Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons: Barron's bitching out from stepping into a Cage with me.

So its been pretty interesting with Barron Shepherd crying "I threatened him." Well lets just say this, I don't make threats but what kind of "bad ass former reserve police officer with a legitimate black belt in Kenpo and Judo." Is scared of someone they say has no martial arts training? What kind of martial artist talks shit online and won't face the person they are talking trash about in an licensed MMA bout?

The fact is... Barron "Bitch Titties" Shepherd is running from me, all the way in Florida and I don't have enough gas to drive to Florida, I'm still in West Virginia. I'm also a "fake ninja" according to Barron and "not a real martial artist." Buts lets keep this simple...

When Barry started his little blog on me claiming I was guilty of crimes of which I was only accused, without evidence I offered him a opportunity to see my legal papers. He fell silent because he had every intention of perpetrating a lie, slandering my name. I later, posted my own paperwork showing that Barron was a liar in a later blog Barron Shepherd Proven a Liar & a Slanderer. Barron has made numerous attempts to provoke me and even stated his intention to me was to have me arrested.

What makes it even funnier is attempts to slander my name from a troll account because Barry was afraid of getting sued. Except when I said I'd rather beat his ass then waste my time suing him. To which Barron offered me a free "judo lesson" but, once I said that was again attempting to hide behind legalities and lies to harass me on facebook. That is when I proved Barron Shepherd a liar again... When YOU ARE Proven a Liar after he tried to enlist the help of his online cohorts like Don Roley and his troll account Simon Edwards. Then again I posted on why this type of drama and childishness makes martial arts and martial artists look bad Scared lil Internet Trolls & Why Martial Arts Suck. This is where you see Barron Shepherd, claiming a threatened him...

So Riddle me this, internet fatmen?
Why post blogs on people, invite them to your school and stalk them online then cry like a scared little bitch when they suggest you step into a perfectly legal cage, at a sanctioned MMA event and settle it like men?

Well first off, I didn't threaten "lil Barry" but I did suggest we settle our difference in an MMA event. In fact I did say "Arguments over lineage, slandering others to try build themselves up, tough talk online (I'm guilty of this one as well, because I can't afford to travel) and everything but actually fighting... Even then people want to fight you on their terms, making veiled attempts to answer being called out for ducking a challenge or pretending to respond to a challenge without actually saying "Ok."

I'm sure I could ask some members of the BDFS who deal with MMA events to schedule something. But hey, what do I care its the internet right? If martial artists wish to be taken seriously they need to stop acting like a bunch of whiners and pissy lil children. Generally speaking most martial artists just get a piece of paper, and hang up a sign declaring themselves "grand pubha guru" and riding on the mythology of ancient warriors, exaggerated histories or complete bull shit all to sell people on anything but actual ability to defend themselves and actual skills at fighting. We have too many "Paper Tigers and Ducking Dragons" in martial arts now..." To which Barron Did reply...

So someone, anyone (set up an event) on neutral ground say North or South Carolina-ish standard MMA rules, I don't want any prize money. Come on Barron, what do you say? Quit trying to hide behind legal bullshit and crying to cops in my area to do something you're too big a pussy to do yourself. I'm not threatening you, I'm calling you out.

Cause right now, YOU are looking like a bitch... And there are people interested in making this happen.

I just got off the Phone with the people who manage Ruckus in the Cage. All you gotta do Barron is sign-up for the Fighter Registration and they can make this happen. So we gonna do this or not?


  1. Just talked with the fight promoter for Ruckus on the phone. You lied AGAIN

  2. Geez that's funny cause I have a recorded phone call that says otherwise... I didn't set out to record the man but my phone records all calls anyway, I get so many death threats from punks and well that is one that got picked up. I'll put it on YouTube so we can all see you are lying and dodging me yet again...