Thursday, June 15, 2017

Watching Don Roley Fail Part 3

Yep, I am an asshole.... So I mentioned how Don Roley's proxies are crying foul because, I called Don Roley's wife a whore... I am sorry, to her, not Dim Roley.

So as a man, I do admit when I am wrong... I do offer Don Roley's wife my sincere apologies and I did go a bit over the top with that "whore comment." You have not only my apologies for my comments but, my prayers & wishes for you to get through your battle with cancer. Now please excuse me while I address and deal with your husband.

Don Roley's challenge in Kentucky was meant to entrap me legally. However, under Kentucky law Don would have been just as guilty of a Felony in the way of a Second Degree Assault... And, regardless I am not going to commit a felony to win a fight...

See under Kentucky Revised Statute 508.020 it states anyone who "intentionally causes a severe injury to another person" is guilty of Assault in the Second Degree.

Screen shot of Kentucky Statute 508.020:

Now Don Roley risked jail with his own challenge to me, to challenge him. He did this knowing that Kentucky would extradite back from West Virginia... So even if I won the fight, Don gets to put me in jail, actually prison since it would be a felony, defame my name online while I could do nothing about it and win the online war between us. It would also prevent the law suit. So even if Don loses he still wins, its good strategy except, for someone who claims they could easily beat me and claims I know it... It Reeks of doubt and fear. Doesn't seem like Roley thinks he can beat me... "A fraud with skills or training" as he claims.

Remember the law suit is the goal here... Don Roley, Barron Shepherd and Phil Elmore have all doubled down because they know they will lose... A former Dux Ryu associate gave evidence to Pattrick Ferrari for Elmore (more proxies). 20 gigs of Harassment as a matter of fact.

Screen shot of Patrick Ferrari admitting it: From December 2016

Now the same argument can be applied to Don's challenge in DC however... It can be and I would be easily extradited from DC. See even if Don Roley makes the challenge and commits the crime, he can always argue the terms were meant to deter me from showing up and that he was acting in self-defence. It is his event and has a lawful reason for being there which, is why I want to fight him on neutral ground.

Don Roley challenging himself video:

Its also why I said I was coming to his house. See I didn't threaten to come to his house, I said I am coming to challenge him. Don Roley gets no conditions as the challenged party until I actually challenge him and you got Don Roley backing out like a bitch before the Challenge os even made (there is screenshots of a whole legal argument about why under Colorado Law.

Under Colorado law, Don Roley can talk shit to my face like he did on the Lexington video, to provoke me and I am going destroy him. Because provoking someone to violence to claim self-defense... In Colorado if Don agrees to step outside, neither of us can claim self-defense. In Colorado well they don't have to extradite Roley & might now extradite me.

And well... As I pointed out, Don Roley was willing to take the same risks as me in Kentucky and been willing to commit a felony. I bet je would have fled Kentucky before I made it to the hospital, if je could have put me there. So all this talk about Roley's family and how much they depend on him is just talk & how he doesn't want to risk going to jail is stupid when he did in Lexington.

It is called Hiding Behind a Woman and Your Children. Its not being a father or a husband. See when Don or one of his proxies cites me saying "lets pretend I did threaten his family." Don Roley is forgetting when he attempted to engage in a felony in Kentucky. Don Roley Attempted a Felony Assault in Kentucky. When he, if we are to believe his own statements of his belief in his success & skill, attempted to commit a felony assault. How important was your family then? No, Bitch you know you can't beat me & are proving it now online.

But, if Don Roley was willing to commit a felony and abandon his family, his wife and kids, to defend Barron's honor in Kentucky was Don Roley hiding behind his wife and kids and making excuses in Lexington? DC Code 22-404.01 Aggravated Assault shows that " a. A person commits aggravated assault if: 1 By any means, that person knowingly or purposely causes serious bodily injury to another person."

Don Roley is a testicle-less sub-human creature with no integrity and holding a lower standard then pond scum, sewer slime or feces. Hiding behind his computer, the law and his family... I am sorry for calling Don's wife a whore but, I am even more Sorry that, she married a pathetic little bitch like you who wants use her, her children and illness as an excuse for not being a man.

Video Don Roley Family Man:
Coming Soon...

Still Coming to Your House Don...


  1. Mr Collins writing five blogs in two weeks about Mr Roley without taking the action you promised has just helped cement the world's opinion that you are both mentally unstable and have no real desire to face him. I urge you to speak to a mental health professional.

    1. Cute you are calling me crazy for posting blogs about Don Roley being a bitch... Of course, if you actually followed what I said I said August was about the date, I was looking at... I plan to be in Florida for the fourth of July, hey maybe Barron will want to challenge me while I am there.

      What is the matter don't want me to show Don Roley hiding behind his wife and kids? This all entertaining to me. You trolls are too afraid to come out and, cry about being exposed... Yet, hide behind proxies and troll accounts.

      It is "The Show" Don Roley wanted... Me taking the greater legal risk he wanted to set me up for... The build up before the climax... I am guessing you don't like foreplay? As for the "world's opinion" lets be honest here troll, you are talking to me but trying to persuade anyone reading this from believing I will and am going to Colorado Springs...

  2. But if you are waiting until August, you could wait for him outside his seminar in Maryland. Since you are already making excuses to not show up there, you can't blame everyone for believing this is just your way to try to save face while at the same time trying to cause Mr Roley to worry about the safety of his family.
    And even if it was not well known that you were sent to a mental hospital, typing for ten hours a day on how you hate Mr Roley and want to do him harm is enough for me to urge you to seek help from a professional.

    1. Troll...

      1. Do you know what Don Roley has done to me? Slandered my name, tried to interfer with my court cases and personal affairs... Me documenting Don Roley's pattern of Harassment is not a sign of mental illness but, establishing a pattern of behavior... One not one of you like.

      2. I set August as a date because I have a job to do in July and a vacation to Florida for the fifth. Don Roley, set up his DC event in August... However, I maintain my course because a) I didn't threaten his family and b) Don has repeatedly brought his family into this... So we will discuss Don Roley hiding behind his family.

      3. I don't care what anyone thinks... I posted my blog I am done talking June 5th and Don posted his event in DC for August, so why set an event in August unless he is either a) avoiding me or b) hiding behind his family...

      Don has repeatedly lied about the fact he brought his family into this... How can he care about his family if he is hiding behind them? Setting rules to fights he claims "he knows he will win" that will lock him up in prison? If Don wants to face me on "his turf" then I will go to his house...

      My question is were is Don Roley's evidence, his proof that I threatened his family.