Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Late Night Ponderings... The case and my continual Need to Defend Myself.

So once again, a Police Snitch threatens me with a knife... It didn't even get drawn just mentioned and threatened.

Ok here is the Story, I was at a friends. An asshole, meth head and thief and snitch basically forced his way into my friends home and tried to act friendly. Since he claimed he wanted to beat my ass a couple years ago... I asked him if remembered me?

He acted kinda friendly and then out of no where looks at me and says, "I will fucking kill you, I mean I will just slit your throat, cut your head clean off."

My reply was to look at him say "It a good day to die."

He reached for his knife and I put my hand on my gun. Then he tells me "I am serious. I will fucking kill you."

My reply was "I know I believe you but, I just don't fucking care."

This is nothing to be concerned with, it is pretty common for the police to use informants, snitches, to set up innocent people and attack people who are trying to expose this local corruption.

So here is the deal, I can easily outgun a police snitch who is a felon amd can't legally own a gun, so he carries a knife. However, since when did the criminals care about laws and legality? Its not like a criminal can't buy a gun illegally.

Then he decided to test me afterward, with a taser his meth head wife had and, was shocked at my speed in blocking and grabbing his wrist. None of this matters in the end, since it was basic Conflict Interaction Theory; he put out a threat display to claim his "alpha male" status and, I put out a threat display that I was willing to fight. He used being armed with a knife to make himself more intimidating. I had a gun and, I think I might be faster.

I am seeing a lot of snitches coming around friends and family. And, we can't exactly be open about "Get the fuck away." as these are people protected by a corrupt police and judical system to harass, threaten, set up and steal from people. They are also capable of stabbing you, performing butglaries, home invasions and even arson. And they will get a slap on the wrist or totally ignored by the police. Sometimes evidence is even lost, concealed or never collected.

In the past officers, like Beckley Police Officer Bailey, have pretended to investigate situations where their informants were working for them. So the major concern is, where is the threat and how to avoid it before it becomes a danger.

If I have to defend myself against a police snitch, I am going to be arrested without any investigation or, evidence of a crime? Imagine being attacked by some methed out, nut job with a knife and having to defend yourself only to be declared a criminal for doing so? Are my friends and family going to be harassed to keep from exposing the truth, that will bring down a whole corrupt system?

Provided the Judge Berger, does her job and turns over the evidence to a federal prosecutor, (Judical Canon #1, 2, 3 & 5) and the Federal Prosecutor actually investigates the evidence of open political corruption. I will have no other means of safety except to be armed and to maintain on constant state educated awareness of political, social, other factors including METT-TC and OKOCA in evaluating my surroundings and, and situations.


  1. Brags about defending himself from a burned out Meth head. Ha, ha, ha!

    Ninja skill. Tacti-cool!

    You're my hero, Ron.

    1. Oh I am not bragging, I am merely creating a public record of events where a crazed drug addict, forced his way into my friends home and, made threats while armed with a knife.

      The fact, that he is also a known snitch, employeed by the police is another element of thinking.