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Full Disclosure II: Lets talk about who I am...

I mentioned Teddy Massey in the first blog. I've known Teddy since "paper ninjas" and anyone who knows us, knows its meaning. His father Danny Massey was one of my old Karate teachers & I never dropped his name but many of you who know Danny know that until after the "Hammer Incident" Danny used to brag bout being one of my instructors. Danny who holds a 3rd Dan in Jujitsu, Judo & Shotokan Karate from Tracy Cook, who is notorious for Street fighting & one hit KOs in Beckley. The former biker, boxer and all round ass hole bully that a lot of the older cats in Beckley know and secretly danced for joy when he got cancer. Also taught me...

Danny was bad for wanting to take me out drinking and wanting to start a bar brawl for the experience you needed to fight. See that's how the "bad guys" train. Something I wrote about, now I won't pretend I'm not an ass hole or a thug. That's me, hi... How ya doing? Want to go out for a Beer?

I can talk to you all about Steve Maynard used to own Champion Karate I trained with him when it was Chuck Norris Karate back in the day. Hell me and his son beat up our whole 4th grade class (just the boys though) at once over a punk ass little bitch picking on a girl who was retarded and a midget. See he & him were the same size but he "wasn't tough" & I'm not tough. I'm just not scared... Steven (Sr. & Jr.) are fine upper middle class people who just don't take shit. Just ask Mr. Sammons my old vice principle from Crescent Elementary or any of my teachers from Crab Orchard Elementary.

Simply by association, by my sphere of influence; I'm one or two degrees from of the most dangerous, vicious and cut throat people in my home town. I know thugs, I was raised with thugs, no shit I'm a thug myself. I'm not one to start putting out everyone's business either but I have no problem with my own. See I want to go back to grade school to make a point, I've never backed down. I hade three uncles that terrorized me to make me tough (cause I was raised by my mom) and cousins who fought with me because I was small. I have been fighting since I was a kid.

I don't know much else and at its core is my dad trying to kill my mom and promise a 3 year old kid made a promise to myself to become stronger. I like pressure, I feed on it. I need it for growth. Its not what I am, hell you can ask plenty of people; they've partied and trained with me. Its who I am, the Army, Infantry School, who I trained with or what I've trained in. That's all icing on the cake, the reality is I am who I am...

Its not anything more then this is who I am...
I'm done fighting to win, I win then fight...

Lets look at the first Full Disclosure; I pulled your punk card because I could & we all know it!
  • I addressed that Phil Elmore is a sock puppet for Paladin & that many of previous attacks had a hit to drive attention to Paladin; even just short of suggesting I move to Paladin Press from Dojo Press. 
  • I addressed that Don Roley is heavily connected to Phil Elmore whom attacks the same targets; Ashida Kim, Frank Dux & myself. Paladin is also a publisher of Hatsumi's & the Bujinkan. That draws in the spiders behind the web the Bujinkan & Hatsumi with Omega Publishing who own both Paladin Press & Soldier of Fortune Magazine (btw SOF is responsible for the fraudulent claims and out right lies that Frank Dux was a fraud, having to take it to court; and won said law suit). More on this is coming... Keep reading!
  • And I addressed the lies and out fraud of the local courts; even went so far as to draw the line in the sand and say "Bring it, Bitches!!!" nothing is going to happen t me because the facts remain; I violated the law and recorded to motions hearings from Kirkpatrick and Hutchison, yet no charges & I broke the law publicly... openly and blatantly. However dealing with those transcripts and such evidence they are trying to hide. So I added a "threat of violence" & all that got was strange looks and dirty stares from Beckley Police & a couple Federal Marshalls.
I'm not pointing at a single conspiracy but several groups all attempting to use under handed market controls & trying to put pressure on those who refuse to back down. I mostly wanted to target the Raleigh County (oh hell the state of West Virginia) for their corruption. Now I'm going to finish where I started because many of the lies started with these guys.

