:

    Or this one:

    Posted yesterday trying to cover up for the lies you've already told. Lies you couldn't prove. So lets take this from the top now Reek...

    Can you prove I am sex offender? You claimed I went to prison dor trying to rape an underaged girl... So now prove it?

  3. Ron, you can't send me to jail. And you aren't going to sue me. Everyone knows by now that it is just your excuse to never get in the ring with people like Barron.
    See you in May.

  4. Ron, in the spirit of Christmas I am sharing this blog with you. Please read it and note not only all that I have to be thankful for, but the reasons I have all these things in my life.
    I have as my purpose helping the world understand more about ninjutsu. I devote myself to study, practice and research not really for myself, but for those I count as friends and the world at large.
    In return, the universe has gifted me with a loving family, massive amounts of reliable friends and increasing fame. Now look at your life. You can't hold down a job, you have no loved ones to share your time and your friends are few and not ones you can count on.
    But it doesn't have to be this way. When you are the lowest in your life that is when you are most likely to take the first step to recovery. If you take responsibility for your life and accept that you are where you are NOT because of anyone else, but because of what you have done then you can start changing those behaviors that have left you where you are.
    You have medication you are supposed to take for your mental sickness. Start taking it again. Think about how you can help the world instead of thinking only of yourself. Start caring about others and they will eventually start caring about you.
    Ron, if you were to die today nobody would cry. It actually would make the world a better place if you weren't in it. Do you want that to always be the case? You can change, if you have the courage. Make this Christmas the one you turn your life around and rejoin the human race as a productive member of society.

  5. Don you can color it whatever excuses you want but you can't prove your allegations against me. That means you lied, defamed my name, interfered with court cases and tried to do so for personal gain...

    I hope you enjoy your time with your family. I hope you are blessed and nothing in all the things you are blessed with makes me envious in any way. You would be shocked at many of your "good friends" have helped me out behind the scenes against you.

    I am happy you are as blessed as you claim but, you've also taken steps to do me harm. Your lies about me, all but admitted my your inability to prove your lies about me, have been exposed. I am filing the law suit sometime between the Roman New Year (January 1st 2017 and the Chinese New Year January 28th 2017) in the mean time you have nothing you can do to stop me. I will not admit to anything I haven't done... And, if climbing that ladder of success means I am going to climb over you, so be it.

    The first domino has already dropped, Merry Christmas. Your present is right here:

    Enjoy it with your family... Enjoy your fame because when I started proving you are a fraud (I mean you can't prove your lies about me, that means you are a fraud.) so why don't you come clean about that? Why don't you change your ways with the coming new years? I've already proven you are a liar and yet you pretend nothing will happen to you.

    Tell me is speech about how no one would cry the same line you gave Dan Harmon before he hung himself? See Harmon, was mentally ill but he was a friend and someone I wish I could have helped. You have abused someone who was mentally ill, same way you've subjected me to mental abuse and claim I am mentally ill. You also claim I am a child predator and for all the false sympathy you want to ignore the truth that could help children and teems abused as you want to claim I am. To try to look like a better person. You are nothing but a coward hiding behind your family. You are pathetic writing a blog on Christmas Eve to spite me for lies you been caught in. Not very smart are you. It makes you look hallow and your family seem as cover for you. Real men protect their families Reek, they don't hide behind them or use them as tools to spite those who expose their folly... You have a messiah complex it seems and I have to ask Don. Have you touched your kids inappropriately? You mannerism and mentality seems reflective of the many child predators I been locked up with. Is that why you have to lie on me, trying to cover up your own sins. Like the lies you are obviously telling above to keep from admitting you lied about your accusations against me..?

  6. Ron, don't try to deny your mental illness. If so, you will never be able to overcome it. I know about how you were confined to the William R. Sharpe Hospital after the experts found you, “primary pathology” or “malignant narcissism” is presently joined with “bipolar disorder.” Miller said Collins is “currently psychotic with paranoia in the context of irrational grandiosity” and is presently not competent to stand trial."
    And that is the only reason you escaped prison.
    Honestly, you can still turn your life around. You can still be a positive force. But you have to make the choice to get better. You can't keep blaming your life without children, a wife, a career or real friends on forces outside yourself. There are those that will help you, but you have to make the first move.

