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Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 6: Internet Trolls & BSMA

One of the things that gets funnier and funnier is how the online martial arts community continues to defend each others lies. Especially when I have proven that Barron Shepherd and Don Roley are lying about my past, not once but twice. You have to wonder why? Why lie about someone, slander their name just to make yourself look good if you are truly the better person, art, martial artist and so on..?

Let me break it down for you... To make money or more correctly to keep others from achieving the success they are working for because you haven't found the success you think you deserve. Lets be clear Don Roley is person out to make a buck and he gets to stand up and attack people so other Bujinkan instructors don't have to. This a pattern carried out by Hatsumi when he attacked Karate, Judo & Aikido as ineffective, so his American Cult of Personality followers do this by attacking all others. Course we all know Takamatsu just read the modern documents translated into modern Japanese to invent his system, Takamatsu also lied about being named as Soke of the Kuki family arts of Kukishin Ryu to invent his Kukishinden Ryu. William M. Bodiford explains this in a article on Soke: Historical Incarnation of a title and its entitlements; in a nut shell, Soke is a reference to a ruling economic class of iemoto (Soke) tradition. Since Soke refers not a martial arts title but a familial business system. Common for non-martial arts;

Nishiyama (1982b, 273-278) identifies several reasons why martial art lineages never developed into iemoto (a.k.a. soke) systems. Prior to the establishment of the Tokugawa peace, rapid acquisition of military prowess constituted the sine qua non of any system of martial instruction. An instructor who withheld instruction in the most advanced techniques as a family secret, as was the norm among soke who taught peaceful arts, could not have attracted students. For this reason, during the sixteenth century, military students usually attained full initiation rather quickly, after which they were free to teach all that they had learned to their own students. If anyone issued diplomas, they did so on their own authority, without having to pay license fees to any larger organization. After the Tokugawa regime imposed peace on the land, both older and new schools of martial instruction became more structured, more secretive, and developed more complex and time-consuming curriculums. Students who received diplomas no longer necessarily acquired independent rights to issue diplomas themselves.7 The ruling authorities also actively prevented any warrior groups or martial schools from developing organizational bonds across domain boundaries.8 Moreover, the rulers of each individual domain preferred to patronize only their own local martial systems, which could be kept under their own local control. Finally, in an age of peace it became practically impossible for any one martial lineage or group of lineages to demonstrate decisively their superiority over their rivals. Innovative teachers could (and did) devise new methods of martial training and establish new schools without having to risk lives to demonstrate their combat effectiveness.

Oh and Sine Qua Non refers to something that is in essence the standard. So what we see is this, the term Soke is taken from the Kuki family which did teach their art and the associated Shinto practices  under a familial ownership organization, especially to alternate Shinto mythologies. To teach Kukishin Ryu martial arts or conduct Kuki family rituals you had to be licensed through the Kuki family. So the many trolls who argue Hatsumi is the only true source, are simply trying to protect Hatsumi's ownership of ninjutsu (which is a joke because no one owns ninjutsu), though Hatsumi owns Togakure Ryu and the other associated ryu (except for the others claiming the same lineages like the Genbukan).

At best Takamatsu made up his Ninpo tradition copying from historical documents, at worst he made up his Ninpo tradition based of the 60s Japanese Pop-Culture Ninja Boom. Thus anyone claiming ninjutsu outside of the Takamatsu-den must be attacked as frauds to claim ownership of a particular lineage and the art of ninjutsu itself. This is why men like Jinichi Kawakami in Japan, Anthony Cummins, Chosin Ninja Greg Park, Frank Dux, Ashida Kim and myself must be attacked... Its is simply marketing and claiming ownership of an art that fraudulently claims to be the root of all "ninjutsu."

What is even funnier is that these "online experts," who have to lie under the guise of "fraud busting" to keep from being called out as frauds devoted to a fraud themselves, have taken to attacking "Jay" and Damian Ross of the Self-Defense Company frauds and spreading lies about them as well. Because I simply asked a friend who is an instructor for Damian Ross to write an article for me while I was off working on the Black Dragon Ninjitsu video course.

