Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Heart & Soul of America: Gun Control Vs Personal Responsibility

The crux of any moral arguments for gun control is simply this... Government interventions verses personal responsibility. Now like so many Americans I dismayed and mournful of thoae killed in the Florida School shooting...

I have been quiet on the issue because, out of respect for the grieving families, I do not wish to politicise the tragedy. However, I am also an American who has been victimized by the legal system, false arrests and false allegations. My detectors are busily trying to defame me and, interfere with a present law suit against Kristen Keller for fabricating evidence... All this has been shown to the world here on this very blog.

Guns are not a problem with America. Americans are a problem with America, all colors, religions and philosophies are an issue with country. Not because of right or wrong but, because of a lack of personal responsibility.

Under U.S. common law standards the police have no duty to protect you the individual. Nor, do police have a duty to protect the public in general. Think Inam wrong research Warren Vs District of Columbia. Yet through the laws, schools have become a killing field for our nations children because, it is a gun free zone. That is all fine and good for the law abiding citizens but, nit for the criminals who violate the law anyway.

We have come to live our lives so caught up with self service that we fail to see what is happening to our fellow man. We expect government and laws to do what we should do anyway... Take care of ourselves and, act with our own moral responsibilities.

I say this because the Government, the FBI dropped the ball multiple times in regard to Nicolas Cruz and, lives he stole in an act of violence. Allowing anyone else, including all to human and all to humanly flawed government, to take responsibility for us is a crime against ourselves.

The debate over guns can be summed up this... Who is responsible for your personal safety? If you say you, then you need to get yourself into a good self-defense class and, if you say the government you are denying your responsibility as an adult.

I understand guns make some people nervous. So does a dark skin tone, if we allow the media and movies to paint all darker skinned Americans by roles and statistical averages. However, we do have a right to use our guns against our own government. That is why the 2nd Amendment was written and why the 1st Amendment gives us free speech, freedom of press, freedom to assemble and freedom to petition the government for redress of grievances. All steps to be taken before the gun is needed.

As someone who has dealt with abuses of power and false charges, I have no issue telling you I am not a blind supporter of the police. However, I also have acknowledged that police officers have a very difficult job.
As a gun owner, I feel the need to be armed at almost all times. And I have even described instances were Police Informants have threatened me and being armed was a deterrent for further violence. And, I have a particular fear of the Brotherhood of Blue and, way they can paint you a fiend on paper.

But, ultimately personal responsibility is the deciding factor. How we choose to deal with people, rather then how we let our emotions and fear judge events for us. As a gun owner, I take personal responsibility for my safety and self-defense. As an individual, I choose how I will respond to events and, not let events decide for me.

The real issue isn't guns but, people. Its the hearts and minds of society so drunk on our self importance and narcissism we stop caring for our fellow man but, we have stopped caring for ourselves. We have become a society lost in our self-importance that we fail to see the value of others.

No law, no taking away of guns will fix what is truly broken... The American Heart and Soul.

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