  7. Right... So you are guilty of psychological abuse of the mentally ill, as demonstrated by both Dan Harmon and myself? Shame on you...

    And no Don, those where the findings of one doctor. Dr. Miller based on the lies of Prosecutor Kristen Keller. Which I proved with the documents here on this blog.

    As the case number for Terroristic Threats from the Arrest Warrant never used in that evaluation because Kristen Keller never supplied said evidence...

    I will get to that later... Because you also claim that I was found mentally ill and that's why they dropped the charges. So prove it..? Just like your lies about me and being caught with a nake 13 year old girl... Still waiting on you to prove that one?

  8. Ron, the article clearly states that,
    "Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Keller filed a motion asking the court to find Collins incompetent to stand trial and for him to be committed to William R. Sharpe Hospital for an improvement period of six months.
    Burnside granted Keller’s motion and said the state has proved by more than was required that Collins is presently “psychotic with paranoia in the context of irrational grandiosity” and “is not presently capable to participate effectively in his legal process.”

  9. And on this Christmas day, I really hope that like Scrooge faced with the horror of what he would become, you will turn your life around. What I say may be harsh, but it is the only way you can save yourself from continuing the hell that is your existence right now.

  10. Ah Reek, that is the opinion of "experts" you are citing the opinion of one expert, Dr. miller who was not given the correct information associated with the case... Such as how the Case Number for Terrorist Threat Warrant which does match the case number from the Court Order but doesn't show up on the report?

    So can you prove that the case was dismissed because of Dr. Miller's findings? Because that doesn't match up with proceedure under WV Code. So its on you to prove that claim Don...

    Even if it is right, that means you are spending Christmas tormenting a mentally ill person and slandering his name as a form of mental abuse... Same thing you did to Dan Harmon. Jeez Reek, you better hope that's a lie because you still haven't proven Fujita Seiko wasn't in the Military, that I was found with a naked 13 year old girl or that you haven't used said defamation to turn people against me to interfer with my business. Can you prove those claims? You can prove I an a sex offender, a pedophile just by going to look at the WV Sex Offender Registry here:

    I mean God man, you are trying to arrange a fight with a mentally ill person... What kind of worthless person has make up lies and psychologically abuse a crazy person on Christmas, when has family, friends and fame to sne so thankful for...

    Or is that a lie to? Because it looks like a lie... Not looking good for in defending a case against defamation. So proof?

  11. Actually, I think after your attempt to intimidate me with Colorado Revised Statutes, § 18-13-105, only to find out that it was repealed in 2012, I think we can safely discount any legal opinion or statement you may make.

  12. So no... You can't prove your claims?
    Only thing you have tried to prove is that I was crazy but nothing else you claimed has come with any proof... Why is that Reek? Can you prove it?

    How is Christmas? I mean you are arguing with a crazy person online instead of spending time with your family. I am either right and you don't care about your family and a sick fuck who likes to abuse the mentally ill or I am right...

    Thanks for the self incriminating statements.

  13. If you really were trying to sue me, the first thing any lawyer would tell their client is to not give things like what you demand in public.
    As for what I am doing, I was fixing a duck with a bit of down time between rotations.
    You are mentally ill, you don't know the law and you won't be launching any lawsuit. We all know that. Now you can still turn your life around, and people will help you. But you have to put all this behind you.

  14. And you are wasting time trying to talk to a person you say is crazy. Trying to convince them they won't do something but we know you are kidding yourself don't you?

    Of course I am going to sue, I am crazy... Remember, the question is pretty simple can you prove your accusations? I don't see you proving shit...

    So come on Reek, where is your proof that I was found naked with a 13 year old girl? Where is your proof that I went to prison? Remember jail is for when you're waiting to go to trial and for misdemeanors. Prison is for felonies so you better prove I am a felon and that I tried to rape a 13 year old girl.

