Wednesday, February 7, 2018

BDFS Beat Down: Koga Yang Vs Lil Billy

Ok so Koga Yang has thrown down the gauntlet to William Aguiar 3. Now Kang explained to me that William Aguiar threatened a female student of him...
Now Lil Billy Aguiar, claims to own the BDFS and be rightful heir to the BDFS. While he did file to claim trademark status for the logo, he has no proof of said organization. He is actually committing trademark fraud...

The (other) "Black Dragon Fighting Society" is clearly an attempt at sabotaging others like Grandmaster Miskel and Ashida Kim who have an actual connection to Dante and the BDFS under Dante...

When I wrote the "infamous" Classified and more famous Classified Report on lil Billy. However, he has found allies in the Bujinkan and the want to be Ninja Masters who have Bujinkan rank under the Home Study Courses.
This is a scream shot of the Bujinkan's wannabe, Self-styled Ninjitsu instructor who hasn't even passed to Godan test to be an instructor.

He removed an image of all of us together in 2010, Stoffel, Dux, Ashida Kim and me at Fort Walton Beach, Florida in 2010. Yet, these people are all in denial of their mutual association as who is the real Black Dragon Fighting Society... Everyone but, Lil Billy because, Stoffel broke away from Miskel and Ashida Kim.
William Aguiar the Third is the son of a former Chairman who ignored his other BDFS family to try to claim Dante's Legacy as his own. When no was interested lol Billy's daddy dropped the BDFS and full contact competition for "The Spa and Fitness type of Martial Arts." in other words his daddy ran a McDojo.

At one time we were all againist lil Billy and his attempts to commit Trade mark fraud. Sameless plug time, all the facts on Dante and the modern Black Dragon Fight Societies can be found here The Special Shadow Warrior Edition of Worlds Deadliest Fighting Secrets.

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