Saturday, December 31, 2016

Open Letter to GinX: Evidence & Such...

Now during my debate with Don Roley, visible here in the Rats on a Sinking Shth blog which was a result of the Don Roley can't prove himself, I will call you Reek blog. Which was a product of the Christmas Came Early blog & the Motivation: Why I am Happy with a Jacked up life. Which is nothing more then an attempt by Don Roley to say Lexington Kentucky wasn't a set up, have me arrested and prior to the eventually breakdown of Don Roley challenging himself in my name, to set the rules... Something I addressed was an established doctrine of mud slingers like Roley, Elmore and Phil's side kick Patrick Ferrari established in the Shorthand Empty Hand book Phil Wrote and is now a free pdf online. The jist of the docture is they act like insulting, lying punk ass bitches but, they are afraid fight. So when someone calls them out on their BS and wants to fight them they rely on archaic social rules for dueling (illegal in most states btw) & claim as challenged they can set the rules.

This is evident in how Don Roley challenged me to come to seminar in Lexington Kentucky and challenge him. Thus establishing his ability to set the rules... This is also dogma in the Bujinkan as their deified "Grandmaster" Takamatsu was once challenged by a Judoka and avoided the fight by demanding it be old school samurai style duel to the death, which was illegal at the time, as well. Meaning whoever won would face a life in prison. Same thing for Lexington, it was Don Roley's little game to either have me arrested or see me back out the trap...

By the way, here is a screen shot of me arguing with Grandmaster "Dumb shit" which proves I didn't intentionally walk into Don Roley's seminar, except to justify the presence of the BDFS members sent by Grandmaster "Douche nozzle" to confront Roley... In fact "Douche nozzle" admits it below.

By the way Grandmaster Miskel head of the BDFS has said he didn't condone the idea of "Dojo Raids" & would expel anyone contributing to them.

Now during all that I had a bit of a Question and Answer period with GinX. Now I don't know GinX personally, in fact GinX could be one of Don Roley's, Ferrari's, Barron's or Elmore's troll accounts...

However, GinX did ask to see my DD214 which, is below... I am pretty open, when I am not dealing with Narcissistic assholes who make demands.

However, enouch back story for the spectators and lurkers... Here is my open letter to GinX.


I don't know who you are and you could just as easily be one of my online ststalkers phishing or trying to prove I won't submit my DD214, as easily as you could be someone who is just interested. Effectively, "GinX" is just a name on a computer screen and not someone I know personally. Basically you could be anyone.

Either way, I do respond well civility & here is my DD214. Because regardless of who you are or might be you appraoched me with basic civility & I do respect that. During the time I was effectly "living on the run" I also carred my paperwork on me including my DD214 which explains the sorry shape it is in.

I will post some close ups for you, as well as, a picture of the whole thing. This is from my active duty DD214.
Whole DD214 from the Army, as active duty...

Close ups below:
Here is my MOS 11Bravo, US Army Infantry, & here is were it mentions my Army Achievement Medal. Which the form for the medal mentioned me teaching Hand-to-Hand Combat and being a Teamleader. Not a Radio/Telephone Operator as Phil's FOIA shows...
 Here is the dates of enlistment which cover everything prior to when I enlisted in the 304th MPs in the reserves. That's on a seperate DD214 for the reserves, which I don't have a copy of.
Here is a picture where I received an honorable discharge from Active duty.
My grade E4, which goes to show why I got Army Achievement medal, as an E4 doing an E5's job as a Teamleader and Combatives instructor.
This shows that I was stationed at Camp Casey and not at Camp Red Cloud where Phil Elmore claims based on his FOIA.
Here is where it mentions my "stop loss" at the "request of the Government." All anyone has to do is ask me and not demand I do shit... I thank you for opportunity to demonstrate this very thing.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday season and Happy New Year's.

Ron Collins

To those spectators watching this, here is the conversation (leading to this open letter & the posted DD214) between me and GinX. Feel free to think what you will...

So here you are on New Years Eve, enjoy... Happy New Years!

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