  15. Ron, part of me does want to help you. And I really don't think you will ever sue me. You don't have a lawyer and you don't know anything about the law. Yet one of the things about the law is that if this ever moves into a courtroom I can surprise you with sources and such like that. As the person bringing the suit, you can't surprise me, but you have said that some things will be a key point of your case. Well, I can set things up so that I am covered and never have to tell you here, and only reveal them when I am asked in court.
    So, I feel very safe but am not showing my cards.
    Again, Ron I hope you make the choice to turn away from this path. There are people that will help if you do. But the first step has to come from you. You have to admit you are mentally ill and you being sent to the mental hospital was not a plot against you, but the act of society trying to turn you around. Without that acknowledgement, the lonely existence of being an internationally hated and mocked figure will never end.

  16. I see you have approved my last post a while ago, so you are working on a response as I write this. But it is a little after 11 here, which means after 1 am where you are. I have just come down for a treat of cookies after everyone else got to sleep, but it is time for me to hit the sack. I will deal with whatever you respond after Christmas and the goodwill of this time.

  17. Reek...

    You can't surprise me and can't cover yourself from the fact that you lied about me, have lied about me and when pressed you can't prove your lies...

    You don't get it do you. Let me introduce you to some legal terms Reek. And facts...

    1. You just hinted at evidence tampering. Not to be the barrier of bad news but you just said "Yet one of the things about the law is that if this ever moves into a courtroom I can surprise you with sources and such like that. As the person bringing the suit, you can't surprise me, but you have said that some things will be a key point of your case."

    No Reek, you can't surprise me with sources, any evidence you wish to use you have to turn over as part of discovery... This isn't Matlock were you come with last minute evidence as a "surprise look what I have defense."

    You can't surprise me... In fact, Dumb ass I was baiting into such an incriminating statement as "As the person bringing the suit, you can't surprise me (not true), but you have said that some things will be a key point of your case. Well, I can set things up so that I am covered and never have to tell you here, and only reveal them when I am asked in court.
    So, I feel very safe but am not showing my cards."

    You can't set things so that you are covered by, you have made public statements, videos and posted blogs that have false information and outright lies about me. The truth is when pressed to prove those claims here... You failed and now you are saying you don't have give me evidence as part of discovery, until court. That's not true. Actually, it won't matter... Because I can prove your statements are false and already have on this blog.

    You will be required to prove those lies in court. Can you prove that I was found naked with a 13 year old girl? Are you going to call someone as a witness? Well you have to inform me ahead of time and I can file for a interogatory to interview them under oath to know what they will say prior to trial and to use that information to impeach their testimony if they are caught in a lie. I can set up an interogatory for you prior to court and know what you will say.

    2. You really haven't helped yourself for example you are claiming you can in essence cover up evidence. This gives me a lot of ammo for discovery. I can prove there is no documented claims or statements involving me and a naked teenager... This means you will have to prove your claim. You say I was in Prison for trying to rape a teenager, you will have to prove it... I can prove I was never charged with rape. See I don't need to prove you told lies, I have copies of the videos, blogs and other statements. You will have to prove that those statements are true if you can't you will lose...

    Doesn't take a lawyer to know you are fucked... Reek. I have exposed your lies here and I will expose them in court. Be real funny Senior Grandmaster "Douchebag" is key to crippling the legal defense you think you have.

  18. 3. At best, you could try to move against the BDFS but that's all you got. Problem is you invited me and showed up (remember your challenge video) now that basically removes any claim to taking action against BDFS for interfering with your business and my testimony only becomes relevant if I take the stand. If I don't take the stand you'll never know who grandmaster "dumb shit" is. Then you got nothing... Hell the BDFS can sue him for misusing the name.

    4. In fact, Don your statement "Again, Ron I hope you make the choice to turn away from this path. There are people that will help if you do. But the first step has to come from you. You have to admit you are mentally ill and you being sent to the mental hospital was not a plot against you, but the act of society trying to turn you around."

