Monday, June 12, 2017

Watching Don Roley, Fail... Part 1

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So I exposed Frank Dux's hand in sending people to Don Roley's event in Lexington, Kentucky. Now while I have been using this as an opportunity to drag Don Roley into my web... One spider to another. See Dux caused a situation that in order to protect the BDFS, I went into Don Roley's web...

But, you see outing Dux was a plan. Not because of the supposed "shame" that the Bujin-cult says I feel. No... Afterwards, after we all returned to the BDFS seminar there was some discussion and Dux tried to tell me "I made it all up." everything I went through being set up, police corruption and everything else was something I made up... I almost hit Dux and was somewhere between trying to decide if hitting him and having the BDFS turn against me or just trying to control myself and let it go was thre thing to do. I was considering hitting Dux right at the fracture skull just above the base of the skull knowing I could possibly kill him or paralyze him. Dux, got the fuck out of my sight before I hit the son of bitch... Just so you know how hot I was because, as a business associate I had covered for Dux's fraudulent history of trying to copy the Bujinkan in so many ways. I might do a Blog focused on Dux at a later point.

Yeah I was that pissed I was considering trying to finish the job some MMA fighter started... See as I explained to Dux, while he was reading and gushing over Legacy of the Kokuryukai... Don's focus is on the BDFS because if you look at all involved you have multiple styles of Koga Ryu Ninjitsu all converging under a single banner...

Ashida Kim's Hai Lung Ryu matches with a lot of information found in historical documents now available to an English Speaking Audience thanks to the legitimate research of the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team. And you can look at the printed text from Kirkland Peterson's Mind of Ninja where military texts like the Bansenshukai were passed off as pseudo-religious texts of Eastern Mysticism and Kirkland cites his sources as Stephen K. Hayes and Hatsumi. Which Stephen K. Hayes of course got all his information from Hatsumi.

In my case, well I actually used my methods in a very well documented situation. A situation which is bad enough to address but, made worse by the lies of Don Roley and Barron Shepherd. Anyone who looks at the information, without bias asks me the same question. Why? And when answered with facts and further down the rabbit hole one goes... The wilder things get. See I can prove my methods work and while the unarmed fighting methods and such as different from Ashida Kim's Koga Hai Lung Ryu... My methods of psychological manipulation and intelligence gathering are very, very similar.

Frank Dux has the money and Hollywood connections. Minus being found out as having been proven to lie about military record and being awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor (at the time I didn't know that but, do now), he even had people using his methods in the military. And between Ashida Kim resembling the (Then Unknown Historical Japanese texts, we have today thanks to the HNRT) & My proven track record via the court documents, does it become apparent that we could bring together multiple styles of Koga Ryu Lineage and foster cross training in those styles and Rival the Bujinkan for control of the "ninjutsu markets." That is not even forgetting those associated with the BDFS from other schools of Ninjutsu like Christa Jacobson or, Michael Robinson (who trained in both Koga Ryu and Toshindo).

Of, course... You have to realize Dux wants the only Ninjutsu in BDFS to be Dux Ryu. So this is a threat not only to the Bujinkan but, to Dux Ryu as a stand alone style in the market, as well... Dux has made it abundantly clear to me he sees me as a rival and, as such I see Dux as nothing but, a minor inconvenience. (I mean seriously, I don't worry myself over Dux) See, with my Black Dragon Ninjitsu methods of psychological manipulation and information gathering being so similar to Ashida Kim's Koga Hai Lung Ryu & my own methods having been used against organized crime, corrupt cops and a corrupt legal system so we know they work. And Ashida Kim's Ninjutsu and my own are similar to Historical texts that were not available in English when Ashida Kim was writing books on ninjutsu and similar methods proven to work by me in real life... Adding to the other Ninjutsu Styles and INstructors (some like Christa Jacobson) who have connections to the Takamatsu-den lineage.

