Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Incoherent Ramblings and Rantings. Waiting to get Everything Rolling.

So I am sitting here... Waiting. The Raleigh County Prosecutor Kristen Keller has been served and has until March 5th to make a reply or, I win $25 Million Dollars by default. Upside, I get $25 Million Dollars... Downside, I don't get to expose all the corruption in West Virginia to Federal Authorities...
Oh, the problems I face... However, many of you might not know this but, I am not an advocate for violence. Sure I own a gun and, I have every intent to use it in self-defense. In one case, as I already discribed, I used it to defend myself against a drug addict and police informant. Did I go to jail or, surrender my weapon to police when I shot them?

Nope. Didn't shoot them, didn't have to even draw the weapon. A verbal altercation involving a threat to use a knife was ended by my own threat display to use a gun. This is an example of the comcept of Social Violence and Conflict Interaction Theory in Street Focus Jujitsu, where by there are four reactions to conflict and that interaction was ended at the Posture or Threat Display Phase.
All thanks to my lovely little friend here. Now my comments section is flooded with unapproved comments that just gives me a little giggle, daily as I read from trolls and haters losing their minds at me owning a firearm...

When I bought it the ATF made me wait 3 days...
My unboxing behind Pizza Hut waiting on pizzas.
And my test firing it at trash in a Creek.
Oh, and just to rub salt in the wounded pride of the trolls amd haters. I even posted a copy of the sales receipt on Facebook. I know my cyber stalker haters and trolls will have no doubt seen it there as well. See below...
Well here is the long and the short of it... I have posted my evidence multiple times and, it is found right here along side the mention of one of the Unnamed Cyber Stalking Trolls.

That evidence and why I am legally allowed to own a gun is West Virginia Code 61-5-27. 61-5-27 Fraudulent Legal Filing, Fraudulent Legal Process and so on... Its rather long and I will let you read the link... Is why I can own said firearm and why I am waiting on Kristen Keller to reply to lawsuit summons.

Her own actions violated WV law. The false information given to Dr. Miller produced a false official document, a fraudulent filing, which lead to fraudulent official proceedings. And making all resulting fraudulent proceedings a felony charge.

More so, this overlaps with 18 United States Code (USC) 242; Deprivation of Civil Rights under color of law and civil code in which I am suing Kristen Keller, 42 USC 1983.

Funny thing, losing in court could result in Felony charges for Mr. Keller. Not answering the Summons and losing the law suit does not. However, fighting the lawsuit can cause a situation where Kristen Keller faces up to 10 years in federal prison.

So all the trolls can do and rant and rave incoherently in my comments section, make empty threats and blog about me... Each time making me giggle as I sit here waiting. Twittling my thumbs at the self-satisfaction of Winning.

Am I an Ego driven Narcissist..? Probably. However, all that I am doing is what God made for me to do, all that I have is what gave me and all that I am is what I am because of the creator who made me. Maybe it is my ego that makes me believe the Creator of Universe, gifted me with great friends, teachers and mentors to allow me to craft a fine and elaborate spiders web of activity and influence. Or, maybe it is the truth I hold in my heart. That I can do all things in Jesus Christ's name.


  1. I've told you in the past that you are not a lawyer and this post shows why you need one. You think there are only two options for Ms Keller, go into court or give up. But any decent lawyer in this case would ask the judge to review the case and dismiss it before it ever saw the inside of a courtroom. Do a search and you will find that less than one in twenty cases against government officials ever reach the court room. The rest are dismissed.
    It may already have happened. If yo know how, you might want to check the status of your case on the court web site. It seems you are dependent on the mail to find out, but they case may already be dismissed by the judge and it would be announced there, and may take a few days before the letter reaches you.
    As I said, less than one in twenty even reach the courtroom. That is usually with a lawyer doing the paperwork. I would not get your hopes up of this going anywhere.

    1. I suspect on several levels you are right but, fail to realize something here. I made a calculated risk mentioning the violation of Judical Canon in my motion. I think when Keller files to have the case dismissed and she will. She will try to claim that she cannot be sued.

      The fact however, is two fold.
      1. I presented the court with clear evidence of fraud and deception in my case... That includes a enough to have those parts sealed in the online court reports... The Judge has no choice but, to allow a hearing and doubly so now that I accused the court directly.
      2. When you address the reason why such cases fail, you must realize I won. I beat not one but, two cases with the state of WV where malicious Prosecution was a factor back to back. I am presently suffering continual and additional issues due to such. The Judge has enough evidence to see damages, determination of malicious intent in "bad faith" is a trial issue.

      So there has to be a hearing and I will be notified. Additionally, there are factors you don't see... And, finally there is a single more important issue. One none of can account for, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I have my faith and, I it has served me well in the past...

      I even have a way to prove this faith to you...