Monday, February 15, 2016

Building the Mind by Toughening the Body

When Mraymond Locktools first contacted me it was over a my Go Fund Me account and he kept asking me loaded questions. Really, it is more to "stir up the hornets" and troll bridges. All the people lying to make themselves look good like Barron Shepherd & Don Roley have just opened themselves up to something big and legal. But, it can wait... Well lets be honest, how creditable does it make their arguments?

More so, let me explain my actions... Zen philosophy is a meditative or contemplating philosophy that basically rationalizes life as existing between to points of intellect and thinking and the chaos of living in the emotions of the moment. Zen philosophy then dictates one strip away the excess while living a balanced between emotion and instinct and intellect and understanding. So any attempt to produce any results in my favor is going to spark the attention of the internet "boy bands." Mainly because it would contradict what lies Don Roley and Barron Shepherd has told... So I was almost assured to draw the attention of someone using another troll account.

And Mraymond Locktools started off asking about Ashida Kim and other elements of my past. Ultimately, the goal seems to be to cause divisions with me and the other members of the BDFS. So otherwise here how it breaks down. Business investors don't ask about your past, they ask about their return... Simple as that. 

Regardless I have and there has been attempts to produce a Black Dragon Ninjitsu Homestudy Course and there has been some Beta testing of an older version of the idea. I am now working on a more functional version of the course. 

What you see below is a fudo kamae or former posture, to really get a better understanding you have to watch the video. However, the video was filmed during my embracing of the Judo concept of Kan-Geiko, this is a form of training meant to condition both the mind and the body that is conducted for 10 days in the harshest winter Conditions. This is an element building the mind while training the body. Of willingly testing yourself by willingly and joyfully suffering.

While judo competition is used to explain (philosophically) the overcoming of conflict and the technical ability for self-defense on a physical level, it also embraces the element of resolving one's self to embrace suffering. Not all things that stress us in life can be overcoming something we must simply accept and move on. Kan-Geiko teaches the judoka to accept the cold, suffer through it and continue training... I embraced this idea while shooting the Black Dragon Ninjitsu Jukyu/10th Kyu Video.
Fudo Kamae is a formal posture, a basic stance to learn taisabaki (body shifting), ashi-waza (footwork), nagare (flow) and atemi-waza (striking methods)

You learn a lot about footwork and balance by practicing in ice and snow. There are things in life that is well beyond your ability to influence them and learning to suffer through them (we called this the "Enjoy the Suck" and the "Suck it up" philosophy in the US Army) is paramount to inner peace. You can do nothing about the cold so you simply bear it, suffer through it and overcome it by keeping up your own motivation to press onward. Learning to suffer is a big part of life, how do beat the weather? How do you beat death? These things are there and we can seek shelter but we cannot change them... they are always there. Accept the things you cannot change, have the courage to change the things you can change and the wisdom to know the difference.

This is so easy to say and not do, so easy for someone to take pictures in the snow and post online about your Kan-Geiko training... I don't expect you to believe it. Course there is video right? Seeing is believing.

While I have been debating about the video it does show the harsh conditions in which I shot and trained in this video course. The video is an unintended consequence of timing and events that I will simply embrace and use, it shows me out of practice and out of shape training in such harsh conditions. If I can do it in the snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures why can't you do the same in your living room.

You have to discipline the mind by testing your resolve and mental strength against the body, fatigue, emotions, cold, heat and pain. Focus the mind...
This is not Ichimonji no kamae, it is Fudo Kamae used in Nagare no kata. The hands must do something, while taisabaki focuses on the legs and balance. The elongated  hand position shows the "range" of the hand for strikes, though the striking method is not taught with the elongated hand. This kind of "Long-Fist" striking is generally seen in only two arts Chinese Long-Fist Kung-fu, designed to be used against a smaller person, and the Bujinkan style of striking.
Images from the taisabaki drills and teaching of the jukyu course. The Red Dotted line shows the starting position and the path of the attack we wish to avoid using Taisabaki Ashi-Waza.

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  1. Aceptance is so hard to master I know from first hand acounts. Change is in my own ooiniin easier but requires aplied action to be affective. Wisdom is and can be difficult or easy depending on ones level of Aceptance. Very good article.