    I think your only defense is claim I am mental because you've been exposed as a liar. What's funny is I can prove that Kristen Keller did falsify evidence. Take the secret video here:

    Pat Lamp is recorded saying the Arrest Warrant for Child Porn says nothing about a 2nd Search Warrant. The Arrest Warrant says "On 10/28/2011 the undersigned officer obtained a second search warrant for the defendants computers for evidence of child pornography." So why is that? I mean if it's all in my head... Surely you can explain why the assistant prosecutor is saying on record in court that there was 2nd search warrant mentioned in the arrest warrant but the warrant says otherwise.

    Can you explain why WV Code 27-5A-2 (b) gives a list of evidence that have to be submitted to a psychological examiner and the Court Order for case number 13F-1026 for the Terrorist Threats case doesn't show up on evidence given to the state? Court order listed on the same case number (13F-1026) but it doesn't appear on the court papers visible here:

    And the Code is Here:

    WV Code 27-6A-2(b) items (1) and (2).

    I able to prove my claims Reek but you can't prove your claims. You can't change or alter the truth, the best you can hope for is to convince a few people online that you are right.

    You can't defeat truth with lies and I can just as easily prove my claims. Come Don, I can prove what I say, where in West Virginia code do they dismiss the case for Mental Illness? You think you know the law better then me.

  19. Ron, it is obvious you don't know anything about the law. And it is equally obvious that you will lie about your arrests and such. No one believes you were set up as part of a vast conspiracy against you.

  20. Don, it doesn't matter what people believe... I am not asking you to "believe" I am showing established facts and legal codes of law which were not followed...

    Whether you choose to believe Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp was lying, lied to or mistaken it doesn't change the fact that there is a recording of me speaking on my own behalf at a pretrial motions hearing about the second search warrant that Pat denies exists and a copy of the Arrest Warrant mentioning it.

    Those are proven and irrefutable facts demonstrated on court record, my own secret recording published online publicly and said warrant for my arrest. Now those pieces of evidence support my claims of abuse of authority and disconduct on behalf of the police and prosecutors office.

    What supports your claims otherwise?
    What supports your claims I went to prison for trying to rape a 13 year old girl?
    What supports your claims and accusations that I am a pedophile?

    Same questions will come up in court... You will have to prove it in court. The difference is I can prove facts right here and you can't. That "material fact" alone makes you appear to be lying... Substantiating my claim that are lying.

    Only evidence you've brought forward is that news article. However, you fail to see the point. An established fact of law WV Code 27-6A-2 (b) states "(b) The court shall require the party making the motion for the evaluation, and other parties as the court considers appropriate, to provide to the qualified forensic evaluator appointed under subsection (a) of this section any information relevant to the evaluations within ten business days of its evaluation order. The information shall include, but not be limited to:
    (1) A copy of the warrant or indictment;
    (2) Information pertaining to the alleged crime, including statements by the defendant made to the police, investigative reports and transcripts of preliminary hearings, if any;
    (3) Any available psychiatric, psychological, medical or social records that are considered relevant;
    (4) A copy of the defendant's criminal record; and
    (5) If the evaluations are to include a diminished capacity assessment, the nature of any lesser included criminal offenses."

    Which gets back to why the Arrest Warrant for Terrorist Threats & the Court Order for evaluation have the case number 13F-1026 but, it doesn't show up in the report as evidence supplied by the state. Clearly it would appear as part of items 1 or 2 on that list? Again Don, I can prove with matetial facts found in both the report and the legal code that you are either grossly negligent statements or outright lying to conceal material facts.

    You won't have your online minions to show up to support for your lies, its going to you on the stand under oath. Proving your accusations & all I have to prove is that you lied. That you have used defamation as a means to attack and harm people's businesses and personal lives for some form of gain. I can do that too...

  21. See Don, its not a vast conspiracy its multiple conspiracies. There was the conspiracy to put me under the foot of Avengers MC (considered Organized Crime by the State of WV and the FBI), which ties in with Michelle Jennings being married to the former president of the Avengers MC Darrell James Lilly. She is the sister of a local pedophile Chris Jennings who, is the son of former Magistrate Mary Anne Jennings. Darrell is an associate of Bobby Redden (cousins in the state police & sheriffs office) who's daughter was my alleged victim in the deliquency case and the stalking case but, I was never found guilty of stalking and her charge was dismissed after appeal when she said she was cohersed by her mom, the prosecutor (not Pat Lamp or Kristen Keller) and the cop Duckworth.

