Tuesday, August 27, 2013

There is a Difference in Knoing the Path & Walking the Path...

While the words come from a movie the Matrix, spoken by the stories mentor to main protagonist Neo a fictional character they are no less true. There is a difference between knowing the path & walking the path....

But what is your "Path."

Paths take us to many places and are often more important then were we end up. Many times people place more importance on the path then the lessons of the path. Living your life, is your choice no one can do it for you. While my life has been largely linked to the practice & sadly the politics of the ninjutsu community is a basic reality. However, as I said there is a difference between knowing the path & walking the path.

I have used my skills, addressed in various blogs how I used Chikari no Jutsu (The Art of Entering the Circle) to become familiar with the family and associates of those I am at war with in West Virginia. I abstained the direct tactic of war fir the indirect tactic until such time and place as such as it is required. However, I followed the second principle of Espionage Warfare in that I have "[Subverted] anything of value in the enemy's country. Implicate[d] the emissaries of the major powers in criminal undertakings; [to] undermine their position and destroy their reputations..." as well.

I have even applied the third principle even enlisting the aid of those who sought subvert my efforts from within using Fukuro-Gaeshino Jutsu (the art of feeding an enemy false information using a doubled agent) tactic known as Hotarabi no Jutsu; giving the enemy supposedly "secret information" via informants and snitches. As well as Karsura Otoko no Jutsu is a art of limiting the enemy's intelligence resources and spreading false information. Even using Kamigakure no Jutsu the art of seeing what is hidden by God or seeing with the eyes of god; analyzing personality types, facts and information to options to predict the mostly likely outcomes, actions and objectives. 

While some of my friends see this as negative, I do not... I am simply walking a path I was destined for. Destined is such a strange word and perhaps this is my ego speaking; as I find the likelihood of these people coming head to head with someone using my skills as an uncommon and unusual in the least. Honestly, my skills are mostly academic & in this case I am inexperienced in its application. Ninjutsu is not a path, it is not a finger pointing to the moon. Ninjutsu is the act, the means of pointing to the moon and my choice to act the finger.

It is not in my choice to act that matters, it is not how I choose to act that matters, it is in understanding that my path is reaching apex where my will is achieving results. Ninjutsu is not my path, my path is life. In my life I stand behind certain ideas; freedom, justice, honor & self-discipline. You see my outburst in Full Disclosure served several points; one of which was to excite the internet trolls whom I've already outed as spreading lies and half-truths.

The truth is Ninjutsu for the most part is a Joke...  All the cheerleading trolls deserve is a dishonorable mention and the point in past blogs outlining their lies. The reality is ninjutsu is so full of frauds because as a whole the system is full of recreations and false lineage claims. I've outgrown that but picked up a few very useful skills & have used them. My path is my own choosing. I do not believe I am simply meant to be a ninjutsu instructor & this chaos and drama serves to prove my own actions serve a purpose and seek results.

What is my path, my life... what is the goal of my life? I haven't decided, I am an adventurer. I live for the adventure & I'm perfectly happy being blow about by the wind. My path is one that I walk alone, seeking  self-improvement and to find a honorable. I desire to neither follow or be followed for the path I walk is one of my own content. However, the world is changing around us and I find that my skills and actions (even though they seem a bit silly & flamboyant) is used to draw the spiders out of the center of their webs in the shadows and expose them openly in the spot light with me on display.

Being displayed is not where one wants to be while plotting and politicking. Being on display is not where one wants to be when trying to subvert another. So don't confuse the puppet show with the puppeteers. You see I put out just enough evidence to prove criminality in the State Government. And no matter how outrageous or silly I appear its all for show...

You see this spider weaves his webs in the spot light & under your nose. Because while you're here in the spot light with me, you have more to hide then I do. After all I've admitted my faults and wrong doing... However, there is more then my life at stake & for the 8 years I've lost others have lost whole lives. For the shame & disgrace I'm supposed to feel at false charges and wild accusations, other have very real things to feel ashamed and disgraced for. The fact remains my path is to fight however I can, because others will not or cannot. My path is more important then ninjutsu or making money, my path is my own.

Knowing the path means one is not walking the path... this is called learning.
Walking the path means one is living their lives to fulfill a goal in service to forces beyond themselves... this is called experiencing.
Finally, one helps others along the path... this called being a fellow traveler/a friend.
We never reach the end of our journey until we shed this mortal coil or stop learning as human beings.

Decided what your path is and walk it... only you can decide how much your path/your life is worth. But in martial arts we get so caught up by titles like master, grandmaster & so on, that we forget its not the skills you have that define but the direction your life takes you.

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