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The Life of a Modern Ninja...

I fancy myself in my own self-deluded egoistical mind as a modern ninja; after all I seem to be fighting my battles with as much truth and airing people's dirty little secrets as I do with anything else. I know I am an egoist...

Ninjutsu is in many ways my life. You see I rely on skills (many which are not historically accurate) to survive, not as an instructor or as a writer, but in defending myself from Organized Crime (in at least two varied forms), false arrests & threats of violence under color of law.

Allow me to address some of this far more directly, I spoke to Lt. Deeds of the Office of Professional Standards 3 times about coming out & speaking to me to fine an official complaint. He either refused or in not so many words told me wasn't going to do anything, and finally threatened me with pressing child pornography charges; (Sorry BlogSpot is being anal retentive at the moment). This occurred before I handed the March 2012 complaint...

Now lets look at my complaints prior to being charged with child pornography;
March 2012 complaint to Lt. Deeds

Now I gave Lt. Deeds a chance to do nothing and make excuses, I did just that & after handing him proof misconduct and making an argument for the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree doctrine. Trooper Efrid claims a 2nd Search Warrant in the Arrest warrant which wasn't filed until April 14th 2012 the day after I threatened to go to the Superintendent the day before; April 13th 2012. 

March 2012 complaint to Capt White: Head of Professional Standards

Now as one can tell I was in contact with Capt. White's office by phone and given his insistence on using the chain of command, despite his investigators refusal to do anything regarding the evidence given to Lt. Deeds. Thus, I preemptively filed a complaint describing my concerns that Capt White would do nothing to the Superintendent to the State Police.

This all prompted a second series of letters & complaints Dated April 13th 2012 the same day I threatened to go to the Governor & Superintendent on Lt. Deeds and Capt. White for their silent condonement of criminality carried out by the West Virginia State Police and even attempting to silence it.

Lt Deeds 2nd Letter:

Now if you notice I rub it in that they exposed themselves so easily. In fact, having a recording between me & Lt. Deeds sent to Capt White (if the recording didn't work it was on Capt White to investigate my allegations; as such an allegation in writing and on say YouTube or in a public forum only discredits the integrity & authority of the West Virginia State Police Office of Professional Standards.

My Arrest April 19th for an Arrest Warrant Filed April 14th the day after I prepared the paper work and threaten to go to Capt White's Superior only served to highlight an ongoing pattern of harassment & criminality.

Add to this the Letters from Southern Regional Jail, highlighting the lack of investigation and evidence that should have been part of an investigation. after all they are investigating a crime or an alleged crime right?

Lt Deeds SRJ Letter:

Capt White SRJ Letter:

Now its important to realize right from the get go, that I addressed the 2nd Search Warrant to Capt White of Professional Standards from within SRJ. In the above letters. This is the same Search Warrant mentioned in the Criminal Complaint for at a June 11th Motions Hearing which was the focus of the two videos below.

And Addressed by Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp as not existing in the Above (top position) video but described in the Criminal Complaint he did give us as pat of iscovery, and was thoroughly discussed by Trooper Efrid at my Preliminary Hearing which Magistrate Massey claims he recorded yet disappeared.

Arrest Warrant & Criminal Complaint:

Complaint to Governor Earl Ray Tomblins:

1st Governor SRJ Letter:

2nd Governor SRJ Letter:

Have you seen the "the Ninja's Strategy" hidden before you yet? (Sounds ominous but is completely BS for drama & humor lol)

Sure its there, you see by giving them information that allows those mentioned to cover it up, conceal it and lie openly in court (such as Pat Lamp saying the 2nd Search Warrant doesn't exist even though its named in the criminal complaint), I display a pattern of bad faith that reveals not only Troopers Moore, Marsh, Palmateer, Duckworth, Efrid & Lt Deeds as being corrupt and criminally intended to abuse their authority but we also have Christine Keller, Mary Jennings, Massey, Judge Hutchison, Pat Lamp an others.

Quite simply, I was allowing them cover up evidence knowing there were several ways in which those elements would have been on record. Missing records only show the depth of a criminal conspiracy in an attempt to cover up the criminal actions of the Officers. Most importantly, by sowing actions taken in "Bad Faith" to conceal evidence and falsely seek a wrongful conviction with no intent seek justice as per Brady v Ohio. This serves to create my defense, pre-emptively so, for my need for self-defense against false arrest, assault & battery and kidnapping under color of law.

