Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day before I drive to Kentucky...

So I plan to head out early in the morning... Be a full day driving 4 hours and hanging with the BDFS family. So Barron tucked tail and ran, which I kinda knew he would... I had hoped he would he would step uo but, no... And here it was claimed Barron wanted to fight me AND had already paid to attend Roley's event in March of this year. About a month after Ashida Kim posted the BDFS event on his message board back in Febuary right after Barron backed out of Ruckus in the Cage Febuary 202016.

Here is the phone capture of my blog... No pending comments from Barron.

Now Patrick Ferrari and the various trolls have pushing for me to fight Roley. But, they want me to make some kind of declaration of my intent to harm Don. Well no of that has happened...

All we have is indirect comments. See the screenshots below...

So let me see here, the game is what... Try to get me to say I will "Kill" or "Maim" Don Roley? Get me to make a statement of intent to harm Don Roley so he can say I threatened him... That's still trying to hide behind legality and not display any mutual intent to engage in an altercation... Its the ground work for bitching out.

And what has Don Roley said when he broke his silence? Nothing conclusive just some vague remarks about humiliating me...

Well no statements of intent have been stated. So like I keep saying all anyone (ANYONE) has to do is step up in Lexington Kentucky... Step up and say they want to fight. Not try to hide behind legality and excuses...

However, to those paying attention this is a great example of the adage "Controlling others is strength but Controlling yourself is Power." One statement of mutual intent or even a filmed statement of intent to engage me... Places me on equal footing (legally) with "Anyone" who wants to fight in Kentucky. Any wrong word by me about my intent to do anyone harm allows them to claim "self-defense" under Kentucky's "Stand your Ground" laws... Placing me in legal trouble.

This is the same game played by Barron by offering me "free judo lessons." The reason why "Mraymond Locktools" wanted to schedule an "unsanctioned" fight in Florida and I set up the Ruckus in the Cage event in Charleston. It is why Patrick Ferrari is making threats about what Don Roley will do to me and why... Don Roley says I will "face true humiliation." Rather then just make a statement that he intends to fight me...

All it boils down to is a group of people trying to set me up for failure. Trying to have me arrested with no intent to fight me... Its childish Internet Tough Guy bullshit... And I am saying "No one is going to. Step up." So everyone enjoy your weekend,  I will enjoy mine.

After I predicted the set up being planned by Barron Shepherd, Don Roley and Phil Elmore's prorogue Patrick Ferrari... I am proven right in less then 2 hours.
A clip from my admin screen on the Blogger and the time stamp is 7:46 am yet at 9:07 am, Patrick Ferrari acting as Don Roley's proxy so that he can deny involvement stated "We both know you won't bow onto any mats don is teaching on and we both know that you certainly won;t approach him in a manner that enables him to defend himself legally."Well there is some truth to this, coming to Don Roley's seminar means he is in charge and any injury where I might respond with for can be claimed an "accident" by Roley allowing the confrontation following this to claimed an "assault." Likewise, Don Roley wants to threaten him online or approach in a manner that he can claim "self-defense" rather then just grow a pair and call me out to a fight like a man. Thus, it is a mutually agreed on combat & no one is the victim and we both face a few minor charges. But, Don Roley would rather play the role of the "victim" hiding behind legal red tape then be a man.
What we see above is a time stamp of 9:07 AM and compared to my time stamp of 7:46 AM, a whole 1 hour and 41 minutes later. A Comment posted on the Barron is Running & Don is Silent blog. But why not this blog? Perhaps because Patrick is afraid to be an admission of my own prediction about the group of fantasy martial arts conspirators.

I love these online ninja nerds always talking about Warrior Traditions and the legitimacy of their arts as part of said warrior tradition as if it makes them a pedigreed pooch, as if they are the fantasy ninja or samurai of a bygone era. Martial arts are the arts of war and if you want to be a warrior you had best be willing to go to war or, at least deal with the repercussions when you step up to fight.

So in closing Thanks for the Laughs Guys... Keep on tucking... that is tucking and not trucking, BTW.


  1. In other words, your critics are absolutely right. You will never, EVER walk into any venue where Don is teaching, or have the courage to challenge him in any way. You talk and you talk and you talk, and you expect everyone to bend over backwards for you, but you'll never actually DO anything.

    That sums up your entire life, and it's why you only approve some of the comments here. You won't approve this, but I know you'll read it, and I'm telling you now, Ron: Everybody, literally everybody, knows you're a dick-tucking coward who will never accomplish anything in life. You're going to spend the weekend hiding with your fellow frauds (the same people who disowned you when you got arrested for downloading child porn) and getting a thrill about what you think *might* happen if Roley happens to stumble across you, but you're never going to do anything about it. And if the two of you did encounter each other, you would run along the little dick-tucking coward that you are, despite all your tough talk here.