So Dux isn't as important as he claims and thinks he is. That means there are people who don't need to depend on Dux to be relevant to Ninjutsu in the BDFS. Actually, Dux spent years trying to copy the Bujinkan in the 80s and would even go so far as to claim that Ashida Kim was a fraud and, patterned his Koga Yamabushi Ryu of the Takamatsu-den claim linking ninjutsu to the Yamabushi and Shugendo in Togakushi Japan. Something I already discussed as something invented by Takamatsu to link his Ninjutsu with Fujita Seiko. Regardless this is just one example of why Dux Ryu is the least creditable form of Koga Ryu Ninjitsu is the BDFS.

In fact, this is just a long winded way of explaining the elements associated with the fact that I have my own reasons for not liking Dux and for outing Dux as the person behind the whole affair... And that I am not doing so to go after Roley.

Those reasons are that Dux thinks he is running everything is doing so at the expense of his other associates and the BDFS and, seems to be setting himself up as the "Godfather of Ninjutsu" & he will use or, exploit anyone to get ahead... Even his so called friends and business associates like Irving Soto, Steven Day and Jack Highland. He will steal information from others and, try to pirate it as his own invention. To try to damage any organization he is associated with from within, if Dux can't run it, himself. Frank Dux will make all kinds of promises and, if that doesn't work threats. Dux tries to manipulate people and, typically targets people who need him or he thinks needs him. Fact is, I don't need Dux or the BDFS...

I was associated with the BDFS and Ashida Kim going back to 1999. Actually, back to 97 but less formally. And, allow me to point out that men like Grandmaster Lawrence Day and Grandmaster Miskel in the BDFS are people who have my up most respect. Not because of what they can do for me but, for who they are (were in Grandmaster Day's case). So let me just point out that even though Dux isn't someone to be trusted and should be watched very carefully... The BDFS at large is a good organization with many different styles of martial arts and, even ninjutsu, to learn from. Many masters and grandmasters all working together to not only cross train in different arts but, to be leaders in their respective communities and mentor others to be leaders and mentor others to empower people to empower themselves.

So I used Don trying to defend his claim to backing me down from his own trap set for me in Lexington as a means to get him to defend his lies about me... I did so for almost six months without specifically naming Frank Dux, while Dux was posting about me on Facebook groups like Ninja Quest.

Update Notice: Since the troll in the comments below is denying evidence on the Video I will display the of Don Roley trying to cover for Dux and set me below...

Don Roley claims I was found naked with a 13 year old girl and claims its the truth... Yet he has been exposed by himself as a liar when failed repeatedly to prove that claim... Which is an outright lie. And, when Exposed as a liar Don Roley came running to this blog trying to defend and rationalize that lie.

I exploited Don Roley's arrogance and allowed him to boast about knowing more about Fujita Seiko then anyone else online. And used a picture of Fujita Seiko for a blog about Karate that was 6 years old to stump Roley. Best, of all is the niw established mention of Fujita Seiko respecting Okinawan Karate and Kobudo over Japanese Koryu arts. Meaning that if Koga Ryu from Fujita Seiko was still around its fighting methods might reflect more of an Okinawan Karate flavor. Like Ashida Kim for example...

Take for instance the latest ploy used to slander my name...

I told Don Roley on the I am done talking blog, I am coming to his house. And what is Don Roley doing? Well he is doing just like he did before Kentucky... Don Roley is relying on proxies, 3rd parties, to make a threat against my life by claiming what he can do in self-defense... The fact remains Don Roley won't fight me and legally can't shoot me "for being on his street."

In fact, Don Roley has used Proxies before, such as Dustin Hatfield to help mentally abuse and harass Dan Harmon until Dan Harmon killed himself... Don Roley, used Patrick Ferrari to try to bait me into a challenge in my Blog but, remained silent until his video in Lexington that I never saw but followed exactly as I predicted and, only showed up because of Dux. So trying to scare me off and watching Don Roley rely on third party Proxies comes to exactly what this blog is about... The same patterns of behavior repeated over and over again.