    Greg Duckworth's wife is Bobby Redden's cousin. How can a drug dealer and black market gun dealer like him, associate with a known pedo like Chris & not be involved in the same or some way?

    See its not a vast conspiracy its just multiple conspiracies. Conspiracies aren't always bad, business negotiations are a conspiracy, private clubs for business men like the free masons are a conspiracy, street and biker gangs are a conspiracy. See I am not saying you are involved with all that as a massive conspiracy against me. I am saying you are involved in a minor conspiracy with Shepherd and Elmore to defame me for personal gain. You just so happen to be a "tool" of that other conspiracy to entrap me in the legal system so that I am forced to work as a "police informant" and still placed under thumb of some group like the Avengers MC or whatever gang... You are nothing but, an internet tough guy trying to look tough.

    You have been using or trying to use that larger conspiracy to fuel your defamation but, I have evidence against it (whole reason for the terrorist threats BS, was to get new and more evidence btw). So your false accusations becomes a platform to address some of that evidence in federal court. More important, you are tied to another conspiracy aren't you Don? The Bujinkan Ninja-Cult conspiracy, which is what got you involved in trying to go out and champion the battle against "frauds."

    Everything you do is about protecting and collecting power and influence for your cult? Late 90s you came to Ashida Kim's old message board and wanted all us "Koga Ryu" guys to see your proof Koga Ryu Was Dead article...

    Even without proof your article had a huge whole. That according to Fujita Seiko he was the last of Koga Ryu Wada-ha Ninjutsu but that according to him (his research) Ninjutsu was passed along families and not schools. You translated Fujita's autobiography to make the claim he was the last Koga Ryu. Problem is Don...
    1. You don't do legitimate research. I proved that with a picture of Fujita Seiko with Shito Ryu Karate Soke and a well know Shito Ryu master from world war 2 on a Karate blog from 6 years ago.

    For 6 years you never knew about the Shito Ryu Karate connection to Fujita Seiko. And if you did you didn't research it...

    The source is a legitimate Karateka, who has practiced and researched Karate in Japan and Okinawa. Yet, all you could do was make excuses... Your motivation is one of only seeing and providing evidence that Hatsumi and the Bujinkan are the only sources of Ninjutsu.

  22. 2. You have been proven to have lied here and regardless of your claims versus my claims online. You are going to have to face those lies, where you admit them now or in court doesn't matter. Because how can you be a legitimate researcher if you are overlooking information and making excuses about it and/or slandering anyone not involved in your little cult.

    You only published your Bansenshukai translation to argue against Anthony Cummins and the Historical Ninjutsu Research Teams Bansenshukai, knowing full well that researchers in Japan were apart of HNRT amd did their translation directly from historical documents. Your life is built around the Bujinkan and you have stretched out into criminal conspiracy to do so. Your criminal conspiracy has touched on the criminal conspiracies of others.
    Counter-sue, waste time with a lawyer or show up pro se. It doesn't matter, you will lose because your claims can't be proven and I can prove my own, what can't be outright can be hinted at with evidence.

    In all likelihood it will destroy your business and your credibility but I didn't cause you to lie or defame others to push the Bujinkan down people's throats, I didn't cause Phil or Barron to interfer with my business and I didn't ask you to come here...

    You are here because you need to try to sweep your skeletons back into the closet. Mine are sitting on my front lawn with santa hats. If the feds choose to dig deeper and if the people in Japan choose to use that case to go after Hatsumi... Eh. You coming here and arguing with me only gives me a platform to use against you and it makes my accusations look more creditable. In fact, it makes it harder to prove mistake or that you didn't and don't intend to lie when you are ignoring legal facts...

  23. Honestly Ron, to think that you are important enough that the Avengers would do all this to put you under their control is just more proof of the “psychotic with paranoia in the context of irrational grandiosity” that the court found in you and sent you to the mental hospital over.

