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Full Diclosure... I'm a Low Life & God Damn Proud of It!

My life is chaos and in truth, I wouldn't know how to live it any other way. Right now I'm staying with a friend of mine who was my worst enemy in the 5th grade. That's right my life has reached the point where my best friends, are the people who've hated me the most. And I'm not talking about these pussies who throw out internet challenges and back out, send CPS to investigate you to scare you into backing out, (for those who don't know that was how Phil Elmore got Dan Bowen to back out the fight; filing a CPS complaint on Dan for involving his kid in a scene of his Web-series Danbo & using the open challenge as a way to pressure Dan Bowen into either going through with the fight or may be losing his kid. Dan can't & in no way supports me but I'm going to fuck you up for that myself & you'll know about it because when I call you out I'm gonna do it face to face bitch!) or cry babies like the guys at which also backed out of a fight against Dan Bowen because someone on the forum threatened Dan Bowen if he didn't fight White Kimbo. I'm talking about the pieces of shit like Trooper Greg Duckworth, Bobby & Teresa Redden, Amanda & Randy Wayne Kirk & the rest of the badge wearing faggot ass punks who think a position in society means you're untouchable.

Time to let you in on a little secret, I touched you & now I'm a fixed part of your lives. You tried to destroy me to keep your skeletons in your closet; make me into the a liar, a child molester and a low life piece of shit to hide the fact you are.

First off lets look at the Bujinkan, Bullshido, the Martialist & Paladin Press then the courts and finally the named individuals. I'm gonna shock you for a minute and then I'm gonna mess with your head.

I covered the facts of the Ninjutsu politics issue in the blog on whether the Koga Ryu was Dead or Not... I don't really think lineage matters & even cover why the Bujinkan is resorting to lies and defamation of character to push their BS martial arts in the Bujinkan Lies post. I even hinted at certain details here with the Haters, Liars & Frauds blog post that drew out Barron Shepard. In the Attack by Stratagem post you can read the comments of those very much involved with those named groups. And I first addressed this issue on Ashida Kim's old forum to bait the idiots like Don Roley, Barron Shepard & Phil Elmore into giving the legal matters a mention on the web; leaving "mouse tracks" to lead you down the rabbit hole we call my life.

Despite the "secret ninja master claims" you can now look at guys like Antony Cummins (who while I think will be an absolute failure at creating a united the ninjutsu community is a Epic Success in addressing the truth); the man who translated the Shinobi Densho like the Ninpoden into modern English. You can & many will use that information to claim some link to history (I don't care its not important if they are lying) but if the knowledge recorded by the real ninja of history is being used by the next generation (after several other generations) & is passed down then a) those dead masters succeeded in their goals & b) they are a least passing on real ninjutsu.

Bullshido is a forum that exist to start drama to push MMA gear, T-shirts & inspire business by trying to convince none MMA martial artists to become involved in MMA events to prove themselves. Most of the time when these dramas get near time for completion they tuck dick and run. Such as Hedgehugey who wanted to fight me and challenged me, but made every excuse in the world to avoid coming to West Virginia from Virginia to fight me. His excuse? "I have no reason to go to West Virginia." So he wants to fight me but doesn't have a reason to come to West Virginia; except to fight me which his ass won't do... hmmmm... that sounds like a pussy! Ok I get it you're a man, your balls dropped. Dropped right he fuck off! (Was that out of line or honest?) Guess you'll have to come to WV to straighten that out.

Sam Browning who was given an opportunity to speak with me via phone call, have it recorded and put it on his Bullshido site, with various bits of evidence like the same legal papers displayed in the Haters, Liars & Frauds blog post. He instead refused to actually speak with me & instead suggested/demanded; I post things on his forum as  member. The reasoning is simple Sam might be confronted with information, claims or evidence that would have prompted certain tells in his voice (much the same way Phil Elmore sounded like a scared little bitch when Hanshi Frank Dux raised his voice a little over a phone interview; yet talked shit in type afterward) and that isn't good for business. A study published on Texting & Lying shows people are more likely to lie in text because you can't get a feel for how they say things or if they are lying.
Text Me No Lies: How Tech Makes Lying Easier
LA Time Same Story

So we can see where the sudden change of heart came from... Call me & prove me wrong, you can get images off this blog and my phone number is 304-860-0878. Any clean hotties who just wonna fuck, no strings attached and I don't want to play Bull Shit games who wonna call me, I'm here to.