If Don is letting troll accounts and third parties claim he can and is willing and able to kill me with a gun. Let him do it...
1. I don't think Reek has the Balls to shoot me... He won't fight me on Neutral Ground and Keep Crying that he the Challenged Party and Gets to Set the Conditions... You are challenged until I come to your house and ask you to step outside...
2. I have stated multiple times that I intend to go to Don Roley's House and ask him to step outside and fight me. That is Don Roley's challenge so what you are seeing is the Pre-Bitching Out...

Under Colorado law, Don cannot preemptively shoot me or hit me in self-defense, unless I present a clear and present danger to him. And Colorado's "make my day law" only protects Don in his house if I am an intruder... So here is what I have been saying is gonna happen...

I am going to Don Roley's house and Don Roley will be asked to step outside and fight me. If he does he isn't protected by Colorado law (neither am I actually so if Cops become involved we can both be arrested or I will be asked to leave). Don can threaten to shoot me but, he actually can't shoot me or use a deadly weapon under Colorado laws and Don Roley will have deal with the whole legal process if he does...

Now the simplest solution is for Don to invite me in and, we throw down on video. All this is happening because Don Roley has been protecting Dux, to claim his "victory in Lexington Kentucky" but, it was a trap... The video below shows it was a trap.

More so, Don Roley has once again to taken to his proxies and failed to see where he is making his mistakes... See Don Roley or one of his co-conspirators has taken to giving me a website called Ron Collins facts. To help spread their lies...

Don has taken screen shots of fragments of conversations online hoping to beat back to progress of me revealing that Dux was behind my appearance in Lexington Kentucky and that Dim Roley didn't achieve a victory there... Don is therefore removing the responsibility of Dux, from interfering with Don Roley's business in the form of a seminar & doing so under the name of the Black Dragon Fighting Society.

Now I have offered Don an opportunity to face me on neutral grounds (repeadedly), either outside any event or in a sanctioned cage fight... He has denied both. I was systematic and went to Florida to give Barron Shepherd the chance to fight me under his conditions for MMA. And Barron lied about a challenge I never issued, to claim I ducked him, the day before I was supposed to meet the fight promoter.

And Reek, ball-less Don Roley, put himself out there to defend Barron in Lexington Kentucky bout 7 months ago. One thing about Dux's stunt, we got Roley from behind a computer screen. I told Patrick Ferrari I wasn't concerned with Roley... I wanted Barron Shepherd... But, well Dux forced my hand and now we have this. In over a decade Don Roley finally came out behind his computer screen and, well since he went there & finally came out behind a computer screen. I am going to Colorado.

Here is the screenshots of my full conversation with David White. As you can tell, he was trying to twist things to protect Don Roley...

Now his David Whitehead is again covering for Don Roley by way of ignoring Frank Dux's involvement or Don Roley's conditions which were set to Lexington... Video clips of this are in the Video Above... "I challenge you to challenge me but only on these conditions" which is why it was a trap I predicted before the events in Lexington Kentucky.
And here is the rest of David Whitehead's Comment (second paragraph from the bottom) following by baited comment about Don Roley not "winning anything." If his "win" in Kentucky is so important then Don Roley should be willing to defend that win... Right? Showing Dux sent people would deprive of his win and prove his many lies about the incident to be lies, so Don Roley should be willing to set up and prove he can beat me in a fight...? Well maybe if Don Roley was a competitive fighter but, he isn't... He is puddy tat.

I was really good friends with this kid in High School. He was a boxer and me and all my martial arts buddies would hang out and spar (basically, fight each other) and like them he was always trying to get a rematch anytime you beat him or he beat you. My wrestling team in high school was the same way, we would always be trying to climb that ladder to fighting and going back for a rematch. I suspect any real challenger from the net would spar/fight me win or lose, allow me a re-match or ask for a re-match and it would take a few minutes... That is what competition is about but, Roley is a online "bad ass" or is trying to be. So proving Don Roley didn't win anything was bait discuss my "grand plan."
 I explained my "grand plan" which was to show Don Roley won't face me on Neutral Ground he Said as much himself in the past.* To exploit Don Roley's denial and defense of Fraud Dux to defend himself to showcase Dux involvement in the whole affair.* That I went to Winter Haven Florida to take care of the fact that I knew Barron Shepherd wouldn't face me & go through with the MMA challenge under his terms...
 Here is a link to where I show cased this fact... But, this came after Don Roley knew the truth and still lied to protect Dux.**

