Thursday, June 1, 2017

Barron is NOT gonna Fight me... Again.

So we all know I drove to Florida a month ago... I talked to Edson Burto about setting up the MMA match that Barron wanted him to set... Course, I didn't meet with Edson as soon as I got to Florida and Barron made up some BS story and took pictures at Edson's gym to claim I challenged him with only an hours notice... Yet, no such challenge was leveled and Barron only made himself look like a liar and bitch. I explained all this with scene shots in I am not gonna explain why I came to Florida... I will just show you.

In fact, it was very amusing & as well I even proved that Roley used my own Black Dragon Ninjitsu methods of psychological manipulation to manipulate Dux into sending people to Roley's seminar in Lexington Kentucky... That was the March 31st Happy April Fools Day blog. However, that was just turning up the heat from the Dealing with Don Roley and Frank W. Dux... Here is the Facts. Were I showed the screen shots from messenger between Dux & I. Which is all present in this video...

However this video is bait... It proves that Frank Dux was punked out by Don Roley, with Don Roley using the same methods I showcased in my own blog: Choho No Jutsu: The Application of Ninjitsu in the Modern World & Keep Your Enemies Closer  (both from 2012) and found in greater detail in my own books Black Dragon Ninjitsu & Army of Shadows. The fact that Don Roley who calls me a fraud is the same person using my methods is absolutely the Best Advertisement I can ask for, as well as using me as recommendation by using a partial quote about how much of a lying douche bag he is.

But, see all this comes from Don Roley trying to cover for Barron "Bitch Titties" Shepherd... He did it online trying to save face for their little conspiracy of wannabe tough guys. That whole affair with screen shots was cover in the Blog Ducking Dragons 5: Don Roley... Trying to Change the Narrative and that was before Ducking Dragons 7: Will Barron Show or No? Which I should add had some update videos of me showing up for Ruckus in the Cage and Barron not... But, its cool he also backed out of Don Roley's Seminar in Lexington Kentucky after Don Roley suggested I meet Barron there... And then I suggest was meet on Nuetral Ground in Kentucky on Ducking Dragons 8: When you Bitch out and Everyone knows it.

See fighting on Neutral Ground is cool, its all either illegal for both or legal in a cage. What it isn't is this sending people to Don Roley's Seminar because someone called Dux a fraud. Well if the shoe fits... In fact, going from something I mentioned about actually proving the claims about what someone made, instead of disproving something someone claims this person said... Someone went straight at Frank W. Dux's military record claims. So has taken to calling out Dux on his claims... by doing just that.

But, why expect a liar and fraud from stepping up and actually fighting... Barron or Don? No... No... They prefer to get online and lie about things. Take Don's Roley's lies about me, to explain why he claims I am a sex offender and yet, can't answer why I am not on the WV Sex Offender Registry...
Here is the Link the WV Sex Offender Registry...
Take a Look I am that comfortable with the truth... Here are Screen Shots of Running my Own Name... again I am that comfortable with putting the truth out here.

I proved that on the Rats on a Sinking Ship are Smarter then "Internet Ninjas." when I showed that Barron Shepherd was taking down his claims about me after I proved repeatedly that Don Roley couldn't prove anything... Yet Don Roley tries to point to a News Article were Kristen Keller lied and falsified evidence to conceal the truth of a decade of recorded harassment and abuse.

In fact, I have a law suit against the state. We all know this, but what we don't know is that if Don Roley & Barron Shepherd's lies were true. If I was somehow found Not Guilty by Mental Illness (that is the correct legal term by the way), I would still be on that list in accordance with WV Code 15-12-2 of the Sex Offender Registration Act.

 This is the West Virginia Legislature code side for Chapter 15 Public Safety, Article 12 the Sex Offender Registration Act...
 This is Section 2 Registration which the High Light text reads "(b) Any person who has been convicted of an offense or an attempted offense or has been found not guilty by reason of mental illness, mental retardation or addiction of an offense under any of the following provisions of chapter sixty-one of this code or under a statutory provision of another state, the United States Code or the Uniform Code of Military Justice which requires proof of the same essential elements shall register as set forth in subsection (d) of this section and according to the internal management rules promulgated by the superintendent under authority of section twenty-five, article two of this chapter:"
 *Bold applied to added to highlight the link between Mental Illness & Registration.
Subsection (d) highlighted above shows all information which is needed to and who it must be registered with...

So then, Barron Shepherd is a liar and coward... Proven by his own hands once again. Don Roley is a liar and a coward proven by his own hands once again. And as the Clock has expired with no paperwork for my physical or, information concerning the fight to have been provided... Barron isn't going to fight and when I go back down to Florida in July or August... Nothing is going to happen, expect I might get sand in my shoes & my Spanish a little better. I will enjoy getting drunk on the beach... I might even visit Ashida Kim... But, once again this is leading to another chance that Barry claims he wants & nothing happens.

Well enjoy your Summer...


  1. You are so full of shit, Ron...everyone knows you are a coward and cried like a little bitch when Barron ruined your attempt to create the illusion of him ducking you when he was tipped off and he showed up to pound your candy ass into the dirt in spite of your best efforts to avoid him. Keep running your mouth, of these days someone who doesn't care about going to jail is going to show up on your door step...hopefully with a video camera so the epic beat-down will make it to youtube.

    1. You mean like how I created the Illusion of Barron lying about a challenge, I didn't level for a fight I didn't duck?

      Oh wait that was Barron who did that to himself...

      And Don Roley backing him... Is even better know what makes it funnier... Don Roley is in full spin trying to cover his tracks after I prove him and Barron both liars.

      See Don's video right here.

      It took less then 24 hours for YOUR troll account and Don Roley to go into full damage control. You bitches can talk all the shit you want but Nobody is stepping up and if they do it might be someone locally... But, it ain't gonna a Donna Roley or Barron...

  2. No damage control, Ronnie-boy, just reiterating facts. You're a loser and a coward. The world knows it, and in spite of your clear mental illness, deep down you know it, too. So what's it like, late at night, when the voices in your head really get going?