A Paladin Press Ad for a 1986 Taikai is what started much of the drama between the Ashida Kim & the Bujinkan using an image from one of Ashida Kim's Books: Ninja Secrets of Invisibility for the Tai kai Add.

 See on the Martial Arts end is the Bujinkan & Omega Publishing trying to defame competing businesses. My hobby of teaching ninjutsu and jujutsu, writing books & being involved in martial arts events with the hopes of turning that hobby into a business. However, being involved in martial arts world has opened my eyes to certain facts.
  1. Ninjutsu is a joke martial art; with hundreds of instructors claiming secret martial arts masters, obscure connections to Seiko Fujita, the Kokuyukai or something else (myself included), muddies the waters a great deal.
  2. Ninjutsu all ninjutsu is fraudulent in one aspect or another... either those who refuse to prove their claims or those who lie about them outright. See Bujinkan Lies & Is Koga Ryu Dead blogs.
  3. At the end of the day lineage is pointless. If you read the original documents any shinobi claim to have learned ninjutsu from gods, demons, goblins, talking animals & dead relatives. Going back to Soke so & so is kind of pointless. So lets look at skills...
  4. The real skills of ninjutsu are espionage-based; strategy, information gathering, reading body language, psychological manipulation, herbals, scouting, skirmish (commando) tactics, sabotage & assassination.