And then we come to Phil Elmore and Paladin Press; Elmore is a "sock puppet" for Paladin Press who tries to use his association with others as a proof of his knowledge and skill. While Phil might be a good writer; he writes the Mack Bowen books which I find t be utter trash & completely unrealistic. Phil is also known for posing with weapons, trying to look tough (which makes him look like more of a tool), throwing up a "Rock Eye Brow" & hating Koga Ryu Ninjutsu because he is closely associated with both Bullshido & Bujinkan fraud Don Roley; who offer him a token inch of credibility. The very thing I've accused Bullshido of, so yeah back to Sam Browning & Neil "Frost" (Scared shitless of a fake ninja master who used to be a transsexual stripper) Fletcher; I'm not going to mention names but WE ALL KNOW WHO I'M TALKING BOUT & YOUR HOME TOWN KNOWS YOUR A PUSSY. That's why Browning is running with this show.

Phil Elmore's little bitch boy followers (punk-peons) such as Patrick Ferrari can be seen on the attack on the comments section of the Attack by Stratagem post.  Paladin Press contacted me in 2002 to write for them after Dojo Press (yes Ashida Kim's Company) published my first book Black Dragon Ninjitsu in 2000. And none other then those associated with Paladin Press Don Roley (Spent 15 years riding Hatsumi's nuts in Japan & heavily invested in the Bujinkan ninja cult) & Phil Elmore included. Elmore is the writer of such collective works as Street Sword, has a PDF Published called Street Chucks & a PDF of his first book Shorthand Empty Hand.

Lets look at my 1st Book over 8 years:
1st Edition sold on Amazon $19 for an out of print pamphlet from Dojo Press
3st Edition sold by Amazon its $95 for an out of print paper back by Indy Publisher
Read the 2nd Edition for free on Scribd. its free because Fuck it, why not? I'm a cocky prick who stands by his work. Oh and my students as well as local people who know me will tell you I get in the mix with my students, we literally train together.

Why are they out of print, because I'm that fucking good & if you read my material you'll see the difference between me and the rest of the guys teaching ninja martial arts; I don't give a flying fuck about history, tradition or anything but being skilled at what counts fighting, combat, stealth, espionage & psychological manipulation etc. Anything else is a sport (not a bad thing but don't confuse being a good player for being a good fighter; even if the game is fighting), a history lesson (hands on) or a damned D&D Asian fantasy game of Live Action Role Playing (LARPing).

Lets look at fantasy martial artist Phil Elmore; I will conduct a narrative review of his works ever so briefly.