  24. Sure... Nevermind I was published author and a member of the BDFS which was then based in Florida where the Avengers MC has chapters and my former Karate Instructor was an Avenger. I was fresh out the Army and could have transported drugs to West Virginia from Florida for the gang with a proven alibi of seminars and such with groups of people who have no connection to the Avengers.

    I know of people who did this with used cars and cocaine. Thing is, its not that I was "special" its that I knew things and people because of Danny trying to get me to join his little club.

    It was the Avengers, who connected me to people they were trying to protect with the deliquency lies. Ot doesn't matter if you or anyone believes that not Don.

    1. It matters that material facts has been shown to you, whether you believe me or not how do explain the Arrest Warrant mentioning a 2nd Search Warrant and the Assistant Prosecutor on video saying it doesn't?
    2. That doesn't strike you as odd, as suspect?
    3. Or are you just ignoring facts to push your own agenda?
    4. West Virginia Code 27-6A-2 (b) gives a list of things that are supposed to be part of the Psychological Evaluation how do you explain an Arrest Warrant with a case number of 13F-1026 and a court order with the same case number but, no such warrant on listed on the evaluation?

    Only way this continues if you you answer my questions... Specifically those questions because they are material facts and to exist you either have to admit they exist or say they are forgeries... Please do, because will be used against you in court.

    Four questions I await your answers...

  25. That is a whole lotta crazy Ron. You do realize how that looks to others. The entire attempt to seduce a 13 year old, the child porn and everything else, just because you are competent enough to be wanted by a group like that. Meanwhile, you are living off of benefits because you are too incompetent to hold down a job, are hated all over the world and have no one to be with during this holiday season. Yeah, crazy.

  26. Wow... Just wow... Don, you avoided everything that I addressed as a real life fact and stated nothing but, the same defamation and lies... You can't even comment on whether those facts exist. I will assume that means you are in denial of reality?

    I spent Christmas with family and friends. I don't need to prove that to you because that was "our time" and not "your time" aside from a few laughs at your apparently self-deluded attempts to say you are so much better then me.

    Its pretty sad actually... Now from the top Reek answer my 4 questions. They aren't hard to answer.

    How do explain the Arrest Warrant mentioning a 2nd Search Warrant and the Assistant Prosecutor on video saying it doesn't?
    2. That doesn't strike you as odd, as suspect?
    3. Or are you just ignoring facts to push your own agenda?
    4. West Virginia Code 27-6A-2 (b) gives a list of things that are supposed to be part of the Psychological Evaluation how do you explain an Arrest Warrant with a case number of 13F-1026 and a court order with the same case number but, no such warrant on listed on the evaluation?

    Answer the questions, Reek... So in avoiding those questions you look like you are trying to hide something. Material facts perhaps... I don't know I just know you look delusional and unable to deal with reality.

  27. As I said elsewhere, lies and misrepresentations from someone who doesn't know the law (as I proved), is willing to lie to make himself look good and doesn't seem to be taking the medication he is supposed to in order to keep his bipolar condition under control.

  28. How did I misrepresent the facts Don? I don't care about "conspiracy theories" and delusion... You have to explain how a Raleigh County Assistant Prosecutor told a judge in court that a Second Search Warrant doesn't show up on Arrest Warrant and the Arrest Warrant says the officer got a 2nd Search Warrant...

    See if I am claiming the state falsified evidence and lied to arrest me, it really doesn't matter if I can prove the "why" (getting into all that Avengers & criminal conspiracy stuff), it Matters that I prove things which support my claims of falsified evidence.

    Video Here:
    Video doesn't match copy of the Warrant Here:

    Blog Here with court papers:

    Now, if you are claiming I am mentally ill you had better fucking prove it... If you are accusing my of fabricating the video or the court documents you better fucking prove it. Problem is you can't prove it, so you are let with these unproven statements which makes you look like a liar...

    For example... If you look here: You get an image of the Referral & Information Page of the Psychological Report item 3 is the Court Order for Re-evaluation. Case Number 13-F-1026 / 13-B-410 is a bound over number, same case and same court order. Arrest Warrants and show no Case Number 13F 1026.

