Thursday, February 8, 2018

Open Letter to President Trump: #OperationPOTUS

Ok, so P4P has this operation to try to Get President Trump's attention and see if he will Drain the West Virginia swamp.

So here is my address to Mr. Trump, I am pretty sure I am the first Ninja to try to contact you. However, here in West Virginia things are so bad, we the people of this state and not just myself are begging for your help.

You know this is the basic fact of the matter, this court case may alter everything signicantly... I mean we have a man, falsely arrested and missing court records, warrants based on lies that used information I withheld... Same way I did this to the troll crew repeatedly, I tricked cops into making mistakes... I capitalized on to develop proof of fraudulent warrants & hastely written statements. Just like I did to the troll gang...

All the information has been, sprinkled across my Black Dragon Ninjitsu blog. Now I don't care about anyone's opinions of me... Here is the deal, call me the boogie man because, I am a ninja and ninjas don't fight... Most can't fight.

But, I played them all and everything is already out in the open, so please go onto the federal court database and look up my case, Why is parts of motion sealed so you can't see it online... I already posted it on Facebook and my blog? So why bother, unless they are trying to cover this up?

So, I am asking for federal investigators out of DC, to look into this. Regardless of my manipulations of the officers, they would not have been manipulated into obvious deceptions, to prove they were making up evidence as they go along, because my little paper trail leads back to a senior FBI agent, in my area...

I am asking anyone who will to send this Trump Twitter and the Whitehouse. I am also Asking P4P to post their stories in the Comments below..

And I will send this to the whitehouse myself...

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