Street Sword: WTF, Over!? I'm not buying this shit it makes me think of PCP Blade or the Crack Ninja & the Police.
Street Chucks: another WTF!? Ok Nunchaku were made illegal after an LA Police Officer used one to break a protesters arm in the 70s. Afterward & with much more attention because of dumb fuck cop's actions the weapon was commonly used thanks to movies like Enter the Dragon and the movie The Last Dragon attempted to make fun of this trend with a young martial arts master who was far to influenced by the movies then his real training. However, anyone can look at the late 60s, 70s and 80s and see this reflected in modern American Culture of teenagers who grew up during those periods (70s and 80s especially) and as adults today. Knowing this and the effectiveness of the weapon I wonder why anyone who grew up in this period of time (as myself and Elmore both have) would even suggest using nunchaku for self-defense. Otherwise Elmore admits on page vii of the PDF he states he learned the weapon usage from Ted Gambordella's The Complete Book of Karate Weapons, which is nothing compared to the reality of only a dumb ass would support this fat fucking faggot with delusions of grandeur.
Shorthand Empty Hand Expedient Stylized Fighting: The cover says it all, full of pictures of Phil Elmore training alone, demonstrating his "skills" alone & telling stories about using "goose neck strikes to "impress" his "skills" on people who were rude to him. He also quotes John Keehan the founder of the Black Dragon Fighting Society & miss mash of martial arts techniques resembling something like Kung-fu & a description on Myamoto Musashi's 7 principles of fighting that I found addressed in a Black Belt Magazine I have from the 90s (1999 issue I think; guessing of the top of my head; I will find it somewhere I still have it with comic books my mom never threw away incase I wanted to show my childhood to my kids.) No attention is placed on training, self-training or application outside of basically this is how to do a technique; which shows a lack of training to begin with and there are several "mentionings" of deadly techniques with no mention of how to develop the speed, accuracy & power to apply them. A sure sign of no experience as well. More to the point Appendix B: Dealing with the Homeless (page A-5) is a story about how those with less money are below you & want to take it from you. A sure sign of inventing a crisis to connect New York's high crime with poverty; yet its not being poor but a willing choice to commit crimes that address that fact.

This book seems to high light a repressed and unacknowledged fear & hatred for the "Bad Boys" who didn't "accomplish anything." Yet didn't respect him that he did, and a need for validation of his own existence. A wonnabe tough guy who thinks a greater accomplishment then someone he tries to bully makes him "better" then the next person. Yet is unable to realize that the people he attacks; sees him as a sad pathetic shell of human being not fit to be called a man & money, validation of is ego and his constant fear of being exposed under that mask by claiming association to others who validate his ranting and ego isn't gonna change.

You see these internet wonnabe bad asses forget one thing; there is always someone bigger and badder then you. I Addressed things like this in my Street Focus Jujitsu Book (also available in a "stripped down" in PDF on Scribd); its a very simple thing called the Theory of Victimization. I get it... Phil Elmore was a victim of someone who was also victimized and wanted to be "tougher" so he took to martial arts to become tougher (did that shit when my Dad tried to kill my mom and slapped me across the bed room when I tried to stop him when I was three; I went deeper into a world of martial arts and eastern philosophy). Hey I went through the same shit as a kid. But, I don't need to invent "threats" from the mentally ill or those with less money then me, or side with the "cool kids" to mess with other people who's lives suck just like mine do to feel empowered. It happened and I'm alive...

See I'm gonna tell you all a little secret, my best friend who was my worst enemy; we hated each other because our lives, our names even (Ronald Collins Jr. & Ronnie Fink Jr. yeah that ass hole) & hell even the way we dressed was so much a like. At 33 years old its takes looking at yourself and realizing you see yourself in those you hate the most... yeah I said I get it. But when you learn to over yourself, you even learn to love them for who they are faults and all.

Your all fakes and liars trying to look legitimate by pointing fingers and starting drama. That's the basic guiding principle behind what is happening with the legal issues and well.. These Bitch asses idiots on the net want to see me knocked down a peg or two because I openly admit I AM A FUCK UP!!! My Daddy was a fuck up & in some ways so was my Mom (hell she married the prick) its who I am. Who we are... but I don't use being a Fuck Up as an excuse its who I am.

But lets look at the legal issues here; the attention from the guys at brought to my attention that a guy was arrested for possessing child pornography that was legitimate legal pornography; Adult Film Star Verifies Her Age, Saves Fan from 20 Year in Prison. And well I've been pretty much direct as hell about statements and that Appeals Hearing being of Vital Importance to proving my innocence. We all know I was found INNOCENT of the Stalking & Assault charges. With a mention of Ashley Redden's Bull Shit "I was raped story" even addressed; wasn't guilty of that either. Oh and everyone knows Leah "I suck dick for dime bags behind the mall dumpster" Kirk little story about me putting a gun to her head and making her blow me story, the case being dropped to a plea agreement for delinquency was bull shit as well. But its a lie started by Don "bitch ass" Roley who also is the source of info for Phil & Bullshido. Phil doesn't have the balls to call me by name in his little news editorials on World Net Daily; instead calls me "John" which isn't phonically too different from Ron.