And alas this is my "Grand Plan" to show Don Roley lying and hiding behind Frank Dux... See that is just rubbing salt into the wounded pride of Don Roley... It was also a way continuously highlight Frank Dux, showing that he would harm any organization he is a part of. I do a good job of discrediting him... & Don Roley hiding behind Dux's actions, ignoring them is just a vehicle for that end...

Yet Roley and his Online Cultists are busy with spin... Don Wanted me to know they spinned it and lied to do so. So let him keep lying... I am done talking.

Additionally here is the whole conversation on the Black Dragon Ninjitsu Facebook group. A result of Don Roley's own actions and lies. Don Roley wants to make it seems like the mention of Don Roley being caught slandering my name is related to me going to his house and his claims that threatened his family... No its not...

If you look at the Date Don Roley posted this Image, the day after I posted this blog about Barron Shepherd wasn't going to fight me... Again. Happens so much no one is surprised.

His image (seen above) the lie that "he was told I wrote a huge blog" about him is directly related to the lies he tells others about me... I Wrote Barron Shepherd is Not Going to Fight Me... Again. Which did mention how Don Roley was covering for Barron Shepherd & did so many, many times. And this was his attack, more lies... Don & company wants to lie about the nature of those comments. I have even posted the blog on Don Roley's Youtube channel... Even, then for 7 months Don Roley has hid behind Farnk Dux and, now wants me to fall for same trap I avoided? No Don... Neutral Ground Only, not some event (course I am going off what others are telling me I haven't seen your video yet) your apart of. That will be dealt with in Part 2.

Here is Ron Collins facts spin trying to cover for Don Roley's cowardice. However you lean, whether you are for me or against me... Whether you support Roley or can't stand him. You have to admit, seeing me and Don Roley throw down is going to enjoyed. If you don't like either of us, you just need some popcorn.

See at the End of the Day Donald James Roley... I didn't challenge you, I told you I would come to your house and challenge you. All this talk of the hypothetical things you can do to keep me from showing up, basically means your trying to scare me away. The blog above just shows your are trying to get me all emotional and trying to prove something... I think I will prove something, Don. I will prove that I am going to come to your house and knock on your door and you are going to either a) answer it and step out and face me or b) bitch the fuck out in some way... tried to set conditions in Lexington and you are running off the same script as Phil Failmore who recommended Internet Tough Guys like you set insane rules for challenges issued to you online. In fact, I got a message from Phil Elmore (today) to not mention him in this drama... I told him to "Go Fuck Yourself with Catus." mention to say "Cactus" but, auto correct didn't catch it... Because its the same  Game you played with Patrick Ferrari before Lexington Kentucky & the same Game, Phil Explains here... And I almost forgot about him until he messaged me. So Were does this leave us?

Spin it how you like Cup Cake, I am coming to your house.

*Note: Earlier Images of Don Roley being a bitch and saying he won't step into a cage or face me on neutral ground from November of 2016... And him dodging me back then...

** Note: This Goes back to the Youtube Video Here. Also linked above. But, as you can see Don Roley is after Ducking me for 7 going on 8 months, hiding behind Dux and, Lexington. Now Don Roley has posted a Video stating that as the Challenged Party he gets to set the conditions & wanting me to face him at some seminar (still haven't watched the video)... But, once again Don Roley is hiding behind one of his events... So we are back to square one. The Stupid Back and Forth of Internet Tough Guy talk... So I am Going to Don Roley's house and I will call him out at his house.


  1. You're losing it, For all the spin, you must sleep in a washing machine.

    Your insistence on going to his house doesn't even make logical him at the seminar and at least it's a controlled environment where all you're going to take is a beating. Go to his house...well, I wish I could say it's been nice knowing you, but no one can.