    Arrest Warrant for Terrorist Threats has a case number of 13F 1026 shows an Arresting Officer as Trooper Hayes. Yet report cites trooper Efrid as the only source of information... Why is that?

    The Cover Page here lists a case number for 13F-1026 but an offense date of Febuary 25th 2011... Wait that arrest warrant says the offense date was 16th to 22nd August 2013... Why is that?

    You do realize when I put you on the stand, you can't give these delusional rants about how mentally ill I am to avoid answering... "You don't know." You will to provide some form evidence that your claims are based on information before 2012. That you can prove someone outside your lil cabal of fucktard trolls said I was found with a naked 13 year old girl... Because you haven't proven shit and you look like a liar, a fraud and a mental patient.

  29. Ron, let's face reality. I know that is not something an ex mental patient like you is used to. But when you tried to make me fear that I would spend time in jail using a Colorado law that doesn't exist, you gave up all credibility in talking about legal matters. I am not going to bother looking at what you post, because you proved that you either are too stupid to realize the truth, or are willing to bend it when it suits you.

  30. Did you ignore my last comment?
    Well, if so, you tried to intimidate me with a law that doesn't exist on the books anymore. I don't know if it is because you are stupid, your mental illness is kicking in or if you are willing to lie. In any case, nothing you post can be taken serious anymore.

  31. Don, everything I post can be taken serious... For example remember when you said my case was only dismissed because I was found upfit to stand trial...

    Better take a look at WV Codes...

    "(f) If at any point in the proceedings the defendant is found not competent to stand trial and is found substantially likely to attain competency, the court of record shall in the same order, upon the evidence, make further findings as to whether the defendant requires, in order to attain competency, inpatient management in a mental health facility. If inpatient management is required, the court shall order the defendant be committed to an inpatient mental health facility designated by the department to attain competency to stand trial and for a competency evaluation. The term of this commitment may not exceed three months from the time of entry into the facility. However, upon request by the chief medical officer of the mental health facility and based on the requirement for additional management to attain competency to stand trial, the court of record may, prior to the termination of the three-month period, extend the period up to nine months from entry into the facility. A forensic evaluation of competency to stand trial shall be conducted by a qualified forensic evaluator and a report rendered to the court, in like manner as subsections (a) and (c), section two of this article, every three months until the court determines the defendant is not competent to stand trial and is not substantially likely to attain competency.
    (g) If at any point in the proceedings the defendant is found not competent to stand trial and is found not substantially likely to attain competency and if the defendant has been indicted or charged with a misdemeanor or felony which does not involve an act of violence against a person, the criminal charges shall be dismissed. The dismissal order may, however, be stayed for twenty days to allow civil commitment proceedings to be instituted by the prosecutor pursuant to article five of this chapter. The defendant shall be immediately released from any inpatient facility unless civilly committed."

    I believe your article said Dr. Miller thought I could regain competency... Which means that subsection (f) applies. More so, if you look at Subsection (h):
    "(h) If at any point in the proceedings the defendant is found not competent to stand trial and is found not substantially likely to attain competency, and if the defendant has been indicted or charged with a misdemeanor or felony in which the misdemeanor or felony does involve an act of violence against a person, then the court shall determine on the record the offense or offenses of which the person otherwise would have been convicted, and the maximum sentence he or she could have received. A defendant shall remain under the court's jurisdiction until the expiration of the maximum sentence unless the defendant attains competency to stand trial and the criminal charges reach resolution or the court dismisses the indictment or charge."

    Now I was released from Sharpes to SRJ and then put on house arrest awaiting to go to trial before the prosecutor dropped my charges...

    That means your claims about me being found incompetent are false. See Don, I can go back and forth like this for the rest of my life but, court will have a judge and maybe a jury deciding what's false. There will be a court record proving you lied and made false statements. You will be proven a liar in a court of law... It only gets better because, well... Guess you will see when I file.

  32. Ron, nothing that a person involuntarily committed to a mental hospital can be taken seriously. We have the newspaper article with no retraction by them. No one is going to take your version of events as truth without it.