First off, Defendo/Defendu is not a iemoto system, their is no "Soke" of the art. Anyone trained in the lineage can claim the lineage as a source of information. Defendu/Defendo is a Western Martial Art and not a Japanese system governed by ancient Japanese social rules. Secondly, the issue is this Damian Ross is no fraud nor is he a member of the BDFS. So yes, I do associate with other people outside the BDFS such as Chris Friedman who also wrote for this blog and is in China training in the Shaolin Temple as you read this. What gets even more disruptive to their claims is that I have never met Damian nor do I have any issues with him. In fact, many of the things I discuss and teach are based on concepts he teaches (learned from others outside his lineage such as NCOs I served with in the military) and so I cannot fault him for what he teaches.

Let me give you an example: Color Code Awareness, I am not a fan of color code awareness taught by many self-defense instructors to civilians but, I have this issue because it gets used out of context. I espouse what I call Educated Awareness.
Now let me explain this you in the simplest terms, Situational Awareness is knowing whats going on around. It is limited by your 5 senses. Educated awareness bridges a gap between what you can see, hear, etc and what you can't. First off it begins with a description of criminal tactics. I've seen Damian Ross's system, through "Jay" address that as well. So me and Damian Ross, having two completely different lineages and systems have some over lap here. Where I have my biggest issue with the Color Code system is that it is a military method, and lacks the military (life style) context. What I mean by this is, before being dismissed for the weekend we had a Safety Brief which include things going on in our area. How many people today pay any attention to the news, weather or so on? Without attempting to educate ourselves about things happening around us, our situational awareness is diminished. So I have a little term I am always using called Educated Awareness, which refers to extending your situational awareness with "Field Intelligence."

A friend of mine will shoot me a facebook message or text message when he comes across traffic jams, road blocks, or accidents and I do the same for him. We have a system of communicating information between us to maintain educated awareness to expand our situational awareness. Is this method fool proof, no but, neither is watching your local news, meditation to "know without knowing" and seeking some esoteric practice to gain Sakki powers either.

So what is the issue? That the internet trolls are attacking me and, people who actually look at the facts and follow the evidence I put online know that they are liars and frauds attacking others like Damian Ross or an associated instructor of his "Jay" is the only way to cover up the fact they are liars and frauds themselves... Lest we forget "Jay" is also training in the Bujinkan's Budo Taijutsu System, which is what the trolls cannot stand. "Jay" is a Black Belt in Kenpo Kararte, a Combative Instructor under Damian Ross (who they try to demonize) and associated with their ninja-cult... Course in "Jay's" defense he is actually training with someone in the Bujinkan as opposed to arguing and attacking people like Damian Ross in a facebook group.

Once again it is just more stirring the pot to avoid the fact, nothing is set Barron Shepherd & I's little MMA match until we both show up and register as Amatuer MMA fighters with the West Virginia Boxing Commission... Unless Baron wants to arrange an event in Florida? I'd be happy to come to Florida Barron? Oh and Don, you say a person who issues a challenge should come to the challenged, whats the MMA venues like in Colorado? Oh thats not a challenge by the way, that is just me saying if you want to make it a real sanctioned event amd issue a challenge (Like you did with Dan Harmon) I will come to you...

Hell Donny they're even cartoons about how you are such money hungry ass goblin, who disobeyed Hatsumi's wishes and had a Memorial Seminar using Oguri's name to make a quick buck and promote yourself... Is there any doubt, especially given the proof that you'd lie and slander my name to promote your Ninja Cult?

Anything to get away from the fact, Barron "Bitch Titties" Shepherd is a liar and punk ass little bitch who would try to set me up rather then fight me like man... Come one, we're just counting down to March 4th and hell I might shoot a YouTube video from the fighter registration for the Charleston event...

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