    And all this conspiracy theorizing...don't you realize that no legitimate person in the martial arts universe -- ninja or otherwise -- give two shits about Frank Dux, Ashida Kim, or the BDFS? You're making a fool out of yourself. If you had a clue (and a legitimate background) you would know that. No one takes these people seriously. Cumulatively, they're the shitty prize in a box of cracker jacks. They're the same punch line as you, just without the prescription meds.

    Okay...I'll try this a different way. Ron...please, Please, PLEASE, by your black ninjer underroos...PLEASE go to Colorado and knock on Don's door. PLEASE go to his house and call him out. PLEASE show us all what a real man is and does. PLEASE put Don in his place once and for all. Personally, I don't think you have the guts (as ample as they are), so PLEASE show me up by proving me a liar by driving to Colorado, going to Don's house, and knocking on his door. I double-dog dare you.

    1. Well since you don't get ot allow to explain...
      1. Don Roley wantes to set conditions in Kentucky that would have required me to violate Kentucky law. Specifically Kentucky Revised Statutes 508.020 causing me to commit a felony... 2nd Degree Assault is a Class C felony.
      2. Don has ran from me for 7 months and wants me to take all legal risk for fighting and hiding behind that "you challenged m3 so I get to make the rules BS..." Page 8 of Phil Elmore's Shorthand Empty Hand PDF and the Bujinkan's infamous story about how Takamatsu avoided a challenge with a Judoka. That's why Don Roley challenged me to challenge him in Kentucky... So lets keep it simple. (Reference to 3)
      3. I haven't challenged Don Roley yet... I did express my intent to Challenge him at his home in Colorado Springs. Don refuses to meet me on neutral grounds, including the fact that he could have met me in a cage, a back ally or hey even a 3rd party dojo or gym... But, Don won't do that... Will he and not even at a mere suggestion of such an idea... He makes excuses.
      4. So lets see if Don Roley will kill me or call the cops. I got to watch that Youtube video and now I gotta be patted down, and only me is allowed to enter his event in Washington DC were a) open carry is illegal and b) I don't have a Concealed Carry permit. With only 2 hours notice of where to meet him... 8 hours away? That os Don Roley trying to get me to agree to an impossible time table and conditions hiding from me...

      That is the Kind of Bull Shit that is why I am coming to his house. Don Roley has tried to set me up to go to jail or interfered with my court cases trying to send me to Jail...

      The fact is I DON'T TRUST ROLEY & will he will either take equal legal responsibility to fight me (only way I can be sure he won't try to bring charges against me) or I will do what want when, how and where I want... Since I am the one taking the legal responsibility all on myself because Don Roley won't step out from behind his keyboard.

    2. Mr Collins It is obvious you are not a lawyer and your knowledge of the law is either flawed or you are purposefully trying to twist it.
      The laws you quote are not applicable in cases of mutual consent. After all the public statements Mr Roley has made there is no way only you could face legal action. Either both of you would face charges or neither. Talk to your attorney and they will confirm what I say. There was and is no trap where only you face legal consequences.
      But if you do travel to Colorado as you say, there be huge ones even if you never make it to Mr Roley's door.
      The consensus I see is that you do not intend to go through with any trip and this is merely a way for you to try to save face over the next few months as you keep talking about facing him at his house, but never going through with it. I hope for your sake that is true. If you really want to face him, he has given you a chance at his DC seminar. Talk to your attorney, show him what both you and he has put out in public and he will tell you that a fight under those conditions makes both parties share any blame afterwards.

    3. No, I am not a lawyer... I doubt you are either but, allow me to comment on the laws as I understand them and I will follow up with links as well.

      A. As seen in the Video above Don Roley asked me to commit a Class C felony in Kentucky. Second Degree Assault as per Kentucky Revised Code 508.020.
      B. I guess we will just have to see however their is nearly 7 months of Don Roley making every excuse to face me on neutral ground. Neutral Ground can mean a whole lot, however... Neutral Ground can be anywhere a 3rd party gym or whatever...
      C. I have stated my purpose many times on serveral different places online that I intend to knock on Roley's door and ask him to step out and fight me. We can discuss conditions, a new location or whatever...

