Friday, February 5, 2016

Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons2: The Return of the Internet Bitches' Spin

So the whole web, actually that corner that gives a shit or is just mildly entertained by it all, is laughing as Barron Shepherd has begun spinning his tells of woe. Here is the basics... Barron is a pussy who lies online, he associates with other punks who hide online and I called Barron out. I stated plainly I'd rather fight him then sue because a law suit could be drug out to take years, even if you win you have to sue them again to make them pay you. Basically, its a waste of time and resources when all I want to do take out frustrations on Barron. Frustrations I have because of his lies and attempts at internet bullying. Whats funnier is even Don Roley, that lying clown, saying that I'm bullying Barron Shepherd.

Lets make it simple, I've put my paperwork online to show that Kristen Keller lied and fabricated evidence in my court case. I offered this evidence and all the rest of court papers to Barron Shepherd and he refused. Why because he has an agenda... Now all the while I have been trying to get Barron to agree to a perfectly legal, sanctioned MMA event I'm had someone trying to get me to do a unsanctioned fight in Florida.

Now here is the thing... Barron posted this but added all the usual accusations and lies about me hoping I wouldn't put it up. Sorry...

Notice he said he spoke to the fight promoter Christopher Smith and that I lied. Well I'm trying to clean up the audio because the file is corrupted but... Here is a picture of a picture of my phone with the Recent Call Screen notice the number 1-304-610-2881 that is Chris Smith the fight promoter for Ruckus in the Cage.

By Contrast here is Recording Screen from my Phone which shows a 4 minute conversation with Chris.

Yeah that means I caught Barron "Bitch Titties" Shepherd lying again... But whats funnier is not only Don Roley crying in his little blog about me "bullying" poor Barron Shepherd. Well even Dustin Hatfield a former student of Dan Harmon's and pathetic internet tough guy who lives within range of a Bujinkan Dojo but, doesn't train and his only connection to the art is internet forums and Facebook groups he infects... trying to spread the same lies. Because now Dustin Hatefield has talked to Chris Smith and I never called Chris to set up a fight with Barron.

There is something to be said for bullies running in packs and internet bullies are no different. Most likely all Barron is doing right now is damage control... Bitching out before the whole "world" he has his little online buddies spreading the same lies, trying to "shout over" the person telling the truth. That Barron won't fight. If Barron doesn't want to come to West Virginia, then I suggest he set up a bout in Florida and I will come to him.

Oh and as for the whole talk of trying to get me to go to Florida for an unsanctioned fight. Barron was crying I threatened him, after basically calling me out with a veiled challenge. Well I'm a pussy, so I made it more direct, well actually I suggested an MMA match. Then Barron told me to "make good on [my] threats." So pointing out I never threatened him I challenged him to an MMA bout. And they have been claiming I never talked to Chris Smith for days now.

Even Raymond Locktools who tried to play the "trojan horse" kept not so, subtly trying to get me to go to Florida for an unsanctioned fight. So here is what I thought; Raymond says Barron will fight me + Barron crying online I threatened him + Raymond Locktools keeps suggesting an unsanctioned event & lying to me concerning Registering with the Florida Boxing Commission = Get me to Florida & Barron tries to get me arrested!!! Fuck that shit... It only got worse when I called out the truth to Raymond.

I wanted to see where Barron agreed to fight?
I wanted to know who the promoters Raymond Locktools was talking to in Florida?
I wanted to know why Raymond was lying to me?

Now the cowardly crew are trying to change the narrative but, you  know what, lets apply some of Ron's Street Smarts. Lets say I am everything they say I am;
If I was a pedophile who wouldn't want to kick my ass?
If I was fake martial artist what Black Belt Instructor couldn't kick my ass?
If I made you look like a punk ass bitch online, why not show up and kick my ass?
If I duck out, you have written proof I'm a punk and ran away from you?

Course all the lying and dodging  basically just makes everyone involved, except me fuck it my reputation is shit right now, look like liars, frauds and pussies. I will let you read the correspondence between me and Ray... its long but its there.

So why not? Why lie and why get your online buddies to lie with you?


  1. Nobody lied to you Ron. Your twist on this is truly amusing. Either you want to fight Barron or your to scared too. All this ducking, lying, twisting really doesnt do you any good at all. Why is it you leave the important stuff out and only paste things you can twist? Bottom line here Ron, either you want to fight Barron or you dont. We spoke with Chris too. Its not has easy has signing Barron up. He needs a full medical exam, which costs $$$. This is because of the age difference between you. Something you failed to mention.

  2. We've already gone over this Barron Shepherd is ducking me crying about me threatening and getting his lying online butt buddy Don Roley to spread the same lies (already proved that and say I am bullying Barron, which is a fucking joke. The fact is they are both liars and I proved that in a previous blog which proven Don Roley is a liar as well ( What is there to twist, I thought Barron Shepherd owned a successful Judo school and had more money then me. I paid to get my physical. I also proved above I talked Chris Smith Ruckus in the Cage promoter above. What have proven? Nothing... You've sent me messages making false claims about how physicals weren't needed for Amateur MMA. Screen shots are above I don't need to twist shit just prove you lot are a bunch of scared little pansies.