Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bujinkan Lies: A pattern of lies, manipulation and character assassination...

In lieu of a certain detractor making an appearance on the blog, I will take the time to address the matter here and now and clear the air some. While I did not name Barron Shepard or Koga Ryu Blog Spot by name I still drew the attention of Mr. Shepard & he said posted this as a comment;
Providing me with a warning to be "very very careful of the misleading statements and false statements regarding myself" (lack of proper punctuation aside, I would like to address this...

Here is my comments to Barron;
You see I offered to provide Barron with factual information and court documents, I addressed him on his blog and offered to provide evidence as well as posted recordings of Lt. Deeds and myself on YouTube. Did Barron want both sides of the argument no he didn't... he called it spin.
Yet Barron will post half of the information providing a misleading and outright false picture of the facts for his own self interests. Arrests are mentioned yes but not convictions, nor did Barron check his information using another "Ronald Collins" in Beckley, West Virginia (there are 3 and only 2 of have criminal records).  Admittedly mine is the longest with only 3 convictions for the state and 1 for a federal misdemeanor of assaulting a federal officer. That's it out of the 14 charges listed by Mr. Shepard I have been convicted of only 4;
  • Contributing to Delinquency
  • Battery on a Police Officer
  • Vandalism
  • A Federal Assaulting A Police Officer
Truth be told there were 3 counts of Federal Assaulting an Officer, 2 counts of possession of child pornography and the driving while intoxicated is a different Ronald Collins in Beckley, West Virginia; making it a grand total of 16 charges with only four convictions. Yet Barron Shepard continues to speak of arrests and not address the number of convictions? Why is that? Then comes to my blog saying I should be "very very careful" and I will most certainly take his advice.
This is How Careful I am!
I am very openly and plainly calling out Barron Shepard for character assassination and defamation of character using his blog site. Of course this pattern of behavior is nothing new the Bujinkan has relied on many attempts to slander the names of others; myself, Ashida Kim, Frank Dux & even Ronald Duncan to maintain their cult mythos of Takamatsu as a "Warrior God."
Bujinkan means the "Hall of the Divine Warrior" or "Hall of the Warrior God" and was need in honor of Takamatsu whom Hatsumi thought was divine in nature. More so in his essay Essence of Ninjutsu Masaki Hatsumi states "After so many generations of obscurity in the shadowy recesses of history, the life philosophy of the ninja is now once again emerging, because once again, it is the time in human destiny in which Ninpo is needed. May peace prevail so mankind may continue to grow and evolve into the next great plateau."
That's right ninjutsu is about reaching a new plateau by growing & evolving humanity with a secret life philosophy. Sound religious to you? And with the with that mind set of cult of zealots spreading their religion of Ninja-Enlightenment they attack the heretics who do not always agree with them.
Barron Shepard isn't the first Bujinkan member to spread false or misleading information we can look at Don Roley;
Mr. Roley is easily one of the most knowledgeable men on Japanese history & culture and a high ranking Bujinkan member. Don Roley is also a devalt Bujinkan cult member and an outright liar. I won't post the comments from the web forums but this blog will be posted on them & all who know will also know what I am saying is true. Don Roley has been spreading vicious and unfounded lies abou me on the internet in a attempt to discredit me; I don't know if this is in association with fellow Bujinkan member Barron Shepard, however Mr. Roley has spread a very long list of lies. Including that I attempted to rape a 13 year old girl and that it was plead down to delinquency to a minor & that Fujita Seiko died in a car crash with his top students killing all traces of Koga Ryu Ninjutsu.
To dispense with one lie lets start with the one that is most relevant to me.
As one can see I was charged with contributing and with found guilty of contributing.

Oh yeah and I beat up Greg Duckworth of Taylor Made, hence the battery on a Police Officer charge for threatening me. This was the infamous appeals trial were Ashley Redden my accuser said she was coerced by the Police (Trooper Duckworth is a friend of her family; criminals protected by police informant status), her mother & the Prosecutor. The Case Judge Hutchison worked so hard to suppress...
Another Interesting point of fact, was the lack of physical evidence & Ashley Redden's statement;
If you examine the hand writing and an expert isn't required you'll note that hand writing of the statement doesn't match that of Ashley Redden or her mother, its actually the handwriting of Trooper Greg Duckworth. In fact lets examine the Battery on a Police Officer Statement:

Now Greg's narrative is interesting you entered the room and began discussing my case then adds that he was seeking a resolution to a plea agreement? Ok sense when do cops seek a resolution to a plea agreement. I refused to take a plea and Gary Wayne Frazier refused to accept that. Duckworth even adds that the additional delinquency charges are forth coming... The handwriting appears to match that of Ashley Redden's statement. So why then was a Trooper writing the statement of the Victim?
Maybe its nothing or may be is why the delinquency charge was dismissed and why members of the Bujinkan like Don Roley & Barron Shepard have to spread lies and half truths.
16 arrests & 4 convictions with 2 charges pending, an arresting officer admitting to trying to seek resolution to a plea agreement because I refused. I argued with my Public Defender for over an hour. Don't believe me. Lets look at some more documentation here;

According to the facts stated in the Warrant me and my Attorney Gary Frazier were discussing the meaning of the words "I'm not taking a plea to something I didn't do." for an Hour and a Half. Then trooper Duckworth entered the room to seek "a resolution to the plea agreement." When that didn't he tried to threaten me physically and needed then Sheriff Darlington, a deputy and an unknown Beckley Police Officer to pull him out my guard, and I only rolled over from the mount when they opened the door.
If that's not enough when I basically make fun of him on YouTube and challenge him to a cage match; these "advertisements for my school" start popping up. Notice the handwriting looks like Greg Duckwoth's. I guess if you can't beat them, convince someone else to do it...
I'm by no means the best at what I do, I'm not perfect and everything I do someone else can do as well if they just know how. However, I don't need to lie on others and drag them through the mud to try to make myself seem worth while. Would Barron Shepard post this information on his blog when I asked? Oh no... Nor has he actually invested in an actual background check, otherwise he'd wouldn't be referencing a Ronald Collins who isn't me.
So come on cheerleaders keep cheerleading...

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