      However, Colorado Law 18-1-704 states...

      "(1) Except as provided in subsections (2) and (3) of this section, a person is justified in using physical force upon another person in order to defend himself or a third person from what he reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of unlawful physical force by that other person, and he may use a degree of force which he reasonably believes to be necessary for that purpose."

      Soo... When I say I will challenge him at his house & if he declines I will leave. Don Roley has nothing to substantiate his claim or any claim to "a person is justified in using physical force upon another person in order to defend himself from what he reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of unlawful physical force by that other person, and he may use a degree of force which he reasonably believes to be necessary for that purpose."

      If some knocks on your door and says hey James, you want to fight me... And you say no and he leaves. You have no right under Colorado to self-defense.

      "(2) Deadly physical force may be used only if a person reasonably believes a lesser degree of force is inadequate and:"
      Now the only person talking about bringing a Gun to fist fight is Don Roley... And online proxies. I have even stated I have no intention of bringing a gun into this whole affair.

      And Don Roley who spent 17 years in Japan at the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo says and has said repeatedly I know he "would beat me in a fight" & that I have "no skills and no training" So Don Roley should have no reason to fear an unarmed, person with no skills or training compared to his 17 years at the Hombu Dojo in Japan & shouldn't have a reason to "reasonably believes a lesser degree of force is inadequate." All this in additional to...

    4. "(a) The actor has reasonable ground to believe, and does believe, that he or another person is in imminent danger of being killed or of receiving great bodily injury; or"

      Only if Don Roley wants to establish hospitalization as another condition of fighting me... There shouldn't be any fear of that.

      "(b) The other person is using or reasonably appears about to use physical force against an occupant of a dwelling or business establishment while committing or attempting to commit burglary as defined in sections 18-4-202 to 18-4-204; or"
      I am only willing to use force against Don Roley if he agrees to fight me & I don't plan to commit a burglary or any unlawful acts, other then the agreed upon battery of mutual combat. Again he should have no reason to claim any of this...

      "(c) The other person is committing or reasonably appears about to commit kidnapping as defined in section 18-3-301 or 18-3-302, robbery as defined in section 18-4-301 or 18-4-302, sexual assault as set forth in section 18-3-402, or in section 18-3-403 as it existed prior to July 1, 2000, or assault as defined in sections 18-3-202 and 18-3-203."
      None of this applies either...

      "(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1) of this section, a person is not justified in using physical force if:

      (a) With intent to cause bodily injury or death to another person, he provokes the use of unlawful physical force by that other person; or"

      So Don can't claim self-defense if he wants to talk shit and I hit him... Funny thing is it will all be filmed.

      "(b) He is the initial aggressor; except that his use of physical force upon another person under the circumstances is justifiable if he withdraws from the encounter and effectively communicates to the other person his intent to do so, but the latter nevertheless continues or threatens the use of unlawful physical force; or"
      So once one of us "taps out" it ends and continuing to fight once the other person quits is unlawful.

      "(c) The physical force involved is the product of a combat by agreement not specifically authorized by law."

      And this Outside Don Roley's home is neutral grounds... And that is where I will challenge him. I am not coming to DC and Don wants me to make a 5 hour trip with 2 hours notice and be stalled at the door to be "frisked..." For weapons he imagines I need, which is just an excuse for him to slip out the back door...

    5. If Don Roley wanted to fight me he would offer me neutral ground and quit making excuses. Neutral ground can be a park, a parking lot, a back ally or a 3rd party dojo... I don't care about what Don Roley wants, I am going to be Colorado anyway, so why not leave the keyboards and internet behind us & stand face to face as men?

      Don Roley could suggest meeting me in a public place outside of any event he is having... He will not, is simply sitting behind his keyboard letting 3rd parties make threats for him. However, Don Roley has three things against him...
      1. Don Roley claims I am "crazy" and "mentally ill" and his is harassing and provoking a mentally ill person... Meaning Don Roley has to have his reasonable mind set must be questioned... Surely this goes back to

      The affirmative defense of self-defense requires that “a reasonable person would have believed and acted as the defendant did”, and, in this context, a “reasonable person” means an objectively reasonable individual. People v. Castillo, 2014 COA 140M, — P.3d –.