Course I'd like to point out that, I pointed this out on YouTube & the Appeals Paperwork was shown right here. Bujinkan Lies: A Pattern of lies, manipulation, and character assassination. But hey, there is that connection to Maryanne Jennings, Greg Duckworth, the Kirks, Reddens & the Lillys. Which also connects to the Keller family (my mom's family), the Collins family (my dad's side of the family). Keep that in mind, I'm also connected to Massey's and everyone who knows will tell you Danny Massey used to treat me like a son and tell everyone he taught everything (he didn't but he did teach me a lot) before the hammer incident with Teddy Massey (dude I know it fucked us up as friends but if you ever get to read this I'm sorry & I love you, little brother. I don't care if you hate me I want you to know that). If your local you know the Martins (Danny's mother Bulla's blood family) and what that in tells but I ain't airing their dirty laundry.

Here are 3 pieces of paper the first is a receipt showing that I had to pay to get the criminal complaint for the warrant for child pornography, the warrant and then the criminal complaint; that mentions that 2nd Search warrant the Prosecutor denied an didn't turn in with the rest of the
Official Paperwork. Which mentions that 2nd search warrant no one wants to come off of. So here is the deal; the case will be dropped, my property returned, transcripts from the appeals hearing and all such hearings given to me. We can take this to court but all evidence and transcripts will be turned over. If not fuck it, I can go Christopher Dorner and I don't need to own a gun (I can stick a sharp stick or a stone knife into some cops throat & take his). I've been addressing how the police have tampered with evidence and made false statements. It would suck to get fucked up by a lone fake ninja, who takes you out with sticks and rocks (kind of like Rambo or the Hunted) & have people looking into your lives right?

Especially, since according the Bad Elk v United States I can resist a false arrest & according to Brady v Ohio I have circumstantial evidence showing the whole Raleigh County Judicial System being involved in criminal activity under color of law. I have no reason t trust any cops, judges, lawyers or magistrates to believe shit any of you say even with a warrant. I  been stating this for months on YouTube videos to cement that point. So yeah... I can go there but in all likely hood all I gotta do is evade capture and if I defend myself too bad.

Here is how it is, the child porn Warrant says Apparent Child Pornography (like the guy on Bullshido pointed out). Maybe this is a Lupe video or similar (go for young, attractive & bendy women between 18 to 25, since the child porn shit I've had girls with crushes on me popping up and saying "I'm legal now!" so yeah there is some local haters about me sleeping with barely legal 18 year girls; who keep throwing themselves at me because of school girl crushes, even had a few daddy's little girls in their as well). And I watch porn... The Warrant also lists the dates of the information as the date they took my computers; yet I was in Jail on a bond revocation hearing dealing with Ashley Redden. Oops...

A quick question, why doesn't the warrant say anything before that? Is it possible the police up loaded the videos, after my uncle went to then knowing I'd threatened him with reporting him for the porno I caught him downloading, on the date they took my computers. Course that would mean I knew it was going to happen when I said this and recorded it on my blackberry that I accidently called an Android Phone. And I admitted it, but a mention of a phone recording they had and going back o the original case as everyone else involved with Magistrates Jennings, Massey & Judge Hutchison trying to cover sit up and me violating the law openly and putting it on the net. That means the reason Hutchison didn't bring charges against me was for secretly taping a court hearing or Kirkpatrick for that matter is the laundry list of complaints and the evidence they'd have to open up. Yeah I'm kinda poking ya'll with a stick.

Wait lets read the criminal complaint says the Forensics lab contacted the undersigned officer & that a second search warrant was obtained. Yet the date of the crime occurring is listed as February 25th 2011 (my alibi I was in jail). Without a complete chain of custody & that second search warrant which bring up some issues with Magistrate Massey having no record of my preliminary hearing & with the evidence already missing. Well if that 2nd Search warrant doesn't exist; you've been caught lying. And the videos already show elements which are supported in writing;
Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp's states when I addressed this before Judge Kirkpatrick...
Lt. Deeds on Tape... I told you ass hole this is what it comes down to remember its in writing...

