Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Ninja: Understanding Strategy & Tactics

Ninjutsu is the "invisible art," quite different then "art of invisibility;" ninjutsu is about things done in secret. Things invisible to the observer or enemy, ninjutsu is espionage, sabotage, assassination, scout craft & skirmish (commando style) tactics. Ninjutsu is more then camouflage & sentry removal. Its the tactics of espionage & the strategy of clandestine warfare. The goal of ninjutsu is to win the battles & thereby the wars before one fights.

The use of Skirmish forces is not completely unheard of among Samurai Ryu or Sengoku Period tactics. Surely, the use of skirmish tactics is not specifically ninjutsu related. No the use of Ninjutsu/Shinobijutsu was in finding the routes the Bushi would take to infiltrate enemy terrain & strike suddenly before fading away. Such a mission may require the shinobi contact an informant, capture an enemy for interrogation, sabotage enemy defenses, provide false maps or simply infiltrate the camp to gather continued intelligence.

Ninjutsu is more then espionage; spy-craft is a fun subject but it has little usage without a direct strategy where it would be required for usage. Take my last few blog posts; Full Disclosure, Full Disclosure II & An Open Letter to Jonathan Russell. Even a video posted today serves a linkage to all three; I'm still Here on YouTube;
The facts remain as to how I infiltrated your criminal organization; I addressed this back in October of 2012 with my Choho no Jutsu: Applications of Ninjutsu for the Modern World blog & of course the Keep your Enemies Closer blog. You see I knew what I was doing when I pushed Lt. Deeds & Capt. White into carrying out the threat of pushing the child pornography charges. I knew attempts would be made to circumvent my "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" argument in the complaint (which came in the form of a 2nd Search Warrant that Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp denies existing in court before Judge Kirkpatrick).
Yet mentioned in the criminal complaint below...

I'm not the one hiding or hiding secrets. Sure I have my secrets but nothing you can find out about, nothing you can use. My secrets are mine, ad mine alone. I even outlined how I manipulated the system to get the police & prosecutor to hand over evidence by trying to suppress evidence of misconduct. They took my computers trying to conceal evidence, so I forced them to try to hide other pieces of evidence & even went so far as to waive my indictment before grand jury making them carry this to trial with evidence in the public forum of the internet admissible in court.

 We can just as easily look at my complaints to Captain White Head of the Office of Professional Standards & see that while he might have thought me "crazy" or "arrogant" his lack of personal responsibility and failed leadership in silently condoning the conspiratorial actions of Troopers Moore, Palmateer, Duckworth & Efrid with the aid of Lt. Deeds (Office of Professional Standards Investigator). Was enough compromise the integrity of the Office of Professional Standards & the Organization of the West Virgnia State Police.

But wait this doesn't end here, we have Col Smithers & Governor Tomblins who silently condone these criminal activities as well. You see, I had a strategy & my strategy was based on three simple facts;
  1. No government wants to admit to corruption within its organization...
  2. All Governments will seek to suppress or conceal evidence of corruption...
  3. That I don't have to prove everything only create "probable cause" for a formal investigation. Those elements I can't prove are based on claims made by other in this tell; Ashley Redden, DJ Lilly, Nathan Lilly, Jessica Lilly, Danny Massey & circumstantially verified by the actions of the state itself. Thus Generating Probable Cause...
Even the threats and mention of those of minor details cheerleading for the false accusations; described in my Blog on Haters, Liars & Frauds: he Reality of Self-Proclaimed Internet Experts was enough to draw out one of those responsible for lies and misinformation Barron Shepard. My strategy is simple & to be honest (bluntly so) if I wished to kill Trooper Duckworth I'd have been more ninja about it, using poison such as distilled from Blowfish blood (Blowfish were available at Pets & Things) or a Rattlesnake (common to the area) or make it look like he committed suicide. The fact, I am even mentioning this is to address the point: I have no intention to harm anyone, except perhaps in self-defense. I will defend myself, if it comes to that...

However, you see I realized this ends only one of two ways long ago. I can be bold and brazen, in my statements & in my videos. Not because I'm some bad ass killing machine or a instructor of ninjutsu. I can do this because I laid a foundation to win before I fought this battle. My boldness serves two purposes one it makes the police look weak & corrupt, Full Disclosure wasn't the first time either. Doing nothing makes them look weak and arresting me means I go to my preliminary, (even if its a misdemeanor my initial appearance before a Magistrate counts as such, under West Virginia law) & I'm able to go to court within 2 weeks to a months time (allowing the Prosecutor their 20 days to hand over discovery) the "threats" of the Full Disclosure blog also name evidence which would prove conspiracy & criminality (specifically attempts to kidnap me under color of law).

Thus they will do nothing, make excuses & harbor a quiet anger at the audacity of someone who has no political ties or power but has manage to call their own into question. And a recent update concerning Don Roley using friends on facebook to try to get others to distance themselves from m in the ninjutsu community. Why? Because I called him out as a liar and in the Full Disclosure Blog & laughed at him for doing just as I predicted in the Open Letter to Jonathan Russell Blog

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