To do this I had to allow myself to be assaulted, falsely accused and allow my name to be slandered. I have, however managed to establish 3 simple facts that's cannot be avoided;
  1. Court records are either magically Missing or Sealed after I addressed them in court before a WOAY reporter while giving testimony on the stand...
  2. Several accidents have occurred such as a Clerical Error that revoked by right to a jury, my preliminary hearing before Massey goes missing after I name several corrupt members of the Raleigh Count Judicial System in a 8 page statement to Police and entered onto file at said Hearing (referenced in a Judicial Ethics Complaint) which creates a general distrust for the Government of Raleigh County & the State of West Virginia.
  3. Add to this complaints even sent to Booth Goodwin in response to Lt. Deeds trying to pass te buck, in an attempt to have Federal Prosecutor's try me without the evidence they were secretly withholding. When that did happen they had to charge & try to cover their asses with the 2nd search warrant claim until I addressed evidence tampering being associated with it.
Statement to Booth Goodwin Federal Prosecutor:

Quite simply, all the corrupt government of this state can do is falsely charge me, lie to conceal their own faults & rely on the slanders like Phil Elmore, Don Roley & Baron Shepard to defame me. Hoping it will distract me from them & keep me trying to defend my name. However I'm addressed this in the Internet Experts, Bujinkan Lies, Open Letter to Jonathan Russell & If you get proven a liar get your friends to lie for you Blogs. The facts remain the evidence & lack thereof speaks volumes...

And in both cases I simply employed the Ninja Arts of Fukuro-Gaeshi no Jutsu, specifically the Strategic tactic of Hotarabi no Jutsu; feeding the supposed "secret information" to get them to act in a way that furthers your plans. You see, the worst thing anyone can do is believe their own propaganda about the enemy because I just let you all bury yourselves. What you thought I depended on you to uncover your own corruption and wrong doing? Oh yeah, I did just not like you expected!

Updated Information 8-26-2013: Sorry for the delay but had issues getting the audio to upload.
So now we see why I addressed Baron Shepard, Phil Elmore & Don Roley directly in this, they were the propaganda artists helping to spread the false image of who I was created by the local police. Once they were exposed for what they were; liars and frauds making slanderous and false accusations. They proceeded to defend themselves the only they could. Attacking those I associated with even if every so loosely & parroting what I had been charged with without any regard for the evidence.

But lets look at where this started and what the West Virginia State Police thought to cover up; the search warrant was signed by Magistrate Mary Jennings... keep in mind I've never been charge with terrorism.

Now its vitally important we address three things;
  1. The material about making "pipe bombs" was on Thomas Keller's computers...
  2. Thomas Keller said I had planned to "Blow up" Beckley &...
  3. That Thomas Keller had called the police; thus the "responded to" statement otherwise the officer would have been "dispatched to."
 Now in Thomas Keller'sown statement he says the officer came to him, in the Search Warrant its says Thomas Keller had Terroristic Computers on his computer and said I had an intention of blowing up Beckley? Strange how they happened? Yet, I have not been charged with a terrorist threat. As exposed above and in previous blogs as well as this one (examine The Ninja: Understanding Strategy & Tactics) there is a serious issue with the official paperwork not matching the statements made by the prosecutor in court. Or those of Lt. Deeds the Investigator for the West Virginia State Police Office of Professional Standards.

In the face of the evidence all my detractors can do is sit behind false identities on the internet and bark like toothless dogs. Even when I call out Trooper Greg Duckworth, showed him where he lived at in Beaver. Greg Duckworth who is personal friends with the Reddens, attends church on Table Rock Rd, less then 3.5 miles from Nelson Redden Road & less then 3 miles from the Kirks house (also having attended their church on Scott Ridge Road) Brianna Lane is approximately 9 to 10 miles depending on route from the Lillys on Rabit Run Road, including Michelle Jennings-Lilly daughter of Magistrate Maryanne Jennings. The Lilly's just over 8.5 miles to Nelson Redden Rd & 1.6 Miles to Scott Ridge Rd. All using Google Maps

This is my life, seeing moves before they are made and convincing others to make the moves I want them to in order to stay one step ahead of survival. Afterairing out ceratin facts like this little group association; I prompted none other then Amanda Kirk (mother of Leah Kirk) to post comments on my YouTube account;

Now if you noticed, as I addressed to Mrs. Kirk, she was more concerned with being known as a friend of Police Officers then accused of pimping out her daughter. Well I'm sure those she pimped Leah out to, won't volunteer information nor will her husband. However, the close proximity to each & associations admitted by Mrs. Kirk to Darrell Lilly (and thus his wife Michelle Lilly daughter of Mary Jennings) is enough to raise a conflict of interest.