See unlike Dorner who was a cop and not a grunt (11B Army Infantry, like me) I know how to lay out my plans, I know my tactics and I've spent years in Korea (think 6 months of field time) were I got to play OPFOR (Opposing Force) and learn to beat the Army's Night Vision and Thermal Technology.

See Ashley is too scared t fight & I know you've used her kid to scare her into submission but I also know all those "threats" to put you bastards on ice phased with supportive legal case laws & a history of complaints exists online. More so copies are floating around Beckley, Canada, Mexico, Chicago, Cleveland and Dayton Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Australia & South Africa. I also know all Ashley has to do is tell the truth and any CPS complaints or police set ups could prompt a "Fuck It" response from me.

You want me to be a low life thug, fine I'm a low life thug... How do like me now? See before I let you label me a terrorist & a pedophile, knowing you're committing acts of terrorism under color of law and most of you are pedophiles or protecting child raping faggots like my uncle Thomas Calvin Keller; I will give you what you want. I have nothing to lose but my self-respect. I know who I am; I'm a low life; I drink, smoke weed, eat shrooms, pop some pills on occasion, even snorted a line of coke or 3 & I'm bout to get high tonight. I have one night stands & used to love a good fight. Yeah I'm a fuck up & I've had more then a few fuck ups who watched my back as a kid of 15, 16 & 17. My life is a cross between that god damned The Last Dragon Movie, Burn Notice & Son's of Anarchy. Its not cool, is painful and destructive and something most of you will never know anything about living your safe comfortable lives, watching your backs keeping your skeletons tucked away in the closet, adding more to it as you go... I'm putting my shit out front in the yard, I even dress them up for the holidays.

 See I'm a low life scum bag & you either hate me because a) you think it would be fun to be me, thus want to be me, b) live under the delusion that you're better then me because (you don't have a criminal record or have more money or whatever) or c) you keep pretending you have that "Father Knows Best" lifestyle all the while trying to hide yourself. Keep your paper work and paper tiger bull shit, look at who I am and what I did... It doesn't matter where I came from, I DON'T NEED A Certificate to Know I'm this fucking good; I just did it assholes. I established a spy network with my own informants so I could keep tabs on the police while I sold drugs and lived with two snitches DJ & Nathan Lilly while doing it & bought my shit off Teryn Price who is also an informant and connected to the Reddens. Teryn is also connected to Adkins clan, whom Ishould point out I'm related to by marriage. Yeah... I know all about you, you're secrets...

As far as the ninjitsu stuff goes let me say this; Ashida Kim has been my mentor and my friend. Many of the methods I used and disclosed in the 3rd Edition of Black Dragon Ninjitsu was a combination of what Kiyoshi Omoto of Canada taught me and what I learned from Ashida Kim through his books. Its not purely Ashida Kim's works but it draws heavily from it & well it worked. So keep that in mind when you talk shit; I'm living a movie life and you're just watching.

Oh and Greg: Special Notice for You...
Before you think about fucking threatening my family (that includes anyone I say it does) just remember I know were you live, mother fucker! I've always known were to find you, at any time over the last 8 years I could have slipped through a window and slit your throat in your sleep with your wife right next to you, been waiting for you to come home watched your TV and shot you in half with 12 gauge as you walked into your living room while drinking your beer and eating your food, then burned your house to the ground or just picked you off from the woods as you pulled in your drive way. I know all about those pill whore snitches you been fucking and no this isn't a threat. In fact, its me telling you, I don't want to do you any harm, I want my name cleared and a chance to live my life without having to look over my shoulder. I found your cell phone number what you use to made deals for Taylor Made by going through the West Virginia Department of Commerce's database and I have your home address the same way. Google maps provided the image.