  33. Don, that might fly for your supporters online and your own delusional claims but, I just stated a material fact of both West Virginia law and evidence related to the actual case. I will let a judge and jury decide that which is more creditable. Otherwise your claims mean nothing...

  34. Don, that might fly for your supporters online and your own delusional claims but, I just stated a material fact of both West Virginia law and evidence related to the actual case. I will let a judge and jury decide that which is more creditable. Otherwise your claims mean nothing...

  35. Ron, the courts pronounced you unfit for trial. That was shown in the article. Anything you argue in your defense can't match the simple fact that you spent several months in a mental hospital and don't seem to have too firm a grip on reality.

  36. Don... That is your entire defense for being unable to answer 4 simple questions...

    "The World" can see you cannot answer why the Arrest Warrant mentioning a 2nd Search Warrant and the Assistant Prosecutor on video saying it doesn't?

    News Flash Reek, that occurred on June 11th 2013 and published on Youtube July 23rd 2013 before I was found incompetent by a Doctor who didn't have the correct information. I was found incompetent when... February 25th 2014 almost a year later...

    Oops your link doesn't work but this is what google gave me (8th from the top when you search "Ron Collins Terrorist Threats"):

    That doesn't strike you as odd, as suspect that a Raleigh County Prosecutor lied about a court document? Or are you just ignoring facts to push your own agenda?

    Well I guess you answered that because once again your shitty research is showing.

    West Virginia Code 27-6A-2 (b) gives a list of things that are supposed to be part of the Psychological Evaluation how do you explain an Arrest Warrant with a case number of 13F-1026 and a court order with the same case number but, no such warrant on listed on the evaluation?

    Lets add something nee to this... From the link Here:

    Stated "Miller said he believes Col-lins “can be restored to competency with in-patient psychiatric hospitalization.”

    And in fact the article also states "Burnside ordered that Collins be transported to William R. Sharpe Hospital as an in-patient until he is competent to stand trial."

    Meaning it matches to what I said when I cited WV Code 22-6A-3 subsections (f), (g) & (h) above... So now I have you in another lie about my mental health as a way to discredit me and try to convince everyone you aren't lying... See this is another example of both your shitty research used to only to prove your biased opinion and your utter incompetence.

  37. Ron, you have falsified information in the past, and your attempt at trying to intimidate me with a Colorado law that isn't on the books means that no one has to take any "evidence" or anything else you present seriously. I looked up that law and saw it was nothing like what you tried to say it was. I am not wasting time on something a mental patient says is real.

  38. Reek, I think you take it pretty seriously... So seriously in fact you will have to come back and tell me "How much you don't take it seriously."

    See now you made up your mind not to reply to spite me but, now I just said this which means you want to tell me how crazy I am...

    See its a no win situation because your coming here proves you care. Like I said, I am aiming at suing you for RICO, racketeering... That means Colorado law doesn't apply, dumb shit. It means I spoon feed you, your excuses while I watched you chase your tail because you can't answer the questions, you haven't done any research and you claim you don't care.

    Yet, day after day even during Christmas you came here to this site, to true to declare me wrong...

    You say "I looked up that law and saw it was nothing like what you tried to say it was. I am not wasting time on something a mental patient says is real."

    Problem is Reek, I copy and pasted the info straight from the site. I am going compare it with screen shots so "the world." Can see you are a liar.

    Thank you, come again...

  39. Suing me for RICO. Buwhahaha! You really don't know anything, do you? You must be talking to Frank Dux. One thing you have to understand about him, he has never won a court case in his life.

  40. Not for RICO under RICO... Dux has nothing in this. RICO has a civil statute, I can also address Anti-trust laws and defamation laws...

    But, I get it... You can't answer my questions and when I point out that the code is cited directly from the sourse you make excuses. Its all you have is excuses and lies... lol

  41. Ya know this whole blog post is a testament to your inability to back up your claims... You can't answer questions and have lied about the obvious, what is on a video and what is written in WV Code.

    Quite entertaining.