Notice John Lilly (son) & Damn J Lilly (son)? That's John Nathan Lilly & his brother DJ. Darrell Lillies sons with his ex-wife Pam Lilly. The same John Nathan Lilly who jumped me & who made threats over facebook.

Course what really matters is this;
My Arrest Warrant with Criminal Complan for Child Pornography...

And proof of my Alibi, on February 25th 2011 I was in Southern Regional Jail waiting on a bond revocation hearing that I wasn't released from until February 28th 2011...

You see I've spent 8 years fighting for my life, more so in the last 3 then ever before but I don't let this constant pressure break me. I am stronger because I know I'm stronger because of it. While my name has been disgraced and I've lost more then I will ever get back; time and peace of mind (lets face it in my Nietzschean & Machiavellian mindset I won't have peace of mind until any of you are no longer a threat, even potentially), money is of no concern. Power is a matter of perception and I have a perception you can't grasp.

An awareness that well to quote Machiavelli "Men honor titles, titles do not honor men." Meaning your position is nothing without yielding to the power it claims to hold. Without "respect" for the symbol it have no power. Which means my "threats" (actually just a graphic way of stating I have no intention of harming you) served three purposes;
  1. It got the cheerleaders foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs... yet since it didn't convey an immediate threat of harm it would be a "false arrest" and perfectly able for me to resist. Drawing more attention to the facts I addressed. Well at least the Tooth fairy & the Easter Bunny weren't involved... like FBI Agent Mike Yansik.
  2. It grabbed everyone's attention... Hell calling me into court is just going to prompt a misdemeanor charge, which without an immediate threat will get thrown out without me even paying bond & would make any actions taken in self-defense perfectly legal. So I could technically hurt someone, and wile I'm admitting to tricking you into breaking the law, you have the option to do nothing knowing you'd break the law. Kindof murky ground isn't it?
  3. I make you look weak either way, people laughing at you whether to your face or behind your back, the thought running through your mind that people who see your face on Billboards or on your CD covers in Little General is going to eat you alive Greg. Its because you have no power, no strength of will except that which you get from having others on your side. Me I am myself, I don't need "back up" or a "badge" to claim any power except the power of my own will.
You see, if people believe I am weak I a happy... The best way to hide strength is to act like a weakling, always trying to prove your strength. Strength isn't measured by size (I'm 5'4" 4 inches below average height) or muscles... Strength isn't measured in gear, guns or equipment I have none of those. Strength isn't about skills or training... Strength isn't money or political influence. Strength is mental toughness. Resolve.

As much as you may hide your anger from those around you they can all see it. Somewhere inside yourself you know I'm coming for you; may be not in a physically violent way, may be not simply limited to a law suit, may be both or neither. May be something else...

You see I'm the Hunter here; ever mindful of the fact I'm dealing with a dangerous animal and that it can turn on me at any moment. Of course I'm also mindful of the fact, that you've involve others ad dragged a lot of others into this mess. See I act alone, I stand alone and in the end I will fail or succeed alone. You need your pack of toothless dogs pretending to be wolves but resembling more a pack of barking rats. You've just gave me the fight I always wanted; one were I don't have to hold back; Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Survival, Propaganda, Strategy & Tactics even on a socio-political level.

Course this all just Psychological warfare isn't it? Me airing your dirty laundry and "pushing your buttons" all the while you're plotting your next move & are distracted from my move in this game. Tell where you relying on me not having the criminal complaint through discovery and Pat to deny it existed or do you have something else? Oh of course your not going to tell me, most likely you don't have a plan yet? I know you'll get Ashley to try to sweet talk me right?

Oh right even WOAY brought the "He raped me" claims of Ashley Redden's even though I was never charged with rape. Isn't that lying on the stand...? Oh what a tangled web you weave, my, my... You know my story hasn't changed in all these years.

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