    You seem to be forgetting that nobody challenged YOU to a fight originally. You're the one who has been running his mouth for months or years about what a badass you think you are and about how nobody has the courage to face you. Yet when given the opportunity to fight anyone, you slink away. You make excuses. You distort the timeline of events to claim that it's everybody ELSE who's not fighting you, when you won't return the fight promoter's calls.

    The fact is, Ron, you don't WANT to fight anyone, because you know you'll lose. You want to TALK about fighting EVERYONE, because then you can go home and declare victory after a nice, safe weekend where nothing bad will happen to you. You enjoy talking tough and pretending to be much bigger than you are (especially given that you can't reach the top shelf), but at the end of the day, you're a coward who can't fight, and you know it. So you'll go on pretending on your blog and doing nothing with your life.

    The rest of us will go on with our weekend, and next week, and not really give you much thought other than to enjoy whatever humiliation you experience. And long after your little day trip is over, you'll still be a sad, impoverished loser living with his mother and getting by on government welfare, with no job and no prospects for the future, going bald and getting fatter, with no future whatsoever.

    If you had any self worth at all, you might actually devote some of your energy to actually taking some martial arts classes. But you won't do that, either, because you want the easy way out. You want to declare yourself a master instead of actually being a student. You may not even have the physical ability to learn martial arts, as your terrible YouTube videos demonstrate. You do realize that every time you post a video you only humiliate yourself, right? Everyone who watches them can tell you have no training at all. You're just imitating what you see online.

    So tuck that dick, little buddy. It's all you've got.

  2. No Martin... See cowards hide their identities behind the computer... See if Roley wants to fight me, all he has to is say so. As for disrupting his business to fight him, not going to assault him either. If je doesn't want to fight me I am not going to attack him. As I said all ANYONE who wants to fight me has to do is say so...

    Don Roley hasn't said he wants to fight me, so when he does I am down. Yet... Roley has said nothing. Barron Shepherd has fallen silent allowing troll accounts to try to harass me into making some form of a declaration of intent harm someone.

    Thing is Don Roley and Barron Shepherd don't like what I have to say... About the Bujinkan being a cult, the Bujinkan system being ineffective and something Takamatsu made up based off what he saw in China. They don't like that their methods resembles Shaolin Long Fist kung fu or that historical information proves the Ninja martial arts and magical spells B.S. ny Hatsumi is all bunk...

    Most of all they don't like I proved Barron Shepherd is a punk, he ducked Ruckus in the Cage in Charleston ans he ducked out at the mere hint that we could settle up in Lexington.

    Hell I even went so far as to disprove the lies spouted by Phil Elmore, Don Roley and Barron Shepherd.

    If I so unskilled and untrained then why didn't Barron fight me at Ruckus in the Cage? If Roley wants to fight me, then why doesn't he say so like a man? You say you won't give me any thought... But, you thought enough to tell me so.

    The only any of you can shut me up is to try to hide behind the police and the courts like its mommy. I am not running and I will call Don Roley out this weekend. If he doesn't agree to fight me, oh well...

    If you have a problem with my mouth, come out from behind the Keyboard & shut it. That simple... All "ANYONE" has to do is issue the challenge to my face.

    See thing is I don't think any of the online warriors will do anything about my mouth. Hedgehogey from Bullshido was about the closest and I would have had no problem going to Virginia for a fight, if he didn't act such a childish douche bag in trying to insult me into giving him the fight. Then it was just not giving the fight he wanted because he wanted it, I think win or lose he'd have enjoyed the fight... I do respect him for that.

    Thing is you don't waste your time writing a book on how pathetic someone is if you ain't trying to convince them to get angry and if they don't consume your thoughts. Yet I don't see anyone responding to "All ANYONE has to do is issue the challenge." statement. I mean its almost like you guys are to scared to commit to a fight, except to say I am so pathetic and how easily someone can crush me but won't commit to the actual crushing me part. It almost like someone is afraid.

    But who would ne afraid of poor, untrained and pathetic me..? LMFAO...

    1. Oh and I am not going to commit to any MMA match, the way Barron did, without a reasonable belief that everything is going as expected. So don't worry I have until November 19th to make sure everything is going to happen and if something comes and we have to push it back to December we can without a finalized date set in stone.

      So don't worry the November MMA match is still possible as soon as the details get finalized... I will commit to the date.