Don't confuse don't want to for won't do it... See living a public life as part of Taylor Made might help convince people of the reputation you been trying to build and image you created. I'm taking the mask off today; this is me; and even people who know me from grade school will tell you I had a bad habit of talking shit and telling the truth no one wants to face (So did Ronnie Fink Jr,). You can think that badge gives you power but with the evidence and statements all aired out online it doesn't mean shit. Not for Palmateer, Moore, Efrid, Lt. Deeds, Capt White, Col Smithers or fucking Governor Tomblins. The amassing Police State and political climate of the United States facing national and global economic collapse is perfect for acts of violence to pop off, violence against the police is rising & pissing me off with all this aired out is simple; I'm gonna burn your little play house down. And I will start the 2nd the American Revolution if that's what it takes (let us just go there to get this out the way shall we...).

Way I see it, you can accept your fuck up and clear my name, tell the truth about how you set me up (face the consequences like a man) or you can push me a little further & see if I'm willing to test the Bad Elk v United States & Brady V Ohio case law course I'll only turn myself in after I feel I'm done and the situation could escalate. How does feel to deal with creating your own devil who's bringing your hell with him?

See I'm a low life, thug but I'm nothing you're used to... cause I'm a ninja (and a Juggalo) & you never saw this whole mess coming even though I wrote it out in the complaint to Lt. Deeds (below). While you're reading that read the statement on Thomas C. Keller as well... I might be a ninja but I  ain't hiding; here I am... come out & play.

Hey speaking of ICP Ronnie found this last night; its ICP saying that God was in everything they do... now consider who I am, what I've lived through and where I stand. See God made me stronger then you'll ever know or be and I have no fear of any of you. We are all guilty in this mess on different levels; so what I sold drugs, fucked up people's heads and hurt people I will murder you to protect. That's who I am I make no apologies...
I will sacrifice myself knowing that there are those who have learned from me and who will learn from all the publicly available info. You can kill me but to quote Obi wan "Strike me down and I will become more powerful then you can imagine." Because other people just saw what that knowledge of mine can do, and how far it brought you. There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling.
See as for me and Ronnie and going back that far in my life, we lived lives full of pain and heart ache and are sad hurt and broken. Everyone can be broken but its what you do when you put yourself back together again. See I'm a bit like Batman with all the training and academic knowledge but Ronnie knows the same shit from experience. In the end, there is no Batman without the Joker and as much as Batman denies it, hides behind the mask of Bruce Wayne he's a monster no different then a Killer Clown hiding his murderous face behind a mask of face paint.
You deny who you are and today I'm going introduce you to Batman (the Real Bruce Wayne without his mask or a silly costume). I set down and had a beer with the Joker and holy fuck he's right... you can all go fuck yourselves. I'm coming to rip those masks off your faces & beat you within an inch of pathetic miserable lives. Sorry Ashley they may scare you but I can do this with or without you.  Anything happens to Ashley Redden or her daughter, you might as well just slapped my little sister (oh wait we're past that aren't we...). Guess you weak fucking pussies are gonna be looking over your shoulders now...
I've been talking to a guy who knows a guy who might be letting me use his Boxing Gym to teach my stuff. Now let me just address something here; I'm a low life remember. I even think racist jokes are funny. Want to hear a good one; what do you call a Redneck a baby pool? Its that pool of cum in the small of your sisters back when you pull out after fucking her doggy style. Bet you thought it was going to involve the word nigger right? Nah... I know full well what its like to be hated just for being who you are so yeah, I got black friends and we tell each other some really twisted racist jokes. We don't have to hide, just cause you hide your skeletons doesn't means I have any hidden and the skeletons of mine are dressed up on the lawn are all there is. I kinda know what it means to be black.
There it is full disclosure; and an undercover cop witnessed it two days ago.
He even helped out while revealing himself as an undercover to me (yeah I know your rule book);
Dude played right out the text book. Yeah I know you could lock my ass up but you won't cause you saw the good that was done, even if I wasn't playing from the rule book.
Question is was he City, State, County or Federal!?
 The Truth is you can lie & point fingers but I know what I did. I ain't hiding it, can you say the same???

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