Monday, February 22, 2016

Black Dragon Ninjitsu Home Study Course 10th Kyu DVD

You can now pre-order the Jukyu grade video and earn your white belt in Black Dragon Ninjitsu. Both the Jukyu and Kukyu DVDs will be available in April, perhaps March 15th if I can rush my production of the course.

I then plan to release a new video every month until I get the whole home study course out. Many of the methods used to train for the course were developed or simply used by me in my own individual training. So after not having been active in my training for almost 3 years, I am not getting back into fighting fit condition but also refreshing my skill sets. So I will progress in rebuilding myself through each rank as the home-student builds themselves back up. Ideally, within a Year I should have the complete course available.

As such you must ask, What is Black Dragon Ninjitsu?
Black Dragon Ninjitsu is an American Style of Ninjitsu based off Omoto Ryu Budo. Since I live in 21st Century America I believe the older skills of the ninja have a valid use in modern society in this age of information, manipulation and, global terrorism. However, Koryu Jujitsu and the Gendai Jujitsu systems based off Koryu Systems and ancient culture of Japan, while tactically strong are in need of adaptation to suit modern needs. So other martial arts and training are applied to make Black Dragon Ninjitsu more  sound as a fighting system.

Because Ninjitsu is a Japanese art, whether speaking of the Omoto Ryu methods or Historical Methods that is the required study from the Bansenshukai at higher levels, you will see variations of training methods and techniques from Mixed Martial Arts & Reality Based Self-Defense methods. This allows for a more practical and complete martial arts training, flavored with Traditional Martial Arts that reflects the learning of Japanese cultural elements.

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