Looking at this, I went with who had the best information & the better skills. Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu will have to standing around in Ichimon no Kamae all day dodging slow punches that are highly telegraphed. They will tell you how to climb a rope or the five elements of hiding but that's it. They will feed you the Hollywood black garbed ninja throwing flour and vanishing in the near by weeds.
You can look through the Blog on so called Internet Experts to see where the rubber meets the road & realize where a lot of the Bull Shit lands. Their Silence is all the proof I need. Ever so ready to talk trash and make threats, until I start laying everything out. See I admit it I'm a thug, a freak & a professional fuck up. I have issues with authority; respect has to be earned its not given. My Drill Sergeants earned it, and some of my NCOs did earn it. All that matters is how effective your "ninja skills" are.
I'm not a heartless son of a bitch though; see I don't hate Ashley Redden she lied because she was threatened by her Pieces of Shit family. She doesn't deserve the hell she has to endue right as being labeled a liar. Yeah she lied, but her lies were the results of threats from her family, to her family and all in the hopes of trying to find love and happiness. I hate her parents, the West Virginia State Police & the Prosecutor, Magistrates & Judges who hide their crimes. See Ashley Redden was (is) my friend...
How you can be friends with a 13 year old girl you might ask? Well its was easy, you see a child growing up around drugs & violence (just like me), we talked about life (hit she could expect as she got older & things that were happening in her life) & she told me bout the Kirks & the Reddens. Things I didn't much believe but shit I saw growing up around the Atkins Clan. We both listened to the same music, watched the same movies and she even took an interest in the books I was reading. I even helped her with her homework. I never thought of having sex with Ashley, through any of that. I thought here is someone who's been through some shit & just needs someone else to talk to who understands.
I realize most men & women don't associate without sex being involved, because we're all cheating on our spouses, sleeping with the milk man, postman, your nurse, girl scouts selling you cookies, your mechanic, your doctor, the plumber, the paperboy, the neighborhood orgy & secret satanic orgies at the local Freemasons Lodge with farm animals while wearing a goat mask. If you don't see the sarcasm, go fuck yourself...
I'm a sinner & not a saint but I'm not the monster you say I am. I am a different kind of monster, one that had a hobby that resulted in a very special set of skills and all you did was give a reason to use them. See I know your secrets and I'm coming for more. That undercover, I mentioned at the end of first blog. Well if he was wired he just heard some of what pops off if you come at me, what happens if you act on those "threats" (said just to provoke you) & how I pointed out that whole "threat" is based on the very real information and truth of Bad Elk v US support by the recording of the motions hearing before Judge Kirkpatrick (An Examination of the Kangaroo Courts of Raiegh County) with the criminal complaint; that clearly states a Second Search Warrant the Prosecutor denies existing in to the "secret court recording."
So lets be clear, I made those "threats" because I could.
  1. You aren't going to arrest me because doing so with all only the linked recording & the criminal complaint opens the can of worms; that its a fraudulent legal process. Or under federal law a violation of 42 USC 1983 & 42SC 1985: Deprivation of Civil Rights Under Color of Law. Or the criminal version 18 USC 241 & 242. With an added 18 USC 245: Criminal Acts under Color of Law.
  2. Doing nothing will make you look like a bitch, a liar and a fraud. If I resist, its already justified and putting this info on public notice basically means any other officer who become involved (doing his job like a good lil Nazi jack booted thug) is taking action as a part of a noticed criminal conspiracy ad part of a criminal act.
  3. I will bet you're just disgraced, pissed and utterly scared. Not of me but of exposure for who and what you really are.
Hell even Don Roley has taken to making an excuse and he seems to have notified the police. Cool, I posted it on Topix to do just that...
The police have been notified about this. If they are not taking action, it is probably because they have dealt with him before (he's started trouble with the police and been beaten a few times for his trouble it seems) and don't think he is as much of a threat as he tries so desperately to convince people.
I would pick him up, but I have not ever dealt with him like they have.
Really, seems little Donny Roley has notified the Police. There it is... They should be looking to arrest me soon. Oh wait, but if they don't its not because I made "threats" its because I'm no threat. They know me... Really? What fucking drugs are you doing, Donald, I want some? Bitch I was in up town Beckley between the Court House, Federal Courthouse, Beckley Police Station & State Judicial Annex. No one did shit, the Federal Marshalls came and stared at me... I'm not raging I'm making sure everyone notices.
Let the Federal Marshals arrest me, I'm down fuck it. Then I get to play in court where all the state's lies and bull shit comes out in public. You do nothing I win... you look weak, pathetic and corrupt. You do something... we all get to see you are weak, pathetic and corrupt. I don't have to lift a figure do I? After all he Feds wouldn't touch the Child Porn case, after they were notified you tampered with evidence. Proof is already on this blog and the first, right there in the Criminal Complaint & the Recording. I have nothing to lose.
Wise warriors win first then fight, foolish warriors fight first & try to win.
-Samurai Maxim
You however, all of you from the State of West Virginia to the Don Roley the rest have staked yourselves on lies & character assassination. I find it funny that Don Roley who has the same training I do as a 11B US Army Infantryman would go so far as to claim the same skills as me on his site but then try to down play those skills to justify the local authority doing nothing... pathetically caught lying to justify the State's potential impotence. Especially given that my computers were seized in an alleged terrorist plot to blow up a whole city; without an Atomic Weapon. That sad fact led to the child porn charges, after I filed complaints for not charging for over a year of holding on to my computers. I even made a video with recording dealing with this.
Oh how "the powerful" fail to realize how little power they have without the appearance of self-importance... Course Don Roley hides behind "how deadly his art" is to even name his Dojo location. And claims to be a free of ninja fantasy yet we see this:
Am I the only one who sees a LARPing here? The reality is that dear Don Roley, is scared of his implication i a greater crime as being used as a source for false information used to justify a criminal action by the Kirk, Redden, Lilly & Atkins Families. He is the unlucky first member of the rather extensive group to flinch at being confronted with his own wrong doing. Out offear he has not only (in his own words) admitted to contacting the police (who just gave me WTF looks today in front of the police station & federal courthouse) but trying to down play any lack of a response in the same breath. His image, his credibility & his reputation are at stake & fear drives him to justify himself early before anyone realizes the kind of spineless weasel he is.
LARP away Samurai Don, LARP away...

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