      So would a reasonable person try to provoke they thought, believed or claimed to know was mentally ill and prone to violence? Would a reasonable person establish challenges involving someone to commit a felonious act?

      Well that puts a damper on Don Roley's claims of just being able to shoot me on his street. As this is a direct result of Don Roley's lies and harassment attempting to provoke me. Ok I am provoked... And this seems to reflect on "(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1) of this section, a person is not justified in using physical force if:

      (a) With intent to cause bodily injury or death to another person, he provokes the use of unlawful physical force by that other person"

      2. Doctrine of retreat is from common law. There is no statutory provision regarding the duty of a person to retreat before countering the use of force with force. The doctrine derives from the common law. People v. Watson, 671 P.2d 973 (Colo. App. 1983).

      Don Roley must act in countering the use of force... I have to act in a way which is directly or in directly threatening to him. Either way... I plan to be polite and respectful in person when I ask him to fight me.

    6. 3. Don Roley's excuses and attempts to twist the truth seems show that his "threat" to shoot me is see as provocative...

      as a) I am simply stating my intent is to visit his abode and request he step outside and enter upon mutual agreed unarmed combat.

      Court may give an initial aggressor instruction if there is an inference that defendant initiated the physical conflict by using or threatening the imminent use of unlawful force. Although defendant’s initial confrontation was insufficient to make defendant an initial aggressor, returning to the argument with a gun was sufficient. People v. Griffin, 224 P.3d 292 (Colo. App. 2009).

      Since I am not threatening him with "imminent use of unlawful force." But, requesting we have an agreed to mutual "combat by agreement not specifically authorized by law."
      b) Don Roley needs to show threat or provocation to support self-defense... This means Don Roley, must take my statements within context and show were he has not harassed or provoked me himself to such action.
      Character of threat or provocation must be shown. To support the defense of self-defense, it must be shown that the provocation or threat occurred immediately prior to the homicide, and must be of such a character as to place the accused in sudden fear of his life or in fear of great bodily injury. English v. People, 178 Colo. 325, 497 P.2d 691 (1972).
      c) Don Roley has claimed I have "no skills and no training" and that he could "easily beat me in a fight." So the fact that I am stating I am going to show up unarmed & not threatening any violence except to request said mutually agreed "combat by agreement not specifically authorized by law." Don who has established a pattern in an unreasonable and unobjective manner, who spent Years training with Ninja Grandmasters in Japan... Must be reasonable in his belief that a lesser degree of force isn't needed.

      "Belief that lesser degree of force is inadequate must be reasonable, and a reckless perception that defendant needed to use the force he did was inconsistent with a reasonable perception, thus, court did not err in ruling that a self-defense instruction was unavailable. People v. Ellis, 30 P.3d 774 (Colo. App. 2001)."

      I have asked only one condition from Don Roley in the last 7 months, and that was on neutral ground... He has been offered cage fights and I never named a specific place because any 3rd party Dojo would have worked. Don Roley has spent 7 months defending Dux and Don Roley has visited this blog many times to try prove himself online. The fact remains, I am going to Colorado anyway and Don is the direct cause of such...

      Quite honestly, Don Roley has tried to set me up to got to jail multiple times, became involved in my personal life and interfered with my court cases. He has 7 months to face me on neutral ground and whatever other conditions he wanted. If wanted the cripple me or wants me to cripple him, I am down. But, we will take shared legal responsibility because if for example Don breaks my arm, I ain't calling the cops but, if I break Don's arm... I believe he will call the police and try to have me arrested. I take greater responsibility by coming to his event, then if we just meet in a truck stop somewhere... I did discuss that with someone who knew Kentucky law, the day before Don Roley made his little video.

  2. need an editor. Your spelling and grammar are atrocious. And there's this thing called spell-check. Use it!

