Friday, August 23, 2013

If You Get Proven a Liar, get your friends to lie for you...

Well after I explained to Trooper Duckworth I could have harmed him, if I had the intention to do so in the Full Disclosure blog. I even posted a YouTube video after I saw him in up town Beckley & all I got was a dirty look from him and a surprised look from some Federal Marshalls; no arrest to the disappointment of Don Roley. Who admitted on Budoseek to informing the police in hopes I would get arrested & relied on his Budoseek Peon Jonathan Russell to reinforce his delusions prompting the Open Letter to Jonathan Russell blog post.
But of course when your friends don't distance themselves from you when people spread vicious lis  & the liars get outed as be slanderous and libel frauds they do what every "thug" does, they get their gang to help.

Now not to throw Mike Witte & Jack Williams out there as my "friends" their defense here is specifically what it is. They're defending the integrity and purpose of the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team facebook group; the discussion and application of historical ninjutsu material from the historical Shinobi Densho (ninja scrolls). A lot of independent research went into Seiko Fujita by Antony Cummins which is why I referenced him as a source of info.

But lets look at Banga & Michael Sampson first;

Almost every group he is a part of is Bujinkan focused... all but the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team facebook group that is.

Among his friends we find Don Roley, odd has heavy Bujinkan ties and is friends with one of those I named for spreading slanderous comments? Tried to imply that my desire to speak to Mr. Roley directly when I went to Colorado Springs to visit family concerning his behavior was somehow a threat? I guess Don Roley has gotten a few death threat for things he's said safe behind his computer screen he doesn't list the address of is dojo on the website & you have to go through a background check as well...

It was so transparent, that I even called it out to Banga, who didn't reply...
Oh but lets not forget dear Michael Sampson; who is Banga's friend on facebook and brought this up on the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team facebook group in clear violation of the rules.
So we have Banga who as of a few hours ago changed his name to Japanese Kanji for fear of being discovered... funny. Yet Michael "Black Dynamite" Sampson friends of Banga & Don Roley has one of my students Marlo on his friends list? Right here beside Banga Gazi!

 Can anyone say internet stalker? Oh but our story doesn't end their & it didn't begin here either. This was the first appearance by Mr. Sampson on Ashida Kim's facebook page.

Its highly important to realize that as I type this at approximately 9:15pm (2115hrs) Mr. Sampson has yet to provide proof. Only responds with an attack on my character & was no doubt the individual reporting such a claim. Most likely, sent an e-mail to Proboards claiming a treat was made; which it wasn't (even if graphically wasn't). Or is spreading lies for Don Roley.

Now if we look at Banga & Don Roley's ties we see where the issue arises; my association with Antony Cummins. As an independent researcher into Historical Ninjutsu who doesn't push the Bujinkan agenda Anthony Cummins is a  threat to the Bujinkan's bottom line. I as a Koga Ryu Ninjutsu practicer who is focused on modernizing Ninjutsu into an effective combat-intelligence system & directs all Historical Inquiry to Anthony. As Mr. Cummins is the only non-system imbedded & truly independent researcher on the subject of ninjutsu. I don't need to train in the Bujinkan or listen to Takamatsu myths to enjoy historical ninjutsu (remember Robert Bussey originally left the Bujinkan because he didn't want to worship Takamatsu or so the rumors go). The fact that I even have to defend my association with someone because I enjoy the work they do &, Antony Cummins stands behind no modern Ninjutsu school as being historically accurate; not even mine, is pathetic in the least.

Here from Don Roley's own facebook page is Banga Gazi owner of Tengu Books, endorsed here on the Don Roley's Ninjutsu Information Dissemination Network facebook page. Created by Don Roley to spread Takamatsu-den mythological ninja history as a counter-productive construct to the truth. Antony Cummins Historical Ninjutsu Research Team (HNRT) facebook group tried to b style neutral & focus on history.

The concern is that others will know about Don Roley's malicious pattern of lies and slander to push the Bujinkan-cults fantasy ninjutsu. I was careful not to address any of this on the HNRT facebook page as it was against the rules, set forth by Antony Cummins.

You see I predicted Don Roley's pattern of behavior in the Full Disclosure & Full Disclosure II Blog post, I addressed the very information I said " case being dropped to a plea agreement for delinquency was bull shit as well. But its a lie started by Don "bitch ass" Roley who also is the source of info for Phil & Bullshido. Phil doesn't have the balls to call me by name in his little news editorials on Huffington Post; instead calls me "John" which isn't phonically too different from Ron." I then used the Budoseek post directed at me by Jonathan Russell trying to create to image of group-thinking (you know the cool ids think I'm a freak so you should to, high school mentality) to address the evidence of Don Roley's pattern of behavior I predicted in Full Disclosure II & addressed openly in my Open Letter to Jonathan Russell. I even addressed how I used all these people and their criminal intentions to further my own stratagems; in The Ninja: Understanding Strategy & Tactics.

You see the biggest concern is that I have people in my local area, an area with  single Bujinkan dojo ran by James Lilly (I don't know his rank or connection to Lilly crime family). West Virginia is fertile ground for paramilitary, militia & ninjutsu training, with several mountains, rivers, valleys, creeks and forests for training. The issue is business and concealing their own unethical business practices. Because God-forbid I get found innocent again, with me openly stating I used my ninjutsu training & directing historical research to Antony Cummins; as the only truly independent ninjutsu researcher.

Or that I would speak of my use of modern Ninjutsu openly in these criminal matters while addressing the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team. I get no endorsement from Antony Cummins, he isn't proclaiming me or my style a Historical Tradition or condoning my use of ninjutsu or actions. We simply share a passion for ninjutsu and honest historical research.

So let me set the record straight... once again.

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