    Seriously, tho...this is so poorly written and organized that it's almost impossible to connect the dots in your insane rant here. What's your point? So, this is all a big global conspiracy to discredit you so Frank Dux can be the dark lord of all things ninjer? Don Roley -- one of the world's foremost Dux-fraud-busters is actually covering for Dux? Hiding behind Dux?

    I don't think you saw the same video the rest of the world did, where Roley humiliated you and made the BDFS goons look like fools. Roley doesn't have to hide behind anyone. You refused to step on the mat, even with you posse there to back you up. You are a coward and a fool, and it's amazing that you are still serving as Ashida Kim's cock holster when he won't even have your back regarding the BDFS and the Don Roley debacle where you managed to humiliate yourself AND the BDFS in a single master stroke. Fine friend and mentor you have there...Ashida "tuck tail and run as fast as he can because Barron showed up despite Ron's deceit and machinations" Kim, bullshit fraud and world class coward. I guess you learned from the best, after all.

    You're an ass-clown and wanna-be child-diddler (seems like you can't even get your pedophilia right, pedo-boy), not to mention, never-was ninja mind-fuck master. Yours is such a sad could have been your average, run of the mill martial arts teacher, operating in relative anonymity, teaching crappy yellow-belt techniques out of a basement dojo somewhere, but otherwise hurting no one...but oh no, you couldn't be bothered to actually train and teach like a legitimate martial artist. You had to be NINJER KING RON on NINJER TURD MOUNTAIN, self-proclaimed ninjer expert and master ninjer LARPer...

    Start taking your meds, Ron. They might kick in and provide you with a window of sanity before you do anything really stupid.

    All this legal responsibility stuff is bullshit. You had a chance to settle things on the mat where there was no legal jeopardy for either of you, and you pussied out on video. I know you fancy yourself some sort of jail house lawyer, but you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. To start with, consensual fist fighting is legal. Period. As long as a few simple rules are followed and everything is above board, two guys agreeing to settle their differences with their fists is completely legal. Sucker punching someone isn't, and forcing someone to fight isn't, but two guys agreeing to fight, squaring up, and fighting on "go" is perfectly legal. You have to stop when someone submits or clearly can no longer defend himself. It's not really any different than a competitive sparring match. The only real legal danger comes if someone gets hurt and then sues for damages, which I'm sure you will do. If this is your only real concern, SIGN FUCKING WAVERS! All this other bullshit you like to spin is nonsense. So you might have to ensure being patted down. Get over it. You're a mentally unstable criminal and that's the price you have to pay for living a fucked-up, crazy, unmanageable life. And no one's saying you can't bring back-up to look out for your safety. That's assuming you can find a single friend to go with you.

    And this bit about open carry and weapons permits...dumbass, the whole point is NOT to have anything as stupid as a firearm involved.

    No one is running from you, Ron...hell, he was three feet from you and all you could was struggle to control your bladder.

  3. Yes... yes... blame Don Roley's set up on the me. Blame his flawed and stupid actions and suggesting I violate Kentucky Revised Statute 508.020 commit 2nd degree assault but his own conditions and commit a Class C felony? No...

    You keep saying I am crazy but Don said it, when he challenged me to challenge him. It was predicted by me when I did the Day Before I Drive to Kentucky Blog. But, they were sent by Dux and Dux even said I wasn't supposed to go. Dux fired up Steven Day to confront Roley and both myself and Grandmaster Ruiz were trying to de-escalate the situation.

    Don Roley is the only one claiming I am going to use a firearm... He is making every excuse he can to not meet me on neutral ground the the more trolls and proxies like yourself commit to defending his pussing out for the last 7 months and not meeting me on neutral grounds, the more he wants to talk tough online, the more it seems to me on is Covering up for something... The more it SEEMS YOU ARE COVERING UP FOR SOMETHING... Tell me, if everyone is so worried about me showing up at Don Roley's house in the Martial Arts Community. How come no one is offering to use their Dojo or Gym as neutral ground?